Martial Peak

Chapter 682 - Cang Yan

Chapter 682, Cang Yan

Duan Hai came to a stop approximately a thousand meters from the Wind Eye’s core, glanced over at Yang Kai and was about to open his mouth when Yang Kai suddenly turned to him and shouted, “This time, if I survive this, I will definitely take my revenge against your Bright Thunder Spirit Religion!”

Duan Hai’s face went cold and no longer hesitated, throwing Yang Kai into the huge Wind Eye.

At the last moment though, Duan Hai wasn’t sure if his eyes playing tricks on him, but when Yang Kai’s figure disappeared into the Wind Eye, the latter seemed to have a sneer on his face.

Xu Qi quickly followed and landed beside Duan Hai, staring towards the Wind Eye with excitement.

“Senior Brother, are you still worried about something?” Xu Qi asked suddenly.

“En,” Duan Hai nodded slightly, “I still can’t forget about what Old Man Du said before…”

“That brat shouldn’t have any kind of formidable background, if he did, with the situation reaching this point, he would definitely have reported it to us. He’s not a fool after all. Old Man Du must have been mistaken,” Xu Qi advised.

“En, fair enough,” Duan Hai smiled faintly, “But it is true we have destroyed a rare talent, so it’s important we think up a way to explain this to Old Man Du.”

“If anyone asks about him, we can just say he’s in retreat. Given the identity and status of Old Man Du, he would rarely, if ever, pay a visit to our Spirit Religion personally. After a few years, when things have settled down, Old Man Du will also forget about this person.”

“I suppose so,” Duan Hai sighed slightly, “In any case, we’ll need to wait a few days. This little brat’s Soul is extremely strong, at least comparable to an ordinary First Order Transcendent’s, even inside the Wind Eye, he should be able to support himself for a while. Once his Soul has been purified, we’ll collect it and spy on his hidden secrets.”

“Agreed. We’ll do as Senior Brother says,” Xu Qi replied excitedly.

However, only an hour or so had passed since the two threw Yang Kai into the Wind Eye when Duan Hai suddenly frowned, turning around and staring towards the distance, “How come there’s a disciple approaching?”

Xu Qi also wore a dissatisfied expression, “I already announced that this place would be temporarily closed off so no one should arbitrarily have entered, is this disciple deaf or blind?”

Saying so, he impatiently muttered, “I’ll go have a look.”

Duan Hai nodded slightly.

Xu Qi activated his movement skill and a moment later returned with an odd look upon his face, saying to Duan Hai, “Senior Brother, Religion Master is summoning you, that disciple just now came to deliver the order.”

“Religion Master?” Duan Hai heard this and couldn’t help feeling startled, hurriedly composing himself and nodding, “Very well, I’ll go see what Religion Master needs, you wait here.”

“Please feel relieved, Senior Brother, I will strictly guard this place.”

Duan Hai quickly left and after wrapping the messenger in his True Qi, soared towards a certain peak of Bright Thunder Spirit Religion; naturally this peak was the residence of Bright Thunder Spirit Religion’s Religion Master. This was a quiet place with rich World Energy, the best cultivation environment in Bright Thunder Spirit.

“Did Religion Master say anything to you about why he suddenly needed to see me?” As he sped along, Duan Hai asked the disciple.

“Disciples doesn’t know, Religion Master only said to summon Great Elder to see him as soon as possible,” The disciple replied respectfully.

“Has Religion Master finally broken through to the Saint Realm?” Duan Hai suddenly remembered a possibility and asked excitedly.

“Not likely, disciple did not feel any of signs one would expected from such a breakthrough.”

Duan Hai couldn’t help feeling puzzled, wondering what kind of urgent matter had come up that would require the Religion Master to suddenly summon him.

Bright Thunder Spirit Religion’s Religion Master, Xia Cheng Yin, was a powerful Third Order Transcendent master; however, he had encountered a bottleneck which had halted his cultivation at this level for the past hundred years, unable to comprehend the mysteries of the Saint Realm. For more than a decade, he had constantly been in secluded cultivation and he would only come out once every few months to half a year and even then he would not always speak with Duan Ha, yet now he had urgently summoned him.

[Could it be because of that little brat’s matters?]

