Martial Peak

Chapter 663, Seize The Initiative

After listening to Li Rong’s ‘explanation’, Yang Kai was speechless for a long time.

If what this woman said was true, Yang Kai could understand why her attitude towards him had suddenly changed. It would only be natural for such a change to occur after she recognized the Great Demon God’s Demon Eye of Annihilation.

But that was just her side of the story, not enough to fully convince Yang Kai.

“This is all one big coincidence. The reason why I am here is because I was accidentally captured by the Coffin Carrying Man, are you certain that what is in my Knowledge Sea is really the Demon Eye of Annihilation?”

“Absolutely,” Not only did Li Rong nod, but even Hua Mo and Han Fei showed a look of certainty, “We are the blood descendants of the Ancient Demon Clan, our ancestors were the closest servants of Sir Great Demon God, we will not be mistaken about this, and who is to say that you being sent here wasn’t the result of Sir Great Demon God’s guidance?”

“Even so… you don’t have to follow the example of your ancestors, pledging your fealty to me, this kind of thing… Heh, honestly, I’m not too interested,” Yang Kai slowly shook his head.

Li Rong was stunned, but after thinking about it for a moment, she suddenly understood what Yang Kai was hesitant about.

Although he had been able to suppress all of their Ancient Demon Clan when he used his Demon God Transformation, his cultivation right now was still only Immortal Ascension Boundary Eighth Stage. Without the Demon God Transformation, many of her clansmen could easily put him to death.

If he wanted their clan to truly submit to him, it would be impossible without him having absolute strength.

“If master is concerned about his own strength not being sufficient, then there’s no need to worry. The three of us expressing our opinion to you right now is not because of your current strength, but your future potential! I believe that since the Demon Eye of Annihilation chose you, your future accomplishments will not be worse off when compared to Sir Great Demon God.”

“You seem to have a great deal of faith in me,” Yang Kai shook his head and smiled, his expression quickly becoming solemn, “Let’s not talk about this for now, for the moment, I am interested in other things.”

“If that is what Master wishes, then please do say,” Li Rong did not want to force Yang Kai to agree now. She knew if she pushed too hard it would only be counterproductive; for now, this human boy was still suspicious of her Ancient Demon Clan.

“I heard that Demon God Citadel has many Martial Skills and Secret Arts that are related to your Demon God Transformation?”

Li Rong smiled lightly, “If it’s about that, there’s no need for you to ask, you will have free access to all of those techniques. Master’s Demon God Transformation should have been obtained directly from the Demon Eye of Annihilation, correct? If so, then it is the most orthodox Demon God Transformation. Since the power of Sir Great Demon God flows through Master’s body, it is reasonable to understand it as such.”

Yang Kai didn’t say anything.

Li Rong’s speculation was actually wrong. He had no idea about what the Demon God Transformation was before he came to this Mysterious Small World, and his Devil Transformation technique wasn’t obtained from the Demon Eye of Annihilation, but rather from the mysterious Unyielding Golden Skeleton.

“Master, I am only trying to speak the truth, I hope you won’t be angry,” Li Rong giggled as she observed Yang Kai’s reactions.

Yang Kai just shrugged his shoulders in response.

“Master’s Demon God Transformation is too overbearing and although it already has the ability to restrain all of my clan, your understanding of the technique seems to be very shallow so you are unable to exert its full power. Right now, Master’s Demon God Transformation is still only at the initial stage.”

Yang Kai was stunned for a moment but quickly became pleasantly surprised and asked, “You mean, my Demon God Transformation can still be further strengthened?”

“Indeed,” Li Rong nodded, “If not so, then how would my Ancient Demon Clan be able to guard and fight alongside you?”

Currently, when Yang Kai displayed his Demon God Transformation, everyone from the Ancient Demon Clan around him would be paralyzed. If they tried to fight an enemy in that state, they would only die in vain. Even a master like Li Rong would be easily killed by a cultivator far weaker than her if she was incapable of defending herself.

“At the very least, you must cultivate your Demon God Transformation to the second level. Only by achieving the second level will you be able to freely control your ability to restrain my Ancient Demon Clan, allowing us to fight together,” Li Rong quickly said.

“Interesting,” Yang Kai smiled. Before he had enough strength to convince the Ancient Demon Clan to submit to him, Yang Kai was not interested in Li Rong and the other’s announcing their desire to serve him, because his ability was definitely not enough to convince the general public. Even if these three leaders swore an oath to him, he wouldn’t accept, because if he couldn’t display enough competence in the role, it would only lead to their dissatisfaction and cause them to slowly despise him.

During the Inheritance War, Yang Kai had already had a similar experience with the Yang Family, so he had some understanding of these matters.

But studying the Demon God Transformation was something he was interested in.

Yang Kai would never let go of any opportunity to increase his strength.

“You can look for me at any time to read those ancient books,” Li Rong gently nodded.

“Then let’s do so tomorrow, you’ve told me so much today that I need some time to digest all of it,” Yang Kai said.

“Very well, your servants will calmly await Master’s arrival.”

“Also, don’t call me that way, it feels awkward,” Yang Kai’s brow furrowed, the more this woman who was a hundred times stronger than him called him Master the more uncomfortable he felt.

“Then… how should we address you? We’ll do as you like.”

“Just call me like you did before,” Yang Kai smiled, “Your clansmen, if they hear you calling me Master, well, I’m not sure what they’d think, at the very least it would provoke some unnecessary disputes.”

Li Rong laughed in spite of trying not to, “You’ve thought things through quite thoroughly. The Ancient Demon Clan has always taken the four Great Commanders as their leaders, as long as we three recognize you, everyone will recognize you, but since you insist, I won’t insist. Good, I’ll let you get some rest, we’ll retire first.”

