Martial Peak

Chapter 793 - He Likes Strength

Chapter 793, He Likes Strength

Using his Divine Sense to penetrate every inch of his body, Yang Kai carefully examined all the changes his True Qi and physique had undergone. After breaking through to the Second Order Transcendent Realm, Yang Kai felt that his True Qi’s density and purity had improved significantly once again.

In that last life or death fight, his physical body had also become sturdier.

His Spiritual Energy had also undergone a kind of sublimation. Under the constant nourishment of the Six Coloured Soul Warming Lotus, the growth Yang Kai’s Soul had experienced as a result of this breakthrough was quite gratifying.

Right now, Yang Kai felt that even in a frontal collision, his Spiritual Energy strength wouldn’t be weaker than that of a First Order Saint.

Coupled with the potency of his Conflagrated Knowledge Sea, if an ordinary First Order Saint really tried to fight with him in this way, Yang Kai felt he would be the one to come out on top.

This comprehensive rise in strength greatly increased Yang Kai’s confidence. This past year filled with setbacks and misfortune had been like a driving force pushing him to become stronger.

Any master, in a life or death battle, would be able to gain insights he would otherwise be unable to acquire. Only by pushing oneself to the edge of death could some things be understood.

It could be said that every true master had experienced many life or death situations, allowing them to temper their spirit, which in turn gave them the will to survive and pursue greater heights of the Martial Dao.

The spoilt children who grew up in greenhouses, sheltered from such trials and tribulations, would no doubt be able to advance smoothly and rapidly upon the road paved for them, but upon encountering even the slightest setback, would become lost and fade from glory.

Yang Kai obviously belonged to the former type. Since he began to cultivate, his path had been filled with thorns, and only by dragging his broken and bloodied body through many life and death crises had he achieved strength far beyond his peers.

Everything Yang Kai now possessed had been won through his own efforts, his strength the result of steadfast determination and hard work, not just luck.

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Realizing all of this, Yang Kai’s mentality had gradually undergone some subtle changes, becoming more confident and feeling that as long as he was given enough time, he could rise to the peak of the Martial Dao and overlook all mortal beings.

Calming himself, Yang Kai continued to examine the changes in his body.

What surprised him the most was that the golden blood flowing through his veins seemed to be much more concentrated than before.

Both Li Rong and Han Fei had said that once his blood become completely golden in colour, it would be equivalent to him possessing the blood of the Great Demon God and would allow him to manifest the Great Demon God’s Divine Abilities.

The Great Demon God was a legendary figure, a man recognized by the Three Clans as the first master under Heaven. During his time, no one dared to challenge his majesty.

The wondrous uses of the Demon God’s Golden Blood were endless. It was because the Demon God’s Blood flowed through his veins that Yang Kai’s body was so study and his physical strength had reached such an astonishing height.

Yang Kai could hardly imagine how strong his physique would become once the transformation of his blood was complete.

The reason the Ancient Demon Clan’s bodies were so formidable was because they had inherited some blood from the Great Demon God. Compared to them though, Yang Kai’s golden blood was undoubtedly the most orthodox inheritance and was thus far purer.

As he immersed his consciousness into the Black Book space and communicated with the Divine Tree, Yang Kai’s simultaneously circulated his Secret Art and began cultivating.

Just as Yang Kai was constantly growing, so too was the Divine Tree evolving. With Yang Kai’s permission, the Divine Tree had been absorbing a drop of Myriad Drug Liquid every day. Thanks to this, its consciousness seemed to have become clearer and its intelligence was also rapidly increasing; now, not only could it communicate clearly with Yang Kai, it even began asking him questions.

Like he was caring for a young child, Yang Kai did his best to answer the Divine Tree’s inquires.

Time flew by and suddenly more than two months had passed since Yang Kai arrived in Nine Heavens Holy Land.

After spending so much time here, Yang Kai had gradually become accustomed to Nine Heavens Holy Land and aside from not being able to leave easily, the treatment he received was quite good.

Great Elder Xu Hui and the other Elders seemed to be receiving him as the highest grade of guest, not only sending him a large number of pills and elixirs to assist him in his cultivation, but also providing several young beautiful maidservants to tend to his day to day needs; they even brought Yang Kai a large number of Nine Heavens Holy Land’s Martial Skills and Secret Arts for him to use as references.

Aside from not touching any of the maidservants, Yang Kai accepted what he could. He spent all his time diligently, allowing him to quickly consolidate his Second Order Transcendent cultivation.

Xu Hui and the other Saint Realm masters would also visit Yang Kai frequently to chat, though they tactfully avoided the subject of the Holy Master’s succession. Occasionally, when they supposedly had free time, Xu Hui or one of the other Elders would bring Yang Kai out to sightsee and allow him to experience the Holy Land’s rich heritage and natural beauty.

It was obvious they wanted to use such an approach to impress Yang Kai, hoping he would take the initiative to accept the position of Holy Master.

Unfortunately for them, even after two months of this, Yang Kai’s stance had not changed, causing Xu Hui and the others to grow somewhat anxious.

Atop one of the nine spirit peaks, inside a majestic building, the Holy Land’s Elders and Protectors gathered together for a discussion headed by Xu Hui.

