Martial Peak

Chapter 665, Wind and Thunder Wings

Despite the similarities between Yang Kai’s and the Ancient Demon Clan’s Demon God Transformations, Li Rong was still aware of certain differences.

It was impossible for an ordinary Ancient Demon clansmen’s Demon God Transformation’s Demon Crests to cover such a large area of their body, even when a master as powerful as Li Rong used her Demon God Transformation only her abdomen, chest, neck, and face would be covered by Demon Crests; however, from what Li Rong could see, this human boy’s Demon Crests covered his upper half, back and front, and were it not for his pants covering his lower half, she suspected she would see Demon Crests extending downwards from his waist as well.

In other words, his Demon Crests covered his entire body!

This was, without a doubt, the most orthodox form of the Demon God Transformation.

This discovery even made Li Rong somewhat jealous.

Inside the barrier, Yang Kai carefully felt the changes in his body before attempting to immerse his consciousness into his Demon Crests in an attempt to control them and integrate them into his physique.

Once he had successfully combined his Demon Crests with his physical body and merged their essence into his bloodstream, he would have successfully reached the second form and the strength he could display would increase again.

This was a difficult process, but Yang Kai was both meticulous and dedicated in his efforts.

Time passed by quickly.

After a dozen days, a beautiful figure appeared in the underground secret room. Li Rong, who had been paying attention to Yang Kai’s progress here, turned and look at Han Fei.

Gently nodding, Li Rong then turned her attention back to Yang Kai.

“Why did he take off his clothes?” Han Fei glanced over at Yang Kai inside the barrier, her face blushing slightly as she muttered in dissatisfaction.

“It’s easier for him to observe the progress of integrating his Demon Crests this way, haha,” Li Rong laughed lightly, “What are you embarrassed about? Both of us are many times his age, what’s wrong with seeing him topless?”

Han Fei looked a little unnatural and asked softly, “How is his progress?”

“Good,” Li Rong nodded with satisfaction, “He can already merge some of his Demon Crests into his body. I would guess that after at most a month he will achieve the second form.”

“So fast?” Han Fei was quite surprised.

“En, Sir Great Demon God’s vision is indeed outstanding. If his aptitude wasn’t so high, how could Sir Great Demon God feel relieved allowing him to inherit the Demon Eye of Annihilation?”

“It seems I’ve still looked down on him,” Han Fei narrowed her eyes slightly; “I used to think it was only his luck that was good.”

“Then you should take some time to re-examine him. Later, our clan will probably become his servants,” Li Rong smiled, suddenly turning her attention to a small jade box in Han Fei’s hand, “What’s that?”

Han Fei replied, “What I promised to give him a few days ago.”

Saying so, Han Fei opened the jade box for a moment before quickly closing it again.

Li Rong couldn’t help covering her mouth in amazement as she muttered, “Isn’t that the Wind and Thunder Wings? Why are you gifting him that?”

“He may be able to refine this thing,” Han Fei smiled and replied.

“Why do you say that? Even we haven’t been able to refine them,” Li Rong asked curiously.

The Wind and Thunder Wings was a pair of strange wings formed from a Heavenly Dao Law. It was unknown which Senior from their Ancient Demon Clan had originally obtained it, but after changes owners a number of times, it had eventually ended up in Han Fei’s hands.

Han Fei had been trying to refine the Wind and Thunder Wings for many years, but each time she had failed.

This pair of Wind and Thunder Wings was extremely valuable, and was one of the most remarkable of the Ancient Demon Clan’s treasures.

Li Rong had also tried refining it a number of times, but just like Han Fei, she had been rejected by them and finally had to give up.

But now, unexpectedly, Han Fei had actually taken them out and was preparing to give them to Yang Kai.

“Even though we can’t refine them, he may be able to, because he already has a pair of wings formed by a Heavenly Dao Law.”

“He also has one?” Li Rong was shocked.

“En,” Han Fei nodded lightly, briefly describing what had happened below the volcano.

As Li Rong listened, her beautiful eyes glistened, only collecting herself after a long silence and asking, “If what you say is true, then he really might be able to refine them, but are you willing to up such a precious treasure? I didn’t think you were so optimistic about him, were you?”

Han Fei smiled faintly, “There’s no harm in giving this to him. If he can’t refine them, it just means his ability is insufficient. On the other hand, if he can refine them, it will serve as my thanks for him saving my life. Also, because of him, our clan managed to obtain so many Crystal Stones. Compared to the development of our clan, this pair of dust laden Wind and Thunder Wings is nothing of importance.”

“Fair enough,” Li Rong nodded lightly, “From the looks of it, he won’t stop until he has successfully achieved the second form.”

Han Fei smiled lightly and no longer said anything, standing beside Li Rong as the two of them quietly watched Yang Kai from a distance.

One mature, one icy, two beautiful women standing together like this made for quite an alluring sight.

However, Yang Kai actually paid no attention to this marvellous sight, his entire mind completely immersed in studying his Demon Crests, trying to integrate them into his body, causing his flesh and blood to tremble.

Cultivation knew no years, this statement was not unwarranted.

Yang Kai only paid attention to the progress of his Demon God Transformation and had completely lost track of how much time had passed.

Although his progress seemed slow, it still made Yang Kai quite happy.

He was finally able to effectively control his Demon Crests.

Nearly a month had passed and Li Rong and Han Fei were still quietly waiting outside the barrier, not showing the slightest sign of anxiousness, instead just staring dumbfounded at Yang Kai’s performance.

