Martial Peak

Chapter 602 – Such A Familiar Scen

Though it resembled being poisoned, Shan Qing Luo’s current state was actually a natural result of her special constitution, so the Myriad Drug Milk would have no effect on her.

Thinking it over for a while, Yang Kai eventually left the Tranquil Phoenix Pavilion.

Upon investigating Shan Qing Luo’s condition, although her life wasn’t in immediate danger, thanks to his True Qi blockade, it would be quite some time before she could regain consciousness. In the meantime , Shan Qing Luo’s body was radiated an intense heat like soldering iron, and if this persisted for too long, she would undoubtedly die.

Even if she was a powerful Transcendent, she could not resist this fate.

After asking Yun Li to take care of her, Yang Kai went to find Bi Luo in order to inquire about any clues she might have to resolve this crisis.

Shan Qing Luo’s palace was neither small nor big so it did not take long for Yang Kai to learn where Bi Luo lived from one of the maidservants.

Upon arriving at Bi Luo’s room, Yang Kai gently knocked on the door, but there was no answer. Probing the situation inside the room with his Divine Sense, he discovered that Bi Luo was indeed inside but appeared to be asleep.

Hesitating for a moment, Yang Kai eventually pushed the door open and walked in.

The picture that greeted him thought caused Yang Kai to chuckle.

Bi Luo was sprawled out across her bed, motionless, covered with only a thin bedding, her delicate curves completely exposed and her hips arched up high, tickling one’s fantasies. However, her bottom seemed to be a bit swollen. Whether it was her natural state or a result of Yang Kai’s spanking was another issue for another time.

From her bare shoulders, it was easy to infer that this young woman was not wearing any clothes at the moment.

Yang Kai remained indifferent and walked over to her bed, found a chair, and sat down.

Seemingly sensing the presence of someone in her room, Bi Luo finally slowly opened her eyes and after seeing Yang Kai’s face, she awkwardly squirmed and quickly covered herself with her beddings, staring back at him with a weak and fearful expression.

“What are you doing here?” Bi Luo asked coldly.

“Did your Mistress tell you about me and her?” Yang Kai asked.

Bi Luo nodded lightly and upon realizing that Yang Kai had no ill intentions, relaxed significantly.

“Since you know about us, you must know about the overbearing curse the Poison Widow Body carries.”

“So what if I know about it?” Bi Luo rested her chin on her hands and assumed a comfortable posture, continuing, “I can’t bear any of Mistress’s burden for her but you… Hmph, if you have the heart, you should sacrifice yourself to help her.”

“Do you want me to give you another lesson?” Yang Kai said coldly as he glanced towards her ass.

Bi Luo grit her teeth in anger as she glared hatefully towards Yang Kai, but after experiencing such torment once, even if she was quite dissatisfied, she didn’t dare argue back for fear she might stimulate an unwanted response from him.

“If I satisfy her urges now, I’ll die.” Yang Kai slowly shook his head, “You don’t know how dangerous being with her is, the moment we become intimate, I’ll be poisoned by her and never again wake up. I’m not a fool.”

“You may not be a fool but my Mistress is!” Bi Luo’s tone suddenly became sharp and harsh, “For you, she is willing to suffer the backlash from her constitution and die! If a day ago you hadn’t come back on a whim, she… she would have…”

As he words trailed off, Bi Luo began to weep.

If Yang Kai hadn’t come back, Shan Qing Luo definitely wouldn’t have been able to last until he finished his business in the Central Capital and came to see her.

“Her being able to go so far for me honestly deeply touched me,” Yang Kai let out a sigh, “Although the Poison Widow Body’s lineage appears to be unfeeling, in truth, they are more passionate and caring than any other women.”

These words seemed to touch Bi Luo’s heart, causing her to look up at Yang Kai brightly. Taking a moment to wipe the corners of her eyes, she whispered, “If Mistress could hear your words I’m sure she’d be very happy.”

“I came here to find you, not to quarrel with you, but because you have accompanied Shan Qing Luo for many years. In all that time did you not hear her say anything about how to dissolve the sentiment in her heart?” Yang Kai asked.

Unfortunately, Bi Luo just slowly shook her head, “Once her sentiments have reached such a state, they can no longer be lifted, if you want to save Mistress’ life, the only way is for you and her to… to…”

Yang Kai smiled helplessly, “In other words, the situation is either she dies, or I die?”

Bi Luo nodded gently, “I hope you’re the one to die.”

Yang Kai chose to ignore her comment.

Bi Luo continued to softly weep for some time until she suddenly recalled something and hastily said, “Right, Mistress once said that if her sentiment couldn’t be dissolved, the only solution would be to resolve the issue with her special constitution that linked the release of a deadly toxin to her emotional state. If the issue of her poison backlash could be solved, then even if you and Mistress really… you know… neither of your lives would be at risk.”

“Oh?” Yang Kai raised his eyebrow, seemingly seeing a glimmer of hope, “Did she have any idea how to accomplish that?”

“That was only something Mistress hypothesized about, how could she have developed a practical method?” Bi Luo’s expression sank once more.

On the other hand, Yang Kai’s expression became pensive, as if he had grasped a faint idea but had yet to completely think through it.

Bi Luo fell silent and stared at Yang Kai, wondering just what kind of scheme he was thinking up.

After a long silence, Yang Kai suddenly stood up, a thick smile adorning his face as he let out a hearty laughed.

“What are you so happy about?” Bi Luo was shocked and a little annoyed by this sudden change.

“I think I might have a way.”

“What way?” Bi Luo curiously asked.

