Martial Peak

Chapter 706 - Acting as a Fool

Chapter 706, Acting as a Fool

Nie Chu Feng was a First Order Transcendent, and although this level of cultivation was not very strong considering the whole of Tong Xuan Realm, she could still be counted amongst the ranks of the Transcendents.

Di Yao, like Yang Kai, was still just a Peak Immortal Ascension Boundary cultivator, so the gap between their strengths was still quite large. The moment Nie Chu Feng began condensing her True Qi, Di Yao’s face became dignified.

Not waiting for this woman to attack, Di Yao quickly raised his hand and threw something over to Nie Chu Feng.

Nie Chu Feng’s eyes flashed as she reached out and easily caught this object, her beautiful face changing abruptly upon seeing what it was.

“Golden Dragon Token?” Nie Cong also called out in surprise.

“No wonder he dares act so crazy, it turns out this little brat has the Golden Dragon Token of Floating Clouds City,” Fei Yu suddenly understood, her beautiful eyes fixedly staring at the token in Nie Chu Feng’s hand, her red lips pursing lightly.

“His background really isn’t small,” Yang Kai smiled.

Anyone who held the Golden Dragon Token of Floating Clouds City was considered a VIP of the City Lord’s Mansion. Although Yang Kai didn’t know Di Yao and Floating Clouds City’s City Lord were related, he had still heard about the tyrannical methods of this Demon Race’s Saint Realm master, Ao Gu.

After recognizing the Golden Dragon Token, Nie Chu Feng’s murderous intent and momentum deflated like a popped balloon, her beautiful eyes staring in shock towards Di Yao as she asked, “Where did you get the Golden Dragon Token?”

She was somewhat dubious about how such a young man could have any relationship with Ao Gu.

However, Di Yao just shrugged his shoulders, “Senior Ao Gu gave it to me, if you don’t believe me, you can ask him yourself.”

“I will indeed ask,” Nie Chu Feng’s expression became somewhat uncertain, beckoning to a nearby cultivator before ordering him, “Go and ask Zhou Liang Vice City Lord about this.”

“Yes!” The man replied firmly before flying off quickly.

The scene suddenly stagnated and the audience began whispering amongst themselves again, many of them finding it difficult to hide their surprise.

Nie Chu Feng looked Di Yao over, her eyes flashing a complex light; this boy suddenly taking out the Golden Dragon Token had really made things somewhat difficult for her.

“Aunty, you have to help me kill him!” Nie Cong lowered his voice and glared hatefully towards Di Yao.

“Stop. He has the Golden Dragon Token!” Nie Chu Feng slowly shook her head and frowned.

“What of it?” Nie Cong bit his lip so hard it bled as he muttered under his breath, “Since he has the Golden Dragon Token, I have to swallow the insult of losing my hand? No matter what, I want him to die today!”

Nie Chu Feng opened her mouth and was about to try persuading her nephew once more, but when she saw Nie Cong’s pain and aggrieved face, her heart couldn’t help filling with anger.

From infancy to maturity, Nie Cong had grown up under her care and had never suffered the slightest grievance. In this Floating Clouds City, as soon as the name Young Master Nie Cong was reported, anyone and everyone would bow politely and flatter him, he had not once encountered a situation where he could not obtain what he wanted.

But today, one of his hands had been cut off and destroyed.

“Do you really want him to die?” Nie Chu Feng’s beautiful eyes gradually revealed a dangerous light.

“He must die or my hatred will never be soothed!”

“Good, then aunty will help you!” Nie Chu Feng’s expression became cold as she immediately made up her mind. In order to kill this brat, she had to end everything before Zhou Liang arrives, otherwise, it would be impossible for her to act.

As for what this brat’s true identity was and what kind of relationship he had with Ao Gu, once he was dead, none of that would matter.

As long as Zhou Liang said a few words to sooth Ao Gu’s anger, he could calm the situation down sufficiently; after all, this young man was just a guest of Ao Gu.

For such a person, especially after he died, would Ao Gu risk having a conflict with Zhou Liang?

Thinking so in her heart, Nie Chu Feng no longer hesitated, the green True Qi once again emerging from her tender body and before anyone could respond, transforming into a viper and shooting towards Di Yao.

Di Yao’s face changed abruptly, hot True Qi pouring out of his body rapidly, setting the air around him ablaze and forming a three-layered barrier.

The green serpent opened its teeth and broke through this blockade of flames easily before continuing to press towards Di Yao. From the mouth of this snake, a putrid aura sprayed out, instantly corroding Di Yao’s Flame Attribute True Qi.

In the blink of an eye, all of Di Yao’s True Qi defences were broken, and the snake arriving in front of him. Di Yao’s pupils shrank and his body flickered, barely avoiding this fatal blow.

Before he could catch his breath though, from the ground below his feet, a number of green snakes burst forth and tightly encircled him, attacking from all directions.

Di Yao’s flustered look suddenly became calm and he activated an extremely profound movement skill, allowing him to disappear like a ghost, leaving behind multiple after-images as he once again dodged this assault.

The audience uttered a string of exclamations, none of them having anticipated that this young man could still remain safe under Nie Chu Feng’s attack.

Before everyone could recover from their shock though, from the third story of the inn, an earth-shaking eruption of True Qi burst forth, sending out a series of ripples visible to the naked eye. These ripples seemed to contain some kind of extremely mysterious power and the moment they contacted the deep green snake, the latter stagnated and was gradually being suppressed.

In the next instant, a dazzling light, like the blade of the sharpest knife, split into ten strikes and slashed down from the sky above.

As if the sun and the moon had exploded, a brilliant flash of light that blinded everyone in the vicinity shot out and the putrid green True Qi snake was eviscerated without leaving behind a single trace.

