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Chapter 46 - So It’s That Simple

Chapter 46: So It’s That Simple

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Chu Nan was thinking of a very important question.

‘When he repelled Azalu with a punch just now, it was actually the first time he had deliberately circulated the Nine Revolutions Technique to mobilize his Internal Breath in battle. It was originally a small experiment, but he did not expect it to produce a result that surprised him.

The reason why he circulated the Nine Revolutions Technique at the same time was mainly to guard against Azalu’s special soft Internal Breath counterattack.

In the previous battle, every time Chu Nan struck Azalu, he would always be counterattacked by the extremely special soft Internal Breath on his body. As a result, Chu Nan was forced to retreat every time they fought and use his Nine Revolutions Technique to mobilize his Internal Breath to resolve the


After trying this a few times, Chu Nan immediately changed his strategy. Before he threw the punch, he used the Nine Revolutions Technique to mobilize his Internal Breath.

With his powerful data ability, he could do it extremely precisely. When the fist struck Azalu, his Internal Breath happened to circulate to the meridians near the fist along with the cultivation of the Nine Revolutions Technique.

This way, even if he struck Azalu or fought him, he would still be counterattacked by the soft Internal Breath. However, because he had set up his Internal Breath in advance, he could resolve it immediately and allow Chu Nan to attack next.

Initially, Chu Nan was still not skilled. After one or two attacks, his Internal Breath could not be sustained, so he could only retreat to the side and circulate the Nine Revolutions Technique again.

After experimenting a few more times, Chu Nan relied on his powerful data capturing ability to quickly master the pattern and quickly became proficient.

Before he threw that punch earlier, he had actually already sensed that his Internal Breath was insufficient and planned to punch out. He retreated again and used the Nine Revolutions Technique to replenish himself.

However, Azalu happened to reveal a flaw in that strike just now. Chu Nan saw the opportunity and naturally followed up with the Sitting Horse Stab Fist.

He had originally thought that after punching out, he would definitely suffer Azalu’s soft Internal Breath counterattack again. However, he did not expect that as soon as his fist reached out, an Internal Breath would naturally appear in his dantian and flow into his left fist.

Not only did the punch with Internal Breath increase in strength, but it also shattered Azalu’s defense, forcing him to take the first step back.

Chu Nan carefully recalled the situation when he used the Sitting Horse Stab Fist earlier and confirmed that it was slightly different from when he was practicing his fist and fighting others.

As for the specific difference, it was probably because he had taken the initiative to use the Nine Revolutions Technique to mobilize his Internal Breath in battle and make the trajectory of his Internal Breath circulation coincide with the trajectory of his punch.

“Very good. I’ll know when I try again.”

Chu Nan slapped his left palm and right fist hard and put down the confusion in his heart. He focused his gaze on the serious-looking Azalu and took a step forward.

As he stepped out, Chu Nan had already used the Nine Revolutions Technique at the same time. The Internal Breath in his dantian was mobilized and quickly circulated in his body according to the appearance when he usually cultivated the Nine Revolutions Technique.

He took another step forward.

Chu Nan started to adjust his entire body’s posture. He tilted his body slightly, clenched his left palm in front of him, and curled his right fist into his waist.

This was the last step.

Chu Nan took a step forward with his right foot and his body quickly rushed forward. His right fist quickly stretched out from his waist.

Shooting Horse Rush Fist!

Under Chu Nan’s precise control, an Internal Breath flowed into the meridians of the right half of his body, flowed into his right arm, and finally entered his right fist.

A ball of light erupted from Azalu’s eyes. He roared and his body sank like a small mountain. When Chu Nan’s punch arrived, he also received it.

In this confrontation, Chu Nan did not change his move. His right fist collided with Azalu’s counterattack without any tricks.


An intense explosion sounded between the two of them. A wave of air burst out from the point where their fists collided, blowing up the dust in the martial arts arena and causing their hair to flutter.

The audience gathered at the side were shocked by the loud sound.

