Martial Peak

Chapter 585 – We Three Are Sisters

“Why is every Yang Family Patriarch an Above Immortal Ascension Boundary master?” Yang Ying Hao smiled meaningfully, “Because the Patriarch of the Yang Family is granted a special opportunity only available to one who sits in this position. As long as you accept the Patriarch’s position, you will know what this opportunity is.”

Listening to him, Yang Kai’s expression didn’t change, on the other hand, the other seven people in the room drew a sharp breath; they had only heard rumor about this secret of the Yang Family, but didn’t know what this so called opportunity was.

“Great Uncle, is this your way of trying to lure me with benefits?” Yang Kai smiled.

“It is.” Yang Ying Hao did not deny. He knew Yang Kai was someone who refused to suffer a loss and would only be moved if there was enough profit. He didn’t believe that this Yang Family secret would be unable to move him. .

“Can you tell me a little more?” Yang Kai really was somewhat interested.

Yang Ying Hao smiled and opened his mouth.

Yang Kai expression changed, a pleasantly surprised look appearing on his face.

The other seven Patriarchs all perked up their ears and stared at the silent communication between Yang Kai and Yang Ying Hao; however, they were unable to discern anything that was said, causing their curiosity to only become even stronger.

“I am somewhat tempted by this information, but Great Uncle, I really don’t want to become Patriarch.” Yang Kai wrinkled his brow slightly.

“The future of the Yang Family will be forged by you.” Yang Ying Hao’s expression became solemn as he said seriously, “The Central Capital’s Eight Great Families have struggled for so many generations, yet have only managed to develop to their current level. The Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land launching an all-out assault has resulted in our Eight Great Families being unable to resist them and half of the Central Capital has fallen into enemy hands. This is an incredibly shameful stain on my Eight Great Families’ reputation. But you, after only returning to the Yang Family for two years, have already built up a force greater than any one of the Eight Great Families. Your mansion is truly this world’s greatest force! I have to say that you are more suitable than anyone else to lead the Yang Family, if not for you, do you think we old men would feel assured passing our Patriarch positions down to a group of immature kids? It’s not that they aren’t worried about their own children, but that they had faith in you.”

All seven of the other old men in the room nodded silently, their expressions all filled with strong expectations for Yang Kai, containing not the slightest bit of contempt.

Yang Kai wore a forced smile. When he was branded an enemy of the Eight Great Families, he hadn’t cared about whether they even continued to exist, but now they had all shown him such great sincerity, causing him to be somewhat embarrassed.

Regardless of whatever tricks and schemes they may have pulled against him, the Eight Great Families had still been the bulwark against the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land for countless years, they deserved at least some credit for that.

“Great Uncle, I won’t disappoint your expectations,” Yang Kai replied sincerely, “Considering the current situation, I will assume command of the Yang Family for a while, and after this incident, I will hand over power to Eldest Brother or Second Brother. My future does not lie in the Yang Family, nor the Central Capital. My journey does not end here.”

Yang Kai’s gaze revealed the look of yearning and expectation, “Perhaps you won’t believe me when I said this, but I believe that out there, there are stronger cultivators, stronger Sects, stronger families… compared to them, the Eight Great Families are nothing,I’m afraid.”

At the very least, Yang Kai knew that Water Spirit Temple was a Sect that could produce a master like Shui Ling!

The eight Patriarchs all wore surprised expressions as the quickly exchanged glances, seemingly not quite able to understand the meaning of Yang Kai’s words.

In this world, what force could be stronger than the Eight Great Families? Even the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land, which was really a loose alliance of six different domains, was only roughly equal in strength to them.

“Very well.” Yang Ying Hao hesitated for a moment before gently nodding, “You have broader ambitious, naturally I will not try to stop you. During this time, you will temporarily assume the position of Yang Family Patriarch.”

Yang Kai nodded lightly, “Since I’ll only be taking over temporarily, there’s no need for a formal handover ceremony.”

