Martial Peak

Chapter 616 – How Did He Offend Them?

Yang Kai faintly shook his head, Immortal Ascension Boundary Seventh Stage, such a cultivation on the other side was not bad, but after learning about Tong Xuan Realm and understanding the mysteries of the Transcendent and Saint Realms, Yang Kai didn’t dare think too much of himself.

Such cultivation was still somewhat weak when compared to a Transcendent Realm master.

It seemed like it was necessary for him to raise his strength as soon as possible in order to survive in this vast and magnificent world as well as enable himself to find Su Yan and Little Senior Sister.

Without enough strength, he wouldn’t even be able to protect himself much less others.

“Did you manage to figure out where we are?” Yang Kai asked.

When Yang Kai was in the midst of his breakthrough, Shui Ling had gone to explore the surrounding region, hoping to discover their current location.

In response to his question, Shui Ling shook her head, “Although this swamp has some distinct features, there are too many places like it in Tong Xuan Continent. I don’t know exactly where we are but we should at least be in the Human Territory.”

“Human Territory?” Hearing this unfamiliar term, Yang Kai couldn’t help but ask.

“Oh, that’s right, I forget to tell you that in the Tong Xuan Realm, not only is there the Human Race, but there is also the Demon Race and the Monster Race. These two other races are very strong and are capable of standing as equals with our Human Race. The region controlled by the Human Race is generally referred to as the Human Territory, the region occupied by the Demon Race is known as the Demon Land, and the Monster Race has its roots in the Monster Domain. There’s also a neutral zone that sits at the intersection of these three major regions and there are also some other minor races scattered about. You can learn about them later.” Shui Ling casually explained, not going into too much depth; after all, this information was just common knowledge here, as long as Yang Kai continued to live here, he would gradually learn what he needed to know.

Yang Kai on the other hand was stunned.

Shui Ling smiled and continued, “You remember that Seventh-Order Monster Beast spider over there, right? If that spider managed to assume to a complete human form, she would then become part of the Monster Race, but that would require the assistance of the Beast Transformation Pond. The Beast Transformation Pond is a supreme treasure of the Monster Race. Well, there’s no need to worry too much about it, you’ll see many things you hadn’t ever heard or even dreamed of after staying here for a while.”

Yang Kai nodded slightly, “It seems I’m really quite ignorant.”

Suddenly remembering something, Yang Kai asked, “Demon General Meng Ge, have you heard that name before?”

Hearing this, Shui Ling turned an aghast look to Yang Kai, “How do you know about him?”

“He really exists?” Yang Kai was amazed. He had just asked casually, but seeing Shui Ling’s reaction, it seemed that this Demon General Meng Ge really was a character from Tong Xuan Continent, and a particular bad person at that.

When Yang Kai delved into the Evil Cavern in the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land for life experience, he had encountered a great whirlpool of Demonic energy, and from that whirlpool, a giant egg was produced. Later, four powerful Demon Path cultivators came to investigate this disturbance and had encountered the newly hatched Demon General Meng Ge, who had proceeded to instantly kill two of them and causing the other two heavy losses, suffering deep wounds in the process.

Finally, Yang Kai had used the Devil Sealing Chain on the severely weakened Demon General and somehow managed to kill him. At the end of his life though, Demon General Meng Ge told Yang Kai that the entity in front of him was only a Soul Clone and that his true body would remember Yang Kai’s aura.

Yang Kai had never managed to figure out who this Demon General Meng Ge was, but when he heard Shui Ling mention the Demon Race and Monster Race, he had suddenly thought of it.

“He’s not a member of the Human Race, but rather a powerful master from the Demon Race!” Shui Ling stared at Yang Kai with a somewhat panic stricken expression, smiling bitterly, “You’re really quite strange, how is it that you know Devil General Meng Ge’s name even though you’ve never left that world before?”

Yang Kai simply explained the chain of events that took place in the Evil Cavern all those years ago.

Hearing this story, Shui Ling’s face went pale, staring at Yang Kai quite sympathetically, “You actually destroyed his Soul Clone… From now on, you absolutely must avoid him; he is one of the Demon Race’s true masters, not someone you can afford to face.”

“Just how powerful is he?” Yang Kai asked hesitantly.

“From what you said, that Soul Clone of his most likely wasn’t yet a Transcendent, but his true body has a Saint Realm cultivation. As for what order Saint he is, I’m not certain, but many masters from the Human Territory fear him.”

Yang Kai took a deep breath and let out a sigh. He hadn’t expected that he had offended such a powerful figure, nodding lightly, “I understand.”

Just as he finished speaking, Yang Kai’s face suddenly became cold as he quickly turned his eyes to the side.

Shui Ling also frowned, directing her gaze in the same direction.

Over there, a group of Immortal Ascension Boundary cultivator’s auras were rapidly closing in on them, and although they seemed to be trying to conceal themselves, they obviously couldn’t hide from Yang Kai’s perception.

And inferring from their actions, it was clear this group of newcomers was aiming for them.

“Seems we’ll have an opportunity to figure out where we are,” Yang Kai grinned to Shui Ling, the latter smiling back calmly.

Shui Ling found that after following Yang Kai around for so long, she had become much more bold and courageous. If she had encountered this kind of situation in the past, she would definitely have already fled, afraid of getting into any kind of trouble.

A moment later, the figures of eight people appeared before Yang Kai’s eyes. The one who appeared to be their leader was a young woman with a mature air about her with a full chest, rounded hips, and slender legs. She wore a light blue tight fitting dress with a long slit down the side that perfectly accentuated her beautiful figure.

Seeing her, Yang Kai’s eyes flashed an appreciative light.

