Martial Peak

Chapter 943 - Demon Mystic Tome

Chapter 943, Demon Mystic Tome

Inside the hall, Yang Kai smiled lightly, as did Demon Commander Zhang Yuan.

Xue Li and Meng Ge standing behind Zhang Yuan, on the other hand, were wide eyed, trembling with shock, a look of disbelief plastered all over their faces.

Did their Demon Commander really just order them to apologize to this abominable human brat?

The two of them could hardly believe their ears and stared at Zhang Yuan questioningly, seemingly wanting to confirm they had heard right but not daring to ask.

Zhang Yuan snorted with displeasure, “What’s wrong? Are the two of you deaf, or mute? Did you not just hear this Senior’s words? Or perhaps you want this Senior to apologize in your stead?”

“We wouldn’t dare!” Meng Ge and Xue Li’s body shivered, noticing the anger in Zhang Yuan’s tone, no longer daring to hesitate, hurriedly cupping their fists and through gritted teeth shouting, “For our many previous offences, we ask Holy Master Yang to be broad-minded!”

This was yet another insult to them; although they apologized to Yang Kai under the pressure of Zhang Yuan, anyone could see that the next time they found an opportunity, they would surely find a way to seek revenge.

The command of Zhang Yuan not only failed to resolve the grievances between the two sides but instead deepened the hatred in the two Demon Generals’ hearts.

Yang Kai remained indifferent, still not saying anything.

Zhang Yuan, however, laughed happily and smiled, “Very good, if one makes a mistake, naturally they have to apologize. En, from now on we should avoid any hostility between us, I also want to become friends with Holy Master Yang.”

“I don’t,” Yang Kai snickered.

Zhang Yuan’s face turned bitter, “Not even giving a hint of face, Holy Master Yang is too unreasonable.”

Although the two were seemingly speaking casually with one another, without the slightest hint of aggression towards one another, the four who were standing between them were completely on edge, fearing that at any moment there would be a falling out and a battle would begin.

However, if an outsider were here, all they would see was two people sitting and smiling at one another, bantering back and forth harmoniously.

The mood of Meng Ge and Xue Li had plunged, an unpleasant taste filling their mouths.

Previously, Xue Li had snuck into Human Territory arbitrarily and had been injured by Chu Ling Xiao, forcing her to flee back to the Demon Land. She hadn’t told anyone about the details of that incident though.

Then, half a month ago, she and Meng Ge had encountered Yang Kai, fought briefly, and then been forced to flee once again.

Originally, she had wanted to conceal things again, but Meng Ge was different from her and was completely loyal to the Demon Commander, so after they returned to the Demon Land, he had report what had transpired in full. When Demon Commander Zhang Yuan heard this report, he had immediately set off from the Demon Capital and rushed to this place saying he wanted to personally meet this Holy Master Yang.

With things having reached this point, Xue Li was also helpless and could only lead the way with Meng Ge.

The two of them had thought that with the Demon Commander setting out personally was all in order to rectify the situation and seek redress for the insult they had suffered. As such, on the road here, the two Demon Generals were secretly quite excited, imagining all the ways they would torment that insufferable human brat once he fell into their hands.

They had never guessed that their solemn Demon Commander would actually display such a genial attitude towards this human boy.

The two Demon Generals suddenly felt like they had been forced to swallow the bitterest of medicines.

“Zhang Yuan, enough nonsense. What is it you’re really after?” Yang Kai smiled faintly, finally asking about the biggest doubt in his heart.

Trying to fight a war of words with this level of master would inevitably end with his loss so Yang Kai decided to go straight to the point.

Zhang Yuan sighed and showed a helpless expression, “It looks like Holy Master Yang has also guessed that this Senior has another purpose in coming here. Good, I indeed have something I wanted to confirm.”

“Oh? And what would that be?” Yang Kai narrowed his eyes and stared at him.

Zhang Yuan maintained his light smile and asked, “I want to know if Holy Master Yang… is Great Demon God’s successor!”

When this statement came out, everyone was startled, with Li Rong and Han Fei’s eyes suddenly becoming icy cold as they locked their gazes onto Zhang Yuan.

Meng Ge and Xue Li’s jaws also dropped with a hint of panic flashing across their faces.

The name Great Demon God carried an unparalleled impact on anyone of the Demon Race.

“Holy Master Yang does not need to deny it,” Before Yang Kai could reply, Zhang Yuan raised his hand and interrupted him, “This Senior had his suspicions and only rushed here to confirm them. After all, if you leave this place and return back to Nine Heavens Holy Land, even this Senior would have no way to infiltrate so far into the Human Territory. But now that I have seen you, it appears Holy Master Yang truly is Great Demon God’s successor. En, there’s no doubt about it.”

Looking at his confident expression, Yang Kai showed neither approval nor disapproval, curling his lips as he asked, “How can you be so certain?”

“Because of the loyalty of the two ladies behind you!” Zhang Yuan turned his eyes towards Li Rong and Han Fei, a faint look of envy flashing across his eyes as he said, “I have many ancient books in my possession which have recorded a number of secrets only this Senior knows. One of these ancient books contains records about the clan that served Great Demon God.”

“They call themselves the Ancient Demon Clan and are close confidants of Great Demon God who had sworn a blood oath that they and their descendants would forever give loyalty to only Great Demon God. But unfortunately, before Great Demon God fell, their clan actually disappeared. The world’s common people speculated that they had been exterminated because they held too much power, saying Great Demon God feared that after he passed away none would be able to control them and thus destroyed them himself.”

