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Chapter 759 - Soul Warming Lotus

Chapter 759, Soul Warming Lotus

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On a certain island in the local archipelago, once again, Qian Ning arrived on Nine Heavens Holy Land Saintess quarters. He was currently requesting that she prepare for another trip.

Unfortunately, ever since the Saintess had returned, An Ling’er firmly rejected both of his requests.

This time was no exception.

Qian Ning couldn’t help feeling somewhat annoyed. Although in the Holy Land, the Saintess had a higher rank than him, during this expedition, he was the one who was responsible for An Ling’er and the entire crew’s mission and safety.

“Young Lady, looking for the next Holy Master is your mission, we shouldn’t stop over in such a place for too long, no matter what reason you may have!”

“I know,” An Ling’er frowned, her pretty face slightly pale, “But I don’t know why, recently, I always had a feeling of restlessness, as if something terrible is about to happen.”

“Something terrible?” Qian Ning’s expression became even more solemn, “What do you mean?”

An Ling’er slowly shook her head and murmured, “I don’t know, I can’t explain it…”

Qian Ning’s brow furrowed as he gazed at An Ling’er suspiciously, a moment latter simply nodding, “If so, then we will stay for a while longer. When Young Lady believes we should depart, please let me know.”


Staring at Qian Ning’s receding figure, An Ling’er’s forehead suddenly oozed large drops of sweat. What she had said just now was not to deceive Qian Ning, but was indeed what she was currently feeling.

She didn’t know what had happened, or what was about to happen, but these past few days, An Ling’er had always felt anxious and on edge.

Initially she had thought it had something to do with Yang Kai seizing her Soul brand, but after some careful investigation, she found that there was no connection between that and her current mood.


Inside a certain cultivation room, Yang Kai had been in secluded retreat for ten straight days and had at last absorbed the entire efficacy of the ancient Saint Pill.

He had managed to comprehend a few of the mysteries of this Saint Pill and its Pill Cloud and although it was not much, it could still be considered a rich harvest, so he was greatly satisfied. Even his understanding of Alchemy techniques had improved somewhat.

When the effects of the ancient Saint Pill finally fading completely, Yang Kai felt as if his entire being had transformed.

His body felt light and his Soul felt clear; on top of that, his Spiritual Energy had become much stronger than before and a strange, pleasant sensation now filled his Knowledge Sea.

This indistinct sensation also allowed him to use his Spiritual Energy faster and more freely than before.

His brow furrowing slightly, Yang Kai quickly immersed himself in his Knowledge Sea and began examining it carefully.

Though Yang Kai had just begun its investigation, he immediately froze up, completely stunned.

During this period of retreat, he had been constantly spying on the mysteries of the Pill Cloud and, aside from the initial moments, had not paid any attention to the situation in his Knowledge Sea. Currently, when his Soul Avatar stoop above his Knowledge Sea and saw how greatly it had changed, he couldn’t help feeling a sense of shock.

Naturally, his Soul and Spiritual Energy were greatly enhanced, and the heat from the scattered flames had grown even more intense. Though, the Demon Eye of Annihilation and Soul Battle Hall were also still suspended in midair, apparently not having undergone any great change.

However, the island which was formed from the Five Coloured Soul Warming Lotus had evolved.

At this moment, the island was bursting with multi-coloured light, making it appear even more radiant and beautiful than before.

As Yang Kai carefully examined it, he soon discovered that the island, which had once shone with only five colours, now had an additional shade to it, making it six coloured!

This new colour was a bit thinner than the other five, but it was nevertheless there.

Six Coloured Soul Warming Lotus!

After recovering from his shock, Yang Kai let out an uproarious laughter.

He had never thought after obtaining the Soul Warming Lotus he would get to see it evolve in his lifetime; after all, according to Old Demon, the process was exceptionally long.

Who could have thought that after absorbing the ancient Saint Pill’s medicinal efficacies, the Five Coloured Soul Warming Lotus would actually evolve a grade? Now there was only one more step before it would become its ultimate seven coloured form.

For every extra colour, the benefits received from the Soul Warming Lotus would double.

Yang Kai could feel that the nourishment his Soul obtained from the Soul Warming Lotus right now was much more potent than before, and this effect was permanent and persistent. As long as Yang Kai owned the Soul Warming Lotus, it would continue to strengthen his Soul and increase his Spiritual Energy.

His harvest this time was simply unimaginable.

From five coloured to six coloured had taken nearly a decade. Over that period of time, Yang Kai had taken a massive amount of elixirs and pills, and that didn’t even count the nutrients that the former owner of the Soul Warming Lotus had fed it.

Yang Kai didn’t know if he could see the Soul Warming Lotus evolve into its final form before he died.

However, he was still satisfied. Watching the now six coloured island gently radiate light, Yang Kai found himself smiling uncontrollably.

Just then though, a strange vibration disturbed his Soul.

Yang Kai’s brow wrinkled and quickly searched for the source of this disturbance, a moment later, his expression becoming solemn.

It wasn’t that his Soul had been disturbed, but rather the Soul brand belonging to An Ling’er was all of a sudden giving off some violent fluctuations. It seemed like this woman had encountered something that deeply scared her and was currently feeling a great sense of uneasiness.

[What kind of danger could she possibly have encountered?] Yang Kai thought to himself.

