Martial Peak

Chapter 630, Conflagrated Knowledge Sea

On the ground, Yang Kai and Yun Xuan tumbled and rolled, tangling together with one another, their clothes quickly becoming disordered.

Both of them had been poisoned by the Charm Monster’s Spiritual Energy toxin. This Spiritual Energy toxin was incredibly potent and was so strong that even Yang Kai couldn’t totally resist it, let alone Yun Xuan.

As the two entangled, Yun Xuan’s consciousness gradually became clearer, the heat and desire within her body slowly being sated, the manly aura Yang Kai gave off tasting like the sweetest water her parched body desperately desired. Consciously or unconsciously she sought him out while her rational mind still struggled to resist, but when she wanted to make an effort to push him away, she found that her body refused to listen to her and her eyes couldn’t help glancing towards the Charm Monster who was excitedly staring at this amorous scene, causing Yun Xuan to cry tears filled with unwillingness.

Yun Xuan had never dreamed that such an absurd and ridiculous scenario, where she would be deprived of her purity by an unfamiliar young man, would ever occur.

Although she styled herself quite boldly and always had an aggressive and open attitude, she had never actually been with a man before.

The resistance in her heart grew stronger and stronger as every shred of sense she had left told Yun Xuan to fight back, that even if she were to die she mustn’t be defiled and used so.

Seeing her now scattered clothes and feeling the cold forest air against her bare skin, Yun Xuan stretched out her hand and tried to exert the last of her strength to slap Yang Kai away, but her arm lost power half way through and instead wound itself around his neck, holding him tightly and drawing him further into her embrace.

Her long slender legs also refused to listen to the pleas from her rational mind and slowly wrapped themselves around Yang Kai’s study waist.

Her rich, tender body closely pressing itself against Yang Kai’s caused a surge of joy that seemed to come straight from her soul to erupt inside her, causing Yun Xuan to cry out in a voice she never knew she could make.

Realizing what she had just done, Yun Xuan’s became even more embarrassed.

“Yang Kai…” Yun Xuan involuntarily sweetly whispered in a soft and intoxicated voice, causing her to want to find a hole to crawl into and hide.

Between her legs, a warm nectar began leaking out and staining the grass beneath her as a deep sense of emptiness that desperately sought to be filled overwhelmed her…

In the next instant, a hot, solid piece of iron suddenly intruded into her most intimate place and Yun Xuan couldn’t help but scream. Her tender body shivered and her jade white skin was dyed a faint red hue as she quickly realized just what had happened.

Now fully aware that trying to resist the Charm Monster’s Spiritual Energy toxin was nothing but a dream, a tear rolled down Yun Xuan’s face as she slowly closed her eyes and gave up the last strand of resistance in her heart, fully surrendering her body to this new and unknown sensation.

A tearing pain came from the lower body causing Yun Xuan’s eyes to shoot open and a grunt to leak from her lips, tightly clutching onto Yang Kai’s back in the next instant with her hands, her nails leaving deep traces on his strong muscles.

Her flower had finally been completely plucked.

The initial sharp pain in her nether region quickly disappeared and was instead replaced with an endless surge and retreat of pleasure, the fierce, beast-like male above her not showing the slightest tender affection as he rampantly tried to occupy every inch of her body. Yun Xuan felt her consciousness fly away into the sky and her body and soul experienced a freedom and intoxication she had never imagined possible.

Biting down hard on her luscious lips, Yun Xuan now constantly leaked moans of pleasure and pain from her mouth as she gave all of herself over to the man in front of her.

Teardrops unconsciously leaked from the corners of her eyes and streamed helplessly down her cheeks onto the ground below.

Weakly opening her eyes, Yun Xuan stared up towards the slightly young face above her that was currently pressing down upon her and suddenly thought something was wrong.

This youth, whose eyes were bloodshot, had veins pulsing from his neck and forehead and who seemed no better than a wild animal that wanted nothing more than to devour the prey in front of him gave her a strange feeling. Although he seemed completely intoxicated and immersed in the deed, Yun Xuan still somehow noticed that in the deepest depths of his eyes there was still a cold, rational calm.

But before she had a chance to ponder over this uncoordinated feeling, a new wave of pleasure overwhelmed her body and she was once again submerged in the throes of passions.

“Good good, so delicious!” The Charm Monster’s face blushed as she slowly became intoxicated by the atmosphere. Gently stepping forward, it only took her a few breaths to arrive at Yang Kai and Yun Xuan’s side. Standing there, she stretched out a smooth, jade white hand and caressed Yang Kai’s strong back as if she was encouraging him, whispering into his ear, “Harder, just a little more!”

With this devilish voice floating into his brain, Yang Kai really began moving more aggressively, causing the Charm Monster to smile wickedly.

Time passed rapidly as the pair vented their desires and gradually climbed to a peak. Meanwhile, the Charm Monster’s demeanor became more focused, seemingly waiting for some critical moment.

As Yang Kai and Yun Xuan both reached a climactic apex, the Charm Monster suddenly made her move.

Her seemingly soft and boneless hand plunged into Yang Kai’s back like a hot knife through butter, piercing a hole straight through him and then continuing down into Yun Xuan and tearing open her lower abdomen.

Yun Xuan screamed miserably, tears streaming down her eyes as a flash of extrication washed over her.

The blood essence that mixed together and flowed from gave off a particular aroma that was absolutely intoxicating to the Charm Monster.

“It’s this… this taste… this flavour…” The Charm Monster’s tender body kept shivering as if she was experiencing a sense of euphoria, her legs tightly clenching up as some faint clear liquid dripped down her thighs. Closing her eyes she completely immersed herself in this feeling of bliss.

