Martial Peak

Chapter 974 - Blood Pond Flesh Forest

Chapter 974, Blood Pond Flesh Forest

The blood sea was boundless and seemed to envelop the entire world.

In an instant, everyone’s heart sank; wherever their eyes passed, all they could see was red, their surroundings filled with thick blood which greatly hindered their movements.

The blood sea was also filled with a strange force that suppressed the flow of energy through their bodies.

All thirteen of them seemed to have fallen into a huge blood pond which they couldn’t find a way out of.

Instantly, they all summoned their defensive artifacts to shield themselves while searching for an exit.

Ke Luo had disappeared, but the blood sea was filled with his aura.

He seemed to be everywhere!

This was the Bone Race’s forbidden technique, the Blood Pond Flesh Forest.

Inside the thick sea of blood, a number of blood dragons took shape and began circling, each one exuding a dangerous aura. Obviously, these blood dragons were being controlled by Ke Luo who seemed to not be in a hurry to attack, apparently intending to appreciate the struggles of his prey.

Yang Kai stood shoulder to shoulder with Han Fei. Han Fei tried releasing the ice-cold strength within her body but failed to freeze any of the surrounding blood. Her Qi was being strongly suppressed.

Yang Kai took out the Blood Essence Stone and poured his True Qi into it, trying to absorb the fresh blood from this Starry Sky invader.

But he was quickly disappointed.

The Blood Essence Stone didn’t work here, it was completely unable to absorb any of the surrounding blood.

This discovery filled him with bitterness.

He had used the Blood Essence Stone many times before and understood that it could only absorb the blood of the dead, the blood of the living could not be taken.

Even if the person was badly wounded, he still couldn’t suck the blood from their wounds because the living person could circulate their own strength to resist the suction of the Blood Essence Stone.

Ke Luo was not dead, so the Blood Essence Stone had no effect.

On top of that, this whole Blood Pond Flesh Forest was formed from his exploded body. Realizing this, Yang Kai suddenly understood why Ke Luo’s aura seemed to be coming from all around.

“Figured it out?” Ke Luo’s voice sounded next to Yang Kai’s ear and was followed by a burst of wicked laughter, “That’s right, you’re all inside my body. In here, I am in control! If I want you to live, you live, if I want you to die, you die, none can resist!”

As if to prove the validity of his claim, just as his arrogant words fell, a tender scream rang out.

“Yu’er…” Thunder Dragon Great Senior shouted out nervously.

The scream just now came from Ice Jade Python Great Senior. Clearly, she had just been attacked.

“I’m fine!” Yu’er’s voice rang out from a certain direction which Thunder Dragon hurriedly rushed over to, but even tracing the sound to its source, he couldn’t find any trace of Ice Jade Python.

Inside this blood sea, it was impossible to even grasp one’s bearings.

Of the thirteen people, Yang Kai and Han Fei stood together while the other eleven had been separated, each of them cut off from everyone else.

The situation was extremely dire.

Yang Kai’s thoughts turned rapidly as he tried to find a solution to this crisis, but nothing came to mind.

“Your aura is similar to that man from thousands of years. It’s disgusting, so I’ll kill you first!” Ke Luo’s annoyingly calm voice sounded again, sounding as if he really could control whether one lived or died inside this blood sea.

Yang Kai clearly felt a huge amount of energy flow through the Blood Sea and gather towards a particular direction. Immediately after, the sounds of combat rang out.

A short three breaths later, Demon General Ba He’s scream echoed, “Want to kill me? Don’t think you’ll feel any better!”

A dreadful Demonic Qi surged up and the sounds of fighting grew even louder.

A muffled snort sounded and Ba He’s aura rapidly faded. A loud wheeze echoed throughout the blood sea as if Ba He’s heart and lungs had been crushed and he was unable to aspirate clearly.

“Ba He!” Zhang Yuan called out angrily.

“Sir, take revenge for this subordinate!” Ba He roared towards the sky, his voice trembling before a loud burst rang out and his aura completely disappeared.

Faintly, the others could sense the remnants of his Soul disappear into the Blood Sea.

“Ba He died?” The other Demon Generals who were scattered across the blood pool exclaimed, each of their faces filled with amazement.

Of the four Demon Generals, Ba He was the youngest and most junior.

But although his strength was the lowest, he was still a Third-Order Saint Realm master.

However, he had only managed to fight Ke Luo for less than ten breaths of time before perishing. Just how shocking was this blood pool ability Ke Luo displayed?

Meng Ge, Gou Qiong, and Xue Li all dashed back and forth, fearing that it would be their turn next, each of them shuttling through the blood sea looking for Zhang Yuan’s figure, hoping to find some kind of shelter.

At the moment Ba He died, Yang Kai madly poured his True Qi into the Blood Essence Stone.

A huge attractive force came out and from a certain spot inside the blood sea, a mass of Blood Qi flew over and disappeared into the Blood Essence Stone.

Naturally, this was Ba He’s Blood Qi!

The Blood Essence Stone was finally able to play a certain role, at least keeping Ke Luo from immediately becoming stronger.

“Hmph, I’ll deal with you soon enough!” Ke Luo’s cold snort rang in Yang Kai’s ears. It seemed Ke Luo was not in a hurry to take Yang Kai’s life. Yang Kai was the weakest one inside this blood sea, so Ke Luo felt it would be easy to kill him at any point.

