Masked Knight

Chapter 31: Peerlessly Charming

Chapter 31: Peerlessly Charming

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A graceful woman walked up to them. Her fully made-up face smiling; her youth showing in her eyes as she glanced around. Although she was not as beautiful as Nicole, the way she walked, moved and talked carried a seductive air.

She had long red hair which was tied into a knot. Her languid appearance also made others feel languorous. Even her dress was more refined compared to all the other women who were present.

She wore an unusual sleeveless bright red dress. Her long and thin skirt trailed on the floor. Somehow, the skirt highlighted her long straight legs. The skirt was deliberately tightened at the waist to show off her slender waist. With every step she took, the eyeballs of the men present grew wider till they almost popped out. The most exaggerated part was the back of her dress which was bare. It was just held together by a few thin strings from around the neck, revealing her fair skinned back. That bold dress attracted the attention of countless men and earned the hatred and envy of other women.

Without a doubt, she was an unrivaled beauty.

The moment Milo saw this woman, he was stupefied and he murmured, “Miss Jojo…You…” The cocky and arrogant fellow even lost his ability to speak.

Rody stared, enraptured but he suddenly remembered Miss Nicole’s remarks.

“At the banquet, you may meet someone. Remember, you must never provoke that person! That person’s name…. is Jojo!”

Although Rody and the other men were attracted to the extremely alluring woman like a magnet, Rody who still had a trace of rationality left, remembered Miss Nicole’s warning. His facial expression slowly returned to normal. Of course, he still could not help but stare. It would be a miracle if he could control his eyes when a seductive beauty was standing right in front of him.

The charming woman, Jojo did not seem to mind the stares. In fact, she had experienced the same kind of stares everyday. At that moment, she smiled gently while staring at Milo’s face. “Lord Milo, what topic of interest are you talking about? May I listen in as well?”

Jojo seemed to have the innate talent of using her nasal voice. Her charming tone of speech appeared to even pierce through bones. With one gentle sentence, Milo was weakened to the bone.

“No… nothing… but Miss Jojo… if you want… I can slowly tell you about some of my interesting experiences in the North.”

At that moment, Milo was no longer looking for trouble with Rody. After all, pleasing Miss Jojo was much more important than bullying the famous playboy! After all, the playboy was just a useless person who relied on his family background. On the other hand, Milo had gained His Majesty’s favor and had military power. In comparison, the playboy was not a threat.

Rody stood aside and saw that Milo finally stopped paying him attention. He then felt greatly relieved. At that point, a few of the noble ladies who were out-shined by Jojo’s brilliant presence also grew pale and boring. They had no choice but to go elsewhere. Rody wanted to leave too but the moment he took a step, Jojo saw him and suddenly spoke, “Young Master Seth, are you not interested in our topic of conversation?”

For some reason, when Jojo glanced at Rody, his face turned red. Rody, alarmed, quickly lowered his eyes to avoid eye contact. However, the moment Jojo made that statement, Rody could no longer leave. He could only stand at the side awkwardly while listening to Milo's and Jojo’s conversation.

Milo was actually quite eloquent. Jojo giggled occasionally, listening to him talking about the strange sceneries and news of the North. To be able to win the interest of that beauty, Milo was definitely in extremely high spirits compared to Rody who was standing quietly at the side.

Jojo’s cheerful expression slowly turned serious while her gaze towards Milo slowly became gentler. It was as if her big eyes were about to tear. Rody was starting to feel disgusted in his heart and thought to himself.

Don't tell me all women are fools? That Milo seems to be getting carried away. Which part of him is attractive?

Suddenly, Jojo stepped a wee bit nearer Milo. She looked at Milo’s eyes and slowly asked, “Lord Milo, there is something that I need to request from you. Please do not refuse me.”

The moment Milo heard this, he straightened himself. “Miss Jojo, do not worry! Just say what you need! Although the world is large, there are not many things in this world that I cannot do!” he proudly exclaimed.

This was natural as his family was amazingly powerful. His own uncle was the Military Minister and one of His Majesty’s most trusted subordinate. He also controlled an entire section of the military and was an extremely important person. It could be said that he was very influential indeed. His words were not exactly too far off the mark. On top of that, a little bragging in front of a beauty was a common problem for all men.

Jojo's face immediately revealed an expression of gratitude and she bit her lip as if she was very embarrassed and softly said, "Originally, I was not going to attend this banquet. This is because some time ago, I did something wrong and made my sister very angry. She wanted me to stay home to reflect on my mistakes for a few days..."

