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Chapter 47 - The Last Hope

Chapter 47: The Last Hope

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At night.

In the data rehabilitation center of West Cloud Academy, a certain room was still brightly lit.

Luo Guangfu had a gloomy expression as he looked at Luo Li, who had his eyes closed in the nutrition capsule.

After a simple initial treatment on the field yesterday, Luo Li had actually long escaped danger.

Now that he had been transported back to the West Cloud Academy, which was reputed to be the highest rehabilitation center in the entire West Cloud Planet and even a few nearby galaxies, it was only a matter of time before he recovered completely.

A few days ago, his lower body had been kicked into mush by Chu Nan and had been completely treated here. Therefore, it was naturally not a problem for him to only have two broken legs today.

However, compared to being kicked by Chu Nan previously, although the injuries Luo Li received were much lighter, the consequences were much more serious.

Luo Guangfu was silent for a moment before suddenly asking Luo Yuntong in a low voice, “What’s the reaction from Mu Yutong?”

Luo Yuntong raised his head and glanced at his older brother. Of course, he understood the meaning of his question.

“Don’t worry, Big Brother. After Liter was injured, Mu Yutong quickly sent people over to comfort him. He even said that Li’er was unexpectedly defeated this time. The opponent was really too unexpected, and Lier’s strength still obtained approval.”

“Acknowledged?” Luo Guangfu raised his eyebrows and sneered, “Could it be that Li‘er’s injury made Mu Yutong agree?”

Luo Yuntong shook his head and suddenly laughed.

“Although Mu Yutong still did not agree to take Lier as his disciple, from his eldest disciple, Zheng Yuanlin, it can be heard that he has relaxed the cooperation agreement proposed by our Luo family previously.”

“Oh?” Luo Guangfu’s expression changed, and a trace of joy appeared on his face, “If that’s the case, then it’s satisfying. What did Zheng Yuanlin say?”

“Zheng Yuanlin told me what Mu Yutong meant. He said…”

Luo Yuntong suddenly closed his mouth. Luo Guangfu also restrained his expression at the same time and became a gloomy and angry expression again. The two of them turned to look at the door of the room.

A moment later, the door was pushed open and West Cloud Academy’s Dean Feng Tianlin walked in.

Seeing Luo Guangfu and the other two, Feng Tianlin raised his hand and waved. He glanced at Luo Li in the nutrition capsule and nodded, “His recovery is not bad. At this rate, he’ll probably recover completely in less than three days.”

“The martial arts competition will be over in three days,” Luo Guangfu said coldly.

Feng Tianlin sighed, “This can’t be helped. Luo Li’s luck is bad this time. He probably encountered one of the few martial artists who can fight for the championship in this competition. With his strength…”


At this point, Feng Tianlin shook his head and did not continue.

Luo Guangtu raised his eyebrows, “What? Dean Feng, you mean that with Ler’s strength, he’s originally not qualified to fight for the championship?”

Contrary to Luo Guangfu and Luo Yuntong’s expectations, Feng Tianlin actually did not avoid this question. Instead, he looked straight into Luo Guangfu’s eyes and nodded seriously.


The two of them were shocked. Luo Yuntong could not help but say, “Dean, no matter what, Luo Liisa fifth-stage Overlord Body Martial Artist. You say that he doesn’t even have the qualifications to fight for the championship under the age of 20. Isn’t that too much?”

Feng Tianlin sneered without holding back. He took out a piece of paper from his bosom and handed it to the two of them.

“You’ll know after reading this report.”

Luo Guangfu and Lu Zhou looked at each other and took the report. After reading it carefully, the surprise on their faces became evident.

“There are actually a total of 33 participating martial artists who have been initially judged to be Internal Breath Realm Martial Artists? What the heck! When did the Earth Federation have so many young genius martial artists?” Luo Yuntong could not help but shout.

“This is only the initial judgment. Perhaps there are even more participating martial artists who have the strength of an Internal Breath Realm Martial Artist. Because the opponents they encountered previously were too weak, they did not completely show their strength.” Feng Tianlin sighed and

continued, “Speaking of which, our West Cloud Academy has lost all our face this time.”

“What?” Luo Guangfu looked at Luo Yuntong.

Luo Yuntong smiled awkwardly and glanced at Feng Tianlin. Seeing that he did not show any special reaction, he coughed lightly and explained, “This time, our West Cloud Academy has chosen 15 students to participate in the competition. Leaving the adult category aside, eleven of them participated in

the group competition below the age of 20, but now… only two students have not been eliminated.”

“There are only two left?” Even with Luo Guangfu’s shrewdness, he could not help but reveal a shocked expression, “This is too few. Who are the remaining two?”

Before Luo Yuntong could answer, his expression suddenly changed and he asked with a frown, “Could one of them be that Chu Nan?”

Luo Yuntong smiled bitterly and nodded, “Yes. Apart from Chu Nan, there’s also another person who has passed the sixth round. He’s Dean Feng’s second son, Feng Xiao.”

“He was only lucky and did not encounter a true expert.” Feng Tianlin shook his head expressionlessly, “I specially checked Chu Nan’s results. He has not encountered any powerful opponents so far, so his current results are also not worth being happy about. According to the competition schedule, he and

Xiao’er will both encounter opponents who are evaluated as Internal Breath Realm Martial Artists tomorrow. If nothing unexpected happens, the two of them will be eliminated.”

Luo Yuntong’s expression dimmed. “Then our academy will be completely wiped out in this competition…”

Luo Guangfu nodded lightly.

The West Cloud Academy was called the number one martial arts academy on West Cloud Planet. The fifteen students specially chosen to participate this time were not even able to enter the final stage. If word got out, it would undoubtedly be a huge blow to the reputation of the West Cloud Academy. It

was no wonder that Feng Tianlin was in a bad mood.

Luo Guangfu pondered for a moment before suddenly having a thought.

“I feel that… this Chu Nan might create a miracle…”

Feng Tianlin and Luo Yuntong looked at him in surprise.

Feng Tianlin was greatly surprised. A few days ago, Luo Guangfu still hated Chu Nan, so why did he sound like he thought very highly of it now?

Could it be that because Chu Nan had defeated Luo Li, a fifth-stage Overlord Body Martial Artist, he could not help but think highly of him?

Luo Yuntong thought of another matter.

In order to take revenge on Luo Li for being heavily injured by Chu Nan, the Luo family had sent Luo Jie out but he had also returned in low spirits.

Although Luo Jie had not spoken much about the process after he returned, from his appearance and the situation revealed by the other followers, he had probably suffered a considerable loss under Chu Nan.

‘When he recalled how Luo Li had used his methods to find Lu Mingcheng who planned to obstruct Chu Nan from obtaining the spot in the martial arts competition but was still defeated by him, Luo Yuntong was suddenly shocked.

That’s right, although this kid called Chu Nan looked to be only a low-level Overlord Body Martial Artist on the surface, his actual performance had clearly surpassed theirs. He could even make Luo Jie and Lu Mingcheng, these two low-level Internal Breath Martial Artists, unable to gain victory.

Although this did not prove that Chu Nan’s true strength had already surpassed ordinary low-level Internal Breath Martial Artists, it could at least prove that his strength was far from being easily measured on the surface.

Therefore, Luo Guangfu was right.

This Chu Nan might really create a miracle.

When he thought of this, Luo Yuntong actually felt a trace of anticipation and excitement in his heart..

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