After coming to Tong Xuan Realm, the first stranger he met was actually a beautiful young woman, it was quite unexpected.

However, the young woman’s expression was gloomy, seemingly quite unhappy.

The seven people behind her also had cold auras, and upon seeing Yang Kai and Shui Ling, they immediately took an aggressive stance.

The bad attitude of this group of people caused Yang Kai to feel somewhat puzzled; he had no idea when or how he had offended them.

But having faith in his strength, he simply chose to remain silent and wait.

The young woman who led this group quickly approached to within ten meters of Yang Kai and swept her eyes over him and Shui Ling coldly, a look of annoyance filling her face.

“Who are you and why are you here?” The young woman coldly interrogated.

“We’re just travelers who were passing by,” Yang Kai replied casually, “We accidentally strayed into this swamp and lost our way, could you tell us where we are right now?”

“You want to know where this is?” The young woman became even angrier as she shouted, “You dare to ask me where this place is?”

“En, because we really can’t find our way out,” Yang Kai shrugged his shoulders calmly. Back in Tian Lang Dynasty, he and Shui Ling had traversed the Abandoned Earth for quite some time before entering the Void Corridor and being spat out into the middle of this swamp, so right now they really did look two lost, weary, and travel-worn travellers.

“If it’s convenient, would you mind telling us?” Yang Kai smiled benignly, continuing to ask, assuming the posture of someone harmless to humans and animals alike.

“Convenient, why would it not be convenient?” The young woman sneered and waved, “Ji Hong, grab these two, since we couldn’t obtain the Scarlet Blood Orchid, we’ll take them back instead!”

“Yes, Young Lady!” The bearded man shouted, leading the others in their group forward immediately.

“Wait!” Yang Kai raised his hand, although he also saw the hostility in the eyes of these people, since he had just arrived here Yang Kai wasn’t willing to stir up trouble easily. Everyone in this group had reached the Immortal Ascension Boundary and was obviously acting together, so it was quite likely they belonged to some local force. Killing them wouldn’t be difficult, but dealing with the fallout would be troublesome.

Moreover, the young woman’s words had confused Yang Kai.

Being targeted for no apparent reason, Yang Kai felt like they were deliberately making trouble.

“What’s a Scarlet Blood Orchid?” Yang Kai asked.

“The World Spirit Treasure?” Shui Ling guessed, apparently familiar with the term.

“That’s right, a World Spirit Treasure, a seven leafed Scarlet Blood Orchid!” The young woman coldly acknowledged.

“What does that have to do with us? We haven’t seen any World Spirit Treasure,” Yang Kai argued back, wondering if these people thought they had stolen their treasure.

“You haven’t seen it? Haha…” The young woman smiled, suddenly thinking that capturing these two without explaining was a bit rash, patiently asking, “Just now, was it one of you who broke through?”

“Yes, what of it?” Yang Kai asked back, the young woman in front of him was indeed a beauty but her words and actions were all over the place and she wouldn’t get to the point so he was beginning to become annoyed.

The noise he had made during his breakthrough was too loud, so Yang Kai didn’t bother trying to deny it.

“Good! Because of the disturbance caused by your breakthrough, you frightened off the Scarlet Blood Orchid and wasted all the arrangements we spent the last month putting together, so you tell me, do you still think this has nothing to do with you!?”

“Uh…” Yang Kai was stunned as he turned to look at Shui Ling, both of them showing helpless expressions.

Connecting all of this young woman’s words together, Yang Kai quickly understood what was going on.

He had also seen World Spirit Treasures before, such as the Yin-Yang Monster Ginseng and the Nine Yin Yuan Condensing Dew. These special treasures all have their own consciousness’ and knew how to seek opportunities and avoid danger, so the energy fluctuations from his break through a moment ago really might have startled the Scarlet Blood Orchid and caused it to flee.

After unravelling the whole story, Yang Kai’s stomach full of grievances disappeared and was immediately replaced by a sense of awkwardness.

“I apologize; we didn’t know you were attempting to capture a World Spirit Treasure, if we had known… ahem…” Yang Kai said helplessly.

In truth, even if he had known, this sudden breakthrough was not something he could have suppressed.

Although all of this was unintentional, and Yang Kai did feel some regret and responsibility, it could only be said that these people’s luck was just too bad.

“Your apology is useless to us,” The young woman sneered, “We had an extremely important use for that Scarlet Blood Orchid, do you think all of this can be resolved with just a few words?”

“Then what do you want?” The apologetic tone in Yang Kai’s voice quickly faded, and a dismissive sneer crept onto his face.

If this group was willing to be reasonable, Yang Kai had no problem compensating them for their loss, but the aggressive attitude of this young woman made Yang Kai feel quite disgruntled so he stopped acting humble.

If it really came down to a fight, Yang Kai was confident he could kill all of these people within ten breaths.

It was now up to them to show some restraint.

Yang Kai’s sudden change in attitude caused the young woman to be stunned as she quickly shot back, “What? You want to pick a fight with my Bold Independent Union in our own territory?”

“Bold Independent Union?” Shui Ling smiled suddenly, “It turns out that you are disciples of Bold Independent Union. That would make this place Western Lake Marsh, correct?”

“Indeed,” The young woman nodded and looked suspiciously towards Shui Ling, “It seems you’re not totally ignorant, just who are you?”

Shui Ling’s smile grew bigger as she calmly replied, “I’m from Water Spirit Temple.”

Hearing this, the faces of the young woman and seven people behind her all changed greatly as the stared towards Shui Ling.

Seeing this change, Yang Kai secretly thought that Water Spirit Temple’s strength and reputation wasn’t as weak as Shui Ling had originally told him.

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