Martial Peak

Chapter 707 - Lost Again

Chapter 707, Lost Again

Under the stern look and quick approach of Zhou Liang, Yang Kai felt as if he had been suppressed by the other party’s momentum, a cold chill running up his spine, unable to move at all.

A Saint Realm master, two Great Realms above his current cultivation. If Zhou Liang really wanted to kill him, Yang Kai wouldn’t be able to resist, and even Fei Yu wouldn’t be able to escape this catastrophe.

Di Yao, who was still standing behind Yang Kai, whispered softly at that moment, causing both Yang Kai and Fei Yu to be shocked.

Zhou Liang ignored Yang Kai and Fei Yu completely, went straight up to Di Yao, and hastily asked, “Has Young Master Die been injured?”

His tone of voice was filled with concern and urgency, and even some faint nervousness and fear, it seemed like to Zhou Liang, what he was most worried about was whether Di Yao had suffered any harm in the previous battle.

The audience was stunned, Nie Chu Feng’s smile went stiff on her face, and Nie Cong could do nothing but stare dumbfounded with his jaw dropped.

“Nope, I’m fine,” Di Yao casually shook his head.

“That’s good,” Zhou Liang let out a sigh of relief, his face finally relaxing as the wrinkles on his brow smoothed, in the next instant gently comforting, “Young Master Die must have been frightened. This Zhou Liang was negligent and hopes Young Master Di won’t take offence.”

Di Yao just smiled lightly and waved, “It’s fine.”

Zhou Liang next turned to Yang Kai and Fei Yu, gently nodding as he asked, “Are they friends of Young Master Di?”

“En,” Di Yao smiled and replied, “New friends.”

Zhou Liang’s look instantly became friendly as he nodded towards Yang Kai. “En, good, very good. Since you are a friend of Young Master Die, that makes you an honoured guest of my Floating Clouds City. You can rest assured that I will give you an explanation for this mess!”

After saying so, Zhou Liang’s face became cold and his aura became chilly as he turned around the walked towards Nie Chu Feng.

Nie Chu Feng was still recovering from her initial shock; her eyes were somewhat dull as the scene in front of her really went beyond her ability to accept.

Although Di Yao had previously shown her Ao Gu’s Golden Dragon Token, that should only have meant he was a guest of Ao Gu. Why was Zhou Liang so polite to him then, even going so far as to flatter him?

Was the force behind this young man something that made even Zhou Liang fearful?

When she finally managed to compose herself, Zhou Liang was already standing in front of her.

“Uncle Zhou…” Feeling Zhou Liang’s anger, Nie Cong went pale and his knees began to tremble as he called out.


A loud slap rang out and Nie Cong was sent flying, spinning a few times through the air before he hit the ground and instantly fainting.

“Zhou Liang, what are you doing?” Nie Chu Feng’s beautiful eyes gradually restored their clarity and upon seeing Nie Cong being slapped across his face, she cried out.


Another crisp slap rang out and a clear handprint appeared on Nie Chu Feng’s pretty face as a trickle of blood left her lips.

Covering her cheek with her hand in shock, Nie Chu Feng trembled fearfully as she stared at the man who had always doted upon and favoured her, suddenly feeling like this person had become a complete stranger.

The coldness on Zhou Liang’s face made her feel like she had been dropped into an icehouse as the blood in her heart froze up.

“Lowly slut, do you have any idea what you’ve done?” Zhou Liang asked coldly.

Nie Chu Feng was dazed and could only shake her head.

“Ignorant woman!” Zhou Liang eyes became sharp and he coldly shouted, “All these years, you and your bastard nephew have used my name to commit all kinds of evil in Floating Clouds City and I have always opened one eye and closed the other while sheltering you, but today, I cannot stand idly by!”

“Why?” Nie Chu Feng screamed.

“You have offended someone who absolutely should not be offended!” Zhou Liang replied coldly and indifferently, “Leave, take your bastard nephew with you and go. From now on, you are forever banned from entering Floating Clouds City, if I see you here again, you know the consequences.”

Nie Chu Feng’s beautiful face lost all colour upon hearing these words, utterly shocked that Zhou Liang would speak such heartless words to her.

“Why have you not left my sight?!” Seeing that she was not moving, Zhou Liang roared angrily once more.

Feeling Zhou Liang’s rising murderous intent, Nie Chu Feng tender body trembled as she realized he was not joking; only now understanding how profound the power behind Di Yao must be.

Nie Chu Feng was certain that Zhou Liang would not treat her so cruelly even if she had offended someone from Ao Gu’s family, him acting so callously now made Nie Chu Feng see just how horrifying Di Yao’s background was.

Naturally, it must be some behemoth that even Zhou Liang had to show deference and respect towards.

Upon understanding this, Nie Chu Feng suddenly burst into tears and pleaded, “Zhou Liang, please don’t be so cold-hearted, I know I was wrong, I will sincerely apologize to this young man and swear to never provoke him again.”

Nie Chu Feng was just a First Order Transcendent. In other words, her strength was insignificant, and all she had to take advantage of was her beauty. Being able to receive Zhou Liang’s love and protection allowed her to live freely in Floating Clouds City, but once she lost that, with her weak cultivation, she would not be able to support herself.

She had offended too many people in Floating Clouds City over the years.

Once she lost Zhou Liang’s asylum, she was very clear about what would be waiting for her.

Therefore, in full view of the public, Nie Chu Feng fell to the ground, held on to Zhou Liang’s thigh and begged.

However, not only did the audience not feel that this beautiful woman was pitiful, most of them showed happy looks.

