Martial Peak

Chapter 760 - After Death, Slaughter A Million Corpses

Chapter 760, After Death, Slaughter A Million Corpses

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Just as everyone was silently staring at the carnage before them, Yang Kai suddenly rushed over and landed straight in front of An Ling’er, frowning deeply as he stared at her.

Calling out in surprise, An Ling’er came back to her sense and stared at Yang Kai, hurriedly asking, “How come you’re still here? Why haven’t you left yet?”

“I can’t!” Yang Kai calmly shook his head, “That woman’s Divine Sense is locked onto me.”

“Ah…” An Ling’er covered her small mouth and her beautiful eyes trembled, directing a look of sympathy and apology towards Yang Kai.

“Who is she and why is she targeting me? How are you related to all of this?” Yang Kai asked several questions at once, his voice filled with annoyance.

“You are… that little brat we plucked from the sea before?” Qian Ning turned to look at Yang Kai, his expression quite ugly, obviously quite unhappy with this unexpected visitor. Their Nine Heavens Holy Land delegation already had enough headaches, so Yang Kai suddenly appearing here and asking a bunch of nonsense questions caused Qian Ning’s anger to rise to the surface, the latter waving his fist and shouting, “Go away, you think this is a place you can speak?”

Saying so, he sent a burst of True Qi towards Yang Kai.

Yang Kai shot him a gloomy look and didn’t bother trying to hide his strength anymore, easily countering Qian Ning’s attack, his body not even flinching, his expression completely indifferent.

“Hm?” Qian Ning was shocked and promptly re-examined Yang Kai, as if he couldn’t believe this weak little brat could actually easily resolve his strike.

“I have no intention of becoming enemies with you, I just want to figure out why that woman is after me,” Yang Kai said with some impatience, coldly declaring his standpoint and attitude to Qian Ning before turning his attention back to An Ling’er.

“Uncle Qian…” An Ling’er raised her hand and stopped Qian Ning from retorting before looking back at Yang Kai with a bitter smile, “Her targeting you is your own fault.”


“Probably because you learned the Nine Heavens Divine Skills.”

Hearing this, the several Transcendent Realm masters of Nine Heavens Holy Land’s expression all changed dramatically as the stared at Yang Kai with a look of disbelief. Qian Ning was even more stupefied as stared back and forth between Yang Kai and An Ling’er, hoarsely asking, “He… how could he have learned the Nine Heavens Divine Skills?”

Only the very top characters of Nine Heavens Holy Land were qualified to learn the Nine Heavens Divine Skills, even Qian Ning has never studied them.

“Girl! Are you courting death?!” Yang Kai’s face suddenly filled with anger.

He had never expected An Ling’er to reveal such an important secret in front of so many people all of a sudden, forcing him into an oppositional relationship with Nine Heavens Holy Land.

“It doesn’t matter,” An Ling’er smiled bitterly and shook her head, “We’re going to die anyways, letting them know now is irrelevant.”

“Young Lady, what happened?” Qian Ning hurriedly asked, his face filled with suspicion, apparently having a few speculations in his heart.

“It’s just as you think,” An Ling’er wiped the tears from her eyes and whispered, “The man in front of you, after passing my test, was able to comprehend three of the Nine Heavens Divine Skills!”

Everyone’s jaw dropped upon hearing this, their eyes all bulging so much they might pop out at any moment.

It was only after quite some time that Qian Ning returned to his senses and asked, “So… isn’t he the perfect candidate to become the next Holy Master?”

“En,” An Ling’er nodded lightly.

The looks Qian Ning and the others directed at Yang Kai changed greatly, becoming respectful and expectant.

“But it’s too late now, Aunt Nan has already arrived here…” An Ling’er smiled helplessly and said, the expression of Qian Ning and the others also falling upon hearing her words.

“I don’t care one bit about any nonsense Holy Master, explain to me what’s happening right now. Who is that woman? You should at least know that, right?” Yang Kai temporarily pressed down the murderous intent in his heart and pointed back towards the woman who was still floating mid-air, directing a cold stare towards them.

An Ling’er had already exposed everything and holding her responsible right now wouldn’t help matters so Yang Kai set that aside and focused on trying to understand why this strange woman was wantonly slaughtering people and now apparently targeting him specifically.

“She is my Aunt Nan!” An Ling’er replied softly.

“Aunt Nan?”

“The only remaining Saintess of the last generation’s Holy Land!”

Yang Kai was stunned and surprised, “Does your Nine Heavens Holy Land have some kind of intense internal strife? Is the previous generation’s Saintess hostile towards you?”

An Ling’er shook her head with a pained expression, “Aunt Nan has always been very good to me, how could there be any kind of infighting? En, do you remember the words I said to you once regarding Saintesses?”


“A Nine Heavens Holy Land Saintess, before death, cannot kill!”

“What does that have to do with the current situation?” Yang Kai was genuinely puzzled.

“That is only the first half of the saying, there is another half after it…” An Ling’er’s voice trembled, clearly demonstrating the horror in her heart, slowly muttering in her next breath, “Before death, cannot kill, after death, slaughter one million corpses.”

Yang Kai’s expression became sluggish as he frowned deeply, “What does that mean?”

“A Holy Land Saintess doesn’t kill any sentient being during her lifetime, but once she dies, if her body is not promptly destroyed, her corpse will fall onto the Asura’s path and begin slaughtering all living creatures. This is probably our Secret Art’s greatest malpractice!” An Ling’er let out a soft breath, “As such, after each Saintess’ death, her body will be burned quickly to avoid the situation Aunt Nan is currently in. Before we set out, Aunt Nan was in good health, how could she suddenly…”

Yang Kai suddenly understood, no wonder he could feel a faint trace of Death Qi in the woman. According to what An Ling’er just said, this previous generation’s Saintess named Aunt Nan should already be dead.

