Martial Peak

Chapter 662, Demon Eye of Annihilation

“Of course,” Li Rong nodded heavily, “None of us has such poor taste.”

“Who would want to spy on your memories,” Han Fei spat disdainfully.

Hua Mo also laughed, “This old man doesn’t have such bad hobbies.”

“Then come in,” Yang Kai nodded, closing his eyes and sinking his consciousness into his Knowledge Sea, his Soul avatar soon appearing and lowering all of his Knowledge Sea’s defenses.

The next moment, he noticed that three powerful Spiritual Energy masses poured into his Knowledge Sea, and immediately, the Soul avatars of the three Great Commanders of the Ancient Demon Clan appeared in front of him.

At that moment, everyone in the stone room become motionless. Guan’er stood the side, a mix of anxiety and curiosity plastered on her face as she glanced around at the figures before her, suddenly waving her fist towards Yang Kai and snorting cutely.

She knew that the three Great Commanders and this human brat were discussing some secrets at the moment and that she was not qualified to intervene. Naturally she didn’t dare to try to sneak into Yang Kai’s Knowledge Sea so all she could do was sit around outside and wait.

Inside Yang Kai’s Knowledge Sea, wisps of flame whipped about.

Whether it was Li Rong, Han Fei, or Hua Mo, none of them could help instinctively using their Spiritual Energy to protect themselves from this uncomfortable feeling.

The Ancient Demon Clan all hated this blistering aura.

Li Rong was even more surprised than the other two though. The last time she was here, Yang Kai’s Conflagrated Knowledge Sea was far less powerful than it was now; now, the scotching heat here was now able to give even her some faint pressure.

Suddenly she understood; after all, Yang Kai had swallowed more than a dozen Conflagrated Knowledge Seas so obviously his Soul had experienced some growth.

“Can you please clear a place for us to speak more comfortably?” Li Rong suggested.

Yang Kai thought about it and knew that these three were truly a bit uncomfortable here so he quickly pointed to an island in the distance, “Let’s go there, that place isn’t affected by my Conflagrated Knowledge Sea.”

In the direction he was pointing, the three Great Commanders saw a five coloured island that seemed to be floating atop the flaming sea.

Their eyes sparkling slightly, they quickly followed Yang Kai to the island.

As soon as their Soul avatars set foot on this five coloured island, the three Ancient Demon Clan Saints were all shocked.

“How can my Soul be gaining strength inside your Knowledge Sea?” Han Fei stared at Yang Kai in amazement.

“I can also feel my Spiritual Energy growing slightly,” Hua Mo said with a look of shock.

“What is this five coloured island?” Li Rong smiled happily and asked curiously as she glanced around. She naturally felt that the reason their Spiritual Energies were being strengthened even thought they were inside Yang Kai’s Knowledge Sea was entirely because of this strange treasure island.

“Did you come here to discuss such things?” Yang Kai said indifferently, showing no intention to answer them.

The Five Coloured Soul Warming Lotus was able to nourish and repair all things related to one’s Soul, so the three Great Commanders’ Soul avatars were obviously able to obtain some benefits by being around it, though these benefits were incredibly small.

Yang Kai on the other hand was different. As the owner of the Five Coloured Soul Warming Lotus, over many years the small yet steady stream of enhancement he received had accumulated into a significant advantage.

“En, I’ve spoken a bit carelessly,” Li Rong gently nodded, “However, it seems like you have many good things on you.”

“Every man has a secret or two,” Yang Kai said faintly, “Now, I think it’s about time you start explaining what exactly is going on. I’m quite curious to know the truth, and I believe Hua Mo and Han Fei are the same.”

Hearing these words, Hua Mo and Han Fei also quickly turned their attention to Li Rong.

Li Rong smiled and nodded, lifting her jade hand and pointing to an object gently floating high up in the sky, “Look over there.”

Turning their eyes in direction of her finger, Hua Mo and Han Fei stared attentively.

