Martial Peak

Chapter 723, Are You Also Looking For Them?

Chapter 723, Are You Also Looking For Them?

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Since this group of people weren’t giving him friendly looks, naturally Yang Kai wouldn’t treat them with courtesy. His mood at the moment was not too good, so if someone provoked him, he wouldn’t mind using them to vent his frustrations.

“Brat, I heard you’ve been asking about the whereabouts of an old guy and a little girl, right?” The middle-aged man leaned over and asked Yang Kai bluntly.

“You’ve met them?” Yang Kai’s eyes flashed.

“Does that old man have a lewd look in his eyes and the little girl wearing a veil?” The man asked.

“That’s them!” Yang Kai was overjoyed and suddenly felt that the group in front of him became somewhat adorable.

“Then we have met them,” The big man nodded lightly, “Why are you looking for them? What is your relationship with them?”

“You don’t need to know that,” Yang Kai shook his head, “As long as you can provide me with any clues about them, I can offer you appropriate compensation!”

“You’re gonna pay us?” The big man suddenly grinned wryly, “What kind of compensation are you offering?”

“Crystal Stones, pills, as long as your information is useful, I can give you anything you want.”

Hearing this, the big man couldn’t help revealing a look of surprise. From Yang Kai’s age and the way he dressed, he really didn’t expect this youth to have anything of significant worth.

“Seems your quite sensible kid,” The big man nodded slightly, “But although we’ve seen that old man and young lady you spoke of, we don’t have any specific information about their current whereabouts.”

“Then don’t waste my time,” Yang Kai’s mood suddenly sank and his expression became cold.

The big man laughed at this and continued, “Although we don’t know much about them, that doesn’t mean others don’t. If you’re interested, why not take a little trip with us?”

Yang Kai’s eyes flashed and also wore a grin, “Good, lead me to this person who knows about them.”

The big man nodded in agreement, turning around and walking off. Yang Kai hurried to keep up while the other who had accompanied the big man followed behind, silently sealing off Yang Kai’s path of retreat.

This group of people didn’t have any good intentions, of this Yang Kai was naturally aware, but it was also likely they had some information regarding Meng Wu Ya and Xia Ning Chang, otherwise, they wouldn’t have been able to describe them so accurately.

What exactly did Old Man Meng do to them? Why did this group of people seem to have a deep grudge with him?

Despite knowing he was walking into a disadvantageous situation, Yang Kai boldly followed as he had confidence in his skills. Not showing the slightest hint of anxiety, he simply followed along while secretly observing his surroundings.

He had been active in Blue Water City for an entire month now and naturally knew there were no Saint Realm masters here, so he had nothing to fear.

After following the big man for some time, Yang Kai suddenly found himself in front of a large manor.

Upon entering the manor, the big man led Yang Kai to a grand courtyard and eventually came to a tranquil garden.

In the garden, there was a young man with a sullen look sitting upon a chair. Kneeling in front of the youth were two scantily clad women who were snuggling up next to him.

These two women were not very strong, probably only True Element cultivators, but at the moment, their two snow white necks actually had collars around them. The collars were attached to some kind of rope that was being grasped by the youth.

One of the women’s bottoms curled upwards as if defying gravity and was half squatting on the ground in a seductive pose, as if she was acting like a puppy, wagging her tail and begging towards the seated young man; as for the other woman, her head was actually buried in the youth’s lap, her head moving back and forth rhythmically, each time she did a faint slurping noise could be heard.

These two women wore extremely thin dressings that did nothing to conceal their tall peaks upon their chests and the soft grasslands between their thighs.

When they arrived there, the big man and his group of followers couldn’t help breathing a little heavier, licking their lips as obscene light flashed across their eyes.

As for the young man sitting in the chair, his expression was one of absent minded indulgence.

Yang Kai face immediately went black.

He had long heard of that some young masters from wealthy families had unusual fetishes and would do all kinds of extreme and distasteful acts.

But upon seeing an example of this debauchery for the first time, it was still somewhat off-putting.

“Young Master, I’ve brought the person you were seeking,” The big man observed for a while before seemingly realizing his gaff and quickly reporting.

The young man sitting in the chair seemed to have not heard and simply continued reveling in his ‘activities’.

Suddenly, the young man’s face changed and became enraged, reaching out and grabbing the hair of the woman whose head was buried in his crotch, lifting her up and slapping her face several times, “Damn slut! How many times have I told you not to use your teeth!”

These slaps were extremely heavy and the woman’s cheeks instantly swelled up, but she did not dare to complain, hastily kowtowing at the youth’s feet, her body shivering in fear.

Seeing all this, Yang Kai’s eyes gradually narrowed and his aura became somewhat dangerous.

The young man lazily reorganized his clothes before finally turning a cold look to Yang Kai and asking in an arrogant voice, “Are you the one looking for that old guy and little girl?”

“Yes,” Yang Kai nodded, “Do you have clues about their whereabouts?”

“No, I’m also looking for them!” Young grinned menacingly, “If you have any information about them, can you tell me?”

“Are you also looking for them?” Yang Kai’s brow wrinkled, “What are you looking for them for?”

“I should be the one asking you that,” The face of the youth suddenly became hazy and unpleasant, “But since you’ve asked, I might as well tell you.”

