Martial Peak

Chapter 873 - That Smelly Brat Is Back

Chapter 873: That Smelly Brat Is Back

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“If such a day comes, Junior will only have himself to blame,” Yang Kai glanced over at Wu Zheng with a hint of impatience.

This guy seemed to specifically be opposing him, naturally annoying Yang Kai somewhat, wondering why this old man was sticking his nose into his business.

Chu Yi hesitated a moment before saying, “Holy Master Yang, your Nine Heavens Holy Land is one of the leading forces of our Human Race. It has stood and prospered for thousands of years. This old master has even read that when we openly fought the Demon Race many centuries ago, Nine Heavens Holy Land made many meritorious contributions! Great Elder Xu Hui’s reputation is known quite well by this old master. Now, Nine Heavens Holy Land is indeed yours to command but this old master must ask, why are you willing to take in and shelter so many from the Demon Race? Since ancient times, Humans and Demons have been intractable enemies… Surely Holy Master Yang understands this, yes?”

“Naturally I am aware of our two races’ history,” Yang Kai nodded gently, “But these Demon Race subordinates of mine were actually imprisoned inside a Mysterious Small World for thousands of years and it was only by accident that I managed to discover them and then bring them out. They haven’t been in contact with the outside world for millennia and have long forgotten about the hatred which exists between Humans and Demons, about this, I ask that all of you feel relieved. This Junior can guarantee that they will not bring any harm to our Human Race or its interests.”

“A Mysterious Small World?”

“Imprisoned for thousands of years?”

“Is that true?”

A burst of chatter erupted from the crowd, many people directing looks of envy towards Yang Kai, secretly wondering why it had not been them who had found that Mysterious Small World? If they had found it, perhaps they would have been the ones to conquer so many powerful Demons.

Yang Kai turned his eyes to Li Rong who quickly followed up, “Good, our clan had been trapped inside that Mysterious Small World for thousands of years and it was only two months ago that we finally returned to the outside world. At that time we swore a vow in the name of Great Demon God that in this life we would only give our loyalty to Young Master. As for the hatred between you Human and my Demon Race, we have no interest. Now we only seek for a place to live peacefully.”

Hearing these words, Chu Yi’s expression changed noticeable as he stared deeply towards Li Rong.

He knew what kind of status Great Demon God had in the hearts of the Demon Race. No one from the Demon Race would dare swear a vow in the name of Great Demon God lightly.

Li Rong speaking so seriously allowed Chu Yi to feel much more relieved.

“There must be places for you to live in the Demon Land. Is it really necessary to settle down in Nine Heavens Holy Land?” Fang Yue Bai frowned, “Since you are all from the Demon Race, isn’t it obvious that you should return to the Demon Land? In a sense, it is your home.”

“They can’t go there,” Yang Kai chuckled.


“Because a few days ago they got into a fight with Demon General Xue Li, the latter suffering a serious injury and being forced to flee back to the Demon Land. If they try to go to the Demon Land, what difference is that with courting disaster?”

“Demon General Xue Li?”

“She was injured?”

“When did this happen?”

“Who injured her?”

Another round of chatter began as many people were once again left in shock and disbelief.

Yang Kai just shrugged his shoulders, “They have become enemies with Xue Li, so it is impossible for them to return to the Demon Land… Moreover, since they are capable of starting a fight with a Demon General, even though they too are Demons, it means they are enemies with the Demon Race! The enemies of our enemies are our friends, are they not?”

Fang Yue Bai and Chu Yi exchanged a glance with one another before gently nodding.

The latter said, “If things are indeed as you have said, then all of this is understandable. This old master very much wants to believe Holy Master Yang’s words, but I’m afraid I must inquire about the details of those events more carefully before coming to a final decision.”

“If you wish to inquire about what I have told you, I suggest you go to Soaring Heaven Sect. That night, when the fight with Xue Li occurred, Soaring Heaven Sect’s Martial Ancestor, Chu Ling Xiao, was also present, it was he who wounded Xue Li.”

“So Soaring Heaven Sect was involved!” Chu Yi’s eyes lit up, suddenly understanding as he nodded repeatedly, “In that case, this old master will certainly pay a visit to Soaring Heaven Sect!”

Yang Kai chuckled, “Very good. Just one last thing, I have sworn that my Demon Race subordinates will not act in any way to endanger our Human Race, but if anyone comes looking for trouble with them or with me, do not blame this Holy Master for responding in kind.”

Wu Zheng coldly snorted, his face unpleasant, feeling that Yang Kai was acting far too arrogant and was simply unaware of how high the Heavens were.

“En, have I satisfied your doubts? If so, please feel free to disperse, you have been chasing after us for many days now and must be tired. Oh, you may also come to my Nine Heavens Holy Land for some time; in any case, you’ve traveled all the way to our doorstep, you might as well step inside.”

Hearing this, Chu Yi shook his head and smiled wryly, “No, I’ve heard that your Nine Heavens Holy Land is currently being occupied by a Monster Race Great Senior. Holy Master Yang should first think about how to solve your immediate troubles. But Holy Master Yang, this old master must give you one last word of advice!”

“Senior Chu, please speak freely…”

“Those Demon Race subordinates of yours, they may not be as peaceful as they seem. If they stir up any kind of trouble, it will greatly damage your Nine Heavens Holy Land’s reputation!”

“Many thanks for your reminder, I will look after them well.”

“En,” Chu Yi gently nodded, directing a somewhat complicated look towards Yang Kai, then Li Rong before turning around and leaving.

Fang Yue Bai also paused for a moment before bidding his farewells to Yang Kai and following after Chu Yi.

As soon as these two left, more than half of the several hundred Human Race masters also departed.