“Shan Qing Luo’s physique was inherited from her mother, and her mother inherited it from her mother, and so on and so on. But she once told me that her Special Constitution was originally formed when her ancestor accidentally broke into the Spider Mother’s lair and was affected by its poison. Instead of dying immediately, that ancestor somehow survived and became the first Poison Widow Body owner and each generation afterwards always consisted of a single daughter who would inherit the Poison Widow Body. Since the poison of the Spider Mother was the original source of her Special Constitution, maybe that Monster Beast knows how to resolve its flaw…”

The more he thought about it, the more likely it seemed. Pacing back and forth while rubbing his chin, Yang Kai quickly formed a plan and asked, “Bi Luo, where did the Spider Mother go? Did it die in the final battle?”

During the last part of the Central Capital’s final battle, he had been deep underground so he was unclear about what had transpired on the surface.

“The Spider Mother shouldn’t have died. The Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land suffered heavy losses and four of the Six Great Evil Kings died in battle. Only my Mistress and the Lightning Flash Shadow King managed to survive, but the Central Capital’s forces never found the Spider Mother’s corpse, so I’m fairly certain it managed to escaped.”

“Escaped? Good!” Yang Kai said, “If that’s the case, I should be able to find it.”

“Do you know where it is?” Bi Luo asked.

“Of course I know.” Yang Kai smiled confidently.

When he initially met Shan Qing Luo, the two of them had journeyed together to the Spider Mother’s den, so he had a fair understanding of where it was located.

“If that’s the case, we can summon all the masters within Mistress’ domain, capture the Spider Mother, and get the information we need.”

“No need, it’ll be faster if I go by myself.” Yang Kai shook his head.

Bi Luo couldn’t help feeling surprised, “The Spider Mother has an Above Immortal Ascension Boundary cultivation, can you beat it on your own?”

“Just wait here for me, I’ll return soon with good news!” Yang Kai smiled and strode out.

“Wait! Wait for me; I’ll go with you…” Bi Luo hurriedly shouted but as she tried to get up, a stinging pain on her backside suddenly caused her to fall back onto the bed and by the time she recovered, Yang Kai had already disappeared.

Leaving Fragrance City, Yang Kai followed the path in his memories all the way to the Spider Mother’s den.

Shan Qing Luo had originally passed through the territory of the Thunderbolt Beast King before arriving at the right place and in his memory there was a very distinct lake nearby.

Four of the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land’s Great Evil Kings were dead and although the Lightning Flash Shadow King had successfully escaped, no one knew where he had disappeared to.

The Lightning Flash Shadow King was obviously concerned that the masters from the Central Capital would join forces to hunt him down so he had naturally gone into hiding.

In the final battle, the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land suffered severe losses so during Yang Kai’s journey he never once encountered any decent masters.

Basically, Immortal Ascension Boundary Third Stage cultivators were now the strongest masters in the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land.

After suffering the treachery of Yang Bai, the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land’s The foundation had been so badly damaged that even after decades, it would not be possible for them to recover back to their original strength.

So even though Yang Kai made no attempt to conceal himself as he swaggered throughout the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land, no one came forward to find trouble with him, most people instead hurriedly trying to avoid his sight hoping he would ignore them.

Three days later, Yang Kai finally arrived at a familiar patch of jungle and after half a day of searching, discovered the cave he and Shan Qing Luo had once occupied together.

If was in this very spot that Yang Kai had accidentally invaded the Beguiling Demon Queen’s Knowledge Sea and planted his image into her heart.

At that time, Yang Kai was only a True Element Boundary Third Stage cultivator and had been easily captured by her.

Today, he had already broken through to the Immortal Ascension Boundary Sixth Stage.

Spreading his powerful Divine Sense out across a several kilometer radius, Yang Kai quietly surveyed the surrounding area.

Whenever he discovered flowing water, Yang Kai would carefully inspect the region around it to see if it was the lake they had passed by.

After two days of persistent searching, Yang Kai finally found the right place.

Landing beside the lake where he had once stayed, Yang Kai smiled slightly before turning towards the location of the Spider Mother’s den.

Leaping into the sky again, he shot off in the direction of his destination.

An hour later, a huge canyon-like region appeared in Yang Kai’s eyes and as he stared down into its depths, he saw countless spider eggs lining the bottom of the trench along with a great many silk spider webs.

Here and there, he could also see the bones of some unfortunate cultivators who had accidentally strayed into this area and had been taken as captured as food for the Monster Beasts here.

Down below, numerous calf-sized spiders scurried back and forth, creating a lively scene, and at the very end of the canyon was a gigantic spider statue. Although Yang Kai couldn’t tell how long ago this statue had been erected, it was clearly quite ancient yet very well preserved.

Yang Kai floated above the canyon, his eyes coldly sweeping over it as he spread out his Divine Sense to investigate the interior of the statue.

There, he felt an aura not inferior to a Transcendent Realm master.

The Spider Mother! Sure enough, it had managed to escape from the Central Capital and return here.

Just as Yang Kai’s Divine Sense locked onto the Spider Mother’s existence, a burst of laughter resounded in his mind, “Hehe… Such a familiar scent, this flavour… It should be the Central Capital Yang Family’s little brat, no?”

Yang Kai coldly snorted before calling out, “Spider Mother, please come out and meet with me!”

“Since you’ve come all this way, why not come down here to speak?” There seemed to be a touching of charm in this pleasing voice, which unconsciously caused anyone who heard it to obey.

If Yang Kai had not seen the true face of the Spider Mother, from just her voice alone he would no doubt imagine that she was a stunning woman.

In fact, the Spider Mother’s face really was quite enchanting, no worse than any top level human beauty. Any man who saw such a beautiful face would inevitably be infatuated with it.

But when combined with the gigantic body that crawled around on eight sharp legs, one could only feel shocked and disturbed, unable to appreciate a single bit of her face’s charm.

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