The Demon God Transformation was capable of bringing great strength to an Ancient Demon clansman’s body, but it was also placed an incredible load on them.

Only the Ancient Demon Clan, with their incredibly strong bodies, could stand using it.

An ordinary clansman could only maintain their Demon God Transformation for about an hour.

Even someone as strong as Li Rong could not maintain her transformed state indefinitely.

However, Yang Kai apparently could. Since he initially activated his Demon God Transformation a month and a half ago, he had not once dismissed his Demon Crests. The strength of his physical body had far surpassed any other Li Rong or Han Fei had ever heard of. Even their Ancient Demon Clan physique was incomparable to it.

“A real monster!” Han Fei slowly shook her head.

Suddenly, there was a humming sound inside the barrier, and the last Demon Crests covering Yang Kai disappeared. His momentum and the intensity of his Blood Force not only did not fall though, but instead improved a grade.

Li Rong’s beautiful eyes flashed brilliantly as she exclaimed, “Success!”

After a month and a half of uninterrupted cultivation, Yang Kai finally managed to achieve the second form of the Demon God Transformation, fully integrating his Demon Crests into his body!

Saying so, Li Rong waved her hand and opened the barrier.

A wild and violent pressure suddenly descended upon them, causing Li Rong and Han Fei to instinctively resist.

However, although this pressure was tyrannical, it no longer had the effect of suppressing their Ancient Demon Clan’s strength and would only do so if Yang Kai intended it to.

In other words, Yang Kai now truly had the power to bargain with the Ancient Demon Clan.

When he noticed that the barrier had disappeared, Yang Kai turned to see Li Rong and Han Fei in the distance, smiling lightly before jumping up and walking towards them.

“How are you feeling?” Li Rong resisted the slight discomfort she felt and asked softly.

“Very good, although it’s still somewhat difficult for me to control,” Yang Kai nodded slightly, glancing down at his bare skin where a number of his Demon Crests seemed to fade in and out.

“Being able to achieve this much in such a short time is already remarkable, with time and practice you’ll become familiar with controlling them,” Li Rong smiled, “Hold out your hand.”

Yang Kai frowned slightly but although he didn’t know what Li Rong wanted to do, he still extended his hand to her.

Faster than Yang Kai could blink, Li Rong’s jade white hand swiped at his palm, opening a small cut.

Blood began leaking out.

Because he didn’t sense any malicious intent from Li Rong, Yang Kai made no effort to dodge this strike but instead just looked at her suspiciously.

“Take a look at your blood carefully, do you notice anything different from before?”

Hearing this, Yang Kai looked down at his palm and was immediately startled.

He discovered that there were some faint golden rays in his blood, almost like the golden light which shone from the Demon Eye of Annihilation; however, these golden streaks were incredibly subtle, if he didn’t pay close attention to it he wouldn’t have noticed them at all, but he could tell that these golden lights contained an enormous amount of power.

“Demon God Golden Blood?” Han Fei’s eyes lit up as she called out in alarm.

“Indeed, Demon God Golden Blood!” Li Rong nodded solemnly, “This is the most prominent sign that one has cultivated the second form of the Demon God Transformation. In our ancient books, only those who possess the golden blood of Sir Great Demon God can be considered part of the noblest lineage.”

Having said so, Li Rong also reached out and cut her palm.

Yang Kai stared carefully and quickly found there were some faint golden rays in Li Rong’s blood as well, and although the golden lights she possessed weren’t as brilliant as his own, they were significantly more abundant.

“This is the ultimate symbol and proof of my Ancient Demon Clan’s relationship to Sir Great Demon God!” Li Rong proudly stated.

Yang Kai’s look became slightly strange, “Do you want to say that I too am a member of your Ancient Demon Clan now?”

“In a manner of speaking, although you were born human, your blood has now undergone a transformation because you obtained Sir Great Demon God’s inheritance.”

“Then in the future will I be human, or demon?”

“That’s up to you. It’s not really that important whether you’re human or demon, what matters is how you perceive yourself,” Li Rong smiled lightly, “But from now on, as long as you continue cultivating the Demon God Transformation, your Demon God Golden Blood will become purer and purer. When your blood becomes completely golden, it will mean you have achieved mastery of the second form and when even your bones turn golden, you will have reached the peak of the third form.”

Yang Kai’s brow knit and didn’t respond.

Because of the Unyielding Golden Skeleton, his bones were already golden.

“Good, you’ve been cultivating for such a long time you should relax for a while. Maintaining the Demon God Transformation for so long must have placed a great burden on your body. When one cultivates, rest is also important,” Li Rong sincerely advised.

Yang Kai nodded lightly, it was true he felt a little exhausted and the ache he felt in his body was quite intense. After dispersing his Demon God Transformation, he felt much more relaxed.

“Han Fei also brought you something good,” Li Rong smiled warmly.

“Oh, what is it?” Yang Kai turned to look at Han Fei.

Han Fei stepped forward and handed Yang Kai the jade box she was holding, “Take a look yourself, maybe it will be of some use to you, maybe it won’t, don’t get your hopes up too high though.”

Hearing her speak so ambiguously, Yang Kai suddenly became curious, accepting the jade box and quickly opening it.

Inside the jade box, there was a pair of tiny wings only the size of his palm. This pair of wings was transparent, and didn’t seem to be forged out of physical material; it was unlike any artifact he had seen. Atop these wings, there were flashes of light and swirling currents. Yang Kai felt the strong powers of wind and thunder from this pair of wings.

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