“However, I know that those rumours were fake and that Great Demon God actually sealed them away in order to leave this power to his successor! The two ladies behind you are from the Ancient Demon Clan, yet they are willing to pledge loyalty to you, so Holy Master Yang’s identity is apparent at a glance, because it is impossible for members of the Ancient Demon Clan to serve anyone else. Even this Senior is unworthy in their eyes.”

As Demon Commander Zhang Yuan presented his case, Yang Kai just listened quietly and didn’t interrupt.

After he finished, Yang Kai just nodded lightly, “It looks like Senior Demon Commander knows a great many secrets that others do not.”

With such irrefutable evidence, even if Yang Kai tried to deny it, it was useless.

“Indeed,” Zhang Yuan nodded proudly, “I also know why the Great Demon God insisted on sealing away the Ancient Demon Clan in order to leave their power for his successor. Great Demon God left behind a number of clues regarding this and many other issues.”

“Oh, why?” Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling curious, but the moment this question left his lips he realized he had actually fallen into a trap that Zhang Yuan had dug for him, causing him to lose the initiative. This discovery made Yang Kai want to vomit blood in frustration.

Yang Kai had wanted to feign indifference but he had actually be led on by this old ox, making him realize again his own immaturity.

Zhang Yuan laughed lowly and said, “For the coming catastrophe!”

“Catastrophe?” Yang Kai was stunned.

“Indeed, as for what this catastrophe is, I don’t know, but Holy Master Yang can surely unravel it!” Zhang Yuan quickly said.

“How am I supposed to figure out something even you don’t know?” Yang Kai shook his head slowly.

Zhang Yuan’s expression finally turned serious as he said, “In my Demon Capital, there is a secret room left behind by Great Demon God and sealed with a powerful formation. Several generations of Demon Commanders have wanted to unlock it and discover the mysteries inside, but unfortunately, no one has been able to open it.”

“You can’t break the formation?”

Zhang Yuan shook his head as a look of longing appeared on his face, “The means of Great Demon God are simply Heaven defying, not something I can compare to. I’ve always felt that his cultivation had exceeded the Saint Realm and arrived at a higher plane.”

Yang Kai’s body shook, surprised at how consistent his and Zhang Yuan’s thoughts were.

Before, when he and the two Monster Race Great Seniors entered the strange Mysterious Small World and witnessed the various means of Great Demon God, Yang Kai had also had such a conjecture, but somewhat couldn’t bring himself to believe it.

Surprisingly, Zhang Yuan also thought so.

“I can’t open it, but Holy Master Yang should be able to,” Zhang Yuan continued, “I don’t know why Holy Master Yang was selected as Great Demon God’s successor, but since you are, you should have the Demon Mystic Tome in your hands, yes?”

“Demon Mystic Tome?” Meng Ge and Xue Li exclaimed in unison, a frantic and nearly fanatical look appearing on their faces.

It seemed that these three words were enough to make their blood boil.

“Great Demon God somehow managed to obtain a massive piece of soulstone and with it managed to craft the Demon Mystic Tome inside which he hid many of his Divine Abilities and secrets. Whoever could open the Demon Mystic Tome would become his successor. Since Holy Master Yang is said successor, you should have obtained the Demon Mystic Tome, which is the key to unlocking the Spirit Array inside the Demon Capital.”

Yang Kai knit his brow, thinking about it for a moment before summoning the Black Book into his hand, “Are you talking about this?”

All eyes inside the room fixed on the Wordless Black Book, with Meng Ge and Xue Li’s gazes filling with greed. Even Demon Commander Zhang Yuan couldn’t stop his pulse from racing.

Guessing was one thing, but seeing was another matter altogether.

But soon, Zhang Yuan’s look returned to normal, gently inhaling a breath before nodding, “Yes, this is the Demon Mystic Tome. It seems everything is exactly how I had guessed, but the Heavens truly must not have eyes, actually allowing the Demon Mystic Tome to fall into the hands of a human…”

Zhang Yuan wore a look of regret and distress without any disguise, revealing his true feelings.

This was a matter of course though, the inheritor of Great Demon God’s legacy was supposed to be a member of their Demon Race, but the one who ultimately obtained the Demon Mystic Tome was Yang Kai.

This made Zhang Yuan give birth to a feeling of grief and indignation.

“So it’s called the Demon Mystic Tome? I didn’t know, I’ve always just called it the Wordless Black Book,” Yang Kai said lightly before storing the Wordless Black Book back into his body.

Having the object of their desire suddenly disappear, Meng Ge and Xue Li couldn’t help staring towards Yang Kai sharply, seemingly wanting to see where he had hidden the Demon Mystic Tome.

Without even mentioning all the Divine Abilities and secrets of Great Demon God that were hidden inside of it, simply the giant piece of soulstone itself was an immeasurable treasure.

Anyone who saw it would feel tempted.

“I will speak frankly,” Zhang Yuan strived to maintain a stable state of mind as he stared right at Yang Kai, “This Senior coming here personally was to show my sincerity. In truth, the mere status of Great Demon God’s successor is enough to take charge of the entire Demon Land; after all, the Demon Land was created by Great Demon God. This Senior also believes that as long as Holy Master Yang is given enough time, you will grow to the same height as Great Demon God, a height even this Senior could not hope to achieve.”

As soon as these words came out, Meng Ge and Xue Li swallowed hard, a hint of dread flashing across their eyes. Noticing the dangerous glint which appeared in the two Demon Generals’ eyes, Li Rong and Han Fei both began to quietly condense their strength, preparing to take action at a moment’s notice.

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