The dead still being able to move wasn’t something unfamiliar to Yang Kai.

The Coffin Carrying Man was also a living corpse. He had passed away many, many years ago, but the obsession in his heart and his tyrannical cultivation allowed him to continue moving. Even after his death, he had continued to fulfil his mission of searching for an individual capable of rescuing the Ancient Demon Clan.

As such, this Saintess named Aunt Nan probably had a similar obsession in her heart, and a very powerful one at that, or else it wouldn’t be enough to support her current actions.

“Saintess Aunt Nan and Holy Master were deeply connected, so assuming the Holy Master fell, Saintess Aunt Nan also…” Qian Ning sighed heavily.

“Are all of you Nine Heavens Holy Land people total dumbasses? Why would you set such a dangerous person loose!?” Yang Kai roared furiously, being stared at by a Saint Realm masters was akin to be stared at by death itself, obviously his mood wouldn’t be good.

“What use is saying all this now?” An Ling’er shot him a bitter look, “Because I cultivate the same Secret Art, Aunt Nan was able to quickly find me. Anyone in the local archipelago that can’t resist her I’m afraid will die, then after killing me and everyone else here, she will seek out and kill my three sisters. Until someone comes forward and completely destroys her body, she will continue slaughtering everyone she comes across.”

The most powerful individual in the nearby archipelago was just Qian Ning, but even he, a Third Order Transcendent, was just as powerless to resist the previous generation’s Saintess who was a genuine Saint Realm powerhouse.

“No matter what, Young Lady and the future Holy Master cannot die here!” Qian Ning suddenly turned to face Yang Kai and said solemnly, “Little brother, although you haven’t entered the Holy Land yet, since you’ve already passed the Young Lady’s test, you can be considered half our Holy Master. Please take the Young Lady with you and leave quickly, if worst comes to worst, even if you have to sacrifice the Young Lady, you must ensure your survival.”

Yang Kai stared back indifferently; although Qian Ning’s rhetoric made him feel slightly touched, it was still impossible for him to accept becoming the Holy Master of Nine Heavens Holy Land!

Qian Ning’s act just now was completely casting pearls before swine.

“You two leave quickly, we will try to buy you some time!”

“Don’t act so presumptuous!” Yang Kai coldly snorted, “Buy time? You’re just throwing your lives away! Besides, where the hell are we supposed to escape? There’s nowhere anywhere near here that we could…”

Before he finished speaking though, Yang Kai’s eyes suddenly flashed as he remember a certain place nearby that might just work, turning his gaze towards the seabed as he quickly contemplated their odds of success.

An Ling’er also seemed to have thought of this possibility, quickly exchanging a glance with Yang Kai and confirming the two of them were thinking the same thing.

During the several breaths it took for this conversation to finish, Saintess Aunt Nan had been floating mid-air, watching them, not taking any action, her face showing a look of hesitation, apparently the last remnants of her consciousness from before she died was holding her back, but obviously this situation wouldn’t last long as it was apparent the cold murderous intent around her body was becoming more and more dense.

“Little brother, if you die here, then that is simply the fate the Heavens have bestowed, but if you survive, please go to the Holy Land and assume the position of Holy Master, the Holy Land… must not go one day without a Holy Master!” Qian Ning declared heavily to Yang Kai as he tightly held the latter’s shoulders.

Yang Kai said nothing in reply.

“Go now, quickly!” Qian Ning took a deep breath before raising his head towards the still hovering Saintess Aunt Nan.

The expression of the other party was constantly changing, but gradually the hesitation on her face was being replaced with cold indifference as the murderous intent around her became thicker. As this murderous intent overflowed, the temperature of the entire archipelago seemed to plummet as fierce winds began howling like shrieking ghosts.

Yang Kai didn’t hesitate any further, immediately grabbing An Ling’er, summoning his Wind and Thunder Wings and shooting off into the sky.

At the same time he moved, Saintess Aunt Nan waved her hand towards his direction, releasing an imposing wave of pressure.

Qian Ning took the few masters of Nine Heavens Holy Land and with steadfast determination moved to intercept this attack.

“Uncle Qian, everyone…” An Ling’er turned back and shouted out anxiously.

“They’re dead,” Yang Kai said in a dignified tone, pushing his speed even further, a moment later plunging into the sea along with An Ling’er. Quickly wrapping the two of them in his True Qi, Yang Kai began to rapidly descend towards the bottom of the sea.

Just as they entered the water, Yang Kai shot a glance behind him and just caught the scene of Qian Ning and the others bursting into blood fog.

The masters from Nine Heavens Holy Land didn’t manage to last more than three breaths against Saintess Nan!

After killing Qian Ning and the others, Saintess Nan still refused to give up, waving her hands and slashing her Profound Heavenly Sword down towards the island below her, rapidly cleaving it in half, sending large chunks of it into the sea, killing or injuring countless civilians in the process.

In the next instant, the huge Profound Heavenly Sword was thrown out by Saintess Nan and like a bolt of lightning broke through the sea’s surface and chased after Yang Kai and An Ling’er.

Yang Kai’s blood ran cold as he pushed his True Qi to its limit, increasing his speed to the extreme but still failing to escape from the approaching danger, the giant sword behind him seemed completely unimpeded by the sea, splitting apart the water as if it were no thicker than air as it raced forward.

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