Martial Peak

Chapter 586 – Soul Foundation Temple

Central Capital, Yang Family.

The Yang Family was located just south of the Central Capital, so during the invasion of the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land, everything was undamaged in the Yang Family’s area.

The only change was the attitude of the Yang Family towards Yang Kai.

It seems that they knew that Yang Kai was coming back today, and the guards in the family had straightened their backs one by one, staring ahead intently, feinting calm.

As Yang Kai entered the Yang Family gates, he saw a group of people waiting for him, led by Yang Kai’s Third Brother Yang Tie.

“Greetings Patriarch!” Yang Tie suddenly shouted, as the group of people behind him hurriedly saluted.

Yang Kai wore a weird look and quickly stepped forward, whispering, “Third brother, what are you doing?”

“Grand Uncle asked us to meet you here.” Yang Tie responded softly. “You are now the Patriarch of The Yang Family. It’s time to act like the Patriarch and treat you as such.”

“The Patriarch….” Yang Kai lost colour to his face.

Yang Tie straightened up again, smiled and said, “Patriarch, please, Elder has been waiting for a long time.”

Yang Kai nodded lightly, fixed his look, and walked forward.

Behind them, the Yang Family’s Fourth Master, who was radiant with pride, and the Old Demon followed closely.

Yang Kai was the head of the family, and his parents were naturally very proud of his accomplishments.

Old Demon was constantly alert to any movements around him. He was an old Demon Lord. Naturally, he was suspicious and quite worried. Since the Yang Family had rushed Yang Kai to return, he was suspicious of any ulterior motive.

Under the guidance of Yang Tie, Yang Kai and others quickly came to a large hall.

In the main hall, Yang Kai noticed that there were two rows of roughly forty people standing quietly. These people were all the Yang Family’s Elders, Yang Zhen and the Elders Yang Kai had previously interacted with were among them.

The Elders who once ridiculed and mocked Yang Kai couldn’t help but have complex feelings about seeing him again at the moment. They were afraid that Yang Kai might make things difficult for them. However, that could not be further from the truth as Yang Kai turned a blind eye to them and walked directly passed them, as though they weren’t there at all.

The Elders could not help but breathe a sigh of relief.

Yang Ying Hao held his hands behind his back and stood in front of the main hall. He stood with his back upright, and eyes eminatiing a glimmer of light as Yang Kai had arrived in front of him.

By the time of Yang Kai arrived, everyone shouted, “Greetings Patriarch!”

Yang Kai nodded lightly, not paying attention to the discomfort he felt in his heart. From the two rows of Elders, he walked straight ahead while looking a bit awkward.

Yang Kai arrived in front of Yang Ying Hao and cupped his fists. “Greetings Grand Uncle.”

“Patriarch!” Yang Ying Hao smiled. “Please, this way.”

As Yang Ying Hao said this, he took the lead to direct Yang Kai to the main hall.

The three Yang Family’s Grand Elder next to him headed in the opposite direction and stopped in front of the Old Demon and the Fourth Master.

“Hey, what is the meaning of this?” Old Demon smirked and his look took a dangerous turn.

“Forgive me, but this is my Yang Family’s grounds. No one can enter except the Patriarch. You have to wait here!” One of Yang Family’s Grand Elders said lightly.

“That’s not going to work, I have to follow my Young Master at all times.” Old Demon slowly shook his head, with a look saying that this was non-negotiable.

The reason why he came all this way was to ensure the safety of Yang Kai. Now others were trying to separate him from Yang Kai. How could Old Demon agree?

“Old Demon, stay here for now.” Yang Kai turned back and said.

“Young Master …”

Yang Kai shook his head and motioned that he will be fine.

“Be careful Young Master.” Old Demon frowned and said.

Yang Ying Hao’s look moved, and he smiled casually, “Are you worried that we will harm our own Patriarch?”

“I can understand a person after spending a long time with them. I can also read their facial expression. However, even with their words, I will never be able to fully read another’s heart.” The Old Demon Sneered.

“Old Demon, let it go.” Yang Kai coldly remarked.

“Yes.” Old Demon hurriedly responded.

The three Grand Elders looked at each other and suddenly laughed and looked at Old Demon with approval, “You’re loyal to Patriarch, may we ask, Sir, how we can address you?”

Although they all know the existence of Old Demon, they never knew his name.

Old Demon said calmly, “This old master is called Old Demon.”

The three Grand Elders weren’t phased by his attitude, and one of them said, “This brother here, we will waiting here for a while. Two or three hours if Patriarch is quick, but it could go on for several days be he comes out, come and have some tea!”

Someone immediately went to prepare the tea to entertain Old Demon.

Yang Kai followed Yang Ying Hao step by step toward the main hall, it took awhile for them to arrive in the main hall. Looking up, Yang Kai murmured, “The Soul Foundation Temple?”

”Yes, The Soul Foundation Temple.” Yang Ying Hao nodded gently. “This is the most important hall of my Yang Family, and also it’s foundation. No one except the Patriarchs of the past are eligible to step into it, not even the Grand Elders of our Yang Family. If you do not meet certain conditions, you can’t enter here.”

