Martial Peak

Chapter 753 - Before Death, Cannot Kill

Chapter 753, Before Death, Cannot Kill

Perceiving the malice directed towards them, the Nine Heavens Holy Land’s Saintess’ beautiful face changed slightly, lifting her hand slightly and releasing a subtle force from her Soul Avatar.

This force was quite mysterious, and did not carry the slightest murderous intent or maliciousness, but when it appeared, it was like a gentle rain that lightly washed over Yang Kai, Hai Wang Gu, and Old Man Cheng’s forms, seeping into their Soul Avatars before disappearing.

All three of them frowned, unsure of what the Saintess was trying to do.

A moment later though, Yang Kai suddenly felt that his state of mind had calmed greatly and his Soul felt a sense of comfort, it was like a spring breeze had swept away all of his troubles, and the idea of secluding himself away from the world and no longer caring about anything became quite prominent in his mind.

Secretly surprised, Yang Kai quickly shook off such escapist thoughts before turning to look at Hai Wang Gu and Old Man Cheng, surprised to see that the irritability their two Soul Avatars were just giving off seemed to have been soothed. The two of them no longer showed the same violent aggression and were obviously thinking more clearly now.

The Soul Skill the Saintess had just used must be one that helps clear others’ hearts and minds.

Hai Wang Gu and Old Man Cheng looked at each other with their brows wrinkled and hesitated for a while before Hai Wang Gu asked, “What happened just now, Your Royal Highness Saintess saw, correct?”

The Saintess’ pretty face changed slightly as she wore a faint smile, “Yes, but you can rest assured that I will not disclose this matter to anyone, I also do not wish for others to know I was here. What we need to do now is to find a way out of this place, don’t you agree?”

Hai Wang Gu and Old Man Cheng both remained silent, their brows still deeply wrinkled, apparently weighing their options.

The Saintess was a little uneasy; although she used her special Soul skill to help Hai Wang Gu and Old Man Cheng temporarily stabilize their moods, these two men were not good people to begin with. Once malicious thoughts took root in their minds, even her Soul Skill couldn’t dissuade them.

Quickly shooting a glance over towards Yang Kai, she saw him pretending he wasn’t involved.

The Saintess bit her teeth, trying not to say anything but was about to explode!

After a while, Hai Wang Gu suddenly said, “Brother Cheng, what do you think?”

Old Man Cheng took a deep breath and quickly replied, “Since things have come this far, we should see it through to the end!”

Hai Wang Gu smiled and nodded, “Sure enough, Brother Cheng and I are of the same mind.”

Saying so, he directed a sharp glance towards the Saintess and coldly snorted, “So what if you’re a Saintess? No one cares about your status here, and no one will know it was us who killed you.”

The Saintess’ face finally became gloomy as she realized these two old men were determined to silence the witnesses to their crime.

With so many foreign cultivators dead and the Seven Family Alliance having lost so many masters, if the truth of this incident were to spread out, it would be extremely damaging to the Hai Family and Cheng Family.

On top of that, this was the perfect place to make someone disappear.

As they spoke, the two old men’s Soul Avatars once again revealed a hostile and violent aura, in the next instant the two of them launching Divine Sense attacks towards Yang Kai.

Yang Kai’s strength seemed to be relatively low, so Hai Wang Gu and Old Man Cheng naturally wanted to quickly dispatch him first then find a way to deal with the Nine Heavens Holy Land Saintess together.

Yang Kai’s face became cold and the moment these attacks were about to hit he swiftly dodged them.

“Hm?” Hai Wang Gu and Old Man Cheng were both shocked by this unexpected development.

“I’ll help you stall one, you should be able to beat them one on one right?” Yang Kai said to the Nine Heavens Holy Land Saintess before beckoning to Hai Wang Gu, “Old fart, show me what you’re made of!”

“Little brat, I’ll kill you!” Hai Wang Gu shouted angrily, easily being drawn in by Yang Kai’s cheap taunt and charging towards him.

Normally, it would be impossible for Hai Wang Gu to act so recklessly, but right now, whether it was him or Old Man Cheng, both of them had swallowed too many Soul remnants so their consciousness were somewhat unstable. It can be said that most of their actions right now were being driven by their more base impulses, so when Yang Kai insulted him, Hai Wang Gu had immediately lashed out.

“Wai…” The Saintess hurriedly tried to say something to Yang Kai but before she could, Old Man Cheng came flying towards her and she had no choice but to quickly use a Soul Skill to defend herself.

Yang Kai has led Hai Wang Gu far away but had no intention of fighting him and was only constantly avoiding the latter’s Divine Sense attacks while taking the opportunity to observe the situation of the Nine Heavens Holy Land Saintess.

He was planning on letting this Saintess kill Hai Wang Gu and Old Man Cheng so he didn’t need to expose his strength or the existence of his Conflagrated Knowledge Sea.

Yang Kai felt that with her background, this Saintess should have the ability to accomplish this.

Although her cultivation was slightly lower than that of Hai Wang Gu and Old Man Cheng, Nine Heavens Holy Land and the Seven Family Alliance couldn’t even be placed in the same category in terms of heritage. From the Soul Skill this young woman just displayed, Yang Kai estimated her true combat strength should be greater than these two old men.

But after watching for a while, Yang Kai discovered that something was wrong.

Under the constant attack of Old Man Cheng, this woman seemed to only know how to evade and defend herself and showed no intention of fighting back.

