Martial Peak

Chapter 722, Blue Water City

Chapter 722, Blue Water City

Seeming aware of Yang Kai’s anxiety, Old Man Li quickly offered some words of comfort.

Yang Kai also understood that thinking the way he was would not help the situation, only by finding Meng Wu Ya and asking him would he be able to grasp what had actually happened.

Taking a deep breath, Yang Kai’s mood gradually settled and he asked, “Old Man Li, where did you and Brother Di meet them?”

“Blue Water City!”

“Blue Water City?” Yang Ka’s brow furrowed slightly.

“En, it’s a city a few months journey away from here, but even if you go there, you most likely won’t find them. We met them two years ago and at the time, Meng Wu Ya said they would be leaving in short order. They have likely long left Blue Water City,” Old Man Li said slightly apologetically. From the intense reaction Yang Kai had shown, it was clear that Meng Wu Ya and that little girl surnamed Xia were very important to him.

“Regardless, this is the first clue I’ve obtained about them, so even if they left long ago, I still have to go and investigate,” Yang Kai said solemnly.

“En, very well,” Old Man Li smiled and nodded, “Then I will simply wish little brother good luck.”

“I must take advantage of Old Man Li’s auspicious words!” Yang Kai cupped his fists.

Bidding farewell to Old Man Li and Di Yao, Yang Kai hurried back to the inn.

This time, in addition to a wealth of knowledge, he had obtained a valuable clue from Old Man Li about Meng Wu Ya and his Little Senior Sister’s whereabouts which was a pleasant surprise. Armed with this information, Yang Kai didn’t want to delay, so after explaining the situation to Cang Yan and Fei Yu, he immediately set off for Blue Water City.

Both Cang Yan and Fei Yu knew that Yang Kai had been looking for his two Senior Sisters. So now that he had a clue about them, although his chances of finding them were somewhat slim, they made no effort to stop him and instead volunteered to escort him to Blue Water City.

Yang Kai of course politely refused.

The Thousand Year Demon Flower’s medicinal liquid, which he had taken more than a year to bring back, was something his Martial Uncles and Martial Aunt had even sought after in their dreams as it was the key to them breaking through to the Saint Realm, how could Yang Kai delay them for his personal matters?

Yang Kai’s attitude was incredibly firm, so Cang Yan and Fei Yu eventually relented, urging him to pay attention to his safety and reminding him that if he was to suffer any grievances outside, he must return to the Sect and inform them.

Feeling the care and concern of his Martial Uncle and Martial Aunt, Yang Kai’s heart was warmed.

As for acting alone outside, it was something Yang Kai was very skilled at. For so many years, he had basically single-handedly forged his own path in the world.

Tidying up his things, Yang Kai immediately departed.

Outside Floating Clouds City, Cang Yan and Fei Yu watched him leave before turning in a different direction and flying off towards Soaring Heaven Sect, they needed to return and prepare to break through to the Saint Realm.

Inside the City Lord’s Mansion, Old Man Li and Di Yao also said their goodbyes to Ao Gu and the others before setting off on the road again.

Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling impatient and rushed ahead as swift as wind and quick as lightly the whole way.

Although he knew that after so long, there was not much hope he would be able to see them, he still tried his best to get to Blue Water City as soon as possible to see if he could obtain some useful clues about Treasurer Meng and Xia Ning Chang’s whereabouts.

Even crossing famous mountains and rivers, Yang Kai ignored everything around him and madly dashed forward.

Now that he had broken through to the Transcendent Realm, his speed had increased dramatically and when he came to uninhabited regions, Yang Kai also unfurled his Wind and Thunder Wings to further increase his pace.

Although Transcendents were by no means weak, in Tong Xuan Realm, reaching such a cultivation was still not enough to dominate the world.

Yang Kai estimated that at the very least, he would have to break through to the Saint Realm before being able to move about unobstructed here.

He had to become stronger and stronger in order to establish a real foothold in this place. Although he had become a disciple of Soaring Heaven Sect, and his Ancestral Founder and Martial Uncles were all very good to him, in the end that was not his own strength.

What Yang Kai wanted was a power that belonged to him.

As time passed, Yang Kai’s feeling of urgency gradually calmed down.

After his mood settled, Yang Kai suddenly became more and more cheerful. The self-confidence and unyielding determination he had relied on in the past seemingly returning. He felt that as long as he was given enough time, one day, he would once again stand at the top of the world and become a true hegemon.

He had the Unyielding Golden Skeleton and the Demon Eye of Annihilation,. With this legacy of the Great Demon God, as long as Yang Kai could bring out their full potential, there was no limit to how strong he could become.

On the road, Yang Kai did not idle, immersing himself in the sentiments he had obtained from the Starry Sky as well as comprehending the knowledge regarding Conflagrated Knowledge Seas that Old Man Li had taught him, integrating all of these insights into his own strength.

This change in mentality and rise in self-confidence was like a catalyst that allowed Yang Kai to comprehend and solidify his own foundation and strength.

His recently promoted Transcendent Realm cultivation was quickly stabilized as a result.

Across the endless wilderness, there were endless forest filled with ancient towering trees and vast rivers and lakes filled with pristine waters. Beautiful sighs and fresh air rich in World Energy and vitality surrounded Yang Kai. Traces of Monster Beast and Human activity could also be seen every now and then.

As Yang Kai flew past, the psychological burden he had originally felt gradually melted away.

After half a month, after passing through a vast forest and crossing over a towering mountain range, Yang Kai felt wind wash over him.

This breeze had a faint salty smell to it.

Yang Kai’s expression couldn’t help changing slightly as a feeling of familiarity came over him.

When he was still young and weak and left High Heaven Pavilion for the first time, when he arrived at Sea City, he had smelled a similar scent in the air.

