Martial Peak

Chapter 666, Peak Immortal Ascension

As he held the jade box, Yang Kai revealed a surprised expression as he hurriedly asked, “What is this?”

“The Wind and Thunder Wings!” Han Fei replied lightly, “It’s a kind of profound treasure. No one knows what material it was created from but both I and Li Rong have tried to refine it numerous times over the past many years yet have never succeeded. When I saw that you already had a pair of wings that contained a Heavenly Dao Law, I thought I should let you try refining this.”

Yang Kai glanced over at her, a look of hesitation appearing on his face, feeling like he had somehow acquired something he hadn’t deserved to and was just about to refuse, but at that moment, his shoulder blades suddenly gave off a dull ache, as if something was restlessly stirring, trying to break free from his body.

Yang Kai expression changed and before he could regain control of them, his Flaming Yang Wings actually opened all on their own.

It was as if his Flaming Yang Wings and the Wind and Thunder Wings shared some kind of subtle connection.

Yang Kai couldn’t help clenching the jade box and stretching out his free hand towards the Wind and Thunder Wings.

The exquisite Wind and Thunder Wings transformed into a flash of light the moment he touched them and instantly sunk into Yang Kai’s chest. At the same time, Yang Kai expression cramped and as he suddenly felt an unbearable pain seemingly passing through his back, as if his shoulders were being ripped out of his body.

His face instantly went pale and great beads of sweat began forming on his forehead, his entire body trembling violently.

Li Rong and Han Fei glanced at each other but were both powerless to help, so all they could do was watch anxiously, praying that Yang Kai would be successful.

After what seemed like an eternity to him, Yang Kai slowly stood up, panting heavily, his shoulder blades still in intense pain but now at least somewhat bearable.

Seeing this scene, Li Rong couldn’t help breathing a sigh of relief, letting out a light laugh, “It seems like you and the Wind and Thunder Wings really are fated for one another.”

“I haven’t refined them yet!” Yang Kai knit his brow, clearly feeling that there were two tyrannical energies hidden within his shoulder blades, constantly wreaking havoc on his body, the power of wind and thunder erupting from time to time, causing him a great deal of misery.

It was only thanks to his incredible perseverance and resilience that he wasn’t still showing a pained expression on his face.

“I know,” Li Rong smiled, “But when Hand Fei and I attempted to refine them before, without exception, after taking them into our bodies, we had to force them out within an hour, or else both of us would have died long ago. I don’t know how long you must persist for in order to subdue them entirely and fully refine them.”

“I’ll keep that in mind,” Yang Kai nodded lightly.

He already discovered that refining the Wind and Thunder Wings was similar to refining an artifact, he would need to supply it with a steady stream of True Qi in order to allow it to adapt to him and eventually surrender.

Before he refined it, the Wind and Thunder Wings was similar to a foreign object inside of him. Not only was it unusable, it was also causing harm to his body.

“I’ll send you back to rest. You have many things to do, but you shouldn’t be anxious, just handle them one at a time. No one can grow strong all at once,” Li Rong gently reminded, taking Yang Kai’s hand and silently using her profound movement skill.

Upon returning to the stone room, Yang Kai didn’t bother attending to anything else and quickly sat on his bed, closed his eyes, and began meditating.

In the octagonal building, Li Rong and Han Fei both sipped on fragrant cups of tea.

After a long silence, Li Rong suddenly asked with a serious expression, “Han Fei, what do you think of him?”

Han Fei put down her teacup and also wore a solemn face, “Whether it’s his aptitude, perseverance, boldness, or courage, all of them are far superior to any of our clan’s juniors or even ourselves when we were his age. If he does not die young, his future will definitely be bright.”

Li Rong also put down her teacup and gently tapped the tabletop with her jade fingers, her elegant face showing a slightly complicated expression, “Unfortunately he was born human. If it was our Ancient Demon Clan’s blood that had originally flown through his body everything would have been perfect.”

Han Fei’s look changed, “Li Rong, you…”

Li Rong laughed and shook her head, “What are you imagining? I’m not so vicious, I was just thinking out loud. I am not the kind of person who fails to keep her word.”

Han Fei’s expression loosened. After hearing Li Rong’s words just now, she couldn’t help thinking Li Rong was having some crooked thoughts.

Li Rong suddenly smiled meaningfully, “How come you seem so protective of him all of a sudden?”

“He saved my life beneath the volcano. If it weren’t for him sheltering me, I would already be dead,” Han Fei replied lightly.

Li Rong’s smile deepened as she continued, “It doesn’t seem that simple to me. You even sent him your precious Wind and Thunder Wings.” Saying so, she stared at Han Fei meaningfully.

“You’re thinking too much, he’s just a child!” Han Fei averted her eyes.

“He’s no mere child!” Li Rong shook her head, “Good, let’s put that aside for now, I was just feeling a bit helpless. Even though we’ve made our position clear and fully intend to be on good terms with him, he still seems to see our Ancient Demon Clan as outsiders. He has little sense of belonging here; much less dependence. His self-confidence and will to improve himself on his own are both very strong.”

“That’s only natural, he has enough ability to warrant his confidence; moreover, he was captured and sent here by Coffin Slave Senior and we have yet to really have any deep graciousness towards him. How is he supposed to have a sense of belonging here?” Han Fei said somewhat bitterly.

