Martial Peak

Chapter 874 - Negotiating

Chapter 874: Negotiating

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“He’s back so soon? It’s been less than three years,” Cai Die frowned, “This place’s World Energy aura is much denser than in the Beast Sea Jungle, and there are so many pills and Crystal Stones here. These past few years our clan’s strength has grown rapidly. Great Senior, I really don’t want to give up this place.”

Great Senior smiled at her and said, “Then what do you want to do? I made an agreement with him before to temporarily take care of Nine Heavens Holy Land rather than seizing it by force. Now that he’s back, naturally we should return it to its original owner. Not to mention our Monster Race owes him a great graciousness, if not for him, the problem with the Beast Transformation Pond would never have been solved.”

“Is there any other way?”

“You can act shamelessly!” Great Senior laughed, seemingly cracking a joke and waving his hand as he said, “Go greet him.”

Cai Die nodded her head and disappeared.

On the outskirts of one of the nine peaks, a burly figure descended from the sky in front of Yang Kai and Li Rong, the ground shaking from his landing as he shouted, “Who dares approach my Monster Race’s territory? Turn back now or grandpa here won’t act polite!”

Saying so, this figure puffed out his chest and lifted his head, his hair blowing in the wind, putting on the pose of a great and powerful master, but when his eyes landed on Yang Kai and Li Rong, his expression suddenly changed to one of shock and surprise.

“Monster Race territory?” Yang Kai also smiled, “Brother Kuang, I think you’ve made a mistake, this place is my Nine Heavens Holy Land, since when did it become part of your Monster Race’s territory?”

“Yang Kai?” Kuang Shi called out in surprise while rushing over. Li Rong’s eyes narrowed slightly but seeing Yang Kai not give any instructions, she simply stared at this wild-looking man vigilantly without immediately taking action.

As he ran over, Kuang Shi laughed loudly, “Haha, I was wondering what arrogant fellow had wandered over, turns out it was you. Why didn’t you send a message in advance that you were coming?”

“Aren’t I greeting you now? It’s been a few years since we last met but it seems Brother Kuang has grown quite a lot.”

“Thanks to you, thanks to you!” Kuang Shi couldn’t help grinning, “With so many Crystal Stones to mine and pills those Alchemists refined, it’s only natural my strength has grown… but compared to you, it seems that my progress isn’t worth mentioning. How is your cultivation already on par with mine?”

The last time he saw Yang Kai the latter’s cultivation was much lower than his own, but now both of them were Third Order Transcendents.

Kuang Shi thought that his recent progress was fast but seeing Yang Kai now, he couldn’t help feeling envious.

“I say, brother, you coming back so soon wouldn’t be because you’re planning on taking this place back, right?” Kuang Shi asked bitterly.

“Good, it’s already been two or three years since I had to hand it to you guys, I’m sure you’ve already exploited those Crystal Stone lodes a lot by now.”

“More like only two or three years…” Kuang Shi appeared quite dispirited, “Forget it. In any case, it’s not my job to worry about these matters. Are you going to see Great Senior? Great Senior should be in the palace atop the centre peak right now. Unfortunately, I can’t accompany you there, Senior Cai Die sent me here to guard this entrance.”

“No need to accompany me, someone has already come to greet us,” Yang Kai chuckled, turning his eyes towards a seven coloured stream of light which was rapidly approaching.

A moment later, the beautiful sight of Cai Die’s multi-coloured wings appeared in front of Yang Kai.

After casting Yang Kai a faint look, she quickly turned her attention to Li Rong.

Even as a master at the Second Order Saint Realms, Cai Die felt a sense of pressure from Li Rong. This feeling was quite inexplicable, making her faintly sense that this woman’s strength was superior to her own.

“Miss Cai Die!” Yang Kai smiled and cupped his fists.

Cai Die took back her eyes from Li Rong and focused her attention on Yang Kai, directly asking, “What are you doing here?”

Yang Kai heard these words and couldn’t help feeling a bit dumbfounded, quickly recovering though and smiling, “Naturally I am here to see Great Senior and ask him to honour our agreement.”

Cai Die’s brow furrowed slightly as she solemnly asked, “If it’s about these nine peaks… how about allowing my clan to use them for a few more years?”

“Isn’t that somewhat inappropriate?” Yang Kai said somewhat helplessly and gently shook his head, “My people are also waiting to settle down here.”

“Just a few more years… After a few years, we will definitely withdraw from here!”

Yang Kai became slightly disgruntled as a frown appeared on his face, “Is this the meaning of Great Senior or your personal request?”

“Great Senior is not a person who fails to keep his word, this is entirely my own intentions! If you agree, I can give you some benefits.”

“And if I don’t agree?”

“I will make you agree!” Cai Die stared at Yang Kai stubbornly.

Yang Kai sighed and waved his hand in annoyance, “I’m too lazy to deal with you, Li Rong, help me block her!”

“Yes!” Li Rong shouted, her tender body flickering as she charged directly towards Cai Die.

Cai Die ignored her, fluttering her wings as she sent out a seven coloured beam towards Yang Kai. This shroud of light contained a soft yet potent strength that instantly wrapped around Yang Kai, seemingly trying to bind him.

However, in the next instant, Cai Die’s beautiful brow furrowed, because she had actually lost all trace of Yang Kai, her seven coloured light grasping onto nothing but air, Yang Kai seemingly having vanished like a ghost. Swiftly spreading out her Divine Sense, Cai Die found that Yang Kai had at some point bypassed her and was already more than a dozen kilometres behind her.

Cai Die was dumbfounded by this unexpected development, but before she could figure out how Yang Kai had managed to shake off a Second-Order Saint like her, Li Rong had already arrived in front of her and she had no choice but to defend herself.