Yang Kai nodded lightly.

Li Rong and Hua Mo nodded back and their Soul avatars quickly withdrew.

Han Fei hesitated for a moment, a complicated expression flashing across her face.

“Is there something else?” Yang Kai’s brow rose slightly.

“No, I just wanted to thank you for saving me back at the volcano.”

“You also saved me, so neither of us owes the other,” Yang Kai slowly shook his head.

“Even so, a few days from now I’ll send you something; perhaps it will be of use to you.”

“Send me something? What?”

“You’ll understand when you see it,” Han Fei said before also withdrawing from Yang Kai’s Knowledge Sea.

When Yang Kai opened his eyes again, he discovered that the three Great Commanders had yet to leave his room and were instead standing in front of him, Li Rong smiling as she said, “I forgot to ask, do you want to change your room? This place was originally only meant as an Alchemy room.”

Before she was certain about the speculations she had about Yang Kai, Li Rong hadn’t wanted to offer him too much in terms of accommodations and privileges, lest it draws suspicions from her subordinates, but now that she was certain, naturally she wanted to provide him with better living conditions.

“No need, I’ve grown used to this place. I can practice Alchemy here whenever I want,” Yang Kai shook his head.

“About our Alchemy request…” Li Rong smiled awkwardly, “Before now it was just trade between you and my clan, but now that circumstances have changed, if you no longer want to…”

“You don’t have to worry about that, I was sincere when I originally told you I wanted to study Alchemy, I should really be thanking you for providing me with such a good opportunity to do so.”

Hearing this, Li Rong couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief as she directed a grateful look towards Yang Kai.

Now, Li Rong naturally couldn’t demand Yang Kai to continue pursuing the Alchemic Way, if he were to strongly refuse, she would have no choice but to acquiesce.

“Would you like us to send you a few maidservants to take care of your needs? The young girls from my clan, whether it is their beauty or temperament, are no less outstanding than those from your Human race…” Li Rong bit her lip and asked blushingly.

Hua Mo’s expression remained indifferent, seemingly thinking that all human males were lascivious by nature.

(PewPewLazerGun: Damn straight we are!)

(Silavin: Shhh. Don’t expose us)

(Leo: His name is PewPewLazerGun…)

However, Han Fei couldn’t help but cough a little, her expression a bit unnatural as she averted her gaze.

“Just Guan’er is fine, there’s no need to send anyone else,” Yang Kai knew what Li Rong was referring to. He was, after all, a young man. The need to relieve himself was normal, and now that more than a year had passed since he had come here, Li Rong was obviously taking into consideration his needs with respect to women as well, although her having other motives as well could not be ruled out.

If Yang Kai became involved with one of the girls from her clan and developed feelings for her, tying him to the Ancient Demon Clan would become much simpler.

“As you wish,” Li Rong gently nodded, a meaningful light flashing across the depths of her eyes as she turned to Guan’er and seriously told her, “Just like before, you will be responsible for his care, be sure to meet any request he has.”

“Any request? What about if he…?” Guan’er asked in confusion.

“Even that; his words are your orders from now on!” Li Rong firmly declared.

Guan’er was dumbfounded. When she had first been sent to take care of Yang Kai, Li Rong had told her that as long as it wasn’t excessive, she was to do her best to fulfil this human boy’s requests, but now, in front of his face, she had been told to fully satisfy any request he made!

Senior Li’s attitude towards this human boy had really changed dramatically.

As Guan’er stood there absentmindedly, Li Rong and the other Great Commanders left, and by the time she had come to her senses, only she and Yang Kai remained inside the stone room.

Snorting lightly, she waved her fists threateningly towards Yang Kai like a young female tiger, ready to pounce, as she ground her teeth and accused, “You bastard, what did you say to my Mistress? Why is she so attentive to you now?”

“I didn’t say anything really, we just talked casually.”

“Your Human Race really is sinister and deceitful!” Guan’er glared back at him, obviously not believing a word he said, snorting as she continued, “Mistress said I am I am to meet any of your requests, you won’t ask anything shameless of me will you?”

“I won’t.”

“You really won’t? I don’t believe you, you have to swear to me.”

Yang Kai let out a long sigh, feeling a slight headache coming on from listening to this girl’s incessant chatter. Thinking about it for only a brief moment, he took out a big piece of Crystal Stone and tossed it to Guan’er, “Play with that for a while and stop bothering me!”

Guan’er put on a disdainful look and shot back, “You want to buy me off with a single Crystal Stone? Aren’t you looking down on me a bit too much?”

Yang Kai quickly took out another piece and handed it over.

Nodding righteously, Guan’er took it turned around to leave, a big joyful grin on her face.

The stone room had finally become quiet again.

Reflecting back on the conversation he just had with the three Great Commanders inside his Knowledge Sea, Yang Kai still couldn’t quite believe it had happened.

Although he had been studying Alchemy for the past year, he had never stopped thinking about his future plans; after all, it was impossible for him to accept being imprisoned here by the Ancient Demon Clan forever.

Now, unexpectedly, due to a series of accidents and coincidences, he had somehow managed to seize the initiative.

Now, assuming all of this was real, he didn’t have to worry about whether he would be imprisoned here. Whether Li Rong’s words were credible, Yang Kai couldn’t be certain, but he felt that this beautiful mature woman wasn’t deceiving him, because lowering her status and showing such goodwill towards him really didn’t have any advantage to her.

Yang Kai subconsciously trusted her somewhat.

However, as a result of their conversation, many things that had puzzled Yang Kai for many years had finally become clear!

At the very least, he understood that the original owner of his Wordless Black Book was the Great Demon God!

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