This woman’s evil deeds were well known throughout Floating Clouds City and her unpopularity was as high as could be.

Zhou Liang’s face remained indifferent throughout everything and simply looked down at her coldly.

Nie Chu Feng gradually despaired, knowing that her former lover would not change his mind, regaining her calm after a moment, brushing her messy hair back behind her ear as she slowly rose up and said, “Zhou Liang, you driving me away, I won’t complain any further about, but out of considerations for the many years of love we shared, I wish to ask one last thing of you/ I hope you can promise it to me, if you do, I will leave right now!”

Staring at the beautiful face of this woman, Zhou Liang expression changed slightly, seemingly reminiscing about the time he had spent with her before letting out a light sigh, “Say it, if I can, I will fulfil your last wish.”

Nie Chu Feng smiled helplessly and asked in a quiet voice, “Last night, I heard you say that a very powerful Alchemist had arrived in the City Lord’s Mansion. Can you ask him to help refine a pill to restore my nephew’s severed arm? Since even you say he is so powerful, surely he had the ability to refine such a pill, right?”

“En, he can,” Zhou Liang nodded.

“Then…” Nie Chu Feng smiled happily.

“But I cannot satisfy your request.”

“Why?” Nie Chu Feng became slightly hysterical, “One day as husband and wife, a hundred days of graciousness, are you really so unfeeling as to deny me even this small favour?”

“It is not that I am too unfeeling, it is that you are too stupid,” Zhou Liang leaned over and whispered into Nie Chu Feng’s ear, “The young man you offended is the only disciple of that Alchemy Grandmaster. That Alchemy Grandmaster is the existence which Ao Gu, Jin Jiao, and I dare not provoke.”

Nie Chu Feng’s eyes went round with shock.

“Leave,” Zhou Liang waved his hand. “I hope that from now on you won’t be so blind.”

Grief and indignation filled Nie Chu Feng’s face as she bit her lips so hard blood oozed from them. Immediately bending over and picking up Nie Cong, who was still unconscious off the ground, she shot a hate-filled glance towards Zhou Liang and Di Yao before quickly using her movement skill to disappear into the crowd.

Among the crowds, there were many who wore cold and sinister expression on their faces. After Nie Chu Feng made her move, many of these plotting individuals followed.

Every grudge was owed its due vengeance, and it was time for these people to settle their accounts with this poisons woman.

Zhou Liang witnessed all this but did not stop it.

“That woman is dead,” Yang Kai whispered softly.

“She’s just getting what she deserved,” Fei Yu spat disdainfully. She despised this kind of woman who only knew how to flatter those with power yet lacked any kind of self-awareness.

Zhou Liang came over and looked at Yang Kai and Fei Yu kindly, “Since the two of you are friends of Young Master Die, why not come to the City Lord’s Mansion for a few days? There should still be some time before the Thousand Year Demon Flower blooms.”

Di Yao also showed Yang Kai a somewhat expectant look, seemingly hoping he could come to the City Lord’s Mansion as well.

But Yang Kai simply shook his head, “I have a few Martial Uncles who are currently running some errands outside, we have to wait for them to come back so I’m afraid I must decline your gracious offer.”

“Since that’s the case, this old master won’t insist. If you have time, do come to the City Lord’s Mansion to visit,” Zhou Liang smiled before turning to Di Yao. “Young Master Di, let us return first.”

Di Yao responded with a sigh, nodded to Yang Kai, and left with Zhou Liang.

All around the gathered crowd was silent, many of the people who had come to watch the show still unable to recover from what they had just witnessed, looks of shock and disbelief still plastered all over their faces.

For an unknown young man, Zhou Liang not only beat his beloved mistress but also drove her out of Floating Clouds City, this was the epitome of ruthlessness.

Moreover, simply because they had some relationship to that young man, Yang Kai and Fei Yu received a warm and courteous invitation from Zhou Liang.

What exactly was the background of this young man to warrant such treatment?

After some time, the crowd gradually dispersed. Some bold people wanted to inquire about Di Yao’s background from Yang Kai but Yang Kai and Fei Yu didn’t give them a chance, quickly hiding themselves inside the inn.

In truth, they too were a bit shocked.

Despite knowing that Di Yao must have some kind of strong background, Yang Kai still found that he had greatly underestimated the other’s origins.

After he and Fei Yu pondered over it for a while, they couldn’t think of anything reasonable, so they simply let the matter drop.

After returning to the City Lord’s Mansion, Di Yao immediately went to see his Master.

In a quiet room, Di Yao’s Master was silently meditating so when the former walked in, he simply stood quietly and waited. After waiting for a long time, the old man slowly opened his eyes.

“Master, I lost again,” Di Yao sighed lightly.

“Lost again?” Hearing this, the old man was quite surprised.

“En, Master, take a look at this pill,” Di Yao reverently handed over the pill that Yang Kai had refined in their contest a short time ago.

The old man took it and his eyes immediately brightened, “Pill Veins?”

Releasing his Divine Sense to inspect it, the old man’s look gradually change and only after quite a while did he hand the pill back to Di Yao and asked, “Was this pill refined by your opponent?”


“What kind of person was it?”

“He’s about the same age as me,” Di Yao quickly described Yang Kai’s appearance.

The old man listened quietly as he stroked his beard and after a moment said, “This young man is a serious monster.”

“Why does Master say so?”

“His Alchemy technique is a bit sloppy, it seems like he had never been strictly taught. That is to say, unlike you, he has never had formal instruction from a Master.”

“What?” Di Yao cried out in shock.

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