Martial Peak

Chapter 794 - Holy Tomb

Chapter 794, Holy Tomb

As these words were spoken, everyone’s heart quietly filled with shock one more.

Having never discuss the matter, no one had paid it much mind, but thinking about it now, it was really an unbelievable feat. A Second Order Transcendent repeatedly escaping from Saint Realm masters determined to capture or kill him, and even bringing another person along with him, this would only be possible with either Heaven defying luck or possessing astonishing methods.

The people gathered here were more inclined to believe it was the latter of the two possibilities, making it even more difficult for them to estimate Yang Kai’s real depths.

Those who became Holy Master of Nine Heavens Holy Land had come from all different walks of life and their aptitudes had ranged from outstanding to below average.

Therefore, even if a particular generation’s Saintesses only brought back a low level Immortal Ascension Boundary cultivator, Nine Heavens Holy Land was confident it could cultivate them into a top level master, not to mention Yang Kai whose aptitude and starting cultivation were simply a hundred times better than that.

“In any case, we must find a way to let him inherit the position of Holy Master! Without the Holy Master’s Spirit Ring, many critical locations in the Holy Land cannot be opened. This matter cannot be delayed any further!” Xu Hui suddenly declared firmly.

“But isn’t he still unwilling?” Yu Ying frowned, feeling the situation was somewhat awkward.

“So what if he’s not willing? With so many Saint Realm masters here are you saying we can’t even accomplish this?” Shi Kun said, evidently growing impatient.

“Do you want to use force?” Yu Ying’s eyes narrowed as she stared at Shi Kun coldly.

“I also had such intentions!” Xu Hui let out a long breath, “His manner is very firm, and continuing to wait won’t help matters. Given that, we might as well take a gamble and send him into the Holy Tomb!” “

As soon as this statement came out, everyone’s brow wrinkled. It seemed that this Holy Tomb contained danger that caused even Saint Realm master like them some anxiety.

“If… if he can’t come out?” Cheng Yue Tong asked, a hint of worry in her voice, “Ling’er is the only Saintess left in this generation and she has already chosen him so she won’t be able to find a second candidate. If he fails to come out…”

“If he can’t come out, then my Holy Land can only seclude itself from the world and wait for the next generation of Saintesses to mature.”

The next generation of Saintesses had not even been selected yet, so it would be at least twenty years before they could mature. Twenty years may not seem long, but if the Holy Land lacked a Holy Master, no one could obtain the old Holy Master’s Spirit Ring from the Holy Tomb and many important places would be inaccessible. Not having access to these critical locations would be enough to bring down even a colossus like Nine Heavens Holy Land.

This was the reason why for the past two months these Saints had not dared to act rashly, but seeing Yang Kai remain so stubbornly opposed had caused Xu Hui to think twice.

“But he has yet to fully comprehend all of the Nine Heavens Divine Skills, how is he supposed to go inside? It is said that the Holy Tomb is the place where the Nine Heavens Divine Skills were created and one needs to be proficient in them in order to enter.”

“He has learned three of the Divine Skills, that should be enough. This is all for my Nine Heavens Holy Land. Even if he is the future Holy Master, if he must be sacrificed then we must not hesitate!” Xu Hui shouted, “If he can come out smoothly, presumably he will be grateful for our decision today!”

“Good!” Shi Kun, Meng Tian Fei and the others nodded in agreement.

No Holy Master had ever come out of the Holy Tomb and not had a sense of belonging to the Holy Land. The reason these Holy Masters who were brought back by the Saintesses dedicated their lives to the Holy Land was inseparable from the secrets contained inside the Holy Tomb.

Although no one here knew what exactly was hidden inside Holy Tomb, they were all well aware of this point.

Yu Ying and Cheng Yue Tong, the two middle-aged beauties both had uncertain expressions on their faces, obviously not fully onboard with this idea, but under the circumstances they knew not to raise any objections here.

Having come to a consensus, this group of Saints quickly took action, preparing to send Yang Kai into the Holy Tomb.

The next day, Yang Kai, who was meditating inside the palace, opened his eyes upon perceiving Xu Hui and the other Elders approaching.

Yang Kai also noticed that something was a little different this time. This time, the ones who had come weren’t only the ones he had seen before, but even some he had never met before.

Although they did their best to conceal it, Yang Kai could sense a kind of solemn and serious mood from these people’s breathing and aura, causing him to become somewhat alert, not knowing what they were planning.

A moment later, there was a knock at the door. After Yang Kai allowed them to enter, the door was pushed open and Xu Hui and the other Elders and Protectors all stepped inside.

Yang Kai couldn’t help raising his brow, faintly feeling that Xu Hui was about to tell him something important related to the Holy Master’s position. If not, there would be no need to assemble all of the Holy Land’s masters here.

After exchanging greetings, Xu Hui introduced Yang Kai to the other Elders assembled here, Yang Kai politely greeting them in turn.

“What important matter does Great Elder have to discuss today?” Yang Kai asked bluntly, making no attempt to hide his own wariness.

“Today I want to ask little brother to accompany us to a certain place!” Xu Hui showed a faint smile and said kindly.

“I believe I have toured your entire Nine Peaks region, are there still other places I’ve yet to see?”

“En, my Holy Land has a number of restricted areas that little brother isn’t normally able to see. Today we wish to take you to one of them.”

Yang Kai’s eyes narrowed and asked, “Since it is a restricted area, isn’t it inappropriate for an outsider like me to visit it?”

“Little brother is not an outsider, and on top of that, no one may enter this particular place except little brother!” Xu Hui replied solemnly.