Floating above Yang Kai’s Knowledge Sea was a single tightly closed eyeball. The moment they laid eyes on this eye though, Hua Mo and Han Fei couldn’t help feeling an overwhelming desire to kneel down and submit themselves to it.

Neither of them could explain why they suddenly had this feeling, both of their Soul avatars trembling lightly.

“Can you open it like last time?” Li Rong turned to look at Yang Kai.

Yang Kai nodded lightly and conveyed his thoughts to the golden eye.

The closed eye slowly opened, and through a narrow crack, a majestic golden light appeared and flooded the three Saint’s eyes. It was as if a supreme master who was aloof from the world they lived in was staring down at them indifferently.

Under such an intense gaze, all of them suddenly felt tiny and insignificant, as if this gaze was capable of turning them all into dust and erasing them from the world if it so chose to.

Hua Mo and Han Fei shuddered even more and even Li Rong’s tender body couldn’t help trembling slightly.

“Do you two… recognize this?” Li Rong asked, a look of excitement on her face as her breathing became somewhat quick, her gaze locked solidly on this golden eye, completely unwilling to look away from it despite the intimidating feeling it gave her.

“The Demon Eye of Annihilation?” After a brief moment of silence, Hua Mo suddenly exclaimed.

Han Fei also shivered, her face filling with excitement as she turned to Li Rong and asked, “Is this really the Demon Eye of Annihilation?”

“Without a doubt, it is exactly as it is described in the records left behind by our ancestors. Also, the last time I experienced its golden light, I could feel a terrifying power of destruction, besides it being the Demon Eye of Annihilation, I can think of no other possible explanation,” Li Rong’s proud chest heaved up and down, highlighting her lack of inner calm despite her attempts to speak coherently.

“The Heaven’s have eyes! In this old man’s lifetime, I am actually able to bear witness to the Demon Eye of Annihilation!” Hua Mo couldn’t help calling out in joy, immediately kneeling on the ground and kowtowing to the giant golden eye.

Following his example, Li Rong and Han Fei also kneeled down and solemnly worshiped the floating eye.

Yang Kai’s brain froze up for a moment as he stared dumbfounded at this scene.

At that moment, three beams of golden light suddenly shot out from the Solitary Golden Eye and precisely struck the three kneeling Soul avatars.

Yang Kai expression changed dramatically but he quickly managed to regain his composure.

Because he found that after being illumined by the golden light, the three Saint’s Soul avatars not only didn’t disappear, remaining completely unharmed, but instead showed looks of incredibly joy, as if some kind of shackle which had bound them had been lifted, closing their eyes as they immersed themselves in this wondrous feeling.

Yang Kai carefully observed them and quickly discovered that they were receiving something from the golden light so he did not attempt to interrupt them, standing to the side and waiting quietly.

A moment later, the Solitary Golden Eye closed once more.

After waiting for a long time, the three Great Commanders opened their eyes again. At that moment, Yang Kai clearly noticed that their three Soul avatars were much stronger than before.

It seemed like the benefits they received weren’t small.

Yang Kai became pensive, at this moment, he also realized that the Solitary Golden Eye had a deep connection with the Ancient Demon Clan, but what exactly this relationship was, he wasn’t clear.

The three people all were aware of the changes they had undergone as well, looks of excitement appearing on their faces as they quickly exchanged a glance before turning towards Yang Kai and respectfully cupping their fists. “Greetings, Master!”

Yang Kai’s brow wrinkled deeply and a forced smile crept onto his face, “Ahem, what exactly is the situation, do all of you have some kind of misunderstanding?”

“No, there is no misunderstanding or mistake. Starting today, you are the leader of my Ancient Demon Clan!” Li Rong stared towards Yang Kai with a burning gaze.

Surprisingly, Hua Mo and Han Fei made no attempt to refute her, instead nodding solemnly in agreement.

