Masked Knight

Chapter 32: Jealous Nicole

Chapter 32: Jealous Nicole

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After what Jojo said, Rody almost called her out!


Although Rody did not understand matters between men and women, based on the words he had heard, this was probably a bad situation, a very bad situation!

When Jojo noticed Rody’s pale face and his silence, she began to look concerned. She also appeared anxious. In a low voice, she softly asked, “Seth, are you upset? Are you angry that I talked with Milo?” The woman seemed to plead. It seemed that this person valued Young Master Seth highly.

Rody also did not know whether to cry or to laugh. He hesitantly said, “That… Miss Jojo… I…”

Before Rody could finish his sentence, Jojo’s powdery face immediately sank as she expressed her grievances. Her wonderful eyes seemed to be clouded with a layer of mist. She then bitterly asked, “Miss? Last time, when we watched the moon, you called me 'Honey'. Now that you have new girlfriends, I am called ‘Miss’. You…”

Her words made Rody feel embarrassed. He was speechless and he felt a lump in his throat.


Those words made Rody’s face turn red. He had no words to say. Even half of what she said already made him swallow.

In his mind, Rody cursed his bad luck. Even an idiot would realize the trouble he was in. This Miss Jojo was definitely that playboy’s lover.

I am doomed… I am only an impostor. I can deceive others but how can I deceive his old lover just based on my appearance?

Didn’t Miss Nicole say that there would not be anyone familiar with Seth in this party? How could such a thing happen?

Rody got restless, fidgeted and almost stamped his foot. The pretty girl in front of him was becoming more and more resentful. She looked like she was about to cry.

Although the surrounding nobles did not point or blame him, they had a knowing look in their eyes.

Some of them were beginning to have strange thoughts.

Young Master Seth was renowned as a lady-killer. It seems that his relationship with Miss Jojo was really unusual.

Just when Rody could no longer find a way to deal with the situation, his savior arrived.

Nicole had earlier left him together with some of her close friends so that Rody could learn how to mingle in the noble’s circle in the banquet. She thought that there was nobody who was familiar with her brother here and nobody would know that he was an impostor. Naturally, she did not know that her playboy little brother was already in a relationship with one of the most famous beauties in the Imperial Capital.

Even then, she was still slightly worried. That was why she came out from behind to check up on Rody. However, the scene she saw made her angry.

Her 'brother' was standing there blushing and looking helpless. The panicky scene displeased Nicole. She had already explained to Rody what to do and did not expect that boy to be so useless. However, when she saw the woman beside him, her eyes immediately flared up.

Nicole even saw Jojo’s bitter resentment. Her eyes were full of tears as she looked at the impostor with affection. His face, full of goodwill was clear even to the blind. Nicole immediately felt an ache in her heart.

That idiot, didn’t I tell him not to provoke the seductress!!

You really can't tell a person by his looks! He looks honest but he is actually more flirtatious than my brother.

First, he indecently assaulted her! Then, he was captivated by the maid, Angel! Now, he was trying to court the seductress!

Subconsciously, Nicole had included herself in that relationship...

Nicole strode over, took a deep breath and then called out, “Little brother!”

Hearing Nicole's voice, Rody quickly turned around to see a displeased Nicole in front of him. He did not bother about Nicole’s unhappy expression. In fact, he was very happy at that moment. To see Nicole’s face right then was like seeing a goddess! A savior!

When she saw Rody look at her with a relieved expression, Nicole was stunned for a moment. She expected Rody to have a guilty look when she caught him having a good time. However, not only were there no traces of guilt on Rody's face, he, in fact, looked quite happy.

“Sister!” Rody took a deep breath and then deliberately spoke loudly, “Are you looking for me?” After he had finished, Rody winked at Nicole. As Jojo was now behind him, she did not see his contrivance.

Nicole was also a smart girl and immediately responded, “Yes, did you forget your night training already? We need to go home now!”

When Jojo saw Nicole, her love-struck expression was immediately concealed. She knew that Seth had always been afraid of his sister. That was why he told Jojo that their relationship must be kept secret from his sister. That was why Jojo also understood that in front of Nicole, she could not reveal even the slightest hint of their relationship. It would be undesirable if her lover was also unhappy.

Rody quickly nodded and turned his head around. He pretended to sigh. “Miss Jojo, it seems that we have to end our conversation. I have matters I need to attend to and must leave now. I wish you a pleasant evening!”

The words Rody used were quite decent. There were also no problems with etiquette. It was all according to Nicole’s instructions.

Jojo’s eyes showed a hint of disappointment but then she stretched out her hand. A smile could be seen on her face as she gently said, “In that case, Young Master Seth, let us meet again some other day.”

Rody froze for a moment but soon remembered his manners. Like a gentleman, he took Jojo’s hand and got ready to kiss the back of her hand. He did not expect that the moment his lips kissed her hand, Miss Jojo would quickly turn over her hand. Her soft hand gently moved up from Rody’s lips and pinched his nose.

Nicole, who was behind her did not see this. Jojo’s hand then returned to her side while Rody blushed.

Nicole did not say anything and immediately headed for the door. All this while, she had not greeted Jojo at all.

Rody was ready to follow Nicole when Jojo came over and whispered into his ear, “My dear, no one will be at home tomorrow. Remember!”

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