“Sir,” Gou Qiong’s voice rang out from a certain location, a thick sense of joy contained within it.

“What is it,” Zhang Yuan’s voice responded from a different position though.

Gou Qiong gawked before he let out a cry, “You…”

He seemed to have seen something inconceivable, his Demonic Qi bursting out in the next moment as he shouted, “Inside this blood sea, he can change his appearance into anyone else, everyone be careful!”

Everyone’s faces paled even further.

Only then did they comprehend why Gou Qiong’s voice had been mixed with excitement a moment ago. Obviously, he thought he had found Demon Commander Zhang Yuan, but it had actually just been a fake that Ke Luo had formed from the energy within the blood sea.

Catching Gou Qiong off guard, Ke Luo had launched a sneak attack.

“Gou Qiong!” Xue Li shouted, but she didn’t receive any response.

The Blood Essence Stone in Yang Kai’s hand once again drew in a huge amount of Blood Qi, clearly illustrating Gou Qiong’s fate.

“Gou Qiong!” Meng Ge also called out.

Although the four Demon Generals were closer to enemies than friend, with two of their companions falling in such rapid succession, Meng Ge and Xue Li’s mood became very grim, and they couldn’t help giving birth to a sense of grief.

Somewhere in the blood sea, Zhang Yuan’s complexion became incredibly gloomy as he gnashed his teeth and exclaimed, “I’ll make you pay, this Senior swears he will make you pay for this!”

“You don’t have the skill!” Ke Luo snorted and ridiculed, “If that powerhouse from your race was still alive, my clan would not have dared reveal itself, but his aura has disappeared and he has clearly fallen. Now, in this world, none can resist me; rest assured, after I kill you, I will use your Blood Essence and bones to create a clansmen with your appearance so you can live on as one of us.”

Ke Luo clamoured wildly; after displaying the Bone Race’s forbidden technique, he felt like he had complete control over the situation.

“You’ve constantly been getting in my way. Evidently, I should kill you next!” Ke Luo’s voice once again sounded in Yang Kai’s ear. He had already killed two people but failed to obtain any Blood Qi from them, all of it having been sucked up by the Blood Essence Stone in Yang Kai’s hands. This annoyed Ke Luo to no end.

After killing two Demon Generals to sooth the hatred he had been harbouring for thousands of years, he finally turned his attention to Yang Kai.

A sharp bone spear flew through the blood sea and pierced accurately towards Yang Kai.

Silent and stealthily.

By the time Yang Kai noticed, the bone spear was already too close to dodge.

“Master, watch out!” Han Fei had been maintaining the highest level of vigilance and upon noticing the approaching danger shouted.


A muffled sound came out, and Yang Kai’s incredibly formidable body was actually run through by the sharp bone spear, a small hole opening in his torso out of which golden blood began to flow.

“Master!” Li Rong immediately noticed something was wrong and began calling out in alarm, “Han Fei, how is Master?”

Han Fei didn’t answer because she couldn’t see Yang Kai’s situation. Even if she was standing nearby Yang Kai, the thick blood fog had cut off her sight, leaving her only able to see a sea of red.

However, under her Divine Sense’s perception, she discovered fluctuations in Yang Kai’s aura; obviously he had been hit.

In that instant she nearly fell into a panic.

“I’m fine!” Yang Kai shouted, trying to maintain the calmness of his voice as he gripped tightly to the bone spear which had passed through his body, his eyes stubbornly staring forward.

Among the blood sea, a humanoid figure had appeared, holding the other end of the spear.

Yang Kai felt Ke Luo was coldly gazing at him from this figure.

“I heard you mention the supreme powerhouse from thousands of years more than once. Are you afraid of him?” Yang Kai face became solemn as he asked.

“Of course!” Ke Luo replied without hesitation, “I am nowhere near worthy to be his opponent! With a single casual strike, he had severely wounded me and robbed me of my consciousness. The masters of my clan were also exterminated by him, so how could I not fear him?”

As he spoke, his indistinct hand twisted the bone spear, torturing Yang Kai with unbearable pain.

He seemed to be venting his anger for the embarrassment Yang Kai had caused him.

“However, it was thanks to that incident that I was able to avoid the fate of being slaughtered by him; to enter a state of stasis for thousands of years, waiting for him to fall!” Ke Luo laughed wildly, “In terms of lifespan, no race can compare with my clan!”

The essence of their lives was completely contained within their bones, so as long as their skeletons weren’t destroyed, they were nearly immortal.

“What if I told you, he didn’t fall?” Yang Kai muttered quietly.

The blood figure in front of Yang Kai noticeable shivered, Ke Luo’s state of mind clearly suffering a severe impact as a feeble and terrified aura leaked out from him. Ke Luo immediately shouted, “Impossible, his aura has truly vanished, it’s not possible for him to still be alive. In the past, after that war, he was already an arrow at the end of its flight, he’s already dead, you can’t deceive me!”

“Then open your eyes wide and see if he is still alive!” Yang Kai’s expression became fierce as he wiped the wound on his abdomen with his fingertips before lifting his hand toward his left eye.

The golden blood was absorbed into his left eye like a drop of water falling into the sea, disappearing without a trace.

Yang Kai’s black and white eyeball flashed and instantly became a frightening pure white.

Soon after, a majestic golden radiance appeared, transforming this pure white pupil into a golden eye, one that seemed to disdainfully overlook all mortal beings.

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