Nine Heavens Holy Land’s original lineup was incredibly strong, with the old Holy Master standing at the top with his Third Order Saint Realm cultivation, followed by Saintess Nan and Xu Hui who were Second Order Saints, then finally the remaining Elders and Protectors Yu Ying, Luo Sheng, Shi Kun, Meng Tian Fei, and Cheng Yue Tong. These five people were all First Order Saints, Yu Ying and Cheng Yue Tong being women.

A single force having so many Saint Realm masters was extremely rare throughout Tong Xuan Realm.

“Great Elder, what is the attitude of the future Holy Master?” A middle-aged beauty Yu Ying asked. She wore a bright red dress that perfectly outlined her rich, mature body. Her skin was smooth and tender and she possessed a graceful style that was complimented by a pair of bright and pure eyes.

Listening to her question, everyone gathered here cast their eyes towards Xu Hui with concern.

In response, Xu Hui frowned and sighed, “He still shows an abundance of reluctance. Although I have never deliberately mentioned this matter during our time together, it is obvious he has no intention of becoming the Holy Land’s next Holy Master.”

“This boy is really quite interesting…” Luo Sheng said with an astonished look upon his face, “Throughout the world, which young man doesn’t want to become the Holy Master of Nine Heavens Holy Land? It’s like reaching the sky with a single step, yet since he arrived here he has always remained indifferent, as if we’re trying to force some unwanted burden onto him.”

“Pay attention to your words, that’s the future Holy Master you’re speaking of, not some random ‘boy’!” Cheng Yue Tong, who wore a sleek white dress, coldly said to Luo Sheng, the latter smiling awkwardly as he glanced over at Great Elder Xu Hui. Upon finding the latter not looking angry, Lou Sheng breathed a quiet sigh of relief.

“However, it truly is quite strange,” Cheng Yue Tong frowned slightly, “Is it possible he disdains to join our Holy Land?”

“How can that be?” Shi Kun snorted, “Although the old Holy Master has fallen, our Holy Land is still a great force, second to none in this world. Whether it is fame or heritage, it is far better than his Soaring Heaven Sect, how could he not understand that?”

“It is not impossible!” Xu Hui suddenly said, “I personally took him to visit the Holy Land’s various spirit peaks while showing him the heritage of our Holy Land, and although he listened carefully and offered his praise, he never once showed the shock a young man his age should show, as if everything in his eyes was just fleeting clouds.”

“Did that boy… *ahem*, the future Holy Master really show such a reaction?” Luo Sheng asked curiously.

“Great Elder, do you know what he likes? If so, we can try to approach him by offering him that,” Meng Tian Fei suggested, “The Holy Land cannot go one day without a Holy Master, yet it has already been over a year since the old Holy Master passed away. Fortunately we have sought a future Holy Master and brought him back to the Holy Land, causing quite a stir amongst the disciple. Many of them are wondering when the ascension ceremony will take place and have begun to ask questions. Such uncertainty has even started to affect their cultivation. The situation can’t be left as is for much longer.”

“En,” Yu Ying also nodded, “If we know what he likes, we can retain him. At the very least, we can let him have some sense of belonging to the Holy Land. Only by doing so can we guarantee the Holy Land’s future prosperity.”

“He likes strength!” Xu Hui’s eyes flashed, “After all my observations, I found that the only constant with him is his pursuit of power. Besides that, everything else for him seems superfluous. Even the maidservants I sent to serve him have failed to catch the slightest bit of his attention!”

“There’s actually a young man in this world who doesn’t like beauties?” Luo Sheng’s eyes almost popped out of their sockets, as if he had just heard something unbelievable.

“Do you think everyone is like you, obsessed with women?” Yu Ying coldly snorted, her expression becoming unpleasant, causing Luo Sheng’s neck to shrink up.

“Could it be he likes Her Highness Saintess and is putting on such a performance for her?” Cheng Yue Tong suddenly thought of a possibility. In front of a woman he favoured, no man wanted to show off his ugly side, many of them even often trying to appear noble and heroic in order to attract the other party’s attention. If it was because of Saintess An Ling’er, Yang Kai acting so would not be unusual.

Everyone gathered here was a seasoned person and understood this point.

However, Xu Hui just smiled bitterly, “It’s not like that. On the contrary, it is Her Highness Saintess who adores him, yet he seems to only treat her as a friend.”

“Poor Ling’er…” Yu Ying and Cheng Yue Tong both muttered, feeling somewhat mournful.

The two of them had watched over An Ling’er as she grew up, so naturally they had some sentiments towards her.

“The future Holy Master is no ordinary person…” Xu Hui suddenly said, “I have never met such a young Second Order Transcendent before, have you?”

Everyone shook their heads.

“Soaring Heaven Sect… they’ve raised a rare genius. But it’s strange we have never heard anything about him up till now. Such an outstanding youth should be famous throughout the world yet he has somehow managed to remain hidden all this time, it’s seriously incomprehensible! Moreover, he actually brought Her Highness Saintess and escaped from Demon General Xue Li’s hands. I can’t even imagine how he accomplished that.”

“He also escaped from Saintess Nan’s pursuit…”

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