Yang Ying Hao sighed and no longer tried to force him, silently accepting reality.

The Central Capital Eight Great Families were changing Patriarchs all at once. When this news came out, it shook the world; especially those who remained in the Central Capital, many of them were dumbstruck for quite some time.

Seven of the Great Families would hold official succession ceremonies in order to pass on the position of Patriarch. As for the Yang Family, only a proclamation announcing Yang Kai would temporarily assume the role of Patriarch was to be made.

Such ceremonies would normally be treated as the biggest events in each respective family, but nowadays, with so many Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land masters lurking nearby, the seven families decided to only host a single ceremony where all seven of the new Patriarchs would be inducted into their positions. This way it would be easier to guard against any aggression from the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land.

Fortunately, the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land forces were recently more subdued in their actions so the seven families were hurriedly able to arrange this grand ceremony.

The task of security for the time being was handed over to the many powerful masters from Yang Kai’s mansion.

With the many masters gathered in Yang Kai’s house taking charge of defence, things proceeded in an orderly manner.

Time pass quickly, and three days later, Yang Ying Feng and Dong Su Zhu arrived at Yang Kai’s mansion.

After receiving word of their arrival, Yang Kai quickly rushed outside to greet his parents.

Su Yan also coyly followed beside Yang Kai, her face blushing faintly. Yang Ying Feng and Dong Su Zhu were both experienced adults and when they saw the shy appearance of Su Yan, they immediately understood the relationship between her and Yang Kai.

Dong Su Zhu immediately drew Su Yan to a nearby table and was set about becoming familiar with the beautiful ice fairy who was her future daughter-in-law.

Meanwhile, the Yang Family Fourth Master quietly gave Yang Kai a big thumbs up, but with a somewhat envious grin.

“Aunty, in fact, there’s also one other as well.” Su Yan suddenly whispered to Dong Su Zhu.

“Another one?” Dong Su Zhu listened and chuckled to herself, wearing a big smile as she comforted Su Yan, “Rest assured, I’ll teach that little bastard son of mine well. Hmph, thinking that he’s a little strong now he actually dares to surround himself with beautiful woman.”

Obviously she thought that Su Yan was jealous.

“There’s no need.” Su Yan quickly waved, “It’s just that Junior Sister is quite shy and is somewhat embarrassed to come out on her own. Moreover, Junior Brother has never made things clear to her, delaying such important matters, causing her to be uncertain… so…”

Dong Su Zhu looked at Su Yan with a somewhat confused expression, “Yan’er, what you mean is…”

“I’d like to have her come and meet Uncle and Aunty.” Su Yan replied firmly.

Dong Su Zhu was secretly surprised. She hadn’t expected Su Yan to be so benevolent, only responding a moment later, “As long as you don’t mind, I naturally would like to meet her and chat.”

“Then I’ll bring her over,” Su Yan said with a smile, her body disappearing in a flicker.

“Mother, where is Su Yan going?” Yang Kai was talking nearby with his father when he suddenly saw Su Yan run off, so he curiously asked.

“Hmph!” Dong Su Zhu snorted dismissively, causing Yang Kai to scratch his head in confusion.

Soon after, Su Yan brought Xia Ning Chang over, the latter’s cheeks flushed a deep shade of crimson as she did her best to politely greet the Yang Family Fourth Master and his wife before taking a seat beside Su Yan, where she then became stiff and motionless. It was only when Dong Su Zhu asked her a question would she shyly reply.

Having a good look at these two young girls, Dong Su Zhu was completely satisfied.

An ice fairy and an innocent beauty, receiving the sentiment of these two was simply her son’s extreme good fortune.

The Yang Family Fourth Master was deeply jealous of his son’s good luck, but managed to wear a stern face, “Kai’er, you cannot treat these two girls unjustly. Set a date soon and make things official.”

