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Chapter 55 – Fight

Chapter 55 – Fight

Lin Ming opened his mouth and said, “You don’t need provoke me, there is no significance in stirring things up. I only want to know, what sort of gambling stakes will be involved?”

“Young Cousin, don’t promise him anything!” Ling Fengyuan also spoke up, but facing Zhang Cang, her words seemed a little weak.

Lin Ming waved a hand; he knew how things stood.

“Obviously we will be betting true essence stones. If you lose, then you hand those 10 true essence stones you received to me. If I lose, heh heh, then I pay you 20!”

“Good. You said just now that I could choose the time and place. For place, I choose the contest field. For time, we will duel each other one month from now, at a quarter to noon.”

“One month?” Zhang Cang asked with a stunned expression. He didn’t expect Lin Ming to decide on such a time. No matter how much time he had, it was useless. With his rotten third-grade talent, the longer the time, the more the gap between the two would grow.

“Good. If you want one month then it will be one month. I’ll let you live a bit longer.” Zhang Cang said as he looked at Lin Ming with some hesitation. He was also a young man and he was impatient to grab the true essence stones for himself.

Zhang Cang and Liu Mingxiang walked away with self-satisfied smiles, leaving Lin Wu behind to sadly shake his head and sigh, “Young Cousin, you were a bit too impulsive. New disciples that come to the Seven Profound Martial House are always full of self-confidence, but all these older disciples are also geniuses, each and every one of them. They have also studied at the Seven Profound Martial House for a long time, especially this Zhang Cang… Yeah, I don’t want to say, but these ten true essence stones bought a valuable lesson.”

Lin Ming laughed happily, and then said with a bright smile, “Thank you Brother Wu, you raised your head and defended me today. But I could not avoid this fight; otherwise it would weaken my will and disturb my heart, and distract my future cultivation.”

Ling Ming had decided to call this elder cousin of his from the family Brother Wu, as he had recognized Lin Wu. Lin Wu was a good person; when hard times had come, he had raised his head and defended him with courage.

As Lin Ming said this, he also noted Wang Yanfeng standing nearby and looking at him.

Seeing that Lin Ming looked back at him, Wang Yanfeng said, “I wish you good luck.”

“Haha, you too.” Because their situation was identical and they faced a common enemy, the enmity and tension in their relationship had relaxed.

“I won’t lose. But even if I lose, I will win in the future! No matter if it’s Liu Mingxiang or you!” Wang Yanfeng said these words then turned around and strode away. Lin Wu had also heard Wang Yanfeng’s words. He realized that Wang Yanfeng also knew that it was almost impossible for him to defeat Liu Mingxiang.

But this was Wang Yanfeng’s path of martial arts. Although he might be defeated, he would not let his heart be lost. It was not in his nature to run away.

“This Wang Yanfeng has a heart which does not concede, and his talent is also good. Later he might make something of himself. But if he wanted to enter a sect, he is still lacking…” The Skill Spill continent was vast and boundless with countless living creatures. If one wished to pursue the pinnacle of martial arts, it was beyond all difficulty!

At this time Lin Ming suddenly remembered something, “Right, Brother Wu, did this sort of gambling fight happen often in the past? This sort of matter, it seems that the new disciple would generally be the one to lose? Does the Martial House not have some sort of regulating system?”

Lin Wu said, “No, the Martial House rules only disallow intentionally disabling the opponent, or killing them. As for all other matters, they let them pass. Therefore in the Seven Profound Martial House there are often outstanding and fierce battles that the Seven Profound Martial House is glad to see happen. However, someone bullying new disciples and taking their true essence stones is pretty rare. It causes a very bad reputation and lowers their prestige. Those that care about their reputation and their family’s will not do these things.”

“Oh? Is that Liu Mingxiang and Zhang Cang’s character that deplorable?”

“Liu Mingxiang has always been a rascal, but Zhang Cang… in truth he is a ruthless man. He stayed in the army for a period and killed many people. It is hard to determine his personality, but he acts recklessly. Betting with you isn’t too strange.”

“Right… does this Zhang Cang know Zhu Yan?”

“Zhu Yan? As far as I know, Zhu Yan and Zhang Cang are allies. They had joined the army together. Why do you ask this?”

Lin Wu did not know the relationship between Zhu Yan and Lin Ming, so he asked.

“It’s nothing…” Lin Ming lightly said. He did not want to discuss these personal matters with Lin Wu.

