Martial Peak

Chapter 681 - Wind Eye

Chapter 681, Wind Eye

Inside the dungeon, Ji Meng faintly stared at Yang Kai.

Yang Kai laughed back at her, “Since he won’t believe me easily, how does he plan on winning me over? I can promise him anything now, but that won’t stop me from reneging on those promises the moment I leave here.”

“En, so I need to do something to ensure you keep your word,” Ji Meng smiled reluctantly, “I am a disciple of Bright Thunder Spirit Religion, the Sect raised me so I must contribute to it, I hope you don’t blame me.”

Yang Kai narrowed his eyes slightly.

He didn’t have any grounds on which to accuse or blame Ji Meng, but from his perspective, this woman now had to be counted as an enemy.

And regarding his enemies, Yang Kai had never been soft-hearted.

Seeing the coldness in Yang Kai’s eyes, Ji Meng felt bitter in her heart and softly advised, “Why do you insist on doing this? Although I don’t know what Elder Duan wants to obtain from you, as long as you are willing to cooperate, he will certainly not mistreat you, from the fact that he has simply imprisoned but has not tortured or killed you should be enough to prove his sincerity”

“He truly is sincere,” Yang Kai snickered sarcastically.

“Won’t you please compromise? If you compromise, whether it is you, Elder Duan, or me, there will be advantages,” Ji Meng continued her attempts to persuade him.

“Oh, there are advantages for you too?” Yang Kai spoke curiously, “Has Duan Hai promised you some attractive benefits?”

Ji Meng didn’t answer, instead just taking out a green jade bottle from her sleeve and opening it, allowing a faint white mist to escape from it.

Ji Meng waved the jade bottle lightly and the white mist quickly flooded the dungeon cell, enveloping Yang Kai.

Yang Kai stared at her vigilantly and held his breath, but the white mist still passed through his pores and penetrated his body.

Vaguely, Yang Kai felt that something was not right, his blood flow became faster and more turbulent while his heartbeat was stronger than before, there even seemed to be a faint haziness coming over his mind.

Ji Meng blushed and explained, “This is the Seven Emotions Six Pleasures Mist, a potent aphrodisiac.”

“What do you want to do?” Yang Kai laughed, “Are you planning on forcing yourself on me then using that as an excuse to control me?”

A beautiful woman using an aphrodisiac to for a man to sleep with her, it really was a ridiculous story.

“En, Elder Duan said that as long as I can have a child with you, you can leave this place,” Ji Meng replied to Yang Kai faintly.

Yang Kai’s face sank as he instantly understood Duan Hai’s sinister intentions.

He knew he couldn’t control Yang Kai, so he had come up with this trick.

Even a cruel tiger will not abandon its cubs, as long as he held Yang Kai’s child, Duan Hai would need to worry about Yang Kai not obeying him.

Although this kind of investment wouldn’t yield any benefits in the short term, Duan Hai could afford it.

A moment later, the white mist had been completely absorbed into Yang Kai’s body and gradually, his eyes became red and his breathing became heavy as he stared aggressively towards Ji Meng outside the cell.

Being stared at by him like this, Ji Meng couldn’t help blushing shyly, squirming slightly, her whole body feeling somewhat uncomfortable, but she didn’t make any moves yet, still waiting for the drug to take full effect.

“Do you like me? Are you willing to entrust your life to me?” Yang Kai strived to maintain his rational state of mind as he stared towards Ji Meng coldly.

“What I feel for you is far from what you could call love,” Ji Meng slowly shook her head, “We are nowhere near that close, but it shouldn’t be a bad choice to entrust myself to you. You’re an Alchemist with a bright future while I am just a Common Disciple of Bright Thunder Spirit Religion, if I want to rise above my current situation, I can only choose to rely on someone powerful like you.”

“You think too highly of me,” Yang Kai grinned fiendishly, “Even if I want you now, perhaps I won’t be good to you later. Maybe I’ll just hit and curse you whenever I see you!”

Ji Meng’s tender body trembled, a forlorn look flashing across her face, “I can also accept that.”

“How disappointing,” Yang Kai shook her head and muttered under his breath, the last trace of respect he had for her shattering in that instant.

“You shouldn’t be able to resist anymore, right?” Ji Meng bit her lower lip and called out gently, “Elder Duan, open the door.”

Suddenly, there were a few faint flashes of light on the cell door and a whole in the barrier keeping Yang Kai in opened. Ji Meng walked inside slowly and then leaned down on top of him.

With an intoxicating fragrance filling the air and with a beautiful woman offering herself up to him, Yang Kai’s face seemed to show signs of madness as the light in his eyes flickered like that of a wild, starved beast.

Seeing this, Ji Meng was a little scared, but she firmly resisted the discomfort in her heart, closed her eyes, and pressed her red lips towards Yang Kai’s.

Her mood in chaos, Ji Meng slowly closed her eyes as her face blushed bright red.

Just before their lips met though, Ji Meng suddenly let out a muffled yelp and her eyes shot open.

Before she knew what was happening, Yang Kai’s hand had grabbed her neck, his eyes were calm and his breathing was steady, no longer showing any signs of intoxication.

His gaze was filled with disgust and disdain and his expression was cold and callous.

“Women should have more self-respect,” Yang Kai muttered icily.

Ji Meng struggled and quickly freed herself from Yang Kai’s grip, hurriedly darting out of the cell, gasping for breath as she stared towards Yang Kai with incredulity.

“I’ve been exposed to too many women who cultivate Seduction Techniques, wanting to use a trivial aphrodisiac to confuse my mind, your methods are a bit too disappointing, Elder Duan,” Yang Kai sneered as he stared in a certain direction.

