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Chapter 87 – Sweeping Away All

Chapter 87 – Sweeping Away All

“I wonder just how long this Lin Ming can persist inside.” Outside of the Ten Thousand Killing Array, everyone’s focus was turned towards Lin Ming. Even several of the Heavenly Abode disciples who ranked in the top 70 who were on the altar with Lin Ming were ignored.

“He’ll last for at least four incense sticks of time, maybe even half of a fifth. Zhang Cang is able to last until three and a half incense sticks. Since Lin Ming defeated Zhang Cang, his advance to the top 100 rankings is assured. Even the top 90 or 80, is not impossible!”

“Advancing to the top 100 is absolutely no problem, but to reach the top 80 is not so easy. Those are the rankings approaching a disciple of the Heavenly Abode, the spots are highly competitive. If you can enter the top 80 then you are eligible to challenge a disciple of the Heavenly Abode, and even have the possibility of entering!”

“If that’s true, then someone who is able to enter the Heavenly Abode after being at the Seven Profound Martial House for only a month is just inhuman.”

“There were people that were able to enter the top 90 in their ranking war, but those people were over 20 years old. They had all reasons they couldn’t enter the Seven Profound Martial House earlier. For a 15 year old to advance into the top 100 in just the second round, as far as I know, that hasn’t happened for the last 100 years!”

“Mmm, in these past ten years only Qin Xingxuan has had the ability to do this, but she was directly promoted to a core disciple… it has little to do with us…”

A single incense stick burnt through, then two, then three…

As the fourth incense stick lit up, Lin Ming’s face flushed with blood on the Ten Thousand Killing Array’s stage.

“Mmm, something’s not right, Sister Jingyun. It seems that Lin Ming might not be able to last much longer. The fourth incense stick has just started to burn, if this continues, he can only barely advance to the top 100.” Murong Zi’s eyesight was very good. She managed to see through the translucent light of the array and see Lin Ming’s circumstances clearly. Lin Ming’s breathing now held a slight disorder; that was the manifestation of consuming too much true essence.

Bai Jingyun frowned. They had thought that Lin Ming might be able to last until the fifth incense stick burnt through, but not it seemed that it would be a bit uncertain. Maybe just the fourth incense stick would be his limit.

“Lin Ming was weakened, it might have been that he was too careless in the Ten Thousand Killing Array at the start, and he was injured at the beginning?”

If one were injured at the start, then each time they fought would consume more strength and energy, and having a bleeding wound was extremely fatal. With something like that occurring, then their ranking would not only fail to rise, but instead fall, and cause the amount of resources they received every month to drop. Martial artists that entered the Ten Thousand Killing Array were always mindful about this, and were careful to avoid mistakes as much as possible.

“Being able to not be injured so early is also an aspect of strength, Big Sister, I think that this Lin Ming is not as fierce as you thought.” Murong Zi pursed her lips and remained unconvinced of Lin Ming. She had always been told that she was an infant prodigy since childhood. Now that she had been shown up by someone two years younger than her, she was naturally dubious of such a young boy.

“Oh? Not that fierce? Good, well then, if Lin Ming’s strength is really so poor, and he can only insist for four incense sticks of time, then my little sister, how long were you able to last when you had been in the Seven Profound Martial House for one month?”

Murong was at a loss for words. When she had just entered the Seven Profound Martial House, she she had been unable to pass reach the top 150 rankings in her first assessment. The second time she had not reached the top 140; her performance was simply too far from Lin Ming’s. She simply turned her chin and looked towards the assessment, pretending she hadn’t heard.

The truth was that the time of a Martial House disciple’s greatest progress on the Ranking Stone was during the end of the school term. During this time, many disciples would graduate, and those masters that were eyesores would be gone. The top rankings would naturally empty, and those new disciples would be arranged in their places.

Therefore even if a Seven Profound Martial House disciple’s strength was disappointing, their ranking would jump up the longer they stayed at the Martial House.

