Martial Peak

Chapter 973 - Self Destruct?

Chapter 973: Self Destruct?

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Since obtaining his Star Shuttle, Yang Kai had only used this extremely fast flight type artifact to travel long distances.

His Wind and Thunder Wings had been left untouched for quite some time.

However, these wings which had almost transformed into a part of his body still played an irreplaceable role.

As the wind and thunder swirled around him, Yang Kai transformed into a streak of light and flew away.

Yang Kai understood the gap in strength between himself and Ke Luo, so he never had any intention of fighting him head-on, he only had to stall him long enough for Meng Wu Ya, Chu Ling Xiao, Zhang Yuan, and Thunder Dragon to defeat their opponents and return to assist him.

He had also determined that Ke Luo would not let him escape because he had the Blood Essence Stone in his hand, and Ke Luo’s breakthrough to the Saint King Realm depend on him obtaining the massive amount of Blood Qi stored within it.

As long as Ke Luo was still thinking normally, he would never let him escape.

Yang Kai had already seen through Ke Luo’s intentions.

Sure enough, when he quickly flew away, Ke Luo’s eyes shrank, a stunned look appearing on his face as his green glowing eyes stared at Yang Kai’s back, a thick murderous intent welling up from his body.

His figure flickered and he quickly chased after Yang Kai.

His speed was incredible, not in any way inferior to Yang Kai’s even when he was using his Wind and Thunder Wings.

The shackles of space seemed to have no effect on him and every step he took allowed him to cross a thousand meters at once, each pace bringing him ever closer to Yang Kai.

The palpable murderous intent behind him sent cold shivers up Yang Kai’s spine as he continued to flee. Yang Kai tried to tear space, but quickly discovered that the space around him had somehow become viscous and a strange force was solidifying his surroundings, making it impossible to open an entrance to The Void.

Ke Luo should have some understanding of the principles of space, otherwise, even if his cultivation was much higher than Yang Kai’s, it would have been impossible for him to have achieved this. This caused Yang Kai to become even more vigilant.

One chased while the other escaped, a seemingly endless cycle.

Yang Kai purposefully flew in circles, not rushing in any particular direction; he needed to buy enough time for the others to come help him. If he were to run far away, they’d have to catch up, wasting even more time.

The aura of death brushing against his back gave him an enormous sense of pressure.

Yang Kai had never experienced such a difficult battle before. Ke Luo was far stronger than Zhang Yuan, Meng Wu Ya, or any of the other masters present, he was truly the strongest in this world.

*Xiu xiu xiu…*

Slicing sounds rang out behind him, and even before the attack arrived, Yang Kai felt as if his body had been sliced apart, the illusion causing his soul to tremble.

Not daring to hesitate, Yang Kai summoned his Silver Leaf artifact and transformed it into a protective shield while simultaneously changing direction, his body twisting like a snake midair.

*Hong Hong Hong…*

The attacks still landed extremely accurately on his back, causing him severe pain. Yang Kai felt warm liquid leak out from the places he had been struck.

The Silver Leaf Saint Grade Top-Rank artifact’s defensive barrier was also instantly broken.

“You can’t run away! Surrender without a fight and I’ll grant you a swift death!” Ke Luo’s voice rang in his ears with haughtiness in his tone as if he had already won.

The next moment, he appeared alongside Yang Kai and sent him a mocking look, extending his finger towards him as a shocking amount of energy gathered at its tip.

Not waiting for him to attack, Yang Kai pushed both his palms forward and used his Beast Soul Skill, sending a roaring White Tiger and bellowing Divine Ox towards Ke Luo, while he himself changed direction again and flew off.

This attack gained Yang Kai a brief moment of time that he used to once again open the distance between Ke Luo and himself.

In his heart Yang Kai was secretly growing anxious, praying emphatically for Meng Wu Ya and the others to quickly finish their fights.

“I want you to die without burial!”

Ke Luo howled fiercely, his expression twisted with anger.

It seemed that because he had been unable to catch Yang Kai even after so long, he had finally become enraged.

A malevolent aura erupted as Ke Luo began using his full strength, obviously refusing to continue playing this game of cat and mouse.

The sky suddenly dimmed as a blinding red light as thick as blood surrounded Ke Luo and he shot out towards Yang Kai.

Yang Kai’s instincts screamed out in warning and he hurriedly summoned his Silver Leaf artifact once again while at the same time condensing several Grand Heavenly Shields to defend himself.

But the great sense of crisis he felt had not abated, as if the strongest defence he had just erected could not play any role.

“Ice Seal!” Suddenly, a tender voice called out and a figure rapidly approached from in front of Yang Kai. Naturally, it was Han Fei.

Han Fei’s expression was indifferent, like an ancient iceberg, her elegant face covered in Demon Crests making her seem even colder than usual.

In her hand was an ice crystal sword that she waved repeatedly, sending out a burst of cold air that frozen the very space behind Yang Kai.


The blood-red light froze along with the rest of the world and came to a halt.

Han Fei passed beside Yang Kai and shot forward, apparently intending to resist Ke Luo for him.

Yang Kai hastily grabbed her arm and pulled her away, shouting as he did, “We cannot fight him!”

