Martial Peak

Chapter 944 - We’re Friends

Chapter 944, We’re Friends

Inside the hall, because of Zhang Yuan’s words, the atmosphere suddenly became tense.

As long as there was enough time, Yang Kai could grow to the same height as Great Demon God; the very idea made Meng Ge and Xue Li feel a sense of crisis. Even the Demon Commander admitted that this was a level he couldn’t hope to reach, so what would happen if they allowed Yang Kai to fully mature?

Since Great Demon God was able to sweep away the world’s experts and reign unchallenged, Yang Kai would eventually be able to as well.

At that time, he would be able to decide who lived and who died.

The two Demon General involuntarily gave birth to the thought of killing Yang Kai here and now, lest such a day really come to pass.

“Do not be impolite!” Zhang Yuan snorted, “I said that I wish to become friends with Holy Master Yang, which is why I chose not to conceal anything and speak openly with him. If you two dare release that murderous intent again, this Senior will be the first to cripple you!”

Meng Ge and Xue Li were dismayed, never imaging that Zhang Yuan would again reprimand them for Yang Kai. This made it clear how resolute the Demon Commander’s attitude was, he wasn’t just paying lip service. Realizing this, the two of them quickly admitted their mistake and lowered their heads.

Zhang Yuan nodded in approval before turning back to face Yang Kai, “While I’ve said all this, Holy Master Yang should not expect too much. The Demon Land is currently in the hands of this Senior and it is impossible for me to simply hand it over to a human, regardless of his identity.”

“I have no interest in the ​​Demon Land.”

“That’s for the best,” Zhang Yuan nodded and chuckled, “Actually, the safest method for this Senior would be to kill you and snatch your Demon Mystic Tome, but this Senior knows that even if I were to kill you, I would be unable to obtain Great Demon God’s inheritance; that is something unique and irreplaceable. Since Great Demon God has chosen you, he must certainly have his reasons. All members of the Demon Race are descendants of Great Demon God, so this Senior can only hope that Holy Master Yang will not treat us as enemies in the future. I swear in the name of Great Demon God, I will not act disadvantageously towards you in the future, what does Holy Master Yang say?”

Yang Kai’s expression changed greatly upon hearing these words.

No Demon would dare to swear an oath in the name of Great Demon God lightly, such was the immensity of this name in the hearts of the entire Demon Race, even if it was the current Demon Commander, this still remained true.

Yang Kai profoundly recognized the sincerity of Zhang Yuan at this point, wearing a serious expression on his face as he nodded, “Good!”

Zhang Yuan laughed, a look of satisfaction spreading on his face, “Then that’s settled. Holy Master Yang may be young but is also decisive, very much to this Senior’s liking. Dealing with people like you is enjoyable.”

“You are also quite refreshing to deal with!”

“Then we are friends?” Zhang Yuan looked at Yang Kai with a smile.

“At least we’re not enemies,” Yang Kai smiled back.

“Good enough,” Zhang Yuan stood up, “Since I have said everything I came here today to say, I shall take my leave. When Holy Master Yang has free time, please pay a visit to my Demon Capital and allow this Senior to offer you his hospitality. This Senior is quite interested in the secrets left behind by Sir Great Demon God and hopes to use the Demon Mystic Tome to unlock them. I wonder if Holy Master Yang is willing to cooperate?”

“En, I will go.”

“Many thanks! En, if Holy Master Yang intends to come to my Demon Capital, please do send a notice in advance, that way this Senior can arrange safe passage through the Demon Land for you,” Zhang Yuan nodded lightly before immediately turning around and heading for the exit.

“Li Rong, see them out!” Yang Kai commanded.

Li Rong immediately set out to escort Zhang Yuan and the two Demon Generals out of the hall.

After a while, she returned leisurely and walked over to where Yang Kai and Han Fei were waiting.

“Master, do you really believe what Zhang Yuan just said?”