The bloodshot redness in Yang Kai’s eyes suddenly disappeared at that moment and was replaced with a eerie calmness.

Pushing himself off of Yun Xuan’s limp body like a spring, both his hands swiftly gripped the Charm Monster’s delicate arm that was still piercing his body and ripped with all his strength.


The indescribably soft jade white arm was snapped in two, exposing flesh and bone to the as green blood sprayed from the Charm Monster’s freshly broken limb.

A different kind of scream pierced the air as the Charm Monster’s beautiful eyes shot open and her enchanting face twisted in agony, seemingly falling from Heaven to Hell in an instant, incredulously staring at Yang Kai in front of her as she staggered backwards, pulling her arm out from his back as she did.

Before the Charm Demon had time to stabilize herself though, a flash appeared before her eyes and the youth who she was just watching partake of a young woman’s innocence appeared in front of her, stretched out his hand, and mercilessly grasped her throat.

“Finally, you’ve let your guard down!” Yang Kai’s expression was cold, his eyes were cold, his entire aura was ice cold, so much so that the Charm Monster felt like as if her blood had frozen over.

Staring at the youth in front of her in horror, the Charm Monster found that his body had indeed been run through by her and that his blood was flowing out even now, but his movements were extremely steady and he wasn’t the least bit flustered. In his eyes, the Charm Monster saw a thick ridicule and contempt and suddenly realized that from the beginning this boy had never fallen under her control.

“Impossible!” The Charm Monster roared hysterically like a crazed woman, “There’s no way you could have resisted my Spiritual Energy Toxin!”

“Why is it impossible?” Yang Kai sneered, increasing the strength in his hands as he slammed the Charm Monster onto the ground.


A sharp pain ran through the Charm Monster’s delicate body making it difficult for her to breathe.

However, even though her body was currently at Yang Kai’s mercy, the Charm Monster didn’t show any fear, only endless hatred.

A huge burst of Spiritual Energy shot out from her forehead and instantly tore through Yang Kai’s Knowledge Sea’s defence, flooding it with violent toxin.

She wanted erase Yang Kai’s Soul with this blow in order to sooth the anger she felt from having her arm destroyed.

Receiving this blow, Yang Kai’s forehead wrinkled and his body trembled a few times, but he soon returned to normal.

“Conflagrated Knowledge Sea?” Feeling the feedback from when her Spiritual Energy pulse entered Yang Kai’s Knowledge Sea, the Charm Monster finally showed a look of fear. Inside Yang Kai’s Knowledge Sea, there was a blazing heat that was so intense it burnt through her Spiritual Energy toxin almost instantaneously.

“So it’s called a Conflagrated Knowledge Sea. Many thanks for your kind guidance!” Yang Kai nodded slightly.

Ever since he absorbed the Jade True Spirit back in the Central Capital, Yang Kai discovered that his Spiritual Energy had taken on a flame type attribute, similar to his True Yang Yuan Qi.

Moreover, his Knowledge Sea had changed. Some patches of the sea now had flames burning.

This change was completely unexpected and caught Yang Kai by surprise; there was no one around he could consult about it either, so until now he didn’t even know what this change was.

Listening to the Charm Monster’s panicked voice, Yang Kai suddenly felt that this mutation was probably a good thing for him.

The Charm Monster’s Spiritual Energy contained a potent toxin, but his own Spiritual Energy was now comprised of burning flames which were far stronger than before.

“Don’t kill me, I can work as your slave!” The Charm Monster shouted.

Her physical body wasn’t as strong as Yang Kai’s, and her powerful Divine Sense and Spiritual Energy toxin had no way of harming Yang Kai, so she quickly understood there was no way for her to kill him in this situation, and if she didn’t beg for mercy, she would die.

“Recognize me?” Yang Kai frowned.

“Yes, we Monster Race members can offer our loyalty to members of the Human Race. As long as you nod, I can offer you my Soul brand and become your servant,” The Charm Monster quickly explained.

“No need, I’m not interested in having such a dangerous servant!” Yang Kai said ruthlessly, concentrating all of his True Qi into his fists and to the horror of the Charm Monster, viciously punching her beautiful face.

Perceived this life-threatening crisis, the Charm Monster screamed and unleashed all of her Spiritual Energy, shooting it into Yang Kai’s Knowledge Sea in a desperate last-ditch attempt to kill him.

However, Yang Kai remained un-phased!


As if he had punched a watermelon, the Charm Monster’s head suddenly exploded, yet Yang Kai still felt uneasy and continued to relentlessly strike her until all the vitality had disappeared from her body.

Her physical strength was really too weak, otherwise, there would have been no way Yang Kai could so easily kill her with her Transcendent Realm cultivation.

A suction force emerged from Yang Kai’s head at this time and a massive Spiritual Energy remnant from the Charm Monster’s collapsed Knowledge Sea was pulled into his own.

Although the Charm Monster’s last offer had tempted Yang Kai, he knew that with his current strength there was no way he could completely enslave such a master, especially one that specialized in Soul cultivation.

The Charm Monster wasn’t the same as the severely weakened Old Demon, she was too dangerous to keep around, so Yang Kai decisively decided to end all troubles.

Coughing a few times, fresh blood flowed out of Yang Kai’s mouth.

Wiping away this blood, Yang Kai quickly took out some Myriad Drug Milk from the Black Book space.

His body had been pierced through and was quite heavily injured; fortunately, Yang Kai had managed to shift himself so his vital organs hadn’t been destroyed, or this blow would have been fatal.

With the help of the Myriad Drug Milk though, his injury should be completely restored within a few days.

Turning his attention to Yun Xuan, Yang Kai’s expression became a bit complicated. After hesitating for a moment, he walked over to her side where she was lying in a pool of blood.

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