Masked Knight

Chapter 15: The Masked Person (2)

Chapter 15: The Masked Person (2)

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Without allowing Rody’s imagination to run wild, Nicole pulled him into the first floor of the small building.

Something silver-like was on the front table. It gave out a soft light inside the darkened room.

Rody understood what it was at a glance. It was a mask! A silver mask!

Nicole stood at the side and went straight to the point. “Put it on!”

Rody hesitated. The previous time, he had worn that ‘God’s Smile’ that literally ruined his life. What was he going to wear this time? The last time, he obtained rabbit ears. What about this time? Would he really end up with a pig’s snout?

Nicole looked at the panicking boy and could not help but laugh. She reassured him, “Don’t worry! This is just an ordinary mask!”

“But… Why should I wear this mask?”

This woman had done so much to change his face and now she wanted him to cover his face? Was there something wrong?

Nicole was too lazy to explain to him and coldly said, “Because this is an order.”

Rody sighed as he thought: As expected.

He somewhat guessed Nicole’s idea but….. Isn’t that idea crazy?

Nicole looked pleased with Rody’s appearance after he put on the mask. Rody was tall and slender. The mask was also very exquisite, except for the unpleasant looking long ears and his long fluttering hair, it gave a confident and mysterious impression.

The design of the mask was ingenious as Rody, wearing it, did not feel that it was particularly suffocating. He made a wry smile and asked, "What do we do about the ears?"

He was very hopeful that Nicole would change his ears back but was soon disappointed.

Nicole took out two objects and gave them to Rody. They were often used by the nobles in winter to cover their ears and keep them warm.

Nicole gave Rody two large earmuffs and quietly told him, “Fold your ears and then cover them with these.”

Fortunately, although the ears were long, they were also soft. Rody felt a little bit of pain when he folded the ears and then covered it with the earmuffs. However, Rody did not dare to object further.

Nicole went to Rody’s side and carefully straightened out his hair in such a way that the hair would cover his ears. That way, it would be impossible to see anything.

Rody could feel Nicole’s soft hand stroking his head and could also smell the girl’s fragrance. If it was not because of the light ache in his ears, everything would have been very satisfying. He even had a faint hope of extending this moment forever.

Nicole looked at Rody with a satisfied expression and said, “Alright.”

She did not realize that her tone had become softer.

In fact, Nicole was not a cold, unsympathetic person; whether it was at home or in the Imperial Capital. Rather than bad-tempered, Nicole was more of a gentle person. It was just that there were too many incidents in the past two days. She was attacked on the way home and was violated by Rody in the middle of the night. More importantly, her family's heir ran away from home. The young girl had to bear all the family burdens and was exhausted. As a result, she was easily irritated.

Other than that day when Nicole was furious about Rody’s indecent acts, Nicole did not treat the boy that was two years younger than her with much prejudice.

She actually admired this big boy as he had dared to sneak into her home, regardless of his own safety, to rescue a friend. Besides that, Master Autumn also appreciated his talent in swordplay. On the other hand, she had hoped her brother had such strength in character. At the very least, she would not need to carry the family’s burden on her shoulders.

As for that time when Rody stole a kiss while she was unconscious…urgh...she just treated him as a young and naive child. Nicole was aware of her innate beauty and that she had already captivated countless nobles in the Imperial Capital. After all, Rody was also a young man.

Rody was still immersed in this moment of bliss when his hand was released by Nicole. It turned out that while he was in this dazed state, she had already led him to the yard from yesterday.

When he arrived, Master Autumn was already standing in the yard.

Master Autumn was dressed in gray clothes like before. His signature long white hair flowed down from both sides. This time, instead of the broadsword used for soldiers, at his waist, he was carrying a sword normally used by nobles.

Rody finally turned his attention away from Nicole’s body.

He then noticed something peculiar about Master Autumn.

Rody had met master swordsmen before, such as the teachers that teach swordsmanship in the Imperial Academy. There were also the other masters from the Imperial Capital. You could immediately identify them from the crowd.

Based on Rody’s impression, master swordsmen would have a certain posture that naturally projects a fierce and powerful presence. It was as if they were afraid that others do not know how strong they were.

On the other hand, Master Autumn was entirely different. He was just casually standing there, looking completely at ease.

He was just like an ordinary person without the imposing manner of a master.

Master Autumn had seen Nicole and Rody as they approached from a distance. He curiously looked at the silver mask on Rody’s face.

Before Master Autumn could speak, Nicole explained with a smile, “His look was so special that I decided to give him a mask!”

Thinking of Rody who had a frightening countenance because of his Yin Yang face, Master Autumn gave a faint smile and nodded his head.

Following that he, the strongest swordsman of the Imperial Capital and the one recognized as a grandmaster of swordsmanship, did not spare any pleasantries with Nicole. He casually stated, “Let us begin!”

Finishing his statement, he glanced at Nicole. Nicole smiled back and quietly left.

Master Autumn smiled as he looked at Rody who was standing ramrod straight. He simply said, “Don’t be so nervous. Actually, I cannot teach you many things except some simple guides… ah... to be precise, I cannot teach you any specific moves but if you have any question about swordplay, I should be able to give you an answer.”

Rody was really nervous. Master Autumn was teaching him swordplay! It was glorious! Master Autumn was the person acknowledged as the future user of the Holy Sword.

“What’s wrong? Are there any problems?” Master Autumn smiled.

“Yes!” Rody quickly nodded. “Master Autumn… you… Do you have any disciples?”

“Mmm?” Master Autumn was stunned for a moment as he did not expect Rody to ask him this question. He pondered for a moment before smiling and giving his reply, “Why did you ask me this question? But I can give you an answer. I have no disciples.”

“Oh…” Rody nodded. He started thinking.

Master Autumn made a strange face and continued, "Actually, I should have had an apprentice, however, before I got to meet him… before I was able to receive him as my disciple, he ran away."

“Ran away?” Rody shouted in disbelief.

My God! There is actually such a fool! If you include the number of people who wanted to be Master Autumn’s disciple, including His Majesty the Emperor’s princes and the rest of the commoners, you would find that there would be at least be 3 long rows of people lining up waiting to become his apprentice. No matter how long they waited, their turn would not arrive.

To think that there was an idiot who had the chance to become his disciple but did not want it.

“Excuse me,” Rody carefully asked, “are you willing to accept disciples in the future?”

“Probably,” Master Autumn said, without commitment.

“In that case…” Rody’s voice was more careful, “what are the prerequisites to be your disciple?”

Master Autumn looked deeply at Rody before he replied indifferently, "About this, it is pointless even if you asked." He looked at Rody and laughed. "I will not accept you as my disciple. There is no point in continuing this conversation."

“Why?” Rody blurted out.

“Ai…” Master Autumn sighed lightly, “I have my own reasons.”

Rody cleverly shut his mouth. Since the other party was unwilling to speak, it is better if he did not pursue the question. After all, to get Master Autumn’s guidance itself was already a rare thing.

“If your curiosity has been sated, can we start now? I do not have much time so I cannot stay here for long,” Master Autumn smiled. Although he had only met Rody twice, he had a good impression of the youth.

Rody immediately nodded and temporarily pushed the idea of becoming his disciple to the back of his mind. He then asked, “Yesterday, what was the technique you used when you broke my sword? I only remembered parrying two strikes. Why did my sword break into so many pieces?”

Master Autumn thought for a moment before asking again, “You wish to learn that?”

“Yes!” Rody nodded without hesitation.

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