Martial Peak

Chapter 557 – Visitors From The Endless Sea Islands

Turning his head and looking around, he saw no looks of disdain or ridicule, everyone in the main hall was just staring at him plainly. Facing this situation, Liu Fei Sheng couldn’t help feeling a bit ashamed and suddenly wanted to find a hole to crawl into.

The indifferent attitude of these people was more difficult for him to accept than ridicule would have been.

“Little Lord is far too generous, these past few months, this Liu did not provide any significant help. These things…” Speaking haltingly, his expression was filled with struggle and hesitation.

Although these five artifacts were high quality treasures, Liu Fei Sheng was the Young City Lord of Tian Yuan City so his status was not low. Obtaining such artifacts elsewhere was completely possible. However, the ten bottles of Mysterious Grade pills was not something he could ignore. These mere ten bottles could save him at least two or three years of hard work, giving him a distinct advantage in terms of cultivation versus his fellow peers.

“Take them,” Someone encouraged him.

“Very well, if this Liu were to refuse further, it would be disrespectful.” Liu Fei Sheng grit his teeth and accepted the ten bottles of pill and five artifacts, cupped his fists to Yang Kai and then turned to leave.

Yang Kai stood with his hands behind his back, his expression calm and temperate as he continued to wait.

“Little Lord, we also must leave.” An Immortal Ascension Boundary master from the Duan Mu Family came forward and stated calmly.

The Duan Mu Family was originally the only ally of the Yang Family’s Third Young Lord, Yang Tie. On the first night of Inheritance War, Yang Tie had been eliminated and the majority of the Duan Mu Family cultivators had been killed. The five remaining masters had then come to offer their services to Yang Kai in accordance with Yang Tie’s instructions.

Last night, these five masters had all fought bravely, and now, only two of them remained.

They had only been following Yang Kai to avenge the deaths of their fellow Duan Mu Family members. This wish had already been realized, so now, with only the two of them barely being able to maintain their lives, they had no further desire to fight, especially since Yang Kai had already announced his plans to depart.

With the additional pressure of this situation compelling them, they naturally took this opportunity to leave.

Yang Kai nodded gently, “Many thanks two Seniors for all of your efforts during this conflict.”

Another group of High Heaven Pavilion disciples brought ten bottles of pills and five artifacts forward. The two Duan Mu Family masters gratefully accepted and then quickly left.

“Little Lord, my Purple Fern Valley will also be leaving.” Fan Hong stepped forward and smiled bitterly.

Yang Kai once again nodded and waved.

Fan Hong took the Mysterious Grade pills and artifacts, said his farewells to Yang Kai, and walk out.

After taking a few steps, he suddenly paused though and turned back to ask, “Junior Sister, are you coming with us?”

Obviously he was speaking to Luo Xiao Man.

Fan Hong and Luo Xiao Man were both from Purple Fern Valley so the two of them had a Junior Sister, Senior Brother relationship.

Luo Xiao Man shook her head slowly, “I wish to remain with Elder Sister Qiu. Senior Brother should leave without me.”

Fan Hong thought about it for a moment but didn’t force her to come with him, turning around and leaving without another word.

“Is there anyone else who must leave?” Yang Kai glanced around, “There’s no need to hesitate. There’s still enough time if you depart now. If you remain any longer, you’ll probably be declared an enemy by the Eight Great Families. Even if you don’t fear such a fate, you should also consider your own family and Sect before making a rash decision.”

“There’s no need to say any more,” Hu Jiao Er snorted, “Those who are still here probably have no intention of leaving.”

All those who still sat in the main hall nodded in unison.

The ones who had just left were the forces that had joined Yang Kai’s mansion because of various circumstances while everyone here now had joined the Inheritance War solely because they wanted to support Yang Kai.

“En.” Chen Xue Shu nodded. “Brother Yang, you just said that you will leave here shortly, so when you leave, we will too. What, it’s just a few days, would the Eight Great Families really be petty enough to care about such a small delay?”

Looking around at all of the determined faces, Yang Kai remained silent for a moment before nodding, “Good, then everyone will set out together a few days from now.”

