Martial Peak

Chapter 615 – Scarlet Blood Orchid

In the swamp, Shui Ling completely let loose, not minding her sloppy appearance, simply celebrating and dancing around joyfully.

Infected by her jubilance, Yang Kai’s mood also gradually became bright.

As he let go of all of his tension, Yang Kai began to feel like something was off because his body had never before felt so unrestrained, as if a layer of shackles that had been weighing him down had suddenly been lifted.

His True Yang Secret Art circulated faster and faster and the True Qi in his meridians flowed much more smoothly than before.

“Shui Ling…” Yang Kai called out, his brow furrowed slightly.

“What’s wrong?” Shui Ling stopped her revelry for a moment and stared at him curiously.

“I have to break through.”

Shui Ling covered her mouth in shock and asked, “Right now?”

“En,” Yang Kai nodded, immediately sitting down and closing his eyes.

Thinking about it for a moment, Shui Ling suddenly understood, “That’s right, in your former world there was a layer a shackles that seemed to fetter the development of all cultivators, but after arriving here on the Tong Xuan Continent, those shackles vanished, creating an opportunity for you to break through, it’s just…”

Taking a glance around, Shui Ling frowned slightly, the two of them didn’t even know where they were right now so to break through in such an environment was not ideal. If Yang Kai’s breakthrough was to be disturbed by a powerful Monster Beast or some other hidden danger, the consequences would be serious.

“Can you suppress it?” Shui Ling proposed.

Yang Kai struggled to open his eyes, and with a single glance said all he needed to say. Closing his eyes again he quickly calmed himself and focused on his breakthrough.

“Forget I asked.” Shui Ling sighed helplessly. Sudden breakthroughs like this were great strokes of fortune that could not be asked for, so intentionally trying to suppress one was quite unreasonable.

Now that things had gotten to this point, all Shui Ling could do was spread out her Divine Sense to scan the local region and probe for any signs of danger.

During her investigation, Shui Ling found nothing within a radius of ten kilometers that could pose a threat to them and subsequently relaxed, waiting quietly while Yang Kai completed his breakthrough, observing the surrounding territory in an effort to determined where they were.

More than a dozen kilometers away from Yang Kai and Shui Ling’s position, a small group of people were quietly lurking behind some tall grass.

There were only eight people in this group, but all of them were Immortal Ascension Boundary cultivators, the leader a beautiful young woman with a plentiful chest and excellent style. She wore a tight fitting light blue dress that had a long slit down her skirt, revealing her slender jade white thigh.

This style of clothing provided excellent flexibility while not limiting her range of motion, but any time, whenever she made any big or rapid movements, her wondrous legs would become fully exposed.

The beautiful spring scenery made the males of her group breathe a little harder and their mouths go dry. Those of these men that crouched behind her would unconsciously stare at her snow white skin that was exposed to the air as well as her shapely hips and well-rounded bottom. The natural seductive power of her body and her current posture that further emphasized her abundant capital caused blood to rush to many of their heads.

However, due to the status of this woman, all of these men only dared to secretly steal glances at her, none of them having the courage to get up to any kind if misconduct.

This young woman in front seemed to not care about these nervous gazes behind her; not only did she not try to awkwardly hide herself but she was even able to maintain a calm smile.

“All of you are breathing too heavily, keep it down. If that thing is startled by you and runs away, I’ll hold all of you accountable,” Suddenly, the young woman faintly warned.

The men assembled behind her all awkwardly cringed before nodding lightly, consciously turning their eyes away from her beautiful figure.

“Do all of you know what our goal is this time?” The young woman asked softly.

This time all of them nodded firmly.

“Good,” The young woman expressed her satisfaction and smiled, “This Scarlet Blood Orchid is a World Spirit Treasure, so it already has a certain amount of sentience, don’t underestimate it. According to the information I gathered, this Scarlet Blood Orchid already has seven leaves, which would make it at least a thousand years old. It is incredibly valuable, and as long as we can obtain it, everyone will naturally obtain many benefits.”

One of them men behind her with a big bushy beard grinned, “Young Lady, if we succeed here, what kind of reward can we get?”

“Twenty Crystal Stones per person,” The young woman replied.

Hearing this, everyone’s breathing became heavy again; it seemed like twenty Crystal Stones was a huge amount for them.

In an instant, everyone’s fighting spirit had risen to a new height, the beautiful young woman’s figure no longer clouding their eyes as all of them held their breaths and completely focused their attention on the task at hand as they waited for the Scarlet Blood Orchid to make an appearance.

“Soon,” The young woman whispered, “Every month, it will surface here for a time to absorb some sunshine and today is the day it’s scheduled to appear. It won’t be long until we achieve our goal.”

“Don’t worry, Young Lady. The barriers and traps we set are more than enough to capture it, as long as it dares to appear, it won’t be able to escape.” The man with the big beard confidently said, chuckling under his breath.

“Very good, the Young Master of Langya Sacred Ground is currently wounded and is in desperate need of this Scarlet Blood Orchid to recover from his injuries. You should also be aware of the benefits our Bold Independent Union will obtain if we can forge a relationship with Langya Sacred Ground,” The young woman gently breathed, her plentiful chest trembling slightly, drawing eyes once more.