Because it was the breeze coming in off the ocean, it contained the smell of salt and fish.

Looking into the distance, on the remote horizon, there was an endless expanse of sparkling blue. The wind was blowing in from that direction but it was only after Yang Kai had crossed the mountain range behind him that he had been able to realize this ocean’s existence.

[The ocean?] Yang Kai raised his eyebrows.

He hadn’t expected the so-called Blue Water City to be a coastal city and only realized now that, in his hurry, he had failed to acquire any information about this place before rushed off.

Cang Yan and Fei Yu had not informed him about this either, so when Yang Kai saw this scene, he couldn’t help reminiscing about his previous experiences.

It was as if he had suddenly returned to his former world and arrived at Sea City once again.

Remembering about the masters from the Endless Sea Island Sects and the young peacock raising girl Zhong Miao, Yang Kai couldn’t help smiling warmly, shaking his head a moment later to dispel these thoughts from his mind before flying forward once more.

The closer he got to Blue Water City, the more concentrated the Water Attribute Energy in the air became. This place was definitely a good place for Water Attribute cultivators to practice.

Three days later, Yang Kai finally arrived at Blue Water City, paid a Crystal Stone to the guards, and entered safely.

Inside Blue Water City, the atmosphere was lively. Many cultivators here wore light blue robes because they cultivated Water Attribute Secret Arts and Martial Skills so they had a special affection for this colour.

Here, Yang Kai’s True Yang Secret Art was faintly suppressed but that did not affect him too seriously.

Those like him who cultivated Yang or Fire Attribute Secret Arts would not be willing to live in a place like this, if they were to remain here for too long, not only would their Secret Art be suppressed, their strength might even degrade.

Although he already knew the chances were slim, Yang Kai still felt somewhat disappointed shortly after arriving in Blue Water City.

He had not released his Divine Sense yet, but he was certain that Meng Wu Ya was no longer here.

Treasurer Meng’s Heavenly Palace defensive artifact was still in Yang Kai’s possession, so when he arrived in Blue Water City, Yang Kai had deliberately taken it out of the Black Book space.

If Meng Wu Ya was really here, the Heavenly Palace would have shown some reaction; after all, this artifact still had Meng Wu Ya’s Soul mark on it.

Since there was no reaction though, it showed that Meng Wu Ya and Xia Ning Chang have long since left.

After a brief bout of depression, Yang Kai collected himself and began to search for information in Blue Water City.

Although Meng Wu Ya and his Little Senior Sister had already left, they might have left behind some clues Yang Kai could use to search for them.

Now that he had an official identity as an Alchemist and an Alchemist Guild Token, it was no longer necessary for him to wander about on his own to inquire about news.

After strolling around for a while, Yang Kai arrived at the Blue Water City Alchemist Guild Branch. Once he showed his Alchemist Guild Token, he easily obtained information from the other Alchemists in the branch.

Yang Kai’s Alchemist Guild Token was the one he had acquired when he first came to Grand Boulder City, so it still only showed he was a Spirit Grade Low-Rank Alchemist.

Even so, the other Alchemists of Blue Water City were still amazed. Regarding this Alchemist Guild branch, the manager was only a 100-year old Spirit Grade Top-Rank Alchemist, so Yang Kai was extremely warmly received and praised as a talent from the younger generation.

Yang Kai had to admit that having an Alchemist Guild Token really made things more convenient wherever he went.

Although this world was vast, almost every city had an Alchemist Guild branch unless the city was too small.

Of course, not every Alchemist Guild branch had a manager like Old Man Du who was a Saint Grade Alchemist. For example, Blue Water City’s highest ranked Alchemist was only Spirit Grade Top-Rank.

In other places, even Spirit Grade Mid-Rank Alchemists could be branch managers.

Yang Kai came here to inquire about information firstly because with his Alchemist status it was convenient to do so, and secondly because Xia Ning Chang was also an Alchemist, there was a chance she had interacted with the other Alchemists here.

However, after asking around, everyone here simply shook their heads. Only one person said that he had seen this old and young pair, but even he had never had any interactions with them. Moreover, his memory of the event was somewhat foggy as it had already been two years.

Yang Kai felt helpless but still thanked this man for his help.

It seemed as though the clue he had obtained from Old Man Li was a dead end, Yang Kai thought to himself with a forced smile.

Although this series of disappointments made Yang Kai feel somewhat depressed, he did not become disheartened. He firmly believed that one day he would be able to reunite with Su Yan and Xia Ning Chang and even Old Demon that old bastard.

Over the next few days, Yang Kai continued to looking for clues in Blue Water City while searching for a number of medicinal herbs.

These herbs were things he needed to refining the Saint Pill for the Ancient Demon Clan and were only produced in ocean regions, thus they were quite rare and precious.

Yang Kai believed he may be able to find them here.

Time passed by quickly yet Yang Kai did not make much progress, not only did he not find any messages or clues left behind by Meng Wu Ya, even the herbs he was searching for eluded him. The people he asked always shook their heads or gave him strange looks, claiming that these herbs were almost extinct or they had never heard of them before.

One month later, when Yang Kai was inquiring about the news in a certain medicine store, he suddenly noticed that there were several people who were clearly following him.

His brow wrinkling, Yang Kai looked back and saw a group of cultivators led by a burly middle-aged man making no attempt to hide themselves approaching him.

This group of people weren’t very strong, all of them only Immortal Ascension Boundary cultivators, but there was a large number of them and their auras were fierce, obviously they were not a peaceful bunch.

When they arrived in front of Yang Kai, the middle-aged man unscrupulously stared at him.

“Do you need something?” Yang Kai asked in a somewhat disgruntled tone.

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