In front of the main hall, Yang Kai leisurely appeared and walked straight inside.

Upon stepping into the hall, Yang Kai saw the Monster Race Great Senior looking at him with a smile.

“Great Senior, it’s been too long,” Yang Kai offered greetings and walked toward him.

Great Senior simply shook his head, “It hasn’t been long at all. It feels like it was just yesterday when we last met.”

“Great Senior must be joking, it has already been almost three years since we last stood here together. En, good, I’ve come to retrieve my domain,” Yang Kai countered.

“Don’t worry, I won’t try to hold on to this place,” Great Senior laughed somewhat wryly, “Cai Die was acting on her own, I’ll reprimand her for that. However, who is that woman you brought with you? How come her aura is so strange?”

“Hm? Strange how?”

“Like you, although her cultivation realm is apparent at a glance, her true combat potential cannot be judged from that alone, it seems like she’s able to fight across realms!” Great Senior quickly said.

“Heh heh, how much time does Great Senior need?” Yang Kai shook his head, showing no intention of discussing this topic.

“Good, give me half a month, I’ll have my clan withdraw from here by then,” Great Senior’s look suddenly became serious again, “I hope that after this time, we can still be on good terms.”

“Of course, of course. I also hope we can continue to obtain rare herbs and ores from your side, just like when the old Holy Master was alive. We can exchange what we both need from each other.”

“En, very good!” Great Senior nodded with satisfaction.

Yang Kai was also very satisfied. Originally, he had thought things would not be so simple, but Great Senior seemed like he had no desire to bargain back and forth, a true man of his word.

Working with such people made Yang Kai feel relieved.

Great Senior suddenly furrowed his brow and asked, “Kid, there’s one thing that has been bothering me though, can you explain it to me?”

“Oh? What is it?”

“Why do I feel Monster Qi from you? Although it is very weak, there is no doubt a trace of Monster Qi within your body… and this Monster Qi doesn’t seem to be ordinary, it carries with it a noble and majestic aura, even some similar to this King’s!”

Yang Kai expression fluctuated, understanding that what Great Senior was sensing was the Dragon Emperor’s aura within him.

The true body of Great Senior was that of the Scarlet Flame Thunder Dragon, a distant relative of the True Dragons.

He was truly worthy to represent the Monster, in Monster Beast. His senses far surpassed anyone’s expectations.

“The last time I saw you, you didn’t have this kind of aura, what exactly did you encounter these past few years?” Great Senior stared at Yang Kai, sincerely asking.

“I haven’t encountered anything unusual, I just wandered about here and there.”

Great Senior dumbly laughed and shook his head, knowing that Yang Kai didn’t want to say anymore, deciding not to pursue the issue.

After reaching an agreement with Great Senior, Yang Kai departed satisfied. In just half a month he would be able to recover Nine Heavens Holy Land.

Leaving the nine peaks, Yang Kai quickly noticed that Li Rong and Cai Die were still fighting high up in the sky.

Although it wasn’t a life or death struggle, two masters at such a high level fighting was still an earth-shaking scene.

The fluctuations from their battle had attracted many Monster Race masters over, Kuang Shi amongst them.

“Who is fiercer?” Yang Kai landed next to Kuang Shi and asked as he stared up into the sky.

“The woman you brought with you! She seems to still be holding back while Senior Cai Die is already somewhat flustered,” ​​Kuang Shi replied full of enthusiasm, continuing to run is mouth as he sloppily grinned, “Fights between beautiful women are really quite attractive, Senior Cai Die’s torn clothes are really a sight to behold.”

“Be careful what you say, lest Cai Die hear and pull out your tongue!” Yang Kai warned.

“There’s no way, right?” Kuang Shi said with a frightened look, “I spoke very quietly, she couldn’t have heard me.”

“The forest has ears…” Yang Kai grinned as he glanced over towards the side.

Following his gaze, Kuang Shi’s eyes landed on Mao Niang who was standing nearby, her ears perked up, clearly eavesdropping on their conversation.

After discovering she had been discovered, Mao Niang smiled sweetly and stuck out her hand to Kuang Shi, “If you want me to not tell Senior Sister Cai Die, hand over all your Crystal Stones.”

“Great Aunt, mercy! I only have ten Crystal Stones left!” Kuang Shi wore an extremely bitter look and begged, “Please find it in your generous heart to pretend your honourable self never heard anything, this Kuang Shi will surely remember this great graciousness for the rest of his life.”

“Not interested, just give me however many you can, even ten is better than nothing.”

Yang Kai smiled wryly and shook his head. No longer paying attention to these two, he called out towards the sky, “Li Rong, let’s go.”

Upon hearing Yang Kai’s call, Li Rong immediately pulled back and gently brushed her hair back, shooting a relaxed glance towards Cai Die before quickly flying down and accompanying Yang Kai off.

Floating mid-air, Cai Die gasped for breath, her milk-white peaks heaving up and down as a lingering fear gripped her heart.

She had never expected that a fellow Second-Order Saint could actually overpower her so easily. Throughout the entire fight, she had been completely suppressed, never once able to seize the initiative.

On the other hand, her opponent was calm and relaxed the whole time.

[That woman… so fierce!] Cai Die unwillingly admired.

Not making any attempt to pursue, Cai Die silently watched Yang Kai and the mysterious woman leave before turning around and flying back towards the main hall.

Looking at Yang Kai’s appearance, it seemed that he had finished negotiating with Great Senior and had obtained favourable results. Cai Die didn’t want to give up Nine Heavens Holy Land, but she would never do something to damage Great Senior’s face. If it was Great Senior’s order, she would obey it no matter what.

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