Yang Kai on the other hand chuckled and said, “There’s no rush, we’re all still young.”

“You may be young, but your parents aren’t anymore.” Yang Ying Feng argued.

“Who’s old? Look at Mom, when she sits together with Su Yan and Little Senior Sister it’s like they’re three sisters.” Yang Kai smiled and glanced to the side, his heart filled with warmth.

(Silavin: This cheeky bastard)

“Really?” Dong Su Zhu most liked listening to such compliments.

“Of course it is.” Yang Kai did not hesitate to flatter.

“Good good, then from now on we three are sisters.” Dong Su Zhu was very excited and intimately pulled Su Yan and Xia Ning Chang closer.

Su Yan and Xia Ning Chang’s beautiful faces both became somewhat awkward as they stared at Dong Su Zhu in surprise.

Meanwhile, the Yang Family Fourth Master and Yang Kai’s faces went black.

“Your mother often says some impulsive things, there’s not need to pay attention to her at these times,” Yang Ying Feng hurriedly explained.

“What matter has father come here today about?” Yang Kai also took the opportunity to change the topic in order to avoid Su Yan and his Little Senior Sister from enduring too much embarrassment.

Yang Ying Feng coughed lightly and continued, “You Great Uncle wants you to go back.”

“Back to the Yang Family?”


Yang Kai’s brow furrowed, “When?”

“The sooner the better.”

“I understand.” Yang Kai nodded slightly, “Did Great Uncle say why he wants me to return to urgently?”

“He didn’t explain much, only telling me that it was a matter of importance and that he would explain when you returned to the Yang Family.”

“If that’s the case… then I’ll leave immediately.” Yang Kai thought for a moment before saying, “Please wait here for a bit, I need to make some arrangements first.”

Heading into the interior of the mansion, Yang Kai informed everyone that he would be returning to Yang Family compound. Qiu Yi Meng and Huo Xing Chen weren’t in the house anymore, having returned to their respective families in preparation to assume their new positions as Family Heads, so Yang Kai could only let Ling Tai Xu and Meng Wu Ya look after the house for now.

“Young Master, don’t blame Old Servant for being cynical, but the Yang Family so eagerly wanting you to return, are you certain they don’t have any ulterior motives?” Old Demon suddenly became alert.

“There’s no issue.” Yang Kai shook his head, “Since I agreed to join them in resisting the Demon Lord, they no longer have a reason to act against me.”

“Young Master mustn’t be careless.” Old Demon grinned sullenly, “The Eight Great Families are used to acting as overlords, yet now you’ve forced them to essentially become henchmen. I’m afraid there will not be few people who have grievances with you. As long as Young Master has an accident, the power gathered in this house will fracture, if that happens, the Eight Great Families will certainly try to take advantage of the situation.”

“En, you should not lower your guard.” Meng Wu Ya also, agreed with Old Demon for once.

“If they were to really do that, it would be far too short-sighted. I’d have nothing to say at that point.” Yang Kai sneered.

The danger posed by the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land to the Central Capital had yet to be dealt with. If the Eight Great Families were to start more internal disputes at this point, only considering how to carve up the most benefits for themselves, then there was no reason for them to remain in this world.

“In any case, Old Servant will accompany you.” Old Demon quickly said.

Yang Kai glanced at him and said casually, “En, very well.”

He felt that the Eight Great Families would not be so idiotic now that things had reached this point. The Patriarch positions being passed down to members of the younger generation was also a fact. Facing the current crisis, it seemed that they had finally decided to act wisely.

This along made Yang Kai feel like there was still some hope for the Eight Great Families, perhaps medicine to cure idiocy really did exist.

His original purpose in joining this war was simply because he wanted to take advantage of the remnant Spiritual Energy of the slain Immortal Ascension Boundary masters. But now that essentially no battles were being fought, he needed to find a turning point, and merging the Eight Great Families with his own house was the best option available to him.

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