As he spoke, the youths expression became uglier and uglier, his hand gripping the arm of his chair so tightly it cracked as his True Qi surged up, “I’m looking for them, because I want them to die! The reason this Young Master has fallen into such a state is all because of that old bastard! Brat, tell me right now, what is your relationship with them, you better think clearly before you answer though, if you are their friend or relative, I’ll let you taste the worst torture this world has to offer until the day you die!”

“That old guy actually attacked you?” Yang Kai heard this and was stunned.

What kind of identity did Meng Wu Ya posses? If there wasn’t an extremely compelling reason, it was impossible for him to use a heavy hand on a Junior.

The only explanation was that this young man had done something to enrage Meng Wu Ya.

Yang Kai immediately thought of Xia Ning Chang. Treasurer Meng regarded his Little Senior Sister as a treasure. If this young man had any ideas about Little Senior Sister, that might be enough to set Meng Wu Ya off.

Also, from what Yang Kai had seen of this young man, how he indulged in females, he had an idea of what had happened. Although his Little Senior Sister never revealed her face, anyone who laid eyes upon her could tell she was an astonishing beauty, one that with an especially innocent and cute temperament, causing anyone to unconsciously be attracted to her.

Considering all this, Yang Kai’s expression also became unpleasant.

“My Cheng Family treated that old bastard like an honoured guest yet he actually dared to harm our young master,” The big man who led Yang Kai came, explained, “Brat, what is your relationship with that old man? If you dare to lie, I, your Grandpa, will teach you a harsh lesson.”

“Why would he act against your family’s Young Master? Can you explain this to me?” Yang Kai glanced over at him, his eyes flickering a dangerous light.

The big man, as if unaware of Yang Kai’s murderous stare, openly replied, “My family’s Young Master favoured that girl and put some medicine in her food.”

“Put medicine in her food?” Yang Kai gently nodded, “I can see your Young Master doing something like that.”

Xia Ning Chang possessed the Sacred Spirit Medicine Body, trying to use drugs on her was the very definition of foolish. Although he was clear that his Little Senior Sister was never in any real danger and was perfectly safe and sound, anger still burned in Yang Kai’s heart.

“That old guy beating you was too merciful, if it was me, I wouldn’t have done just that,” Yang Kai snickered.

“Little brat, what do you say?” The big man’s expression became cold as he angrily roared.

The young man looked at Yang Kai with great interest and asked, “If it was you, what would you have done?”


When everyone heard Yang Kai say this, all of them laughed and spat out words of ridicule.

“Boy, you’re certainly crazy enough. In my Cheng Family’s house, actually daring to say something so bold, I’m afraid you don’t know how to write the word ‘dead’! In this Blue Water City, my Cheng Family is…” The big man began ranting off arrogantly, but before he could finish, his words came to an abrupt end.

A faint bloody smell filled the air and the eyes of the big man bulged as his face was dyed red. At that moment, he could feel all the meridians and veins in his body constantly expanding, and no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t suppress this trend.


Flesh and blood suddenly spattered all over the garden. No one knew what had happened, only that the big man who once stood next to them had exploded, bones and all, leaving behind only a pool of blood where a man once existed.

Those who were standing close to him were covered in fresh meat.

Being thrust into this hellish scene, everyone was stunned, standing there stupidly, unable to even react. The young man sitting in the chair was even more stunned, incapable of comprehending what had just happened.

“I’ll ask you once, do you know where that the old guy and little girl went? Anyone who tells me, I can leave with a whole corpse,” Yang Kai swept his eyes around, his gaze filled with an intense chill.

“Kill him!” The young man’s face drained of all colour, finally coming to his senses upon hearing Yang Kai’s words and quickly ordering his underlings to attack.

The remaining henchmen also woke up from their dazed state and began moving.

A burst of Wind and Thunder forces welled up, and although Yang Kai stood perfectly still, a wave of this force burst forth from his body.

Though Yang Kai did not summon his Wind and Thunder Wings, the concentrated Wind and Thunder pulse he released transformed the garden into a land of death.

All the Immortal Ascension Boundary cultivators caught in this miniature hurricane didn’t even have a chance to resist before they were cut into countless pieces, their deaths extremely miserable.

The young man sitting in the chair was dumbstruck, never had he imagined he had actually provoked such a god of disaster.

Because he heard Yang Kai was very young, he had simply sent some of his underlings to bring him back, but now it was apparent this youth possessed strength far beyond what one his age should have.

“A Transcendent? Impossible!” The youth’s eyes nearly popped out of their socket, his expression filled with terror.

Being able to kill so many Immortal Ascension cultivators without even moving, only a Transcendent Realm master would be capable of such a feat, but could there really be such a young Transcendent in this world?

Seeing the incomparably cold expression on Yang Kai’s face as he stepped towards him, the young man cried out in panic, “Don’t come over! I don’t know where those two went, don’t come over!”

“Then you can die,” Yang Kai said indifferently; after confirming that this young man was not lying, he struck out with his fist and smashed the latter’s head.

Inside the once tranquil garden, the smell of blood filled the air, and only an indifferent Yang Kai remained standing. This incident couldn’t even be called a battle, the other party daring to provoke him was simply them seeking their own deaths.

The two scantily clad women were uninjured, but they seemed to have been overwhelmed by the whole situation, both of them staring at Yang Kai absentmindedly, their tender bodies trembling lightly, not daring to move.

When Yang Kai’s eyes landed on them, his gaze softened slightly. He had no intention of finding trouble with these two.

All of sudden though, Yang Kai’s eyes became sharp again as he turned to stare in a certain direction.

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