After everyone recovered their sight, they found that there was another young man now standing in front of Di Yao, the very one who had previously been competing for the Earth Fire Core in the Trading District.

“Brother Yang…” Di Yao stared at Yang Kai’s back, the corner of his mouth twitching slightly, a slightly unwilling look appearing on his face.

The eruption of power a moment ago made him realize just how absurd Yang Kai’s combat power was. Di Yao had originally thought that as an Alchemist like him, it was impossible for Yang Kai to possess impressive fighting strength, but now it was clear that the other side’s combat prowess was actually far greater than his own.

Inferior in terms of Alchemy and weaker in terms of strength, it was unavoidable that Di Yao felt somewhat aggrieved.

Yang Kai also frowned, feeling a bit of helplessness himself.

If possible, he had wanted to avoid getting involved with this trouble, but from the way Nie Chu Feng and Nie Cong were acting, even if he didn’t show up, he knew they would come looking for him sooner or later.

It could be said that the moment he had competed with Nie Cong for the Earth Fire Core, this grudge could only be resolved by force.

Knowing Soaring Heaven Sect’s four Protectors couldn’t compete with a Saint Realm master from Floating Clouds City, Yang Kai could only place his hopes on Di Yao.

This kid was always acting mysterious, so he definitely had some kind of background to rely on, hopefully, it would be enough to solve this problem.

Realizing this, Yang Kai decisively took action.

Fei Yu also fluttered down from the window and stood in front of the two kids with a begrudging smile on her face, muttering through her clenched teeth, “Little brat, you really know how to stir up trouble.”

Di Yao just curled his lips in response, “She can’t kill me.”

“Oh? So young yet already possessing such a bold tongue, your temper is really just like my bastard Martial Nephew’s here,” Fei Yu smiled.

“Aunty, those two are his companions,” After seeing Yang Kai, Nie Cong stared at and quickly pointed to Yang Kai and Fei Yu.

Yang Kai’s expression was indifferent. In truth, back at the Trading District, he had only forced Nie Cong to take a few steps and had never actually wounded him. However, the other party seeking vengeance for even this made him feel quite helpless.

“Rest assure, aunty will help you seek revenge,” Nie Chu Feng pretty face became chilly as she waved her hand and shouted, “Kill them all!”

With this one command, the cultivators she brought with her all pushed their True Qi and rushed towards Fei Yu and the others.

Fei Yu’s smile didn’t fade in the slightest even when the dozen or so cultivators crashed towards her, not showing the least bit of alarm. A gentle strength pulsed from her body in the next instant and in the blink of an eye the entire area was filled with a dense mist.

This mist rapidly condensed into thousands of water droplets and under Fei Yu’s exquisite control short out in all directions, intercepting all of her would-be attackers.

“Third Order Transcendent?” Nie Chu Feng pretty face changed once more.

When Fei Yu attacked just now, Nie Chu Feng realized the huge gap in strength between them and immediately understood that today, it would not be possible for her to help Nie Cong get his revenge.

Among the people she brought, the most powerful was a single Second Order Transcendent while two others were First Order Transcendents, the rest were just Immortal Ascension cultivators.

Such a force was certainly not enough to challenge a Third Order master.

Her expression growing increasingly hazy, Nie Chu Feng’s fury nearly drove her mad!

For so many years, no one in Floating Clouds City had ever dared to disobey her. Because she received Zhou Liang’s asylum, even Third Order Transcendent masters would treat her courteously.

But now, the situation had grown completely beyond her control.

This hateful group of outsiders had enough guts to ‘act like a fool in front of their lord’, they must really be impatient to die.

*Xiu xiu xiu…*

The water droplets surged forth with uncommon momentum and knocked back all the cultivators who had attacked just now, sending most of them to the ground, crying in pain. Only the three Transcendents managed to emerge relatively unscathed.

This was all because Fei Yu had no intent to kill them; after all, this was someone else’s territory, giving these people a lesson so they would back down was enough for now.

After witnessing Fei Yu’s methods, the three Transcendents who had just escaped all wore ugly expressions as they stared towards this beautiful woman with fear and dread.

“Still want to play?” Fei Yu smiled lightly as she teased, “Big sister here may not be so gentle next time.”

“Aunty!” Nie Cong called out in an aggrieved voice.

Nie Chu Feng’s expression fluctuated and was uncertain about how she should proceed from here when suddenly an angry shout rang out, “All of you stop this instant!”

At the same time, this voice reached everyone’s ears, an incredible pressure descended like a great mountain falling from the sky, causing everyone’s breath to stagnate.

Immediately after, a figure appeared in the distance and rapidly approached, soon landing right in the middle of the square.

Nie Chu Feng’s beautiful eyes lit up as she quickly squeezed out a smile as if she had just seen her saviour, calling out hurriedly, “Zhou Liang!”

Zhou Liang glanced at her faintly before immediately turning his eyes away and focusing on Di Yao who was standing behind Fei Yu and Yang Kai and quickly walking toward him, his expression quite gloomy.

The eyes of Fei Yu and Yang Kai narrowed, feeling like they were being stared at by a vicious snake, finding it difficult to even swallow.

Nie Chu Feng was incomparably excited as she thought Zhou Liang was going to personally vent her grievances for her. Gently patting Nie Cong’s head, she silently signalled him that everything was all right now.

Nie Cong wore a sinister smile as he opened his eyes wide and stared. He wanted to see just how these fools who provoked him would die.

Zhou Liang doted upon Nie Chu Feng greatly. Any time this beauty made a request to him, he would always carry it out, so naturally, this time would not be any different.

Nie Cong was full of confidence as he smiled grimly while taking pleasure in these bastards’ misfortune.

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