Duan Hai’s suddenly though, his heart clenching up for a moment before relaxing again, thinking to himself that such a scenario was too ridiculous and he was simply too nervous, no longer asking anything and simply speeding along with the disciple who came to summon him.

Atop a mountain with the most abundant World Energy in Bright Thunder Spirit Religion stood a solitary palace constructed of the finest gold and jade that gave off a magnificent aura.

This was the place where Bright Thunder Spirit Religion’s Religion Master Xia Cheng Yin lived.

At that moment, Xia Cheng Yin sat at the head of a table with a big smile upon his face as he enthusiastically welcomed two people. Even if these two had interrupted his retreat, Xia Cheng Yin did not dare to show any unhappiness and instead treated both of them with great courtesy and politeness.

After offering these two guests wine and fruit, Xia Cheng Yin asked, “Old Man Du and Brother Cang Yan arriving together is truly an honour for my humble home.”

“Religion Master Xia is too polite, bothering you while you were in secluded cultivation really makes this old man feel embarrassed,” Du Wan replied apologetically, smiling reluctantly as he reached out and picked up a spirit fruit handing it to Mi Na who was standing behind him.

Mi Na had also come together with Old Man Du this time and was curiously looking around, as if she was searching for someone or something.

Xia Cheng Yin carefully observed his unexpected guests while secretly harbouring many doubts. He didn’t know why Old Man Du had suddenly decided to pay him a visit and had even come together with Soaring Heaven Sect’s Cang Yan. Silently making plans in his head, he laughed frankly and said, “Old Man Du is the one being too polite, obviously Old Man Du is more than welcome to visit my Bright Thunder Spirit Religion any time he wishes! Forget about if I am cultivating, even if I was dead, I would certainly climb out of my coffin to welcome you with a grand banquet!”

Du Wan wore a forced smile and didn’t say anything. With his identity as a Saint Grade Alchemist, he really didn’t need to act politely towards Xia Cheng Yin.

Although Xia Cheng Yin was Bright Thunder Spirit Religion’s Religion Master, a mere Third Order Transcendent was truly not qualified to exchange greetings with Old Man Du.

Xia Cheng Yin then glanced over at Cang Yan, who sat there silently, and felt a big headache coming on.

Although Old Man Du had an extraordinary status and could not be seen by ordinary people, his temperament and demeanor were quite amicable so he was not difficult to interact with, but the madmen from Soaring Heaven Sect were another story all together. Xia Cheng Yin couldn’t think of any reason why this troublesome fellow had suddenly come to his Spirit Religion.

If couldn’t be that someone from his Spirit Religion had offended him, could it? If that was really the case, then Xia Cheng Yin had to prepare himself for things to become difficult.

Soaring Heaven Sect’s four madmen each had Third Order Transcendent cultivations and were all comparable to Xia Cheng Yin in strength; on top of that, there was their Saint Realm Ancestral Founder behind them as well. It could be said that even throughout all of Tong Xuan Realm, Soaring Heaven Sect was a big force, stronger than Bright Thunder Spirit Religion by several times.

If they offended such a force, Bright Thunder Spirit Religion’s only end would be total destruction!

Even if it was just in single combat, Xia Cheng Yin couldn’t guarantee he could beat Cang Yan.

Gently coughing, Xia Cheng Yin asked, “Brother Cang Yan, recently, could it be that someone from my Spirit Religion had no eyes and accidentally offended you?”

“No,” Cang Yan cherished the words like gold and simply responded so.

“Then may I asked why Brother Cang Yan…” Xia Cheng Yin brow wrinkled slightly as he turned his gaze towards Old Man Du and asked.

Old Man Du laughed and replied before he could finish, “There’s nothing for Religion Master Xia to worry about; this time, I came with Cang Yan to handle some important matters.”

“If Old Man Du has anything to ask of my, please don’t hesitate!” Xia Cheng Yin’s expression became serious.

“We’re here to find someone.”

“Find someone?”

“Good, a young Spirit Grade Alchemist. Your Grand Elder, Duan Hai, should know where he is. Two months ago, Duan Hai recruited him from my Alchemist Guild to serve as an Honored Guest of your Bright Thunder Spirit Religion.”