Although her cultivation wasn’t too high, only a First Order Transcendent, but she was a Saintess of Nine Heavens Holy Land. She was someone with an untouchably high status. In this small island chain, who would dare disrespect her, much less threaten her?

Feeling somewhat uneasy, Yang Kai opened his eyes and got up to leave his room.

Deactivating the various barriers around the cultivation room, Yang Kai stepped outside, but the moment he did, he heard screams of fear and panic all around him. Not far away, thunderous explosions resounded and the whole world seemed to tremble as a terrifying pressure pressed down upon the entire island.

Yang Kai instantly went pale and quickly began circulating his True Qi in order to resist this violent pressure.

Sweeping his eyes around, Yang Kai saw that the entire island was in a state of chaos and countless people, as if they were being pursued by some kind of monster, were doing their best to flee.


A loud bang resounded, causing Yang Kai to stumble, and behind him, the cultivation room he had just exited exploded into splinters.

Yang Kai looked around but didn’t find any traces of an enemy anywhere nearby. It wasn’t until releasing his Divine Sense that Yang Kai found, in the sky a short distance away, an aura that caused him to tremble.

Turning his eyes in the direction of this aura, Yang Kai saw a giant sword almost a thousand meters in length floating high up in the sky. This giant sword struck with a destructive force that seemed capable of flattening islands and tearing space!

“Profound Heavenly Sword?” Upon seeing this sword, Yang Kai immediately recognized it as one of the Nine Heavens Divine Skills.

He had learned this skill from An Ling’er and was even capable of using it quite proficiently, but the Profound Heavenly Sword he had once summoned was a Soul Skill while the one he was witnessing right now was no doubt a powerful Martial Skill which was formed from a vast amount of True Qi. The essence and power were both worlds apart.


Under the giant sword’s strike, the island below was directly sliced into two.

Yang Kai’s eyes narrowed as he shifted his gaze to a beautiful figure that floated high up in the sky.

It was this person who had just displayed the Profound Heavenly Sword.

It was a woman wearing a long white dress which perfectly complemented her graceful figure. She had a kind of divine aura around her that was somewhat similar to An Ling’er’s, exuding a sense of nobleness and holiness, but she also carried with her a faint trace of Death Qi!

It seemed like she had already passed away and right now was just a walking corpse.

Yang Kai was shocked by this strange situation.

Grasping the huge Profound Heavenly Sword in her small hand, the woman chopped and sliced randomly, soon demolishing the entire nearby island, causing it to break up and sink into the sea.

The people on that island, under this tyrannical assault, were unable to even try to resist, resulting in countless deaths and injuries.

The surrounding azure water was dyed bright red in an instant.

This scene, straight from the apocalypse, was truly terrifying.

The woman then soared towards the next island in the chain and began waving her Profound Heavenly Sword again.

In an instant, another island was destroyed.

In less than ten breaths of time, three islands were destroyed by her hands.

Yang Kai’s blood ran cold as he saw this avatar of destruction wantonly destroy all the islands around her. Not daring to stay here any longer, he quickly used his movement skill to escape in the opposite direction.

Yang Kai’s movement seemed to have caught the attention of this woman though and a ray of light, like a vicious snake, shot towards him.

“Imprisoning Heaven Chain!” Yang Kai was shocked as he confirmed that this woman was someone from Nine Heavens Holy Land, and very likely a high-level figure at that, otherwise how could she be using various Nine Heavens Divine Skills so freely?

What made Yang Kai feel especially uneasy though was the other party’s cultivation. This mysterious woman was definitely a Saint Realm master.

The Imprisoning Heaven Chain chasing him was so fast and contained such dense True Qi that in his normal form Yang Kai had no hope of escaping it.

Not daring to hesitate, Yang Kai unfurled his Wind and Thunder Wings, boosting his speed several levels and shot off like a bolt of lightning.

When the Imprisoning Heaven Chain arrived, all it was able to grasp was Yang Kai’s afterimage.

Across the distance, the mysterious woman’s beautiful eyes stared at Yang Kai’s retreating figure, a slight trace of what could be interpreted as suspicion appearing on her pretty face, her tender body flickering in the next instant and disappearing.

When she reappeared, she was already not far behind Yang Kai.

Feeling the cold murderous intent behind him, all the hair on Yang Kai’s body stood on end and before his pursuer could launch another attack, he hurriedly concealed his aura and snuck off in a different direction.

The woman stopped mid-air and tilted her head somewhat, her eyes slowly sweeping around, apparently searching for Yang Kai’s position.

Although she quickly found Yang Kai, she didn’t appear to be in a hurry and instead turned in a different direction, her brow wrinkling slightly as a look of pain crept onto her expression.

Yang Kai was annoyed, unclear as to why such a powerful master was pursuing him, but he figured An Ling’er should know something about it. The most important thing for him to do right now was find that somewhat naive young woman and find out from her what was going on!

In front of an ornate palace, the masters from Nine Heavens Holy Land had all gathered together and were currently staring up absentmindedly at the woman floating high up in the sky.

“Aunt Nan?” An Ling’er shouted in a slightly hoarse tone, her tender body shuddering as tears suddenly began leaking from her beautiful eyes and a forlorn whimper escaped from her lips.

“Saintess Nan being here like this… does that mean… Holy Master has passed away?” Qian Ning’s lips trembled and his face drained of all colour.

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Six Coloured Soul Warming Lotus

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