Masked Knight

Chapter 14: The Masked Person (1)

Chapter 14: The Masked Person (1)

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Normally, Rody would have been happy to have a beautiful girl reach out to him and take off his clothes. Even if these clothes were only wrapped around his head. However, if the clothes were hiding his long ears, it was another matter entirely.

Rody cried out in alarm. He immediately moved backwards and ended up falling off the bed.

“Ah! Young Master Seth!” The young girl looked at Rody’s eyes and was surprised to see his panic-stricken face.

“You, you….. don’t come any closer!” Rody scrambled to sit up and stretched his hands in front to keep her away.

The young girl suppressed her smile and asked, “What happened to you?” She then stretched out her hands to pull Rody up.

While she tried to pull him, Rody quickly rolled under the bed. After that, he blurted out with a muffled voice, "Don't come here! I, I…."

The girl frowned, “What do you mean you, you, I, I? Young Master Seth, what’s the matter with you?”

“He is asking you not to approach him!” A cold voice sounded from the door. The girl looked back and saw Nicole standing at the door. Nicole’s chin was slightly raised as she looked coldly at the girl.

The young girl quickly lowered her head and quietly called out, “Miss Nicole!”

Nicole waved lightly and said, “That’s enough. Angel, you can leave the room now. I will deal with this.”

Without hesitation, the young maid put down the silver pot, hastily bowed and left the room. She had been with the Tulip Family for a while now and knew that although the Young Master was the heir to the family, she also knew that at home, Nicole was the one with the most authority.

Nicole was not on very good terms with the maid. She resented her brother for his shortcomings so much that she even resented the people around him.

Rody made sure Angel had left the room before popping his head out from under the bed. He stared at Nicole and said angrily, “You have finally arrived? You… What do I do now? Quickly turn me back into my old self!”

Nicole was slightly apologetic and gently said, “That… I can’t do that for the moment but I am looking for a way. There is also one other matter.”

“What other useless matter could there possibly be? I have such preposterous ears! How can I go out and meet people?” Rody almost roared.

Nicole’s face was grim as she scolded, “To even dare to use this tone when you speak with me! Have you forgotten your place?!” She paused. “Although there is a bit of a problem right now, do you think you have the right to shout at me? Do not forget! Your sins and mistakes! I... I could justifiably punish you any way I wish. Yet you dare to yell at me?”

Rody was speechless. True. His current status was a ‘servant'. Where in the world could a servant scold his master? Moreover, aside from the attack on the Tulip Family, he could also be charged with ‘indecent assault'. With these crimes, any kind of punishment the Tulip Family could dish out would not be considered excessive.

“Come out now!” Nicole coldly shouted.

Sure enough, Rody crawled out from under the bed and obediently stood in front of Nicole.

Seeing Rody’s aggrieved face, Nicole lightly said, “You had better be well-behaved and don’t make that face as if the heavens have wronged you. If you are more earnest, I will find a way to make your ears turn normal again. If you do not listen to me… Hmm… Since I can turn you into a donkey, giving you a pig's snout would not be a difficult task!”

These words worked extremely well. Rody immediately stood straight obediently and no longer showed any dissatisfaction on his face. At the very least, he showed no dissatisfaction on the surface.

It was no joke! At the very least, he could use a hat to hide his long ears. However, if his nose were to also be turned into a pig's snout, that would really be disastrous. From then on, he would need to hide his face wherever he went.

“That is better!” Nicole looked satisfied as she noticed Rody's improvement in behavior. She then lightly said, “Now, dress up and follow me! Have you forgotten? You are supposed to meet with Master Autumn this afternoon. Not everyone can have the opportunity to be taught by Master Autumn!”

This was the only news that could lift Rody's mood.

After all, Rody was also a swordsman. To be taught by Master Autumn was the dream of every young novice swordsman.

Rody's unhappiness was considerably assuaged and, without further delay, he followed Nicole out of the room.

On the way, Rody further calmed down as his emotions stabilized. His brain started prompting him to ask questions.

“Miss Nicole… I… Just now the room I was sleeping in was…”

“My little brother’s room!”

“That… my current face… and also that maid earlier. Why did she call me Young Master?”

Nicole stopped and looked back at Rody before replying lightly, “Your questions will have an answer. However, it is best that you be quiet for now! When it is time for you to know, I will tell you!”

Rody immediately shut his mouth. After all, his current status was a ‘servant’.

Rody thought that he was going directly to see Master Autumn at the yard. He only realized Nicole was not taking him there when he arrived at the rundown two-story building. His first thought was to run!

Why is it this place again?

He looked at Nicole with vigilant eyes. Yesterday, this woman here made him put on some kind of ‘God’s Smile’. That ended with him growing a pair of long ears. Today, she brought him here again. What did she want now?

When Rody hesitated to follow Nicole in, Nicole coldly asked, “Why did you stop walking?”

Rody looked at the building and then at Nicole’s face. Although he did not say anything, the meaning was clear.

“Didn’t you say… we are going to see Master Autumn?” Rody said with a woeful face.

“Idiot,” Nicole lightly said, “How can you meet Master Autumn with your current appearance? I do not want others to know about this secret.”

As Rody was still thinking, Nicole impatiently grabbed his arm and dragged him into the small building.

A secret that we do not want others to know about? My current appearance?

Rody’s mind suddenly had an idea.

Oh my God! This woman does not want to do that right?

Isn’t that absurd?

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