Martial Peak

Chapter 752 - Sitting On The Sidelines

Chapter 752, Sitting On The Sidelines

In this white world, the conditions and temptations present had awakened the darkest impulses in the hearts of all the Seven Family Alliance’s masters. These people did not even hesitate to kill their way through dozens of people.

After feeling the benefits of this wanton slaughter, these masters only became more eager.

The foreign cultivators were briefly taken aback but soon reacted, some of them roaring angrily, “I have long seen through your greedy intentions. Brothers, fight with them!”

In an instant, the Soul Avatars of more than a hundred people were divided into two large camps, the Seven Family Alliance was one party while the other was comprised of all the foreign cultivator. In this Soul Battle Hall, a desperate struggle began.

Without artifacts, Martial Skills, or even flesh and blood, the only thing everyone could rely on was their own Soul’s strength and any Soul Skills they may have cultivated.

The cultivators of the two camps collided, and Soul Avatars from both sides continuously collapsed, breaking up into strands of Spiritual Energy that were absorbed by others nearby.

After consuming the Soul remnants of others, these cultivators become even more irritable and murderous, seemingly wanting to kill everyone in front of them in order to obtain the most benefits.

It soon became apparent that the Seven Family Alliance’s was the stronger of the two camps; after all, each family had one or two Transcendents here, easily allowing them to reap the lives of the disordered foreign cultivators.

However, among the foreigners there were also several Transcendents, who soon rallied together and were able to hit back, inflicting considerable damage to the Seven Family Alliance.

Everyone’s eyes had gone red and screams of insanity and fear constantly filled the air.

The cruelty and madness of this scene dumbfounded the Nine Heavens Holy Land’s Saintess, her tender body trembling in terror as she watched this bloody melee play out. Even when someone began approaching her, she failed to take notice of them.

Yang Kai’s brow wrinkled but decided to sit on the sidelines, interested to see just what kind of skill this young woman possessed.

Finally feeling the approaching crisis, the Saintess woke from her daze and a destructive wave of Spiritual Energy instinctually pulsed from her Avatar, flinging the nearby cultivator far away.

Coming to her senses and glancing around at the Soul remnants that were seemingly scattered all around the world, the Saintess frowned deeply and, unlike everyone else, chose not to absorb them, instead moving away as quickly as possible, a look of disgust filling her pretty face.

Yang Kai nodded secretly, feeling that this woman had decent skill and sense. She instantly understood that these benefits came at too high a cost.

As if sensing Yang Kai was observing her, the Saintess glanced over at him, a trace of vigilance flashing across her eyes.

She didn’t know if Yang Kai would act like everyone else here and suddenly try to attack her; if he did, she wasn’t sure she could resist.

From Yang Kai, she felt a vague sense of pressure, and the burning aura coming off his Avatar made her particularly uneasy.

Yang Kai no longer paid any attention to her and instead re-directed his attention to the melee, an indifferent look upon his face.

The battle had become lopsided. Under the coordinated attack of the Seven Family Alliance masters, the foreign cultivators, who were essentially loose sand, had no choice but to cooperate with each other to fight back. Although this achieved some results in the beginning, in the face of an absolute gap in power, they were quickly being defeated.

After the foreign Transcendents were killed, the remaining Immortal Ascension Boundary cultivator became helpless.

Many who were fighting violently only moments ago were now begging for mercy, but the masters of the Seven Family Alliance ignored them and continued reaping their Souls in order to gain more benefits.

Gradually, only a dozen or so people remained, all of them Transcendent Realm masters from the Seven Family Alliance.

If seems that because they swallowed excessive amounts of remnant Souls, side effects were finally beginning to break out. Each of these masters appeared on edge, their Soul Avatars giving off a somewhat chaotic aura.

After only a brief pause, the survivors of the previous carnage began to fight again.

“What should we do?” As Yang Kai was watching, the Nine Heavens Holy Land Saintess came over to him for the third time, her face filled with anxiety and helplessness, causing Yang Kai to chuckle slightly.

“What do you mean ‘what should we do’?” Yang Kai asked back

“What should we do if they suddenly attack us?” The Saintess was clearly frightened. Although she was a First Order Transcendent, there were still so many masters left from the Seven Family Alliance. Once they began targeting her, she wouldn’t be able to resist, so even though she was still somewhat wary of Yang Kai, she decided to approach him in an attempt to tie their fates together.

“You deal with your problems, I’ll deal with mine!” Yang Kai shooed her away, keenly aware of her intentions.

“Aren’t you afraid you’ll die here?”

“This is a blessing not a curse, and even if it is a curse, it couldn’t be avoided, what use is there in being afraid?” Yang Kai sneered, his complete indifference to everything dumbfounding the Saintess once again. As she was staring at him though, Yang Kai also began looking her over.

“What do you want to do?” The Saintess immediately became alert, Yang Kai’s unrestrained gaze gave her chills and she quickly said, “Don’t forget, I rescued you once before, you should show a little gratitude.”

Yang Kai shrugged his shoulders in response, “Rest assured, I don’t have any intentions towards you, there’s no need for you to be nervous.”

The Saintess wore a somewhat distrust look upon her face, staring straight into Yang Kai’s eyes, as if trying to see through his thoughts, her expression relaxing a moment later.

