Martial Peak

Chapter 702 - Ice Heart Snow Lotus

Chapter 702, Ice Heart Snow Lotus

“Scram!” A shockingly loud voice rang out, causing everyone’s eardrums to rattle, instantly silencing the crowd. Some of the weaker cultivators even had blood flowing out of their ears. Obviously, everyone being so noisy in front of his booth had cause the seller to become a little angry.

“I don’t want to repeat myself again, if you can’t meet my requirements, leave,” The seller said in a low but firm tone.

“Third Order Transcendent!” Some among the crowd shouted.

The faint aura emanating from the seller allowed everyone to realize just how high his strength was, causing many people who were hoping to take advantage of this situation to sigh and slowly receded.

At first glance it was obvious this seller was a fierce and decisive person who had seen more than his fair share of blood. Anyone trying to take advantage of him would surely end up with only more trouble for themselves.

However, there were still many people who stayed behind and continued to try to bargain with the seller.

Unfortunately, the seller always shook his head and insisted on his original price of ten Saint Pills.

Gradually, the number of people in front of the booth decreased until it became a nearly deserted spot.

Yang Kai and Fei Yu finally made their way to the front of the booth and upon seeing what was being sold, they eyes couldn’t help flashing.

In front of the seller was a palm sized pure white lotus that seemed to have been carved from the purest ice, but it was actually exuding a strong vitality from its blossom, while a faint fragrance wafted from it that gave both Yang Kai and Fei Yu a comfortable, pleasant sensation that affected even their Souls, allowing their thoughts to become clearer and sharper than normal.

[A rare treasure!] Yang Kai immediately concluded.

“Ice Heart Snow Lotus?” Fei Yu immediately called out in alarm, quickly squatting down and examining the ice lotus with her beautiful eyes before drawing a sharp breath, “Could this be over 10,000 years old?”

As soon as this statement came out, Yang Ka’s expression changed greatly.

[10,000 years!] No matter what herb it was, even the lowest most ordinary herb, if it could grow to 10,000 years of age, it would become a valuable treasure, not to mention this ice lotus which, from the start of its inception, was clearly not ordinary.

The face of the seller which had always been tranquil ancient well also moved slightly, turning his eyes to Fei Yu and nodding slightly, “Finally someone with some vision.”

Fei Yu smiled lightly, “It’s not that I am the only one who can judge the quality of your goods, it’s just those who have the knowledge don’t want to reveal the truth.”

Those who wanted this ice lotus would obviously not emphasize its value in the hopes that the seller’s eyes weren’t so keen so they could pick up a bargain.

“Are you really only willing to accept ten Saint Pills in exchange for this?” Fei Yu asked softly.

To which the seller nodded firmly.

Fei Yu shook her head and sighed, ten Saint Pills was a price she couldn’t pay. Saint Grade pills weren’t something that just anyone could refine; even Saint Grade Alchemists would also have a great chance of failure when refining one.

As such, Saint Grade pills were always expensive; with ten of them one would even be able to afford a small city!

For any ordinary cultivator, it would basically be impossible to see ten Saint Pills throughout their entire lifetime.

“Martial Aunt, can this thing nourish one’s Soul?” Yang Kai also had a sharp eye for treasures but after all, he was somewhat lacking in experience so he did not immediately recognize this ice lotus.

Fei Yu, on the contrary, was different. Although she was not Alchemist, she had lived many years so she had considerably broader vision and knowledge than Yang Kai. It wasn’t surprising she was able to recognize this Ice Heart Snow Lotus and its true age at a glance.

“En, it’s a rare treasure which can nourish one’s Soul,” Fei Yu nodded lightly, “You don’t even need to refine it into a pill, you can simply swallow it directly. Anyone who consumes such an Ice Heart Snow Lotus would experience a vast increase in the strength of their Spiritual Energy. But it’s strange, this thing is extremely hard to come by, why don’t you simply take it yourself and instead want to exchange it for ten Saint Pills?”

“I naturally have my own reasons,” The seller said bluntly, obviously not willing to explain any further, “Do you have enough Saint Pills? If you have them then we can make a deal now, if you don’t, don’t waste my time.”

Fei Yu pursed her lips slightly, her opinion of this seller dropping considerably.

Yang Kai pondered for a while then asked, “Can you give me a few days to gather that many Saint Pills?”

“How long do you want?” The seller turned his eyes to Yang Kai.

“Three days!”

“I can give you the time, but I can’t guarantee I won’t sell it by then,” The seller bluntly replied.

Yang Kai frowned, “But I only have one Saint Pill on me right now!”

“That’s your problem.”

Seeing the sellers inflexible attitude, Yang Kai didn’t bother saying anymore. A treasure which could nourish one’s Soul was something he really wanted, but in order to refine ten Saint Pills, even with his current proficiency in Alchemy, it would still take him some time to prepare.

At the very least, he would need to collect some herbs that were not lower than Spirit Grade Top-Rank grade, preferably Saint Grade.

With the assistance of a supplementary Spirit Array and the Myriad Drug Milk, Yang Kai was confident he could refine ten Saint Pills in three days.

Of course, the price he would need to pay would be massive as he would definitely waste countless materials along the way.

Just as he was considering whether it would still be worth it to do this, someone suddenly appeared beside him. Yang Kai turned to look at this newcomer and discovered it was actually a young man around his age with a handsome appearance.

The young man also glanced towards Yang Kai and as their eyes met, both of them couldn’t help feeling astonished.

Both of them felt that the other party’s strength was outstanding.