“Oh?” Yang Kai raised his brow, “No one but I can enter. Does that mean that only those qualified to become Holy Master may enter this place you speak of? Heh heh, this matter, can I refuse?”

Xu Hui’s expression became somewhat embarrassed as he cupped his fists and said, “I must ask little brother to forgive our forcefulness. Please accompany us!”

Yang Kai gently sneered, sweeping his eyes over the Saint Realm masters in front of him, secretly estimate what kind of chance he would have if he were to put up a resistance here, quickly dismissing the idea.

There were simply too many people here, and each of them was a powerful Saint. Yang Kai felt that even if he used his full strength he wouldn’t be able to escape from here.

Considering all this, Yang Kai’s look relaxed and shrugged his shoulders, “Then… I must ask you to show me the way.”

Hearing this, everyone smiled happily, Xu Hui especially as he quickly motioned, “Please!”

Xu Hui had thought that today there would be have to deal with some unpleasantness with this future Holy Master and had made up his mind to use whatever means necessary should Yang Kai resist to bring the latter to the Holy Tomb.

So it came as a pleasant surprise when Yang Kai actually took a step back and agreed to go with them, allowing him to avoid an awkward situation. After all, if Xu Hui were to displease the future Holy Master today, there was no telling what kind of retaliation he would face in the future.

Once outside the palace, everyone surrounded Yang Kai and quickly flew towards one of the spirit peaks. This group appeared completely casual at the moment but in fact, they were all paying close attention to Yang Kai’s movements; once he showed any signs of resistance, there was no doubt they would immediately take action against him.

“Great Elder, can you tell me where you’re taking me this time?” Yang Kai asked on the way.

Xu Hui hesitated for a moment before honestly replying, “The Holy Tomb!”

“Holy Tomb?” Yang Kai was stunned, “Why does that sound like some kind of burial place?”

“You’re not wrong,” Xu Hui nodded heavily, “When each of my Holy Land’s Holy Masters realize their time of death is approaching, they will enter the Holy Tomb! So it is indeed a burial ground. It is the resting place for all of my Holy Land’s previous Holy Masters!”

“Is it dangerous?” Yang Kai asked with a smiling, seemingly just casually making conversation.

“For any of us, it truly is dangerous. Anyone who is not a candidate to become Holy Master will die if they enter, but for little brother, it can be thought of as a kind of final test!”

“What do you mean?”

Xu Hui once again hesitated to respond.

Seeing this, Yang Kai immediately said, “If you don’t want to say then don’t bother. I don’t have any interest in learning others secrets, especially ones of such importance. The more one knows, the more dangerous it is for them.”

To Yang Kai’s words, Xu Hui smiled awkwardly, “It’s not that it is impossible to say… Since things have reached this point, this old master won’t hide anything from you. Little brother only knows that each new Holy Masters is brought back by the Saintesses from the outside world, but what you may not know is that every time the Saintesses go out to make a selection, more than one candidate is brought back. This is because my Holy Land has several Saintesses in every generation and each of them finds a Holy Master candidate according to their own vision and Secret Art’s induction. Through the installment of each Saintess, these candidates comprehend the Nine Heavens Divine Skills and then enter the Holy Tomb. Only the one who can return from the Holy Tomb alive will then become the true Holy Master!”

“Then it seems I’m quite lucky, there’s no one to compete with me this time,” Yang Kai said sarcastically.

Xu Hui just laughed awkwardly and nodded, “You can say that.”

“What’s inside?” Yang Kai asked, his tone suddenly becoming serious.

“This old master doesn’t know… I only know that it is the place where all previous Holy Masters are buried. Other than that, I know nothing else about what is inside. Not only me, the other Protectors and Elders have no knowledge of what is contained inside the Holy Tomb because only those who have learned the Nine Heavens Divine Skills are eligible to enter!”

“So what you mean is, the Nine Heavens Divine Skills are the key to entering?” Yang Kai asked thoughtfully.

“Most likely; however, what is certain is that there are real dangers inside. Little brother, once you enter, you must be careful, negligence will only result in irredeemable accidents.”

Cheng Yue Tong quickly added here, “Although there are dangers, there are also many benefits.”

“Benefits?” Yang Kai turned to her, his interest immediately piqued, “What kind of benefits? Explain clearly.”

Cheng Yue Tong smiled and continued, “I can’t say for certain, but whenever they needed to enter secluded retreat, all previous Holy Master would choose to do so here, and each time they came out after, their strength would improve greatly. On top of that, each time the old Holy Master entered, he would obtain some fair gains from inside.”

“Indeed, the artifact used by the old Holy Master was brought out from the Holy Tomb. That was a Saint Grade Top-Rank artifact. There aren’t many such artifacts in the entire world!”

“Every artifact used by the previous Holy Masters was similarly powerful, and all of them are buried inside the Holy Tomb. So to speak, this is a big opportunity for little brother. Perhaps you may be able to obtain a useful artifact from inside,” Xu Hui elaborated.

“Saint Grade Top-Rank artifacts? Why didn’t you say so earlier! If you had told me that from the beginning, I’d have already entered that Holy Tomb, there would have been no need for all these games!” Yang Kai suddenly looked very excited.

Everyone was dumbstruck.

“Taking risks is one of the things I enjoy most,” Yang Kai grinned, an unreadable expression appearing on his face, “The more dangerous the place, the more I feel like visiting it, especially places like your Holy Tomb where even surviving is not a certainty!”

Xu Hui’s face twitched upon hearing this, suddenly finding that he couldn’t completely understand Yang Kai.

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