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Chapter 56 – Large Success of the True Essence Formula’s First Layer

Chapter 56 – Large Success of the True Essence Formula’s First Layer

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After he bid farewell to Lin Wu, Lin Ming returned to his residence. It felt like he was running out of time these days, as if he were in a constant race against the clock.

That Lin Ming agreed to the gambling match was not on the spur of a moment, in his heart he had already roughly calculated a plan. Lin Wu had said that the likes of Ling Sen, Ta Ku, and Zhang Guanyu, who were all top-tier talents, were unable to pass the 130th rank the first time they had entered the Ten Thousand Killing Array. Zhang Cang was placed 109; it seemed the disparity between them was truly enormous. Lin Ming was not arrogant; he believed that he could achieve a result that was more formidable than when Ling Sen had first entered.

Therefore he calculated that he needed one month.

Ling Sen, Ta Ku, and Zhang Guanyu had reached about rank 130 when they first entered the Martial House, thus, he might not even need one month!

To complete the medicinal inscription symbol would take at least half a month. The other half would be used to slowly absorb the efficacy of the pills and consolidate his strength. The Crimson Gold Dragon Marrow Pill and the Golden Snake Scarlet Pill were two precious pills that couldn’t be purchased with money. In addition to the increased pill potency provided by the medicinal inscription symbol, then it would absolutely be enough for Lin Ming to break through into the Third Stage of Body Transformation and even help him consolidate his cultivation. Once that happened, Lin Ming and Zhang Cang’s cultivation difference would be only a single stage!

If he relied on the Realm of the Gods’ top-tier skill manual ‘Chaotic Virtues Combat Meridians’, and was still unable to cross the half boundary to the Third Stage and be unable to at least place in the top 100 of the ranking stone, then he would not feel any injustice at losing the gambling match! If so, then he would have to thoroughly introspect.

Thinking like this, Lin Ming started to practice his medicinal inscription symbol again. In terms of inscription skill, although he had obtained the memories of the elder’s soul fragment, he was a junior who was still very shallow in skill. It was too early to talk about any innovation; the only thing he could do was to unceasingly practice the techniques, and allow the body movements to soak into his body like a fish in water.

Today, after Lin Ming practiced revolving his true essence as usual, he began to use materials to practice with.

The start was doomed to failure, so he had chosen the least valuable material.

Squeezing out the juice from a Jade Blue Flower, Lin Ming concentrated and used his soul force to move the juice in midair. He took a deep breath, calmed down and let his mind relax.

“Let’s start! A new formula!”

Lin Ming silently hyped himself up and began to move his right hand in a succession of dim, illusory flashes that shone with a rainbow of light.

In comparison to the object inscription symbol, tracing the medicinal inscription symbol was several times more complex! Initially Lin Ming had forcefully drawn up the object inscription symbol with the true essence’s strength at the First Stage of Body Transformation. Back then his true essence had been stretched to the limit, but now that he had arrived with great difficulty at the Second Stage of Body Transformation, his true essence had increased and had congealed and thickened. But now in the blink of an eye, he had already used more true essence that it took to draw up an object inscription symbol, and his true essence was still stretched!

Luckily in this situation, Lin Ming did not feel it was too burdensome, instead he welcomingly endured it. Only by pushing oneself to the limit would they be able to progress.

An hour passed by, and Lin Ming’s forehead was seeped in small beads of sweat. Each rune that had to be drawn was much difficult than the object inscription rune by several times. He clenched his teeth and persisted through the hardship. Even with the ‘True Primal Chaos Formula’ supporting him, Ling Ming could not withstand such consumption of true essence and was approaching his limit yet he hadn’t even completed half of the ‘Lower Spirit Cure Symbol’.

Lin Ming had already encountered this type of situation when he was trying to create the object inscription symbol. It was unrealistic to attempt to increase the amount of true essence in his body in such a short period of time; the only possible way was to reduce the rate of failure, increase his skill at the techniques, and save as much true essence as he could.