Fei Yu’s beautiful eyes also flashed as she stared at this young man curiously.

The young man suddenly showed a temperate yet enchanting smile, causing the world around him to seem a bit sunnier than before.

“This Ice Heart Snow Lotus is quite good,” The young man took back his gaze from Yang Kai and shifted his attention to treasure in front of him.

“Ten Saint Pills!” The seller still said indifferently.

“Good, I want it,” The young man nodded lightly.

Yang Kai and Fei Yu both wore stunned expressions, and even the seller seemed to be in a state of shock, frowning as he said, “Give me the ten Saint Pill first, then it’s yours.”

He obviously didn’t believe such a young man could suddenly come up with ten Saint Pills.

The young man’s sunny smile didn’t fade though as he casually tossed a Universe Bag to the seller, “Check it yourself, exactly ten. If you want more, I’m afraid I can’t help you.”

The seller released his Divine Sense to investigate, smiling happily a moment later. Standing up, he quickly packed up his stall and strode away, his figure soon disappearing without even saying a word.

Yang Kai and Fei Yu were both dumbfounded.

The young man on the other hand smiled lightly, reached out his hand which looked as fair as a young maiden’s and carefully picked up the Ice Heart Snow Lotus, placing it in another Universe Bag before nodding to Yang Kai in a friendly manner, “I would seem I’ve been rude to this friend, seizing something you were after. I hope you can forgive me, after all, everyone wants good things.”

“Not a problem,” Yang Kai nodded lightly, not showing any intention of haggling with the youth over this.

He couldn’t afford to purchase the ice lotus while the other side could, there was really nothing more to say.

“En, goodbye then,” After the young man said it, he quickly disappeared into the crowd.

“That kid… What kind of background does he have?” Fei Yu said after a long period of absentmindedness, still somewhat stunned, “Ten Saint Pills, he didn’t even blink.”

“He should have an incredible background,” Yang Kai stared at the direction in which the youth disappeared, “On top of that… he’s a very high level Alchemist himself.”

“How do you know?” Fei Yu asked curiously.

“His fingertips had a fragrance of pills, and that fragrance was from Spirit Grade pills, probably from immersing himself in Alchemy all year round.”

Fei Yu couldn’t help covering her mouth in shock, “Doesn’t that mean he’s on the same level as you?”

So young, but able to refine Spirit Grade pills, that was not something an ordinary person could accomplish. Mi Na was also a Spirit Grade Low-Rank Alchemist, but she was older than Yang Kai.

But the youth from a moment ago looked to be about the same age as Yang Kai.

“No,” Yang Kai shook his head with a solemn expression, “He might even be better than me.”

This time, Fei Yu was so shocked she couldn’t speak.

Originally, she had thought a monster like Yang Kai would only appear in this world once every hundred years, but now, just after arriving in Floating Clouds City, she had actually met another one.

“However… he looks like a genuine gigolo, while I’m not!” Yang Kai suddenly grinned proudly, obviously taking pleasure in others’ misfortune.

Fei Yu shook her head in amazement, “You… he’s just a bit more handsome than you.”

“If he grew out his hair, I’m sure he would definitely be mistaken for a beautiful young woman, hahahaha!” Yang Kai laughed heartily, a man growing into such an appearance was in itself a kind of sadness.

“Let’s go see if there’s anything else good before heading back,” Yang Kai said, beckoning to Fei Yu, the latter hurriedly following after him with a somewhat dissatisfied look upon her face, “Hold on, you said you’d treat me to anything I want to drink, were you lying to me?”

“We can buy what you want and take it back to the inn to drink.”

After that, it was as if the pair had used up all their luck, so even after wandering around the Trading District for two hours they didn’t encounter anything good.

Just as they were preparing to head back to the inn, Yang Kai and Fei Yu saw a new stall go up and the person behind it take one precious herb after another from his Universe Bag.

Yang Kai couldn’t help having some expectations seeing this. This person seemed to be an Alchemist as he had an Alchemist Guild Token on his chest, and although he couldn’t tell this person’s grade just from that, the herbs the latter was taking out were all rare treasures.

“Let’s go take a look,” Yang Kai said to Fei Yu, walking over and standing in front of the booth, waiting quietly for the seller to take out all his wares.

The people around the area also seemed to have discovered something going on here and soon many people had gathered around. As a result, the Alchemist’s business was red hot and his herbs were quickly snatched up.

When the audience saw that this seller’s Universe Bag was finally empty, they couldn’t help feeling disappointed.

“Wait a moment please, my companion is on his way and he too has a lot of good things on him,” The seller hurriedly said.

Hearing this, everyone’s enthusiasm picked up once again and no one left, all of them crowding in even closer as they looked forward to what else would be for sale.

“Friend, where did you and your companion obtain all these treasures. They all seem to be quite well aged,” Someone asked curiously.

“Heh heh, I might as well tell you, we actually accidentally found a Mysterious Small World. There was nothing in there except for some herbs though, all of which we harvested and brought here to sell.”

“Your luck is really good,” Many envious people looked on and muttered.

Mysterious Small Worlds came in all shapes and sizes; for instance, the Mysterious Small World where the Ancient Demon Clan resides is relatively large. As for some of the smaller ones, their entrances were normally well hidden, but if one could find one, it was quite possible they would be able to find treasures left over by ancient cultivators. On top of that, some Precious Treasures and rare herbs may naturally grow in these Mysterious Small Worlds and reach a very old age as no one was there to disturb them. Of course, there was also a chance there would be nothing inside such a small world. Everything depended on the luck of the finder.

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