Both she and Li Rong understood that all of their Ancient Demon Clan’s hopes and dreams were dependent on Yang Kai now, but the other side had no sense of belonging or closeness to their clan. Without a certain degree of attachment and mutual trust, he would always have a sense of wariness towards them and at the very least wouldn’t fully exert all his efforts to help them.

If he could leave, Han Fei and Li Rong were almost certain he would not hesitate to do so and would not look back.

“Do you want to make him develop some kind of fondness towards our clan?” Han Fei suddenly realized Li Rong’s plan.

“That’s what I intended,” Li Rong did not deny it as she gently rubbed her forehead in frustration, “Unfortunately he hasn’t cooperated in that respect. Our ancient books all said that young human men had lascivious natures and constantly sought after beauties, so why does he seem so disinterested? I’ve had Guan’er accompany him for more than a year now yet aside from the occasional joke he hasn’t even attempted to approach her.”

“Is Guan’er simply not in line with his preferences?” Han Fei also felt confused.

She had lived her entire life inside this Mysterious Small World so her understanding of the Human Race was limited to what was recorded in her ancestors’ books. All of those records had said that humans were cunning, sinister, and insidious, and that their desire to possess beautiful woman had no limit!

“Then what kind of woman does he like? There are many young girls in Demon God Citadel with all kinds of temperaments and looks, but I’ve never seen him act anything but politely to any of them.” Li Rong muttered.

“Come to think of it, when we were together below the volcano, despite being in complete control he was still quite well-mannered towards me…” Han Fei said thoughtfully.

“Would you like to test him again?” Li Rong looked at Han Fei with a smile.

“What nonsense are you spouting?” Han Fei’s face went red.

“I’m actually not entirely joking,” Li Rong expression became awkward, “We have to let him feel at least some kind of attachment to our clan, no matter what method we use, as long as it doesn’t hurt him.”

Han Fei stared at Li Rong in shock, seeing that she really was serious about what she had just said.

“I won’t go,” Han Fei’s brow furrowed deeply. Letting her seduce Yang Kai was beyond what she was capable of tolerating.

Li Rong smiled and was no longer forced the issue, just letting out a deep sigh while trying to deal with her headache. With the situation being what it was currently, she could only come up with this kind of harebrained scheme.

This method made her feel quite ashamed in her heart and if she hadn’t been forced into a corner now, she would never have considered trying to honey-trap Yang Kai.


Although the pain on his shoulders was still severe, Yang Kai’s expression now turned to indifference. He had grown accustomed to this severe pain, and it no longer interfered with his ability to circulate his True Qi or refine pills.

Focusing his attention and making full use of his ever improving skill, Yang Kai dedicated himself to his study of Alchemy, and after half a day’s time, a fresh pill emerged from his furnace.

Examining the quality of this pill, Yang Kai nodded with satisfaction, it was a Spirit Grade Mid-Rank pill!

Now, even without relying on supplementary Spirit Arrays, he was able to refine Spirit Grade Mid-Rank pills.

If he were to use a supportive Spirit Array and add a drop of Myriad Drug Liquid to the ingredients, it was even possible for him to refine Spirit Grade Top-Rank pills, meaning he was just one step away from becoming a Saint Grade Alchemist.

Taking out a piece of Crystal Stone and holding it in his palm, Yang Kai meditated for a moment. After restoring himself, Yang Kai walked out of the stone room and walked to the octagonal building that Li Rong had brought him to before.

Heading down to the secret room below the octagonal building, Yang Kai used his Devil Transformation and continued cultivating the second form of the Demon God Transformation.

It had been several months since Chu Jian’s death. Over the past few months, Yang Kai had lived a peaceful life, splitting his time between the stone Alchemy room and the secret room below Demon God Citadel.

Half his time was spent studying Alchemy while the other half was spent cultivating the Demon God Transformation, not a moment was wasted.

The Wind and Thunder Wings were hidden inside his body and were also constantly being nourished and refined by his True Qi, displaying a gratifying level of progress.

Yang Kai had also made great strides in his control of the second form of the Demon God Transformation. More and more golden lights were apparent and now at least a third of his blood had a golden hue. This golden blood contained an amazing amount of destructive power.

In addition to that, after a few months of hard work, Yang Kai’s strength had reached the Peak Immortal Ascension Boundary!

His foundation was incredibly solid and his physical body was also many times stronger than an average Peak Immortal Ascension human master while his perception of the Martial Dao was not inferior to a Saint Realm master.

After all, he had swallowed up the sentiments of many masters into the Heavenly Way contained within the remnants of their Souls after their deaths.

But even though this life was quite relaxed and fulfilling, Yang Kai always felt like something was missing, and to his surprise, after reaching the Peak Immortal Ascension Boundary, the progress of his cultivation became slower and slower.

The gap between the Immortal Ascension Boundary and the Transcendent Realm was massive!

Back in the Central Capital, Transcendents were top masters. Because of the shackles of that world, very few people were capable of reaching such a height and even the Eight Great Families only had three or four such masters each while first-class forces had one or two at most, the vast majority of which were First-Order.

But even in Tong Xuan Realm, with its rich and abundant World Energy, most cultivators would spend their entire lives at the Peak Immortal Ascension Boundary, forever unable to step into the Transcendent Realm.

But overall, the number of Transcendents in this realm wasn’t small. Since he arrived here, Yang Kai had seen several dozen Transcendents and even a few Saints.

Today’s Yang Kai was currently stuck at the door to the Transcendent Realm and was having difficulties pushing past it.

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