He could not support it any longer…


There was the sound of an explosion, and the numerous inscription symbols in front of Lin Ming loudly detonated like brilliant fireworks. After these fireworks finished flashing, a deep darkness followed.

“Mm? It’s evening…” Lin Ming let out a breath and sat up on his bed. The room was very quiet and peaceful, and Lin Ming could hear the sound of his breathing and heartbeat.

He was too tired! Lin Ming sprawled backwards on his bed, too lazy to even move his fingers. The past few months he had practiced inscription techniques, he had constantly taxed his soul force to the limit, yet he had never felt as drained as he did now; he didn’t even have the strength to revolve the ‘True Primal Chaos Formula’ within him. If his true essence was like water in a lake, then this medicinal inscription symbol was a terribly hot and dry desert, where even the last drop of his true essence was sucked clean.

“I want to sleep….”

Although his if he practiced at this time he would have good results, his soul force and true essence consumption was too serious, and it brought a weary tired feeling that made him unable to focus his spirit.

Mm? Right! The true essence stones!

He had unexpectedly forgotten about them. With these, if he used these true essence stones to supplement his true essence, would it not be perfect?

Lin Ming struggled to sit up. He had obtained 10 true essence stones when he had attended lecture. He grabbed one from his bag and began to greedily absorb the pure true essence within.

Rich true essence continuously flowed in a steady stream through the pores in his hand. Because Lin Ming had not yet achieved the Pulse Condensation Period, the tendons of his entire body were blocking his acupuncture points and meridians, and the true essence could only enter along his pores and slowly flow from there.

If comparing the flow of true essence within him, then it was like a muddy swamp. The meridians of the body where energy circulated where just too spacious, it simply was incomparable. That was why a martial artist’s breakthrough into the Pulse Condensation Period was such a significant leap.

Along with the true essence endlessly merging into his body, Lin Ming’s body was like a dry basin that was being poured into by a bubbling spring. It was an indescribably refreshing and comfortable feeling, and his fatigue completely disappeared. Lin Ming began to revolve the ‘True Primal Chaos Formula’ and guide the flow of true essence slowly into his body.

Although the ‘True Primal Chaos Formula’ was a top tier quality true essence method, in this situation, the meridians had not yet opened so the circulation speed of true essence was limited.

As the true essence revolved again and again, it began to accumulate. The circulation in his body began to rapidly quicken; like this, half an hour passed. Lin Ming circulation speed of true essence within his body began to accelerate, until it finally passed the top speed in the past.

“Mmm? How could this be?”

Lin Ming was surprised, and he continued to revolve the ‘True Primal Chaos Formula’, and the circulation speed continued accelerating.

“Pah!” At the moment with a small sound, the true essence stone Lin Ming’s hand cracked open.

“Mm? The true essence stone was used up already?”

Lin Ming was not stingy. He placed down the broken stone and grabbed another true essence stone, and continued to revolve the ‘True Primal Chaos Formula’. The massive influx of fresh, pure true essence merged into his body. Lin Ming’s true essence circulation speed climbed up even more than before, and the acceleration showed no signs of slowing down.

Half a month ago, if Lin Ming’s ‘True Primal Chaos Formula’ true essence revolution speed was like a baby toddler crawling around, then at present, his true essence’s speed was like a teenager running at full blast!

This…This is….

This was the Large Success of the First Layer of the ‘True Primal Chaos Formula’!

Lin Ming took a deep breath, and his face revealed an expression wild with joy and ecstacy. He had obsessed over the First Layer of the ‘True Primal Chaos Formula’ for three months, and had finally broken through!

Lin Ming immediately shoved open his door and launched himself outside. He rushed towards the Seven Profound Martial House’s strength measuring room. When he had received the jade slip during school admission, it had recorded an introduction about the strength measuring room. Any Seven Profound Martial House disciple could use it the stone tablets inside to measure their strength. After he had reached Large Success of the First Layer of the ‘True Primal Chaos Formula’, Lin Ming was itching to find out how much stronger he had become.

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