She could feel that Yang Kai really bore no malicious will towards her, but as for his true thoughts, she had no idea, causing her to feel slightly uneasy.

If she had known this little adventure of hers would be so dangerous, she wouldn’t have fooled her guards and snuck off to dive to the bottom of the sea!

The Saintess desperately wanted to cry but was unable to shed any tears.

Yang Kai no longer cared about her and instead focused his Divine Sense on the battle occurring a short distance away.

The Seven Family Alliance’s dozen masters were all familiar with each other, so the fight between them was quite heated. On top of that, under the influence of the Soul remnants they had swallowed, these dozen or so masters had basically lost their ability to reason and were only interested in slaughtering one another. After an hour or so, the outcome of this war was decided.

Of the dozen or so masters who had fought, almost all of them had died, only two of them survived.

One of them was the Hai Family’s Hai Wang Gu and the other was Old Man Cheng who had gathered everyone here in the first place. Both of these two were Second Order Transcendents so in this battle they undoubtedly had the greatest advantage in terms of strength.

However, after such a fight, their Soul Avatars had become somewhat weak. After battling each other for a while, they apparently could no longer persist and both sat down to recover their stamina and a little of their sanity.

Seeing this scene, the Nine Heavens Holy Land Saintess immediately motioned to Yang Kai, apparently encouraging him to take this opportunity to attack and kill these two old guys.

However, Yang Kai kept shaking his head, indicating that he didn’t have the courage or strength to do so, causing the Saintess no small amount of frustration.

From beginning to end, Yang Kai hadn’t shown the slightest bit of fear, or even concern, instead he even seemed to be enjoying himself as he watched these people fight.

This kind of performance either indicated his absolute confidence or ignorance.

The Saintess didn’t think it was the latter, so she couldn’t understand why he would give up such a good opportunity to launch a sneak attack.

If she were to attack on her own, she didn’t have confidence she could win, thus she could only hesitantly remain where she was.

It wasn’t difficult for Yang Kai to kill Hai Wang Gu and Old Man Cheng, it could even be considered quite easy, but he didn’t want to expose his true strength in front of outsiders. If it is someone else, the solution would be simple, he just needed to silence the witness to the crime and that would be that, but this Nine Heavens Holy Land Saintess had previously extended a helping hand to him, although he didn’t really need it.

Killing this woman in cold blood just to keep his secrets was something Yang Kai couldn’t bring himself to do.

He had his own code of conduct, and killing someone who had once helped him ran counter to that code.

Yang Kai had a fair headache now, and mused about how it would be nice if he could find a way to stun this young woman for a while.

As he was mulling over such impractical thoughts, Hai Wang Gu and Old Man Cheng finally seemed to have discovered that there were still two outsiders left here.

Yang Kai and the Saintess had remained far from the battle since it began and had simply been quietly observing the whole time, but now that almost everyone else had been eliminated, it was impossible for them to hide anymore.

Hai Wang Gu and Old Man Cheng both glanced at one another before suddenly letting out a laugh.

“Brother Cheng, how about we solve this small problem first before deciding who the ultimate victor between us is?” Hai Wang Gu suddenly proposed.

Old Man Cheng frowned and pondered for a while before nodding, a malicious grin appearing on his face in the next instant, “I just happen to need to supplement my Spiritual Energy.”

Saying so, the two of them stood up at the same time and glanced over towards the two outsiders, neither of them showing any signs of anxiety as they calmly strode over towards them, a look of absolute confidence upon their faces.

When they had approached to within a short distance, the two old men glanced over at their prey and couldn’t help feeling stunned, apparently recognizing the young woman as the Nine Heavens Holy Land Saintess.

“You…” Hai Wang Gu pointed at the young woman, his brow wrinkling deeply, “Are you not Your Royal Highness the Saintess?”

Old Man Cheng also wore a completely stupefied expression.

Their murderous intent and unruly demeanors both disappeared upon recognizing the Nine Heavens Holy Land Saintess.

“It is I!” The Saintess nodded lightly.

“How come you are here?” Hai Wang Gu frowned and asked, seemingly coming to a conclusion and asking in amazement, “Could it be you came here as a member of my Seven Family Alliance’s exploration group?”

“En, I had wanted to come take a look at the scenery down here, but I never expected such a thing to happen,” The Saintess replied, looking extremely calm and composed.

“This is…” Hai Wang Gu looked suspiciously towards Yang Kai.

The Saintess hesitated for only an instantly before replying, “He is my servant!”

Yang Kai’s eyes flashed, shooting a somewhat stunned glance towards the Saintess. Her words just now indicated her intent to use her status to shield him by tying them together.

Any servant of a Saintess would obviously be a disciple of Nine Heavens Holy Land. With such an identity, it was likely Hai Wang Gu and Old Man Cheng would be more hesitant to act against Yang Kai.

Sure enough, upon hearing the Saintess’ words, the expressions of the two old men became grim, showing both hesitation and reluctance.

Their moods were completely reflected in the aura fluctuations of their Soul Avatars though. These fluctuations were sometimes rapid, sometimes calm, sometimes dangerous while sometimes nervous. Obviously, they weren’t as respectful as their expressions indicated and were weighing the pros and cons of their next actions.

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