Everyone present nodded again.

The Bold Independent Union’s strength wasn’t bad, but without a true powerhouse assuming command, it was still disparaged by many forces in the nearby region, while Langya Sacred Ground was a true great force. If they could forge a strong relationship with Langya Sacred Ground this time, it would be quite beneficial to Bold Independent Union’s development.

“It’s here!” In the next moment, one person quickly called out.

Everyone in the group looked up towards the water in front of them anxiously.

There, in the middle of the swamp, amidst the murky muddy water was a faint red glow and as time passed, the red glow became brighter and clearer.

Gradually, a blood red seven leaved orchid began emerging from the swamp, the lines on its surface which resembled meridians giving off a soft glow.

Everyone’s breathing became rapid as they stared at this thousand year old Scarlet Blood Orchid, each of their hearts pounding fiercely, threatening to make unwanted noise, fortunately all of them hurriedly calmed themselves.

A moment later, the Scarlet Blood Orchid gradually exposed itself completely.

Although it was a plant, since it was a World Spirit Treasure, it had its own consciousness and sentience so it was able to detect danger and was capable of taking actions to protect itself.

“Young Lady…” The big bearded man couldn’t control himself and called out.

“Wait!” The young woman quickly said, “It’s quite crafty, showing itself like this is still just to probe.”

Sure enough, as soon as the young woman said so, the Scarlet Blood Orchid rapidly sank into the mud and disappeared.

A short while later, it still had not resurfaced, causing everyone to feel slightly anxious, worrying about whether their whereabouts had been exposed causing the Scarlet Blood Orchid to withdraw.

Only the young woman still wore a confident expression.

After almost half an hour, the red light re-appeared beneath the murky water’s surface and soon the Scarlet Blood Orchid showed itself for a second time.

This time, it had completely emerged from the water and quickly arrived at a nearby patch of grass, taking root and exposing its seven leaves completely to the sun.

“Now!” The young woman shouted.

This was no doubt their best opportunity as the Scarlet Blood Orchid was now in its most relaxed state.

As soon as the bearded man heard the order, his hands quickly moved, forming a series of seals in order to activate the traps they had set.

But before these traps and barriers could activate, more than a dozen kilometers away, a powerful burst of energy erupted. Sensing the arrival of this intense energy fluctuation, everyone’s face couldn’t help sinking.

The young woman didn’t hesitate, her lithe body suddenly transforming into a stream of light as she shot out towards the Scarlet Blood Orchid.

Unfortunately, she was still too late. When it noticed this energy fluctuation, the Scarlet Blood Orchid immediately leapt into the swamp and disappeared, causing the young woman’s hand to grab nothing but air, her pretty face cramping up as she stood there with her rage soaring to the heavens.

The other members of her group slowly walked over, all of them showing aggrieved looks.

Twenty Crystal Stones had just disappeared in front of them, obviously none of them was in a good mood.

“How come there are other people here?” The young woman angrily shouted, turning to glare the bearded man, “Didn’t you say that everyone within a fifty kilometer radius had been dispersed?”

In order to obtain the Scarlet Blood Orchid this time, their Bold Independent Union had begun making preparations any entire month ago and had designated everywhere within fifty kilometers of here a forbidden zone, not allowing anyone to set foot in this region.

Before this action, their group had also performed an intense search of the area and had not found any outsiders, but now, this energy fluctuation was clearly a sign that someone had just had a breakthrough.

The bearded man blushed and opened his mouth timidly, “We really didn’t discover anyone within fifty kilometers of this place during our morning search.”

“So how did this happen?” The young woman roared, “We already promised Langya Sacred Ground that we would deliver them the Scarlet Blood Orchid within half a month, now what are we going to do?”

The bearded man was dumbstruck for a moment before hesitantly saying, “We can try again…”

“Try again?” The young woman sneered, “The Scarlet Blood Orchid is thoroughly frightened and has already sunk into the swamp. We’ll be lucky if it appears again half a year from now, how are we supposed to try again? Do you want to go down and look for it on your own?”

All of them were hit with a stream of harsh rebukes but none of them dared to raise any objections, their faces all just becoming uglier.

The young woman panted for breath in between her angry outbursts, obviously incredibly mad.

Victory was within her sight yet this sudden unexpected event had caused all of her plans to fail, naturally the young woman was thoroughly enraged.

Standing there for a moment to regain her composure, the young woman soon turned towards the direction the energy fluctuations had originated from and scowled, “Come with me, I want to see just who it was that spoiled my good deed !”

“If we find that bastard I’ll definitely kill him!” The bearded man quickly expressed his anger.

The young woman shot an angry glare at him, immediately shutting him up.

More than a dozen kilometers away, Yang Kai gently clenched his fists and wore a satisfied look on his face.

Immortal Ascension Boundary Seventh Stage; after just arriving in this world and breaking free of the shackles that had bound him previously, he had managed to break through a Minor Realm and simultaneously absorbed all of the Spiritual Energy remnants in his Knowledge Sea, he had obtain a lot of benefits in a very short time.

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