Martial Peak

Chapter 631, What Is This

Lying in the pool of blood, Yun Xuan’s eyes were wide open, staring up at the sky blankly. Her beautiful body was still fully exposed to the air and the gaping wound on her flat belly continued to bleed profusely, dying her pure white skin a dark shade of red, giving her a tragically enchanting look.

She was still breathing, and there wasn’t any immediate danger to her life, but Yang Kai was keenly aware that she had no wish to go on.

It seemed like everything she had just experienced had made her no longer wish to live.

Barely supporting his own weak body, Yang Kai slowly walked towards her, picked up his clothes and wore his pants before tearing his shirt in half.

Hesitating for a moment, Yang Kai still took out some more Myriad Drug Liquid and smeared it on Yun Xuan’s wound.

The touch of his fingers made Yun Xuan’s tender body tremble and she finally regained some of her composure. After glancing around slowly and taking in her current situation, a complicated light flashed across her beautiful eyes.

“I know what you want to say, but it’s best if you don’t speak right now, once I’m doing treating your wound, whether you want to curse or beat me I won’t fight back. After all, what’s done is done, but you can rest assured that I won’t pester or entangle you after this. It would be best if we both considered this to be a bad dream and when everything is settled, part ways!” Yang Kai’s said meticulously, seemingly thinking aloud.

Using half of his shirt to clean up the wound on Yun Xuan’s lower abdomen, Yang Kai then used the other half to bandage her up.

Yun Xuan wanted to resist, but she currently had no strength left in her.

Having just reached a peak she had never before experienced, her body was currently extremely sensitive, so when Yang Kai’s hand gently touched her, she felt a wave of pleasure and comfort radiate from her core.

This feeling made her feel incredibly shameful so she simply closed her eyes and wept.

After gently arranging Yun Xuna’s clothes, Yang Kai gasped for breath and collapsed to the ground.

Since he began cultivating, he had never suffered such a serious injury, and if at the critical moment he had not shifted his vital points, the Charm Monster’s last strike would probably have taken his life.

This time his plan had been extremely risky. After Yang Kai had listened to Yun Xuan’s description of the Charm Monster’s traits, he had quickly come up with the idea of ​​tempting her to approach him and then launch a decisive attack when she lowered her guard.

He hadn’t expected that the Charm Monster would act so cautiously though, causing him to have to put on a much bigger show than he had planned to.

The place where he and Yun Xuan lay on the ground was still isolated from the outside world by the Charm Monster’s barrier.

After the Charm Monster’s death, the barrier around them had become significantly weaker, but Yang Kai strangely found that neither Ruan Xin Yu nor Zhuo Luo had made the slightest movement yet.

Pushing his True Qi slightly, Yang Kai broke open the barrier around them and upon seeing the state of Ruan Xin Yu and Zhuo Luo, he was suddenly relieved.

The Charm Monster was probably afraid that when she was absorbing Yang Kai and Yun Xuna’s blood essence, her other prey would take the chance to escape, so she had used some method to make the latter two faint.

“Rest for a while, they’ll wake up soon,” Yang Kai sighed.

Yun Xuan still lay there quietly sobbing, her tears streaming down her face, not paying any attention to Yang Kai.

Knowing she was not in a stable state right now, Yang Kai no longer spoke.

Yang Kai silently sat on the ground and circulated his True Qi to refine the Myriad Drug Milk’s medicinal efficacies.

This was the first time he had used the Myriad Drug Milk to heal his injuries and although he knew it was comparable to a Spirit Grade healing pill, Yang Kai quickly discovered that he had far underestimated its potency.

The throbbing pain in his lower abdomen quickly disappeared and was replaced with a slightly cool sensation and he could even physically feel his muscle and flesh re-grow and seal itself.

Taking advantage of this quiet interlude, Yang Kai pulled his Divine Sense into his Knowledge Sea and absorbed the Spiritual Energy remnant left behind by the Charm Monster.

Time passed slowly.

Half a day later, Ruan Xin Yu and Zhuo Luo revived from their forced sleep.

Seeming unable to figure out just what had happened and what their situation was after regaining consciousness, the two of them stared at each other in confusion.

A moment later, the pair finally remembered what happened before they were put to sleep.

Ruan Xin Yu’s expression immediately underwent a great change as she glanced down at herself and only after she discovered that her clothes were still intact, did she let out a sigh of relief.

Zhuo Luo looked around and upon catching sight of something his eyes shot open.

He found that not far away, the Charm Monster that had so easily killed over a dozen Bold Independent Union disciples and a Transcendent Realm master had died a horrible death, her once beautiful body beaten almost beyond recognition and her head completely broken open.

Yun Xuan sat a short distance away as well, her arms wrapped around her knees, a look of helplessness spread across her face, and although she was no longer crying, her eyes were thoroughly red and inflamed.

She was currently staring straight at Yang Kai who was meditating a few steps away from her.

“Yun Xuan, are you okay?” Zhuo Luo hurried to over and asked.

However, Yun Xuan didn’t even respond to his presence.

“What happened? How did the Charm Monster die? Did some passing master take action to save us?” Zhuo Luo continually asked several questions. This time he was certain he all of them would die, yet now he discovered he had survived, naturally Zhuo Luo was a little excited.

“Stop talking for a moment,” Ruan Xin Yu cut him off as her eyes narrowed, she had quickly noticed that Yun Xuan’s current state was somewhat off and quickly came forward, kneeling in front of Yun Xuan, biting her thin lip as she hesitated for a moment before softly asking, “Yun Xuan, can you tell me what happened?”

But Yun Xuan still said nothing and only kept staring at Yang Kai.