Only Wu Zheng lingered, staring coldly towards Yang Kai and Li Rong, a look of resentment filling his face; the Human Race masters who stayed behind had similar looks upon their faces.

Yang Kai understood that those like Chu Yi and Fang Yue Bai were reasonable individuals, so after dispelling their fears they would naturally leave.

But Wu Zheng and the others who remained were obviously far less willing to compromise, all of them seemingly unable to accept the idea of Demons residing in a Human Sect.

Even though Nine Heavens Holy Land had nothing to do with them.

Putting it nicely, they were standing up for the world’s common people, putting it crudely, they were acting out of prejudice and spite.

“Boy, I hope you can really restrain them well, otherwise the consequences will be serious,” Unable to stir up any trouble on his own, Wu Zheng simply left behind this thinly veiled threat before angrily storming off.

The rest of the remaining Human masters also drifted off. Yang Kai turned to Li Rong and smiled, “Let’s go back.”

Li Rong nodded and kept up.

Not far away, a group of Human Race masters who still seemed unwilling stared at this scene, one of them walking up to Wu Zheng and whispering, “Senior Wu, are we really going to allow those Demon Race bastards to stay in Nine Heavens Holy Land? They’re nothing but a scourge, if we leave them alone, they’ll sooner or later lead to disaster.”

“What else can we do? Since the Holy Master of Nine Heavens Holy Land accepts them, what are we outsiders supposed to say? At most we can call for others to not associate with Nine Heavens Holy Land in the future in order to isolate them somewhat,” Wu Zheng grumbled, knowing that most of those gathered here already had little to no contact with Nine Heavens Holy Land, clenching his teeth as he muttered, “Chu Yi and Fang Yue Bai don’t want to meddle in this, could it be you can’t even see that much?”

“Senior Chu and Senior Fang may not see them for the threat they are, but Senior Wu is obviously different. If you really want to deal with those Demons, this humble one actually has a suggestion, perhaps it will yield some positive results,” One person grinned treacherously.

“Oh?” Wu Zheng raised his brow, “Let’s hear it!”

“The reason Senior Chu and Senior Fang don’t want to interfere is because those Demons have not yet caused any trouble, but given the temperament of those Demon Race bastards, they will cause trouble sooner or later. Instead of waiting for that day then, why don’t we help the situation along? As long as they dare to kill some people, will our Human Race’s powerhouses be able to sit back and watch? At that time, not only will Senior Chu and Senior Fang be forced to confront them, even stronger experts will be drawn in as well!”

Wu Zheng’s eyes brightened, thinking that what this man was saying made sense, quickly urging him, “Explain carefully.”

The man eagerly continued, “There are many people who bare hatred towards the Demon Race, as long as we spread the news of so many Demons settling here, will we even need to worry about no one coming to seek trouble with them? They may deal with it patiently once or twice, but that brat surname Yang will probably also try to restrain them somewhat. If it continues to happen, once they find it intolerable… heh heh!”

Someone else chimed in, “Right, Nine Heavens Holy Land is now occupied by a lot of rare Monster Beasts, their skin, blood, claws, and bones are all excellent Artifact Refining materials… I believe there will be many interested in such information.”

Wu Zheng raised his brow as he stared at the two men who had just spoke, a smirk soon filling his face, “You’re certainly treacherous enough!”

“Senior Wu’s praise is too kind,” The two men grinned slyly.

“Good, then spread the news quickly. Also, make sure to conceal how many masters and what their true cultivations are, we don’t want to frighten everyone into not coming,” Wu Zheng sneered.

“Senior Wu is wise!”


Returning to the place where the Ancient Demon Clan was staying, Han Fei, Hua Mo, and the other leaders immediately gathered around and asked about the situation.

“Just a group of people with too much free time, no need to pay them any mind!” Li Rong said indifferently before turning to Yang Kai and asking, “However, Master, that Monster Race Great Senior seems to still be over there. How do you plan to deal with him? Every Monster Race Great Senior is not to be underestimated.”

“En, the rest of you continue to wait here, I’ll go have a chat with that Great Senior,” Yang Kai knit his brow.

Asking them to come and asking them to leave were two very different things. The last time, Yang Kai had no other choice but to invite the Monster Race Great Senior over, but now that he wanted them to get out, things might not go so smoothly.

If things didn’t go well, the situation could become ugly.

Although the power Yang Kai currently had at his disposal allowed him to not fear the Monster Race, he also wasn’t keen on the idea of starting a large scale conflict; after all, when all was said and done, the two of them were neighbours with the Beast Sea Jungle right next door.

After taking a quick rest, Yang Kai brought Li Rong with him and headed for Nine Heavens Holy Land.

Half a day later, inside a great palace in Nine Heavens Holy Land, the Monster Race Great Senior was silently contemplating the Heavenly Way when he suddenly opened his eyes and stared off into the distance.

Soon, as if his eyes were capable of piercing space itself, the Monster Race Great Senior’s gaze landed on Yang Kai and Li Rong.

Yang Kai, who was walking along, paused at that moment and directed a grin towards a certain place in the distance.

Li Rong’s pretty face also became dignified as she too stared off towards the horizon, the Demonic Qi in her body surging up.

After a brief moment, the Great Senior back in the palace hall took back his vision and slowly shook his head.

“Great Senior, what happened?” From one of the nearby rooms, Cai Die walked in and asked.

“That smelly brat is back,” Great Senior grinned, “It looks like he wants to claim Nine Heavens Holy Land back.”

Cai Die’s beautiful brow furrowed slightly, “You mean… Yang Kai?”

“Who else besides him could it be?” Great Senior nodded lightly.

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