Martial Peak

Chapter 603 – I Have No Interest In Your Lower Half

With the Spider Mother sending out such a warm invitation, Yang Kai had no reason to refuse, so he flew down into the canyon and hovered in front of the huge spider statue.

“Hehe, little brother’s courage is really big.” The Spider Mother’s sweet voice continued to sound in his mind.

The other giant spiders, which were at least half the size of an ox, also moved quickly and surrounded Yang Kai, shaking their mandibles towards him, their small beady eyes giving off a threatening light as their mouths showed traces of silk thread, ready to be sprayed towards him at a moment’s notice.

The giant spiders were all Sixth-Order Monster Beasts and they numbered fifty or so in total while there were countless smaller spiders also scurrying about.

Yang Kai heard that the Spider Mother had reached an agreement with the Thunderbolt Beast King and temporarily followed his commands when Yang Bai invaded the Central Capital. In return, the Spider Mother had also received many benefits from the Thunderbolt Beast King.

These Sixth-Order spiders should have been a result of the benefits provided by the Thunderbolt Beast King.

The last time Yang Kai was here, he had not sensed so many formidable spiders.

The ground trembled slightly as something large seemed to be emerging from the depths of the spider statue.

A few moments later, the Spider Mother finally showed up.

While the lower half of her body was still that of a huge spider, her upper half was now actually that of a beautiful woman. Accompanying her flawless face were elegant smooth shoulders and a milk-white set of peaks that towered proudly, all of which was fully exposed to the air. Atop these twin peaks that while stop firm yet seemed to contain an infinite amount of elasticity were two pink cherry that were both dainty and enchanting. Her entire image seemed designs to stimulate the desires inside men’s hearts, inviting them to leap towards her in the hopes of taking a bite of her sweet fruit.

Seeing the Spider Mother’s current appearance, Yang Kai couldn’t help but sneer, “It seems like even though the Central Capital won the war, you’ve managed to gain a lot of benefits.”

The last time he saw her, the Spider Mother’s only human features were her beautiful face, but now her entire upper half had transformed into an exquisite and fascinating female form.

The Spider Mother smiled charmingly and nodded, “En, I ate a great many masters there and greatly enhanced my True Qi and physique, allowing me to evolve into the form you see now. The taste of those masters’ True Qi and flesh was simply wonderful! But when the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land was defeated, I had no choice but to escape. Thinking back on those days of endless feasting really stimulates my appetite.”

As she said so, she turned her beautiful eyes towards Yang Kai and used her small red tongue to seductive lick her luscious lips, “Your scent is also wondrous. It makes me wonder just what you’d taste like.”

“You want to eat me?” Yang Kai pointed to herself and laughed, shaking his head dismissively, “Spider Mother, although your intentions are in no way wrong, I’m afraid you do not have the ability to do so.”

The Spider Mother smiled teasingly, “Are you sure?”

“Naturally, since I dared to come here, obviously I am confident in my ability to take care of you.” Yang Kai declared firmly, his eyes suddenly becoming cold.

The Spider Mother’s pretty face also became dignified. Although she was only half human half Monster Beast, her thoughts were not in any way inferior to a full fledged human master. Naturally she noticed Yang Kai’s fearless demeanor.

Although she didn’t understand what he was relying on that gave him such confidence, she decided it was better to tread carefully.

“Of course, I could also not embarrass you.” Yang Kai suddenly smiled and said calmly, “I didn’t come here today to fight with you this time, if you want to rule over this place as its queen, as long as you don’t make any moves against the Central Capital, I couldn’t care less.”

“Oh?” The Spider Mother was a little surprised, “Then for what purpose did little brother come here?”

“To make a trade with you!” Yang Kai said.

“What kind of trade?”

“Tell me how to solve the Poison Widow Body’s flaw and in return, I’ll tell you how to fully transform into human form!” Yang Kai directly made his proposal; Shan Qing Luo was still waiting back in Fragrance City for him so he had to act fast.

“Do you really understand the method to transform into human form?” The Spider Mother’s expression suddenly became excited as she screamed out.

Seeing her react so strongly, Yang Kai’s expression brightened, thinking that his guess was right. The Spider Mother was the only Seventh-Order Monster Beast he had ever seen and it seemed like, for this highly-intelligent Monster Beast, its biggest goal was to assume human form.

Moreover, it had obviously been working hard towards that end.

“Have you ever heard of the Beast Transformation Pond?” Yang Kai smiled cunningly and cast the bait in his hand.

“Beast Transformation Pond?” The Spider Mother’s beautiful eyes shimmer as her body trembled lightly, suspiciously asking “What is that?”

“The essential component you need in order to assume human form, a profound and mysterious place!” Yang Kai continued to tempt.

“Where is it?” The Spider Mother’s expression became more and more excited as she quickly took a few steps forward, her aura gradually becoming forceful and dangerous.

Yang Kai still maintained a relaxed expression though and slowly shook his head, “If you want to know where it is, you first have to tell me how to resolve the Poison Widow Body’s poison backlash.”

In fact, Yang Kai didn’t actually know where the Beast Transformation Pond was.

It was just something he had heard Shui Ling inadvertently mention back in War City.

When Shui Ling first saw the Spider Mother on the day of the invasion, she had confidently declared that without help from the Beast Transformation Pond, the Spider Mother had no hope of completely assuming human form.

This one offhanded comment had revealed a great many things to Yang Kai, so he had taken special note of it. News of the Beast Transformation Pond was also the only bargaining chip he had to tempt the Spider Mother with.