“What do you think?” Yang Kai answered her question with one of his own.

Li Rong thought about it carefully before replying, “He seems sincere, but we are not familiar with him at all, so it is difficult to believe him completely.”

“I think so too,” Han Fei nodded.

“I think he’s actually honest,” Yang Kai grinned, causing the two women to wear startled expressions.

Yang Kai wasn’t a child, if Zhang Yuan could mislead him with just a few words, he wouldn’t still be alive today. Yang Kai obviously had his own thoughts on Zhang Yuan’s actions and attitude.

“Do you plan on going to the Demon Capital?”

“Naturally I must go,” Yang Kai nodded.

However, this decision was by no means because of Zhang Yuan’s invitation, but rather because he was curious about what secrets Great Demon God had hidden there. If he was right, the secrets left in the Demon Capital were definitely related to the words Great Demon God’s Soul Clone had spoken about in that strange space.

When he rescued Meng Wu Ya and Little Senior Sister, Great Demon God’s Soul Clone had also told Yang Kai that if he had a chance, he should go to the Demon Capital as he would be able to understand everything once he did.

Yang Kai had not had much hope of doing this any time soon, but with Zhang Yuan’s invitation, and opportunity had presented itself.

Because he had destroyed that place, all the world’s Mysterious Small Worlds had opened. On top of that, Great Demon God’s Soul Clone had said that that place was the keystone of the entire world. What hidden secrets were related to that place, Yang Kai completely did not understand, causing him many sleepless nights.

As he was contemplating all this, a group of people came in from outside the main hall, headed by Ling Tai Xu. They rushed over and asked what the Demon Commander had wanted and if there was any danger.

Yang Kai laughed wryly and shook his head as he comforted them repeatedly.

High up in the sky, a few dozen kilometers away from High Heaven Pavilion, Zhang Yuan, Meng Ge, and Xue Li hurried along.

The two Demon General followed behind their Demon Commander while exchanging confused looks. For the life of them, they couldn’t understand why their Demon Commander had not taken the opportunity to kill that despicable human brat but instead gone all out to befriend him.

Such a terrifying person should be strangled early lest he grow up and become a disaster to the entire Demon Land.

Seemingly understanding the doubts in their hearts, Zhang Yuan, while not even looking back, lightly said, “You can’t kill him, don’t even bother trying.”

Meng Ge and Xue Li trembled.

Zhang Yuan continued, “As the chosen successor of Great Demon God, how could that Yang Kai be ordinary? Don’t think of him as just another Third-Order Transcendent youth, if he were to really fight, my guess would be that his strength can rival that of a Second-Order Saint.”

“How is that possible?” Meng Ge and Xue Li exclaimed.

“Why can’t it be possible?” Zhang Yuan laughed, “Sir Great Demon God was famous for being able to fight enemies far above his own realm, with many records telling of his victories against enemies supposedly far stronger than himself. You two are Demon Generals, surely you know this as well.”

Meng Ge and Xue Li were struck speechless; naturally, they were clear about this information, but they had not associated it with Yang Kai.

“That is purely his own strength though; perhaps he has also comprehended some of Great Demon God’s Divine Abilities. We can’t kill him, and attempting to will only cause more hatred between us. If that happens, in the future, when he really grows up, my Demon Land will be finished. That is not a risk worth taking!”

“Furthermore, that woman of the Ancient Demon Clan who is always by his side… This Senior can’t defeat her. As long as she is with Yang Kai, no one in this world can threaten his life.”

The two Demon Generals felt distraught. Although they had personally experienced Li Rong’s terrifying strength and had thought it comparable to the Demon Commander’s, Zhang Yuan personally admitting that he couldn’t beat her still brought great shock to them.

“Then what Senior said today…” Meng Ge started to speak but hesitated.