Yang Kai nodded lightly. He had heard the name of this hall before. He also knew that this was a sacred ground of Yang Family. The secrets here were precious and closely guarded even far above the Dragon Transformation Pond. However, he was never told what secrets were hidden here.

“Grand Uncle, I’m just a temporary Patriarch. I’m not going to take care of any of the Yang Family’s matters, just because the Eight Great Families wanted to use me and my followers against the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land, and allowed me to hold this title. Doesn’t that make me not eligible to enter?

”A temporary Patriarch… is still a Patriarch.” Yang Ying Hao smiled a little. “Don’t worry. Go in.”

As he said this, he reached out to open the door of the Soul Foundation Temple.

The door creaked opened and Yang Kai looked deep into the room. To his surprise, the hall was empty, except for an incense burner at the forefront.

As Yang Ying Hao entered the hall, Yang Kai turned around and saw some unusual things.

In the corners around the main hall, there are four prestigious stone carvings.

Four stone carvings stood in the corners of the hall, depicting the Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermilion Bird, and a Black Tortoise, each seem connected to each other in some way.

Yang Ying Hao lead Yang Kai to the center of the hall, then used his nails to draw a wound on his fingertips.

With a wave of his hand, four drops of blood suddenly flew out and accurately entered the mouth of the four stone carvings.

The four stone carvings suddenly lit up with lines depicting a Spirit Array, and a wave of inexplicable energy came out of the mouths of all four stone carvings and quickly gathered into the air.

Yang Kai looked up and saw a small white light shining in the void. As the energy of the four stone carvings poured into the light, it shone brighter and brighter.

“What you are about to see is the treatment that only the patriarch of our Yang Family has enjoyed. It is also the top secret of Yang Family. You have asked me before why every Patriarch can reach Above Immortal Ascension Boundary, the reason why is now before you. Compared to me telling you, it is better to personally experience it. This is the benefit of being the Patriarch of The Yang Family.” Yang Ying Hao explained as he looked at the bright light hovering in the void.

“Grand Uncle,” Yang Kai looked hesitant. “Is this really alright?”

“What is not alright about this?” Yang Ying Hao said dismissively.

“Since it is such a good thing, if I take it, then when first brother or second brother come here, won’t they get nothing?” Yang Kai had some concerns, and he had to take responsibility for the benefits. Yang Kai doesn’t want to tied to the Yang Family his entire life.

Yang Ying Hao looked at him blankly then smiled. He shook his head and said, “If you have the ability then you can take all of it, but I doubt it. Don’t ask me too much about it. After you try, you’ll understand why I said this.”

Listening to him, Yang Kai is could not help but look puzzled.

“But you must remember, when you enter, there will be a certain amount of danger. If you cannot sense it, it would be better to just quit.”

“I see.” Yang Kai nodded gently.

At this moment, the halo in the sky suddenly stabilized, and the energy flowing from the four beast carvings in the four corners of the temple was no longer transmitting, and the hall fell silent.

After looking at the scene in the sky again, Yang Kai felt that this scene was familiar. He thought about it and finally remembered.

The light in the sky was almost the same as the light he saw in the Seal Temple.

Inside the Seal Temple, the Eight Great Families’ Above Immortal Ascension boundary Elders gathered together with their own Spiritual Energy to create a pocket space where they could converse. In that pocket, they learned Martial Skills and sensed the Heavenly Way of Martial Dao. This way, they could strive for a higher realm without worrying about damage to surrounding buildings and causing unnecessary casualties.

At this moment, the huge light ball in the Soul Foundation Temple was almost exactly the same as the one in the Seal Temple.

Yang Kai could vaguely sense what was hidden inside the light.

“You can enter, release your Divine Sense.”

After listening to Yang Ying Hao’s words, Yang Kai did not hesitate, and immediately released his Divine Sense, and poured it into the ball of light.

Yang Ying Hao secretly glanced at Yang Kai and looked forward to the result.

When he entered it, he had gained a lot of benefits. After coming out of it, he improved quickly and without bottlenecks, step by step until he reached Above Immortal Ascension Boundary.

Yang Ying Hao was afraid that Yang Kai’s aptitude was too high for this experience. But still, he was curious to see how much benefit Yang Kai could gain from it.

In the pocket space, it brings together the experiences of Yang Family’s various generations of patriarchs.

In the huge light ball, Yang Kai’s Soul Manifestation gradually appeared.

This world was different from the Seal Temple’s space, which was like reality. This was a purely illusory world.

The wind blew, and the sky was clear. Everywhere was refreshing and beautiful as a sunny spring day.

A group of white spots that radiated a faint glow floated around Yang Kai.

Yang Kai looked at these white spots curiously. Suddenly, his look changed as he stared at the white spots with vigilance.

A burst of laughter suddenly sounded, and the white spots quickly spread out and wrapped around Yang Kai.

Immediately, these white points squirmed and turned into a clearly visible Soul manifestation. Each of these Soul manifestations were powerful, and all had arrived at Above Immortal Ascension boundary. There were men and women, all with white hair.

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