The Spider Mother’s excited look quickly converged as she stared at Yang Kai fixedly, a while later wearing a tender and charming smile, “How do I know if you’re telling me the truth or not? Beast Transformation Pond, huh, I’ve never heard of such a place before.”

“Just because you’ve never heard of it before doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Do you want to remain in your current shape for the rest of your life? Do you not want to truly assume human form?” Yang Kai looked up and down the Spider Mother sarcastically, “Heh, quite pitiful if you ask me.”

“Shut up! Don’t speak about my body so casually!” The Spider Mother shouted angrily, obviously she was also quite dissatisfied with her half-human, half-Monster Beast form.

After taking a moment to calm herself down, she asked, “You came here to ask me about this for that Beguiling Demon Queen, right? How is her situation now? Has her sentiment reached the Grand Accomplishment Stage and now she needs to mate with you?”

“Seems like you already know,” Yang Kai’s heart jumped slightly, since the Spider Mother understood this much, obviously she had a farm more profound understanding of the Poison Widow Body than anyone else; after all, this Special Constitution had been granted by her.

“Good, I agree to your proposal!” Spider Mother nodded gently, “First tell me where I can find this Beast Transformation Pond then I will tell you how to solve the Poison Widow Body’s flaw.”

“You think I’m a three year old child?” Yang Kai sneered and shook his head, “I don’t trust you.”

“I don’t trust you either,” The Spider Mother smiled tenderly, “It seems I need to use some method to make you honest.”

Saying so, the giant spiders gathered around Yang Kai suddenly assumed an aggressive stance, apparently have received an order from the Spider Mother to prepare to attack Yang Kai.

“You can try if you, let’s see if it’s you or I that dies!” Yang Kai shouted as he stretched out his hand and summoned a gigantic bone shield.

This bone shield was several times larger than Yang Kai himself and had a great many scars and cracks along its surface while several of the bone spurs around its edge had broken off completely.

However, despite the obvious damage it had suffered, the terrifying aura the bone shield gave off was enough to cause the Spider Mother to tremble.

“What kind of artifact is that?” The Spider Mother couldn’t help taking a few steps back and asking cautiously.

“A Mysterious Grade artifact!” Yang Kai sneered, calmly explaining, “This artifact of mine was originally only the size of a washbasin but it has the ability to absorb the energy of any attack launched against me. The more energy it absorbs, the bigger it becomes. This stored energy can be released at will by me to attack my enemies. Given its current size, you should be able to imagine just how much energy this thing contains right now; so, what do you think your odds of surviving such an attack would be?”

On top of that, the energy contained within the bone shield right now was no ordinary energy, but was actually the force of void that had erupted from the Void Corridor when it collapsed under the Central Capital.

No mere Transcendent Realm master would be able to withstand it.

If it really came down to a fight with the Spider Mother, With his own skills and strength, Yang Kai did not feel too overwhelmed by her. But in this situation, summoning the bone shield undoubtedly created a bigger deterrent.

The Spider Mother’s pretty face paled slightly as she glared towards Yang Kai menacingly. Only after a long while did she suddenly laugh, her pair of snow white jade peaks bouncing rhythmically in a near hypnotic manner, “You won’t kill me, clearly you want to know the method to resolve the Poison Widow Body’s flaw quite badly.”

Yang Kai shrugged his shoulders, “Indeed, that’s why we’re talking right now. Think of a safe way that both of us can accept that will allow us to get the answers we want.”

“I can’t think of a way,” The Spider Mother said expressionlessly, fling the problem back to Yang Kai.

Yang Kai’s expression became dignified as he sank into contemplation for a while. A moment later, seemingly thinking of something, he slowly proposed, “How about this, you send your Soul into my Knowledge Sea and I’ll show you the secrets of the Beast Transformation Pond, that way you’ll know I’m not lying to you.”

“Oh?” The Spider Mother’s eyes flashed brilliantly as she licked her bright red lips, “You’re not afraid I’ll try to harm you? I didn’t think you were so reckless.”

“If you’re so confident in your abilities, how about I send my Divine Sense into your Knowledge Sea instead?” Yang Kai smiled.

The Spider Mother decisively shook her head.

Everyone’s Knowledge Sea contained their most closely guarded secrets and under normal circumstances one would never allow a stranger to enter it. Yang Kai’s proposal sounded quite sincere, but the Spider Mother couldn’t help feeling like he was scheming something.

“Then you enter my Knowledge Sea and we both share our respective secrets, that way everyone gets what they want. Also, since my cultivation is lower than yours, you shouldn’t be afraid to enter my Knowledge Sea,” Yang Kai continued solemnly, “If you don’t agree to this proposal, then I’ll just have to settle things the hard way. I’ll kill you, capture your Soul, and then extract the information I want from it.”

Saying so, Yang Kai’s eyes became cold, as if to say that if the Spider Mother refused, he would immediately attack.

The Spider Mother grit her teeth and replied, “There’s no need for you to be so anxious, it’s not like I disagree with your proposal. Little brother, after we exchange secrets, how about we have a little fun with our Souls? The aroma of your Soul is quite delightful, Elder Sister very much wants to have a taste.”

“No thanks,” Yang Kai replied flatly, “I have no interest in your lower half.”

“Hehehe…” The Spider Mother giggled playfully, “Does that mean you’re interested in my upper body?”

“Enough nonsense, let’s get this over with,” Yang Kai spat impatiently.

“Good, let loose your Knowledge Sea’s defences.” The Spider Mother nodded, quickly sending out her Soul manifestation towards Yang Kai’s mind.

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