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Chapter 86 – The Limit of Killing Speed

Chapter 86 – The Limit of Killing Speed

The several detectives sent by the princes immediately burnt their sound transmitting talisman. The Crown Prince was informed of Zhu Yan’s status; after all, Zhu Yan was one of the important figures who served under the banner of the Tenth Prince.

Murong Zi saw Zhu Yan’s ranking and curled her lips in disgust. She wasn’t too satisfied or happy with this Zhu Yan sticking to her footsteps like melted candy.

“Humph, next time I will leave him in my dust.” Murong Zi said with some satisfaction.

“Haha, then you must work diligently. Your talent is better than Zhu Yan; it’s almost fifth-grade.” Bai Jingyun said with a smile.

“That doesn’t mean anything. In the entire Seven Profound Martial House, not counting the core disciples, only Zhang Guanyu is a fifth-grade talent. But that fellow Zhang Guanyu is just an oily playboy with nothing in his head. I don’t like him very much. Well… Sister Jing, are you concerned about Lin Ming?” Murong Zi discovered that Bai Jingyun had been watching Lin Ming.

“Mm. He is going to go on stage now.”

“There is nothing about him that’s worth paying attention to. His talent is limited, he just happened to have a spot of good luck and ate some valuable material, and that’s why he has his current strength.”

Bai Jingyun shook her head and said, “Luck is also a kind of strength. Isn’t being born with a good cultivating martial talent also a kind of luck? Being born in an aristocratic family is similarly also a kind of luck. Like that, you and I can be considered very lucky people also. Nobody can say that Lin Ming won’t be able to continue this streak of good luck. Also, he wasn’t so strong when he had entered the Seven Profound Martial House. It must be the Crimson Gold Dragon Marrow Pill and the Golden Snake Scarlet Pill that allowed his cultivation to progress so quickly. Perhaps his physique is particularly suitable for absorbing the efficacy of precious medicines…”

As Bai Jingyun was speaking, Lin Ming had already stepped onto the altar.

The eyes of everyone present turned to Lin Ming. They wanted to see whether or not this Lin Ming would be able to create a new record today, and have his name written down as the miracle among the new disciples of the Seven Profound Martial House.

The operatives sent by the major powers also rallied their spirits. In these groups of people were intelligence veterans as well as seasoned lobbyists. They were waiting for Lin Ming to leave the Seven Profound Martial House, and then persuade him with their eloquence to support their master.

The cover of light from the Ten Thousand Killing Array came down, and Lin Ming’s entire body was bathed in a glow. In the next moment, he was transported to a vast, white world.

Like last time, there were a variety of weapons that were presented all around him. The sabre, the sword, the spear, it had it all.

“Spear. Spear shaft, 8 feet. Spearhead, 8 inches. Dark purple elastic iron spear shaft, cloud vein wrought iron spear point, total weight 820 jins!”

Lin Ming devised the weapon in his mind, and in the next second, a dark purple colored long spear almost the same as the Penetrating Rainbow appeared in Lin Ming’s hand.

Lin Ming’s casually shook the spear in his hands, and the dark purple long spear began to hum. The strength of the vibration that flowed down the spear shaft could easily crush rocks!

At this time, in front of Lin Ming, a dozen phantom shades appeared in front of him. These phantoms included martial artists and vicious beasts. The majority of their strength was at the early Second Stage of Body Transformation to the early Third Stage of Body Transformation. There was even one who was at the peak Third Stage of Body Transformation.

To the present Lin Ming, these opponents were nothing at all!

Lin Ming steadied his feet and took his stance. His right hand held the spear horizontally, and his elbow was pressed up tight against the spear’s end. This stance he exhibited now was the ‘Iron Bridge Blocks the River’.

“Roar!” The dozen phantom shades rushed forwards together. These were just phantom illusions, but they had the ability to coordinate, and they dispersed into a semi-circle around Lin Ming, and then lunged at him at the same time!

Generally a martial artist, even if they were a master, being encircled by so many bloodthirsty enemies, could only evade first, and then dodge left and right in the crowd and defeat them one at a time. Because unless there was a great disparity in strength, nobody was able to simultaneously deal with the attacks of a dozen enemies that came from all directions!