Milo hurriedly continued after that, “So you want me to plead for you? Understood… Tomorrow I will pay a visit to Her Majesty the Empress!”

The moment he said that Rody was shocked.

Her Majesty the Empress?

That seductive woman is actually Her Majesty the Empress’ sister?

In fact, the only one at the banquet who did not know about Jojo’s background was Rody. Jojo’s sister was Her Majesty the Empress but her status was a bit weird.

According to convention, if the empress’ sister was married, the emperor would confer the title of ‘Lady’ to her. If she was not married, she would be given titles like 'Princess' or its equivalent instead.

Unfortunately for Jojo, even when her sister became Empress and the status of her family was upgraded, she was still not given any title. That was why the noble families in the Empire speculated that His Majesty the Emperor also drooled over Jojo’s beauty and was unwilling to give her the title of 'Princess'. That way, at a later date it would be more convenient to bring her into the palace if His Majesty the Emperor wanted to.

In fact, Miss Jojo’s influence in the Empire was not weak. It was not only because she was the Empress’ sister but more-so because of her beauty as she was able to attract large crowds of ministers. In addition, she was daring enough to wear bold outfits and was a natural beauty. Inevitably, there were a lot of rumors circulated as a result of jealousy. As she was highly regarded among the Emperor’s circle of well-known nobles, nobody could really do anything to her. However, everyone would refer to her as a famous social escort for the nobles.

Those were things that Nicole knew but did not tell Rody. She really did not want Rody to provoke her. However, when she remembered what her brother was like and his reputation, Nicole could not stop worrying. Although she knew Rody was an honest man and he would not provoke Jojo, she was afraid that Jojo would provoke Rody. That was why she seriously warned Rody on their way to the banquet.

Jojo looked at Milo and shook her head. “That’s not it. My sister will only be angry for two days but she will soon calm down. I do not want you to plead for me. I want to ask you for something else.”

Milo laughed loudly and heroically waved his hand. “Miss Jojo, just say it!”

Jojo’s face showed a shy expression and said, “Even though I received an invitation, I originally planned to stay at home tonight. But then I heard that the owner of this villa, Madame Sarah was someone who likes flowers. I also heard that she was growing a rare kind of flower, called the ‘Soul Taker’ in her courtyard. This flower is not exactly expensive but it is good for making perfumes. This sort of thing is regarded as a treasure to females. That is why I do not dare to ask Madame Sarah for it. Instead, I am asking you...”

Milo immediately asked back, “Is Miss Jojo asking me to help ask Madame Sarah for it?”

Jojo shook her head and blushed a bit. That made her even more charming to the extent that Milo’s eyeballs almost popped out. Jojo gently said, “I know Lord Milo is a senior warrior with extraordinary skill. At the moment, we are attending the banquet and there is no one in the garden…so...”

“Ah…” Milo’s face brightened as he smiled. “Miss, are you asking me to become a thief and pick that flower for you?”

Jojo seemed to feel ashamed and looked down. She then whispered, “Lord Milo is a renowned figure. You won’t just reject a woman’s request right?

At that moment, Milo lost his soul. Even if he were asked to move a mountain, he would do it without blinking let alone steal a flower

Immediately, Milo adopted a confident look and said, “Don’t worry, Miss. I will go now and I will not disappoint you!”

Milo felt very proud. For Miss Jojo to make a private request from him would mean that she was interested in him. Also, to steal a flower for a beauty was something playboys did. The thought of winning the beauty's affection made Milo so happy that he almost shouted it out.

Jojo sighed. “Lord Milo, you must be careful. This flower has a purple body with red petals. Also, it only has 14 petals. You will definitely find the right one for me, yes...?”

Milo listened to the instructions carefully. After that, with his face showing deep affection, he bowed in the standard etiquette of a knight and then turned away with big steps.

Rody who was at the side was surprised. When he was studying about flowers during the past few days, he did not come across such a flower as mentioned by Jojo. He felt that something was strange. Perhaps, there was someone who knew more about flowers than that playboy?

After Milo had gone a substantial distance, Jojo immediately seemed like she was relieved.

The beautiful girl then turned and looked at Rody. Her mouth showed a trace of cunning smile and said, “Well then, finally managed to trick that disgusting fellow into leaving… Seth, you are so heartless. Why did you not visit me for so many days?”

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