Outside the dungeon, Duan Hai, who was using his Divine Sense to monitor the situation, had his expression sink.

“Yang Kai, I…” Ji Meng opened her mouth, stammering as she tried to explain herself.

“If you don’t want to die, get the hell out!” Yang Kai stared at her indifferently, without the slightest trace of warmth.

Ji Meng suddenly became somewhat absentminded, struggling for a while before she eventually lowered her head and quickly left.

“Senior Brother, isn’t this little brat a bit too strange? The Seven Emotions Six Pleasures Mist I arranged can even cause Transcendents to lose all sense of reason, how can be he be perfectly fine?” Outside the dungeon, Xu Qi showed a surprised expression.

Duan Hai on the other hand just looked sullen as a deep sense of frustration came over him.

Yang Kai so steadfastly resisting them made him feel somewhat helpless.

“Senior Brother, we might as well take him to the Wind Eye!” Xu Qi proposed in a low voice.

“The Wind Eye?” Duan Hai frowned, “Do you want to wipe away his Soul with the power of the Wind Eye?”

“Exactly!” Xu Qi nodded, “From the looks of things, we really have no way to get him to talk, so we might as well directly wipe his Soul clean. Even without mentioning the memories he has of the Coffin Carrying Man, just being able to obtain his Conflagrated Knowledge Sea will be of big use to us. If we can preserve it and allow one of our people to refine it, perhaps one of our Spirit Religion disciples will be lucky enough to obtain a Conflagrated Knowledge Sea…”

Duan Hai’s eyes lit up as he carefully considered it, soon feeling that this method was indeed feasible.

With such a plan in mind, Duan Hai didn’t hesitate and nodded firmly, “Then we’ll do that, but in order to use the Wind Eye like this, we should first inform the Religion Master.”

“It won’t be too late to inform the Religion Master after we succeed, and once we do, he’ll certainly be nothing but happy.”

“En, very well, you make the preparations and I’ll go bring out that little brat,” Duan Hai waved.

Xu Qi nodded, and with a look of excitement on his face, flew away.

After spending a moment thinking outside the dungeon, Duan Hai pushed open the door, walked inside, and grabbed Yang Kai.

Yang Kai just shot him an indifferent glance before closing his eyes again.

“Honoured Guest Yang, since you fail to appreciate kindness, then this old master will not give you any face,” Duan Hai said while flying towards the Wind Eye.

Yang Kai grinned in response, “Where is Elder Duan planning to take me now?”

“My Bright Thunder Spirit Religion has several profound heritages; we are now headed to one of them. The Wind Eye is an accumulation of wind energy and many of our disciples who cultivate Wind Attribute Secret Arts and Martial Skills choose to cultivate nearby to it in order to comprehend the mysteries of the wind. In addition to the Wind Eye, my Bright Thunder Spirit Religion also has a Thunder Eye which is similar in nature. Even this old master doesn’t dare to approach either of these eyes too closely because the power they exude is not something humans can resist; inside the Wind Eye, even a Third Order Transcendent’s Soul can be wiped away.”

Yang Kai’s face sank, suddenly realizing the situation had taken a turn for the worse.

“It’s not too late now for you to regret. As long as you give Ji Meng a child, I will admit that you are a disciple of my Spirit Religion and will definitely provide you with the best cultivation resources and environment in the future,” Duan Hai made one last attempt to persuade, “What do you think?”

“Forget about it!” Yang Kai shook his head while secretly sighing, considering whether or not he should take advantage of this opportunity to display his Demon God Transformation, break free from Duan Hai’s grasp, and flee.

However, still deep inside his enemy’s territory, Yang Kai didn’t have much confidence he could successfully escape and once he failed, he would never have a second change to try.

While hesitating, Yang Kai felt that there was suddenly a different kind of energy permeating his surroundings.

Naturally it was wind energy!

As he felt this rich wind energy, Yang Kai felt a throbbing sensation from his shoulder-blades that carried with it a sense of pain and excitement.

Yang Kai’s expression changed but he quickly suppressed while he stared with rapt attention towards the distance.

Up ahead, there was a huge visible vortex that was slowly rotating that was formed completely by natural wind energy; the closer one approached it the stronger that energy became.

“Spectacular, isn’t it?” Duan Hai’s face showed a proud look, “It is because of the Wind Eye and Thunder Eye that my Bright Thunder Spirit Religion put down roots here. These two places are listed as restricted areas of my Spirit Religion and with the exception of some talented disciples, no one can set foot near this place. Those disciples who cultivate here can achieve twice the results with half the effort.”

Yang Kai nodded secretly, this kind of Heavenly Manifestation was truly spectacular. This wasn’t something man had created but was instead some kind of natural phenomenon that had coincidentally formed and persisted for many years uninterrupted.

As Duan Hai explained, the two quickly approached the Wind Eye’s location.

Xu Qi was already waiting there and upon seeing Duan Hai bringing Yang Kai, he quickly said, “Senior Brother, the disciples who were cultivating here have all been dispersed, we can begin at any time.”

Duan Hai slowly nodded before turning his gaze towards Yang Kai, “Honoured Guest Yang, this is your last chance, once you enter the Wind Eye, I can’t guarantee your safety.”

“There’s nothing left to be said,” Yang Kai sneered.

“Seeking your own end!” Xu Qi coldly snorted.

Duan Hai let out a long sigh and nodded, “Very well, you leave me no choice.”

Saying so, he dashed forward with Yang Kai and soon, the two approached the centre of the Wind Eye. Even someone as strong as Duan Hai had to furiously circulate his True Qi in order to resist the negative side-effects of the Wind Eye.

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