However, to Lin Ming, he was able to completely disregard all these attacks!

With a cry, his left hand slapped the spear’s end, and his right hand gripped the spear shaft and suddenly sent it flying out horizontally. The long spear lashed out like a dragon’s tail; it could sweep away an army of a thousand!

As the spear swept out, the dark purple long spear hit the first enemy’s body. This was a first-level vicious beast. Because of Lin Ming’s formidable strength, as the spear head smashed into the vicious beast, the spear bent like a bow. Then, with a popping sound, the spear shaft straightened, and the vicious beast’s spine was directly crushed!

The momentum of the dark purple long spear did not lessen, and it swept on and hit the second vicious beast’s body!

“Cha!” The vicious beast was torn in half!

Followed by the third!

Lin Ming’s strength was more than 4000 jins. Combined with an 820 jin dark purple long spear, a single sweep contained an invincible surging might. In that moment, of the dozen enemies, more than half were all swept away by Lin Ming’s spear!

“Roar!” Of the dozen phantoms, only the vicious beast with strength equal to the peak Third Stage of Body Transformation was able to dodge Lin Ming’s long spear. In that moment, it suddenly accelerated forward like a meteor and charged at Lin Ming’s chest.

Lin Ming’s long spear was out, and his defenses were open. He had no weapon to defend against the sharp fangs of this second-level vicious beast!

As Lin Ming saw these sword-like fangs come forward to stab into his neck, Lin Ming cried out. His right hand held onto the spear, and his left hand was suddenly formed into a fist.

“Body Tearing Bone Shattering Fist!”


Lin Ming’s fist pounded into that vicious beast’s chest, and with a loud crack, the body of that giant vicious beast which weighed several hundred jins was instantly split apart!

Lin Ming’s whole body was bathed in blood. His right hand drew back his long spear. He turned his body and gripped the spear in both hands. A red full moon suddenly appeared at the end of the cloud vein wrought iron spear point.

“Killing circle!”

“Pah pah pah pah!” Suddenly what seemed to be like several leather blood bags exploded in the air, showering the entire area with rich red blood. All of the remaining enemies had blown up!

From when these vicious beasts and martial artists had thrown themselves forward, to when Lin Ming had made his strike and completely destroyed all of them, the time had been no more than two breathes!

Lin Ming had used two spear moves and one fist. The Ten Thousand Killing Array did not even have the time to create new phantoms!

The entire illusory magic array had been completely cleared by Lin Ming!

This killing speed was completely abnormal!

After two blinks, there was a distortion in the space, and new phantom shades appeared. This time, whether it was a vicious beast or a martial artist, their strength was a level higher than before!

“He who strikes first has the advantage!”

Lin Ming did not even wait for these phantoms to stabilize their form and had already shot towards the nearest one. “Flood Dragon Goes to Sea!”

The dark purple long spear thrust out with indomitable momentum.

“Pah!” The peak Third Stage Body Transformation martial artist was pierced by Lin Ming’s spear!

With a wave, Lin Ming threw the corpse off of his spear. His spear seemed filled with an epic spirit, the eight feet eight inch dark purple long spear was just like a dark purple flood dragon that swam in a sea of bloodshed. Everywhere the spear went, blood would flow!

To sweep away an army of a thousand, there was only the spear!

In the chaos and midst of battle, the spear was the absolute best weapon!

Of course, the prerequisites were that one must have thick and vast true essence, as well as the physical strength to support such a terrifying rate of strength consumption.

“Killing circle!”

Lin Ming wielded his spear, and three vicious beasts were blown flying backwards, their hands cracked open. At this point, Lin Ming’s muscles corded and his veins bulged like twisting worms. Lin Ming was rapidly revolving the ‘True Primal Chaos Formula’ in his body, and with every breathe, the air current condensed into a large snake that floated in the air.

Only with the Perfect first layer of the ‘True Primal Chaos Formula’ together with the true essence provided from the Third Stage of Body Transformation, was Lin Ming able to kill the enemies with such demonic speed!

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