It was impossible for Han Fei to be Ke Luo’s opponent, the best possible result of her facing him would be severe injuries while the most likely one would be death.

Cracking sounds spread out, and although Han Fei’s attack had indeed blocked Ke Luo, sealing him in a thick layer of ice, this only lasted for the briefest of moments before he broke free.

Ke Lu’s pursuit became even more violent.

“Master!” Han Fei stared behind with amazement and shouted, “Who is this person, how is he so powerful?”

“The Bone Race leader!” Yang Kai released her and urgently asked, “What’s the situation on your side?”

“The Bone Race cultivators that ran away have basically been exterminated and the masters who pursued them are quickly returning!” Han Fei replied swiftly.

Yang Kai’s eyes lit up and he couldn’t help but smile.

At that moment, four figures flew in from the distance and caught sight of Yang Kai and Han Fei escaping from Ke Luo, startling them greatly.

It was the four Demon Generals!

Two more figures followed and soon came up beside the four Demon Generals.

Naturally, they were the other two Monster Race Great Seniors!

The six of them had gone to hunt down the escaping Bone Race cultivators thinking the battle had already been won, but the moment they returned they were actually greeted by this scene.

The six of them stood side by side and stared towards Ke Luo menacingly, gathering their strength and sending a combined world crushing pressure towards Ke Luo.

Ke Luo finally noticed them and abruptly halted his pursuit of Yang Kai, turning a cold stare towards these six newcomers.

A cold snort came out and he slowly closed his eyes, remaining motionless, his whole body sending out a dangerous aura, seemingly summoning something.

A moment later, from the distance, six house-sized skulls flew over.

They were the strange skulls which had been tying down Zhang Yuan and Meng Wu Ya, but of the original dozen, only half remained.

The snake-like artifact also flew back at the same time and disappeared into Ke Luo’s body, causing his brutal aura to grow even stronger.

“Ke Luo, it’s over!” Yang Kai also came to a stop and stood together with Han Fei, staring coldly towards him.

Just as his words fell, more figures appeared beside him; it was Meng Wu Ya and the others who had been pursuing the skulls and flying snake.

Eleven Third Order Saints, a Second Order Saint, and Yang Kai, a total of thirteen people formed this unprecedentedly powerful lineup.

These thirteen people quickly surrounded Ke Luo in a watertight formation, each of them applying the greatest pressure they could to him to prevent any chance of his escape.

“Over?” Ke Luo calmly laughed, “Not necessarily.”

Saying so, he shot a look over towards Yang Kai and said, “Do you think I didn’t know what you were planning? All you wanted was to buy enough time to gather together and oppress me with numbers.”

Yang Kai’s brow wrinkled, a sense of uneasiness rising in his heart.

Ke Luo was too calm, causing Yang Kai to wonder what kind of trick he had left.

“I said, without reaching the Saint King Realm, no one in this world is my opponent, it doesn’t matter how many of you there are!” Ke Luo declared.

“Enough idle boasting, in front of this Senior you’re not qualified to act impudently!” Zhang Yuan said coldly, his expression dim and gloomy.

“If you have some kind of magical means left, please feel free to demonstrate,” Meng Wu Ya stared at him with cold eyes, although his words seemed calm and relaxed, he was silently circulating his Saint Qi rapidly while maintaining the highest level of vigilance.

“As you wish!” Ke Luo laughed, suddenly sitting down cross-legged, his pair of green eyes violently flickering as they sent out blinding pulses of light.

His hands formed a series of unfamiliar seals as a stream of inaudible words left his lips.

The strength of his Blood Qi and vitality rapidly climbed and his skin took on a strange red glow, as if he would begin leaking fresh blood at any moment.

A thin crackling sound suddenly emerged from all over his body, as if his bones had all simultaneously broken while at the same time, cracks spread all across the surface of his skin.

Dark red fresh blood overflowed from these cracks turning him terrifying blood man.

“Be careful!” Chu Ling Xiao shouted hastily.

This must be Ke Luo’s last resort, and from the self-confidence in his voice, this method was definitely powerful. Before they knew the extent of this ability, no one dared to recklessly step forward and attack him.

Everyone wore a dignified expression as all of them secretly felt incredibly nervous.

The blood inside Ke Luo’s body was constantly flowing out, as if he possessed an endless supply, enough to dye the world red.

A suffocating Blood Qi filled the surrounding sky.

Suddenly, Ke Luo wore a treacherous grin and shouted, “Forcing me to demonstrate my Bone Race’s forbidden technique, Blood Pond Flesh Forest, you can all die without regrets!”

As he shouted, his figure suddenly burst open and pieces of flesh flew out, his body collapsing, bones and all.

“Self-destructing?” Everyone was dumbstruck.

None of them had expected that after making such imposing claims, Ke Luo would actually choose to explode his flesh body.

“Wrong, fall back!” Yang Kai suddenly shouted, feeling a great sense of crisis wash over him and hurriedly retreating.

“Too late!” Ke Luo sneered, his grating laughter resounding in everyone’s ears, his scattered flesh, blood, and bones suddenly seeming to come alive and gather together into a great blood sea that swallowed the group of thirteen people whole.

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