Lin Ming had thought it was strange that Zhu Yan hadn’t acted yet. It seems that this Zhang Cang was one of Zhu Yan’s men. There was no way Zhu Yan would let him peacefully enter the Seven Profound Martial House. Zhu Yan had wanted to stop him from entering, but the Seven Profound Martial House was under the governance of the Seven Profound Valleys, whose territory dominated hundreds of thousands of miles and even the many kingdoms. The Seven Profound Martial House was a supreme existence within the Sky Fortune Kingdom, and even the Royal Family would not dare to move a single hair of theirs.

So long as they were within the Seven Profound Martial House, even if Zhu Yan were a Houtian expert, he would not dare to commit murder in this crouching tiger, hidden dragon Seven Profound Martial House. Therefore the only action he could take was through the rules and regulations of the Seven Profound Martial House and look for someone to make a gambling fight with him. Then, under the guise of this, that person would intentionally cause a severe wound and ruin his heart of martial arts.

This person’s strength naturally had to be higher by a mile. Zhang Cang of the Earth Hall was the most suitable candidate to crush him.

However, Lin Ming decided he would crush him instead!

Lin Ming took a deep breath and slowly clenched his fists. He hadn’t thought that Zhu Yan had already been in the army. No wonder he could enter the Heavenly Abode with the strength of the peak of the Fourth Stage of Body Transformation. Without a doubt, his strength was greater than that of Zhang Cang’s!

Good! Only like this would it be interesting.

Lin Wu noticed a slight change in Lin Ming’s look, and said, “Brother, do you have some problem with Zhu Yan?”

Lin Ming nodded, “I do.”

“This is…” Lin Wu listened with some worry, “Brother, I know somewhat of the reputation of those here. This Zhu Yan was at the peak of the Third Stage of Body Transformation when he defeated a 72nd ranked Heavenly Abode disciple to enter the Heavenly Abode. But that disciple’s strength was already at the early Fourth Stage of Body Transformation!”

Lin Ming was slightly stunned. The Fourth Stage martial artists of the Seven Profound Martial House could not be compared with those on the outside. Their strength was definitely number one, but yet they were still defeated by Zhu Yan at the peak of the Third Stage of Body Transformation. Obviously Zhu Yan was powerful.

“The Heavenly Abode has always had 72 students. Generally speaking, those that have strength at the Fourth Stage of Body Transformation have the qualifications to enter. The condition is only that they defeat any disciple of the Heavenly Abode, and afterwards they can enter, and that disciple is eliminated. Which one of the Heavenly Abode’s students are not peerless geniuses? To be able to defeat them with just the strength of the Third Stage of Body Transformation, this Zhu Yan is a dragon in human form, and is truly unimaginable. Brother, if you oppose him…”

Lin Ming smiled and said, “Thank you for the advice, Brother Wu.”

Lin Wu said, “Mm. You should end this conflict as soon as possible. This Zhu Yan also has a high status in the Zhu Family. Although he is not the eldest son of the first wife, his strength is too outstanding and he might be able to inherit the headship of the household. You may not know, but the current head’s daughter married into the Royal Palace. A real man can adapt to a situation. For a martial artist, enduring a bit of shame is also very important. When it is necessary, apologizing a bit would not lose you any face. Extending an olive branch can also be a happy resolution.”

“Mm. I understand.” Lin Ming smiled as he listened. He certainly knew Zhu Yan’s status, otherwise he wouldn’t have the ability to get Lan Yunyue to join the Seven Profound Martial House. That sort of matter could only be accomplished by his aunt.

“Well, if there is nothing else, then I will leave first.” Though they had only known each other for a short period of time, Lin Ming had a good grasp of Lin Wu’s personality. He was overcautious and a bit indecisive, and considered every angle in making a decision. This sort of disposition was actually not good to cultivate martial arts, as it would weaken the spirit and make it difficult to have great future achievements. It was no wonder he had such a horrible nickname.

However Lin Wu had a kind and good character; he was worth knowing.

“I have to say one last time Brother, you be careful. Don’t fret about those ten true essence stones; our Lin Family is not short on money. Although there are only a few of them, they can also be bought. Brother, the family will have high hopes and expectations of you in the future and will receive you well, losing a few true essence stones is nothing.”

Lin Ming laughed in his heart, and nodded with a smile, “I know.”

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