“Is this some kind of big joke?” Yang Kai’s brow wrinkled even further, “I’m just an ordinary human while all of you belong to the Demon Race. The blood flowing in our veins is completely different. How can I suddenly be the leader of your Ancient Demon Clan?”

“Please be patient, Master, I will explain everything in detail,” Li Rong smiled and pointed towards the sky, “May I ask, where did master acquire the Demon Eye of Annihilation?”

Yang Kai thought about it for a moment before shaking his head, “It’s not convenient for me to disclose that.”

Although he could make up a random explanation, trying to use such a petty trick in front of three Saint Realm masters was pointless. Since they seemed to be treating him completely sincerely, Yang Kai also didn’t want to deceive them.

“En, then I won’t ask about it any further,” Li Rong didn’t mind, laughing lightly, “Master surely has some suspicions about us right now, which is only natural. You acting with such prudence is appropriate. If you were to suddenly expose all of your secrets, we would have to consider whether handing our Ancient Demon Clan over to such an incompetent person was appropriate. However, your performance is indeed worthy of one chosen by Sir Great Demon God!”

“The Great Demon God?” Yang Kai’s brow rose, “What does any of this have to do with him?”

“The Demon Eye of Annihilation was the eye of Sir Great Demon God!” Li Rong replied.

Yang Kai was stunned.

“Master, you have lived in Demon God Citadel for more than a year now and should have heard a lot of rumors about Sir Great Demon God.”

Yang Kai nodded slightly. On the way back from the volcano, Li Rong had also talked at length about the Great Demon God. It turned out that her bringing him up wasn’t just her making conversation, but her deliberate attempt to inform him about the Great Demon God.

“Good, that makes it easier for me to explain,” Li Rong exhaled lightly and continued, “Sir Great Demon God was a supreme powerhouse who was able to shake the entire Tong Xuan Realm. According to the records of our ancestors, no one was worthy to stand side-by-side with Sir Great Demon God. During his time, the Demon Race’s dominion was unchallenged and all other races were but vassals of our Demon Race. Among the clans of the Demon Race, my Ancient Demon Clan had the noblest of bloodlines and were the direct servants of Sir Great Demon God.”

When Li Rong spoke about this glorious past, a look of pride appeared on her face and even Han Fei and Hua Mo showed looks of longing.

“Sir Great Demon God’s cultivation was tyrannical. No one was his opponent, but because his strength was so strong, and there was no one here who could challenge him, he broke from off this world’s shackles and set out alone in search of greater heights on the Martial Dao. According to many of our ancient records, he successfully left this realm, but where he went, no one knows. There are also some ancient books that say he failed, his soul was destroyed, and he was never seen again. No one knows the whole truth.”

“However, it now appears that Sir Great Demon God indeed failed to ascend to a higher plane, otherwise he would not have left behind his Demon Eye of Annihilation!” Li Rong said, suddenly wearing a forlorn expression. “Sir Great Demon God sealed my clan inside this Mysterious Small World before leaving because he knew once he departed, the Demon Race would be greatly weakened and the other races would surely take the opportunity to counterattack. As the closest servants of Sir Great Demon God, we would be facing the threat of extermination, which is why my clan was sent here. However, Sir Great Demon God did not mean to imprison us here forever and deliberately left a solution. When we finally succeeded in leaving this place, the world would have mostly forgotten about our Ancient Demon Clan and would no longer target us because of our role as servants of Sir Great Demon God.”

“Although Sir Great Demon God may no longer be among us, even if it is just one of his eyes, it is not something an ordinary person can acquire. Since you can possess the Demon Eye of Annihilation, it means that Sir Great Demon God has already recognized your ability, and as the servants of Sir Great Demon God, our Ancient Demon Clan will naturally recognize you as well! So, from now on, you are the master of my Ancient Demon Clan and we will serve you faithfully like our ancestors served Sir Great Demon God. You were certainly sent here by Sir Great Demon God to save my clan from their long imprisonment here!” Li Rong declared solemnly.

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