‘Were the two people on the stage really only low-level martial artists below the age of 20 and not even at the Internal Breath realm?

Chu Nan and Azalu’s bodies swayed at the same time and they could not help but take a step back.


Chu Nan laughed and raised his fist again. Without stopping, he threw another punch.

In this punch, he used the Nine Revolutions Technique again and mobilized his Internal Breath.

Azalu did not make a sound and also threw a punch.


Feeling that because he had Internal Breath on his fist, the force was even higher than the previous punch by 3%, Chu Nan was overjoyed.

He had successfully mobilized his Internal Breath in his fist twice in a row, which was enough to prove that his thoughts were correct.

“So it’s that simple!”

He had obtained a possible solution to the problem that had troubled him for a few days by accident. It immediately made Chu Nan feel extremely satisfied. Without any hesitation, he continuously used the Hong Clan’s Long Fist Technique.

First punch! Sitting Horse Rush Fist!

The Internal Breath flowed into his meridians along the trajectory of the Nine Revolutions Technique. It happened to coincide with the trajectory of this punch and flowed smoothly into the tip of the fist.

Second punch! Retreating Horse Cup Fist!

He retreated and his Internal Breath circulated back. It quickly circulated in his body according to the usual cultivation trajectory and flowed out with the punch.

Third punch! Shooting Horse Hook Fist!

His body moved and his left fist shot past the left rib. His Internal Breath happened to pass through the most important meridians in his chest. Chu Nan’s twisting speed was faster and his punches were faster.

Then, his Internal Breath flowed into his left arm and completely fused with the left fist that was thrown upwards.

Fourth punch! Sitting Horse Stab Fist!

Under Chu Nan’s continuous attacks, Azalu was forced to retreat step by step. In the end, he retreated to the edge of the venue.

Seeing that he could not retreat, Azalu grunted and did not hold back anymore. He took a step forward and took the opportunity when Chu Nan had just retracted his punch to punch his lower abdomen.

Be it the timing, angle, or target, this strike was extremely exquisite. However, he did not plan to fight Chu Nan head-on. Instead, he wanted to counterattack with this punch and take the initiative.

However, before Chu Nan punched, he had already calculated all the possible reactions of Azalu.

Seeing that it was the first time he had taken the initiative to counterattack, Chu Nan chuckled and his body suddenly sank.

Azalu suddenly lost track of Chu Nan. Just as he cried out in his heart, he felt something kick his calf. The powerful force instantly made him lose his balance and he fell back.


Azalu’s body fell to the ground and firmly smashed into the ground outside the arena.

‘There was dead silence around the venue.

Be it Chu Nan or Azalu, they had both displayed strength that far exceeded ordinary Overlord Body Martial Artists in this competition, causing the audience to watch in excitement. However, they did not expect that it would end with such a simple and ordinary action. It really felt a little lackluster.

The referee was stunned for a moment before he loudly announced Chu Nan’s victory.

Chu Nan arrived at the edge of the venue and lowered his head to look at Azalu who was still lying on the ground. He saw that the latter had widened his eyes and had an unwilling expression.

“Hmph.” Azalu ignored Chu Nan’s outstretched hand and jumped up before turning around to leave.

“Why are you leaving just like that? I still wanted to thank you properly…”

Looking at Azalu’s back figure that instantly disappeared into the crowd, Chu Nan shrugged and jumped out of the arena.

He had just taken two steps when a young and beautiful girl suddenly squeezed out from the crowd and rushed to Chu Nan.

“Hello, I’ma reporter from the federation, Yang Xirui. May I interview you?”

Chu Nan glanced at her in surprise and his gaze swept past the other two assistants holding equipment behind her. He thought for a moment and shook his head, “I’m sorry, I have something on.”

Without waiting for Yang Xirui to say anything, he kicked his feet and disappeared into the crowd like a loach.

Yang Xirui only felt a blur before Chu Nan disappeared and could not help but be stunned.

After a while, she gritted her teeth.

“Hmph! In any case, you still have to continue participating. I don’t believe you can escape!”

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