Martial Peak

Chapter 701 - Trading District

Chapter 701, Trading District

The next day, at dawn, Yang Kai, who was meditating, felt some movements from the room next door. Releasing his Divine Sense, he found that Cang Yan, Li Wan, and Fei Jian had quietly left, obviously heading towards Ascending Heaven Cliff to investigate the situation over there.

Fei Yu, on the other hand, after a night of excessive drinking, didn’t wake up at all and was currently lying on her bed in a slovenly manner, her robes only half covering her pure white thighs, causing Yang Kai’s vision to spin when he glanced over at her.

Shaking his head helplessly, Yang Kai silently crept over and covered her with the beddings in an attempt to maintain some semblance of modesty for his Martial Aunt.

It was not until noon that Fei Yu lazily got up, stretched, and walked over to the window, standing there quietly for a while.

“Hey, little Martial Nephew, let’s go out and have a look at the city,” Fei Yu suddenly suggested.

“But Cang Yan Martial Uncle said for us to wait here until they came back to the inn,” Yang Kai wrinkled his brow.

“Relax, in Floating Clouds City, there generally won’t be any danger, and even if a fight does break out, the City Lord’s Mansion’s people will handle it,” Fei Yu walked over and sat her enchanting bottom down next to Yang Kai leisurely, exhaling a fragrant breath as she continued to persuade him, “Come on, let’s go. It’s so rare we get a chance to come here, there’s no point if we just stay here in this stuffy room. Cang Yan and them may not be back for a few days, are we supposed to just sit here and wait the whole time?”

As she said so, Fei Yu unscrupulously wrapped her arms around Yang Kai’s, pressing her amazingly soft and elastic capital against his shoulder.

Yang Kai’s face went black, “Fine fine, let’s go, better than staying here and letting you take advantage of me.”

“Little bastard!” Fei Yu grit her teeth angrily.

The two took a moment to clean up before quickly leaving the inn and walking out onto the busy street.

Even if Fei Yu didn’t propose so, Yang Kai had planned to go out.

Old Man Du had said that because the Thousand Year Demon Flower was about to bloom, there would be a lot of excellent Alchemists and powerful cultivators from around the world gathering here. Where there were many people, there were many resources.

A variety of rare herbs, spirit grasses, and spirit medicines which were usually difficult to find would appear here.

Yang Kai needed to collect some of these herbs!

Although he was currently being provided herbs by Soaring Heaven Sect in order to practice Alchemy, he still needed to search for others, firstly for his own cultivation, and secondly for the Ancient Demon Clan.

When he left Demon God Citadel, Li Rong gave him a list of materials needed in order to refine the Saint Pill they required. After such a long time, Yang Kai had almost completely collected these herbs, but there were still some he had yet to find.

This time’s trip to Floating Clouds City was a rare opportunity.

Inside Floating Clouds City, there were many shops and cultivators, people flowed through the streets like a great river.

Fei Yu held Yang Kai’s arm intimately as they strolled through the streets, their handsome man and beautiful woman combination drawing many people’s attention.

“Martial Aunt, isn’t this a bit inappropriate?” Yang Kai felt more than a little uncomfortable. As they walked, he would occasional have some excessive physical contact, causing him some discomfort.

“How is it inappropriate? I’m responsible for protecting you; little bastard, you’re not going to tell me you’re reacting to your Martial Aunt, are you?” Fei Yu glanced at him and smiles sweetly.

Yang Kai shrugged his shoulders, “I’m a young man, and this is just a normal phenomenon.”

“Well, don’t stress yourself out over minor matters,” Fei Yu chuckled, seemingly enjoying herself greatly as she walked along and whispered quietly to Yang Kai.

Along the way, under her guidance, Yang Kai was able to accurately distinguish who belonged to the Demon Race and who was from the Monster Race.

In Tong Xuan Realm, the Human, Demon, and Monster Races dominated over all other races, with Humans being the most numerous, followed by the Demon Race, while the Monster Race had the least members.

The root cause of the scarcity of the Monster Race was the Beast Transformation Pond.

The Beast Transformation Pond was the core foundation of the Monster Race, when a Monster Beast reached a certain level of strength, they could assume human form with the assistance of the Beast Transformation Pond and obtain wisdom and sentience not inferior to a Human Race powerhouse.

It can be said that every Monster Race with a human form was a true master, this was very different from the other two races.

However, this was not the whole story. There were some formidable members of the Monster Races that innately possessed the ability to assume human form from birth, and some among the Monster Races with outstanding aptitude that could achieve human form without the assistance of the Beast Transformation Pond.

These were the true elites of the Monster Race, the apex powerhouses.

Yang Kai gained a great deal of understanding and insight through Fei Yu’s explanations.

Inside a shop owned and operated by Floating Clouds City’s Alchemist Guild, Yang Kai walked a few laps before wearing a helpless look.

He hadn’t found any of the herbs he was looking for.

“Little brother, I’ve seen you come around several times but never buy anything, could it be that the things in my shop aren’t to your liking?” The shopkeeper couldn’t help but ask.

Yang Kai shook his head, “These are all good things, but they’re not what I’m currently looking for.”

“Is little brother an Alchemist?”

Yang Kai nodded lightly and showed his Alchemist token. The shopkeeper took the token and investigated it for a moment before his expression became even friendlier, “I don’t know what this little brother is searching for, so if it is convenient, can you tell me? I can help keep an eye out for little brother that way.”

Nodding, Yang Kai casually reported the names of the herbs he was looking for.