“So that’s it,” Xia Cheng Yin suddenly realized why these two had requested to meet Duan Hai the moment they arrived here. Apparently, Xia Cheng Yin had been on edge for no reason. After understanding the cause of this incident, Xia Cheng Yin couldn’t help but relax, smiling as he nodded, “This kind of minor matter is no trouble at all, since he is my Spirit Religion’s Honoured Guest, Duan Hai will surely treat him with courtesy and not harm him in any way.”

“It’s best if that is true, I have been looking for him for almost two months now,” Cang Yan nodded with satisfaction.

Over the past two months, Cang Yan had searched through all of Grand Boulder City for Yang Kai relying only on the vague image his Martial Ancestor had given him but hadn’t found anything. Finally, by complete coincidence, he had asked around the Alchemist Guild and finally understood that Yang Kai was no longer in Grand Boulder City.

Cang Yan was quite annoyed when he learned this. His Martial Ancestor had asked him to do such a small task, yet he had failed to accomplish it after two whole months, so he immediately blamed all of this on Bright Thunder Spirit Religion for taking Yang Kai away. Although he didn’t say this out loud, Cang Yan still gave off a cold aura and anyone could tell from his harsh gaze that he was in a foul mood.

“Soaring Heaven Sect’s heritage is strong, how can there be a lack of Spirit Grade Alchemists? Brother Cang Yan, if you’ve come here intending to snatch someone from me, this Religion Master can’t agree,” Xia Cheng Yin smiled and shook his head. He had no malicious intent in saying so, but he had to show such an attitude.

Hearing this, Cang Yan simply replied coldly, “I’m not here to grab him from you, it’s just that my Martial Ancestor wants to see him!”

Xia Cheng Yin’s courage suddenly deflated.

Du Wan also shook his head and sighed, feeling slightly annoyed.

Although he had long guessed that Yang Kai had a very powerful background, he had not expected that even Soaring Heaven Sect would pay attention to him. When Cang Yan came to the Alchemist Guild to inquire about Yang Kai, Old Man Du couldn’t wait to find a hole to crawl into.

If he knew that Yang Kai had a relationship with Soaring Heaven Sect, how could he have recommended Bright Thunder Spirit Religion to him.

Doing so was really far too stupid.

It seemed that Soaring Heaven Sect had some kind of connection to this little brat’s Master, so when their Ancestral Founder learned Yang Kai had come out for life experience, he had wanted to look after him a bit, or at least that was what Old Man Du thought secretly to himself.

“Why hasn’t he come yet, how can be so slow?” Mi Na finished the spirit fruit, stared at the door, and pouted with dissatisfaction.

Xia Cheng Yin just laughed lightly, “Little girl, don’t worry, Duan Hai should be here soon.”

“Who wants to see Duan Hai, I want to see Yang Kai. That bastard is so cruel, leaving me all alone in the Alchemist Guild, this time I must teach him a harsh lesson!” Mi Na snorted cutely.

Xia Cheng Yin’s lips twitched but wisely said nothing.

“Mind your manners!” Old Man Du saw Xia Cheng Yin’s embarrassment and quickly reprimanded Mi Na, who proceeded to pout even more.

At that moment, an aura quickly approached from afar.

“He’s here!” Xia Cheng Yin smiled.

A moment later, from outside the door, Duan Hai’s voice called out, “Religion Master, Duan Hai has come as ordered.”

“Enter,” Xia Cheng Yin shouted.

Duan Hai replied firmly and walked inside. Just as he was about to salute though, he suddenly saw Cang Yan and Du Wan sitting nearby.

Duan Hai’s heart clenched up once more and couldn’t wait to turn around and leave.

Cang Yan appearing here was very unusual. As one of the four madmen of Soaring Heaven Sect, Duan Hai had a good understanding of this man’s brutal methods and powerful cultivation. Regarding this man, Duan Hai had always maintained a respectful distance.

However, Old Man Du being here as well brought him even greater surprise.

Du Wan was an extremely rare Saint Grade Alchemist. For more than a decade, he had stayed in Grand Boulder City but had almost never left the Alchemist Guild branch. Each of the four major Sects nearby had extended him warm invitations, hoping he could give their Alchemists some pointers, but besides Soaring Heaven Sect which had succeeded merely twice in their efforts, whether it was Luo Sheng Sect, Ancient Moon Cave Heaven, or Bright Thunder Spirit Religion, Old Man Du had never graced them with his presence.

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