“I didn’t lie, I really do want to make friends with him. En, if you want to become friends with a person, you must do it while they are still weak, once they’ve become strong, it will be too late. Heed my words, no matter what kind of grudges you had with him before, consider them settled. Do not make any moves against him from now on; I don’t want to see the fragile relationship I worked so hard to establish just now being undermined by you.”

Meng Ge and Xue Li felt a complicated mix of emotions in their hearts and didn’t know what to say, so for now all they could do was nod.


Five days later, under the command of Yang Kai, thousands of people began migrating to Tong Xuan Realm through the Void Corridor.

After waiting for so many days, the people who were going to come should have already come while those who hadn’t likely wouldn’t ever, so there was no need to wait any longer.

What made Yang Kai feel gratified was that almost all of the friends he had made in this world were willing to entrust their lives to him and follow him to Tong Xuan Realm.

They all had great confidence in Yang Kai.

Yang Kai had stepped through the Void Corridor in advance together with Li Rong, Han Fei and Shi Kun to clean up the Free And Unfettered Spirit Temple cultivators who were still lingering the cultivator that lingering nearby, sweeping clear essentially everyone within a fifty kilometer radius.

Shi Kun looked at Yang Kai with incomprehension and asked, “Holy Master, doing this will definitely bring about a lot of criticism. So long as we vacate a ten kilometer radius of the Void Corridor it should be more than sufficient.”

He didn’t quite understand why Yang Kai insisted on clearing such a large space.

“You’ll understand soon enough,” Yang Kai chuckled, staring at the nearby Void Corridor.

A group of people suddenly began emerging one after another. Naturally the first to come through were the people from the Yang Family, each of them staring around curiously, just like they had arrived in a new world, filled with excitement.

When they realized the richness of World Energy around them, all of them became ecstatic as they greedily breathed in the air, an expression on ecstasy appearing on their faces.

Under the guidance of Yang Kai, these first arriving Yang Family members flew up into the air and looked for an empty spot to wait while the rest of their fellow migrants came through.

A pretty figure was mixed in with the Yang Family and after walking out of the Void Corridor and looking around, she flew straight over to Yang Kai, a big smile upon her face as she landed in front of him.

“Your Qiu Family was supposed to be in the fourth group, how come you, their Matriarch, came here all on your own?” Yang Kai stared blankly at Qiu Yi Meng.

Qiu Yi Meng extended a hand to Yang Kai and bluntly stated, “I came for my gift.”

“What gift?”

“Didn’t you say it yourself? A couple days ago, you said that after we crossed over to this side, you’d deliver me a special present!” As she spoke, her beautiful eyes began to dim as she faintly said, “What’s wrong? You didn’t forget did you?”

“Oh, that gift!” Yang Kai suddenly comprehended, slapping his forehead before nodding, “Naturally I remember, I’ve already prepared it for you.”

Qiu Yi Meng’s mood immediately improved as she excitedly said, “Then give it to me quickly, if whatever it is doesn’t satisfy me though, I’ll make you regret it.”

“You’ll definitely be satisfied,” Yang Kai smiled and casually tapped Qiu Yi Meng’s shoulder.

“What are you doing?” Qiu Yi Meng looked at Yang Kai suspiciously before glancing over at the spot he had tapped, failing to notice anything out of the ordinary.

“I just consumed a great deal of my energy to help you break through your current realm,” Yang Kai said to her seriously, “Carefully examine yourself. Don’t you feel anything special?”

Qiu Yi Meng stared at him only half convinced, apparently quite wary of his words, but when she began examining herself, a stunned look appeared on her pretty face as she muttered, “Oh… It really seems like I’m about to break through.”

“Go and find a place to comprehend the mysteries of the next realm. The surrounding fifty-kilometre region has been cleared up and is perfectly safe,” Yang Kai waved his hand.

Qiu Yi Meng didn’t dare to delay and quickly flew off.

“Too easy,” Yang Kai sighed softly.

Li Rong and Han Fei both giggled nearby.

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