Seeing Murong Zi act so childishly, Bai Jingyun smiled and didn’t pursue the matter. Even if Lin Ming could only persist for four incense sticks of time and reach the top 100, that was still a result to be proud of! In the Seven Profound Martial House, the number of monstrous geniuses who had reached this level could be counted on one hand!

“Big Brother, this Lin Ming doesn’t seem as if he can last much longer.” Ta Ku said to Ling Sen as he rubbed his chin.

“Mmm, but even with four incense sticks of time, that result is also astonishing.”

“Hehe, but of course. He uses a spear, and not only that, but it is a heavy spear. The spear has many usages. This Lin Ming’s spear probably has some very epic and grand fighting style. In a giant group battle, this fighting method can be called a fierce way to kill enemies! However, the average person wouldn’t dare to use it, because strength is consumed too quickly. That’s why even amazingly fierce generals find it impossible to cut down tens of thousands of people. In the Ten Thouasnd Killing Array, even if they used a spear, they would not dare to fight constantly and would try to delay the time and recover their strength. The enemy will just emerge one after the other incessantly, and each time they come they are stronger.” Ta Ku used a staff. A spear and a staff were different, but had similar methods. Naturally he knew of the advantages and disadvantages of such a weapon.

“Let’s wait and see how long Lin Ming can last.”

In the Ten Thousand Killing Array, Lin Ming’s spear sent a sword-wielding martial artist flying backwards. His face was covered in blood, “Ah, it seems as if I’ve overdone it in killing!”

Lin Ming looked forward at a knight approaching him. The black armored knight grasped a long halberd, and rode a fully armored warhorse, his face revealing an imposing expression.

Bone Forging stage martial artist!

Lin Ming madly swept his purple black spear into a group. Being able to kill one enemy with one move was already highly efficient, but Lin Ming was actually able to kill several!

That’s why, as the third incense stick was ignited, there were already Bone Forging stage martial artists appearing!

They were at a cultivation higher than Lin Ming by two whole stages!

Lin Ming fought with the black armored knight just now several times. It was strong, and moved well on its armored horse. When it dashed at him on that giant rushing horse, Lin Ming was unable to find any advantage.

For the talents of the Seven Profound Martial House, generally they were able to fight opponents who were a stage above them. For instance, the peak Third Stage of Body Transformation Zhang Cang was able to fight those who were at the peak Fourth Stage of Body Transformation.

But Lin Ming, even within all the talents at the Seven Profound Martial House, was still able to fight those a stage above him. He had won against Zhang Cang with just his early Third Stage of Body Transformation. This black armored knight was at the early Bone Forging stage, and Lin Ming was just able to barely come to a draw with him. With so many other enemies around, Lin Ming was not able to take advantage of the fact that the enemy was an illusory phantom. Their inflexible minds and rigid attack patterns had many weaknesses, but at present, surrounded by so many enemies that emerged one after the other and endlessly attacked, Lin Ming was in serious danger!


As soon as Lin Ming and the black armored knight exchanged blows again, although the dark purple elastic iron spear had strong superior cushioning properties, Lin Ming still felt his hands tingle with numbness.

The black armored knight’s horse reared up at Lin Ming, but Lin Ming had already bounced backwards, and flipped around a couple of times in midair.

“Roar!” A second-level vicious beast took advantage of this moment when Lin Ming was airborne with no balance and rushed at him. Two paws that were sharp like knives were coming towards Lin Ming’s chest.

Lin Ming only heard shouting in his ears. He gripped the dark purple long spear and used its 820 jins of weight to stop his inertia in the air and balance himself. He took a deep breath, and the airflow from his nose was like a streaming long snake. He looked towards the oncoming vicious beasts and threw a fierce punch!

“Body Tearing Bone Shattering Fist!”

Poh! The vicious beast’s body exploded from behind with a giant hole. The gooey flesh and blood and internal organs were all blown out from the back of the hole!

One punch kill!

Lin Ming tumbled into the group of vicious beasts. Before he caught his breath, all of the vicious beasts in his immediate surroundings had already been killed!

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