The shopkeeper’s face became awkward and nodded, “The medicinal herbs little brother is searching for only grow in very specific environments and are as such, precious and scarce. Such things aren’t likely to appear in this store. If you want to obtain them, it won’t be easy. Little brother may wish to go to the Trading District to have a look, if you’re lucky, you might have some gains.”

“Trading District?” Yang Kai’s expression changed.

“Good, for this grand occasion, the City Lord and two Vice City Lords specially designated an area of the city where Alchemists from all over the world can exchange goods. There are many excellent Alchemists here who have collected rare and precious herbs they don’t have a use for and are willing to exchange for things they do need, little brother can go there and try your luck.”

“Where is the Trading District?”

The shopkeeper warm heartedly pointed Yang Kai in the right direction. Yang Kai nodded slightly and offered his thanks before he and Fei Yu left for the indicated district.

After half an hour, Yang Kai looked at an open square where a lively scene was taking place and couldn’t help showing a light smile.

“Does this place remind you of something?” Fei Yu couldn’t help asking, seeing Yang Kai laugh so strangely.

“En, some past events in my Sect,” Yang Kai replied casually.

The scene in front of him, with countless people setting up stalls and bargaining back and forth, reminded him of when he was just young, weak boy visiting the Black Wind Trade Market set up by High Heaven Pavilion, Storm House, and Blood Battle Gang.

This kind of buying and selling scene gave him the illusion he had gone back to those simpler times.

Of course, this Trading District was not surrounded by a forest or manned by Elite Disciples of the Three Sects.

After sweeping his eyes around, Yang Kai was shocked to discover that many of the stall owners here were actually Alchemist. They had hung their Alchemist tokens on their chests to reveal their identities.

There were also some ordinary cultivators who had obviously obtained good herbs when they were out adventuring who were waiting behind their booths for prospective buyers.

There were things to buy and things to sell, the whole scene was incredibly lively.

There were even people who hung signs asking for Alchemists to help them refine pills.

Everything here was basically related to herbs and pill, and a thick medicinal fragrance lingered in the air.

Yang Kai picked up his feet and began walking around, wandering back and forth between the various stalls.

It was a rewarding experience.

Many herbs that were all but impossible to find actually appeared here.

Most sellers also didn’t have any special requests for payment and most things could be bought with sufficient Crystal Stones.

Fortunately, Yang Kai had many Crystal Stones on him. Although the vast majority of his Crystal Stones had been left to the Ancient Demon Clan, what he kept on him was still enough for him to be considered wealthy.

Bargaining back and forth with these sellers, Yang Kai had soon acquired a few herbs.

During this process, Fei Yu played a big role. Yang Kai had never expected that this Martial Aunt of his would possess such phenomenal skill in this area, using her sharp wits and tongue, along with her own great beauty to mercilessly butcher these sellers, often allowing her to acquire these precious herbs at much lower prices than they were initially being sold for.

After half a day, Yang Kai had harvested quite a few precious herbs, and even some he required for the Ancient Demon Clan’s Saint Pill.

He was very satisfied.

“I helped you save a lot of Crystal Stones today, so how do you plan on thanking me?” Fei Yu held Yang Kai’s arm a little tighter as she asked with a sweet smile.

“Buy whatever drink you want.”

Fei Yu’s beautiful eyes flashed as she joyfully shouted, “Little Martial Nephew, you really know how to make your Martial Aunt happy!”

“But! You’re not allowed to get drunk! Otherwise, when Cang Yan and them return, they’ll complain.”

“I know,” Fei Yu curled her lips faintly.

As they were speaking thought, there was a sudden burst of excited voices not far from them, as if they crowd had discovered something incredible.

In the next moment, Yang Kai clearly smelt a faint fragrance fill the air. As soon as this fragrance entered his nose, he felt a cool, refreshing sensation all the way to his core!

Yang Kai and Fei Yu’s eyes simultaneously lit up as they exchange a quick glance. They knew that a real treasure had appeared.

Turning their eyes towards the place where the ruckus originated from, Yang Kai found that a noisy three layer crowd had already formed. Fortunately, through the gaps in the crowd, Yang Kai could still see a faint multi-coloured light bloom.

“Let’s go see,” Fei Yu said, pulling Yang Kai’s arm as she walked over to the crowd.

However, even after quite some effort, the two of them couldn’t squeeze their way through the crowd and instead could only listen to the other buyers calling out, “Brother, what are you selling this thing for?”

“Ten Saint Pills!” A slightly aged voice answered.

Immediately after these words were said, the crowd of people fell silent.

“Brother, isn’t that a too expensive? Saint Pills can’t be refined casually. In this world, there are only a handful of Alchemists capable of refining Saint Pills. You all of a sudden asking for ten, don’t you think that’s a bit outrageous?”

“That’s right, can’t you trade this thing for other herbs or Crystal Stones?”

“How about exchanging it for an artifact? I have a few Spirit Grade Top-Rank artifacts here you can choose from!”

“Ten Saint Pills, I only need ten Saint Pills. If you don’t have any Saint Pills, please leave.”

“Brother, can’t you stretch the rules a bit, don’t be so unreasonable.”

“This guy is simply too arrogant! Can this thing possibly be worth ten Saint Pills? Bullshit! I think this guy must have gone crazy from poverty.”

“Big brother, if you give this thing to me, I can be yours from now on, how about it?” A pretty voice called out.

“You immoral woman, don’t you have any sense of shame?” Someone immediately called out in disdain.

“Depending on your looks, you dare try to pull off such a scheme? You really don’t have any self-awareness.”

“It’s none of your damn business!”

The voices grew louder and the scene quickly became messier and messier.

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