Yun Xuan’s dazed look suddenly made Zhuo Luo’s expression sink as he turned a cold glare towards Yang Kai.

“Ah, were you injured?” Ruan Xin Yu finally noticed the wound on Yun Xuan’s lower abdomen. Although it had mostly been healed by the Myriad Drug Liquid and was currently bandaged, the dried blood was still quite obvious.

“Injured? Let me take a look!” Zhuo Luo was shocked and quickly came over to inspect the wound.

Hearing these shameless words, Ruan Xin Yu shot a cold glare towards Zhuo Luo and snorted, signalling him in a not so subtle way to stand back.

Stretching out her hand and taking Yun Xuan’s pulse, Ruan Xin Yu whispered, “No obvious problems besides some slight weakness, but she should be able to recover with a few days of rest. Hm? What’s this strange scent?”

Ruan Xin Yu’s brow suddenly wrinkled. She smelled an unusual scent on Yun Xuan, it was a bit sour and quite unlike the iron smell of blood.

Listening to her say this, Zhuo Luo suddenly sniffed the air, and upon smelling a familiar odor, his expression became gloomy.

Glancing at Yun Xuan’s current state, then at Yang Kai’s bare upper body as well as the unrecognizable Charm Monster’s corpse. Zhuo Luo suddenly understood what had happened while he had been unconscious.

He was a veteran in this field and had already been with countless women, so while Ruan Xin Yu, who still had no experience in these matters, didn’t know what this scent was, he did.

His face suddenly twisting in anger, Zhou Luo’s True Qi began welling up uncontrollably.

“What are you doing?” Ruan Xin Yu said in a disgruntled tone as she stared at Zhou Luo, unable to understand why he had suddenly become angry.

Zhou Luo just stared gloomily at Yun Xuan and quickly said, “Yun Xuan, have you already been… tarnished by that little brat?”

Hearing this, the dazed Yun Xuan finally reacted, her tender body trembling slightly.

Noticing this sudden change, Ruan Xin Yu immediately covered her mouth and suddenly remembered what had happened before she was knocked unconscious. Yun Xuan and that boy named Yang Kai had already fallen under the Charm Monster’s control, and knowing the Charm Monster’s habits, she would definitely have caused something to happen between them.

The joy of surviving this disaster had temporarily made her neglect this point.

“Yun Xuan, is that true?” Ruan Xin Yu beautiful face paled as she whispered hesitantly; although she and Yun Xuan had some issues between them, in truth, she still respected Yun Xuan because of the latter’s identity was somewhat different from hers.

Yun Xuan’s tears began falling again as she buried her head in her knees and sobbed softly.

“Sure enough…” Zhou Luo almost went insane. He had been pursuing Yun Xuan for a long time now yet had never once earned her favour, yet now in this deserted wilderness, her beautiful body had been defiled by some unknown little bastard.

A huge sense of shame exploded inside Zhou Luo’s heart and his aura quickly became dangerous.

Coldly staring at Yang Kai who was meditating nearby, Zhou Luo smiled fiercely and began walking towards him.

“Zhou Luo, what do you want to do!?” Ruan Xin Yu exclaimed.

Zhou Luo sneered, “What do I want to do? Haha, what else can I do? This little brat stole Yun Xuan’s innocence, what do you think I should do? I want him to pay for that sin with his life!”

As he spoke, his pace suddenly quickened as he menacingly shot towards Yang Kai.

“Stop!” Ruan Xin Yu left Yun Xuan’s side, rushed over and grabbed Zhou Luo, “Don’t do this.”

“You still want to protect him?” Zhou Luo looked at Ruan Xin Yu sarcastically, “What does this little brat have to do with you? What reason do you have to protect him?”

“We haven’t figured out what happened yet, you just killing him like this doesn’t seem right, does it?”

“What else is there to figure out, Yun Xuan already admitted it!” Zhou Luo roared.

“And what does that have to do with you?” Ruan Xin Yu asked coldly, staring at Zhou Luo with disdain, “What exactly do you think you are to Yun Xuan?”

“Move!” Zhou Luo shouted furiously, unleashing his strength and shoving Ruan Xin Yu aside, “I truly am not anything to Yun Xuan yet, but I definitely won’t allow any other man than me to touch her! This little brat must die, otherwise I won’t be able to dispel the anger in my heart!”

Saying so, Zhou Luo threw out a punch filled with murderous intent straight towards the unsuspecting Yang Kai’s face.

“No!” Yun Xuan’s panic-stricken cry rang out from behind them.

Upon hearing this voice, Zhou Luo’s rage only increased and his determination to kill Yang Kai became even stronger.

He would send this brat to hell with a single strike.

Ruan Xin Yu, who was knocked off balance and had fallen to the ground, turned her head away, unable to bear what would happen next.

Zhou Luo was an Immortal Ascension Boundary Ninth Stage and had launched a sneak attack against an Immortal Ascension Boundary Seventh Stage kid, how this would end was not difficult to imagine, not to mention the fact that his target seemed to be injured.

Just as this heavy punch was about to slam into Yang Kai’s face, Yang Kai suddenly opened his eyes and one of his hands clawed forward, grabbing hold of Zhou Luo’s incoming strike.

Zhou Luo’s violent momentum, like a gale that had just encountered a mountain, was instantly blocked.

Yang Kai didn’t move, only staring coldly at Zhou Luo in front of him as he grinned coldly, “Friend, what are your intentions?”

Zhou Luo was clearly stunned. The punch he had put all his strength behind being easily caught by a kid much younger and two Minor Realms below than him was a scenario he found difficult to believe.

His expression changing greatly, Zhou Luo suddenly discovered that he somewhat couldn’t understand this boy.

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