From Yang Kai’s perspective, this Saintess had multiple opportunities to take advantage of her opponent’s openings to launch a counterattack, but she never once acted upon them.

It wasn’t even that she couldn’t see these openings but that she didn’t seem to have any will to fight Old Man Cheng.

“What are you doing?” Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling annoyed and shouted out towards her, “Fight back, what do you plan on accomplishing by simply running away?”

“I…” Saintess desperately wanted to cry but was unable to shed any tears, trying to get a word out only to be interrupted again by Old Man Cheng’s assault.

“Little brat, you should be more worried about yourself!” Hai Wang Gu chased behind Yang Kai while laughing maniacally.

Yang Kai glanced at him coldly before his image flickered and shot towards the direction of the Saintess.

Arriving a moment later, Yang Kai came up beside the Saintess and grumbled, “What’s going on? Why aren’t you fighting back?”

The Saintess grit her teeth and shot back angrily, “Why are you asking about something you already know?”

“Why would I be asking about something I know?” Yang Kai asked back.

“I’m a Saintess of Nine Heavens Holy Land!”

“I know that, what about it?” Yang Kai suddenly found that he couldn’t understand this woman’s words.

“You don’t know what Saintesses can’t do?” Blocking another attack, the young woman shot Yang Kai a blank look.

Yang Kai shook his head.

“What backwater countryside did you crawl out from!?” The Saintess saw that he wasn’t lying and her eyes filled with shock before she shouted, “A Nine Heavens Holy Land Saintess, before death, cannot kill!”

“Says who?” Yang Kai’s face went black as he began to realize his clever plan was likely going to fail.

“This has been the case since ancient times!” Saintess hurriedly explained, “We can’t kill, once we violate this taboo, a flaw will develop in our Secret Art!”

“What bullshit Secret Art has such a dumb flaw!?” Yang Kai was furious, he had never heard of a Secret Art with such a ridiculous restrictions.

However, with such an unreasonable condition, the Secret Art she cultivated must be quite formidable.

“Then why aren’t you making a move?” The Saintess fled together with Yang Kai as she shot him a sharp glance, “Even in this situation you seem to be quite relaxed, why are you trying to make me do all the work?”

Yang Kai couldn’t help cursing under his breath, feeling somewhat helpless; it seems he couldn’t kill these two old men with a borrowed a knife after all. But, before he did anything, the Saintess voice once again rang out.

“Although I can’t do it myself, I can help you. With my assistance you don’t need to worry whether you’re their opponent or not,” The Saintess hurriedly said.

“How do you plan on helping me?”

The Saintess said nothing and instead poured some kind of Soul Skill into Yang Kai’s Soul Avatar.

Yang Kai’s face changed slightly; when this Soul Skill penetrated into his body, he couldn’t help but feeling a strange sensation, as if a connection had been made between him and this Nine Heavens Holy Land Saintess. It was as if she possessed something within her that was now flowing into Yang Kai, rapidly enhancing the strength of his Spiritual Energy.

On top of that, a vast amount of information began appearing in his mind and all sorts of mysterious Secret Arts and Martial Skills were rapidly being imprinted in his consciousness.

Yang Kai immediately felt as if he could freely use these skills!

This feeling was fantastical and unfounded but Yang Kai was fully convinced it was the truth.

His rapid footsteps halting, Yang Kai quickly came to a halt, standing his ground while taking a deep breath, his eyes filling with light.

The Saintess of Nine Heavens Holy Land also hurriedly stopped, standing not far behind Yang Kai, her beautiful eyes staring at him nervously.

“Little brats, let’s see where you can run now!” Hai Wang Gu and Old Man Cheng roared. Although these two juniors weren’t as strong as they were, they were quite quick, so if they hadn’t stopped on their own, it was possible these two old men wouldn’t have been able to catch them.

Hai Wang Gu and Old Man Cheng, their stomachs full of grievances, were both releasing a thick murderous intent.

Yang Kai slowly turned and stared at them, his brow furrowed, seemingly puzzled by his current condition.

A moment later, Yang Kai slowly raised his hand, and his Spiritual Energy burst out, quickly condensing into a huge golden sword that hovered above his head.

This giant sword was comprised purely of Spiritual Energy and was more than a dozen meters long. From this golden body, a burning hot aura pulsed, seemingly capable of incinerating anything it touched.

An unparalleled sense of oppression fell from the sky, and Hai Wang Gu and Old Man Cheng’s faces became stiff as they stared towards Yang Kai. Under this pressure, they felt as if a mountain was pressing down on them and a deep sense of fear penetrated all the way to their bones. In that instant, they felt as if death was upon them and any resistance was futile.

As for the Saintess of Nine Heavens Holy Land, she too was trembling, her pretty face filled with a look of amazement. As she stared towards Yang Kai, a different kind of light flashed across her beautiful eyes, as if she had just discovered something incomprehensible, her spirits rising greatly!

Yang Kai stared at the giant sword above him, somewhat lost in thought for a moment flicked his wrist. In the next instant, the giant sword descended from the sky directly towards Old Man Cheng.

A violent wave of wind swept past and before Old Man Cheng could make a sound, his Soul Avatar disintegrated under the giant sword. Hai Wang Gu, who was standing nearby, was also thrown through the air from the aftermath, landing nearby somewhat unsteadily.

“This is the Profound Heavenly Sword?” Yang Kai frowned and turned to look at Saintess, the latter unconsciously nodding.


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