“Good good, everyone attend to your own affairs.” Dong Qing Han casually shouted, since it had been decided that everyone will leave in a few days, the crushing pressure that had been weighing on all of their shoulders suddenly vanished.

The only thing that made them feel a little depressed was that after fighting and suffering together for so long, they would soon have to separate.

In one’s life, there were few people one could truly depend upon to stand beside them in the face of death, but those in this house were all such friends!

Soon, only Yang Kai and Qiu Yi Meng remained in the hall.

Yang Kai looked at Qiu Yi Meng with a smile, “What do you want to say?”

Qiu Yi Meng slowly shook her head, “Nothing, I just feel all of this is somewhat regretful. It’s too unfair to you.”

Yang Kai stood up and walked out a few steps, letting out a light sigh, “This is the way of the world, moreover, I had never thought life was being unfair to me. At the very least I have given it my all. Beauty, can you not look at me like I’m some kind of lost puppy? I haven’t fallen so far yet, have I?”

Qiu Yi Meng couldn’t help letting out a light laugh at these words and the room suddenly became a lot brighter.

“You and Huo Xing Chen have to leave quickly, staying here for too long will not do you any good.”

The two youths had both used some deceptive methods in order to return to Yang Kai’s mansion, one of them particularly shoddy at that, but with all of those Eight Great Family masters present, how could no one have seen through their little charade

“My injury hasn’t fully healed yet, it will probably take a few days for me to be able to move about freely.” Qiu Yi Meng spit out her tongue playfully, she also wanted to spend these last few days together with everyone in the mansion.

Yang Kai smiled wryly and nodded, but suddenly, his brow furrowed.

For some reason he didn’t understand, the Asura Sword and Thousand Blossoming Blood Begonia inside his body suddenly became slightly restless, like some strange power was trying to summon them.

This discovery made him quite surprised and he hastily circulated his True Qi in order to suppress these two artifact’s trembling.

Before he could figure out what had just happened, a dignified voice resounded outside his mansion, “Supreme Solitary Sect’s Li Yuan Chun has come to visit. Might this be the house of the Yang Family’s Youngest Young Lord, Yang Kai?”

When this voice rang out, the expression of both Yang Kai and Qiu Yi Meng suddenly became strange.

At the same time, both Meng Wu Ya’s and Ling Tai Xu’s voices reached Yang Kai’s ear, “This person is an Above Immortal Ascension Boundary master!”

“Supreme Solitary Sect?” Qiu Yi Meng’s wrinkled her brow, “The super force of the Endless Sea Islands? What are they doing all the way out here? Why do they seem to be looking for you?”

Yang Kai was also quite shocked but quickly recovered his calm and grinned, “It’s really an eventful time.”

He also immediately understood why the Asura Sword and Thousand Blossoming Blood Begonia had suddenly tried to leave his control; it was probably not just the Supreme Solitary Sect that had come.

Outside the house, a large group of people were bustling about with a grey haired, ruddy complexioned old man at their head. This group of at least fifty people were all Immortal Ascension Boundary cultivators and a large number of them were actually peak level masters.

After Li Yuan Chun yelled, one of the people beside him excitedly shouted, “I can feel it, my Asura Sect’s Hallowed Treasure, the Asura Sword, it’s really here.”

Nearby, a beautiful and enchanting female, her fingernails all painted jet black and a thick malevolent aura swirling about her, also delicately whispered, “The scent of my Falling Blossom Temple’s Hallowed Treasure, the Thousand Blossoming Blood Begonia, is also present.”

The man who spoke earlier quickly added, “It’s a pity that the Asura Sword has been refined by someone, so even if I use my Sect’s secret method I can’t easily recover it.”

Li Yuan Chun nodded lightly, “Since Ancient Cloud Island recovered its Broken Moon Transformation Art more than three years ago from Red Cloud Sect, all of our Endless Sea Islands Sects have searched tirelessly for the Hallowed Treasures that were stolen from us three hundred years ago. Now, at last, we’ve discovered their whereabouts, so all of us should not act impulsively. Our best option is to discuss things peacefully; after all, this is not the Endless Sea Islands, it’s not wise to act arrogantly in another’s territory.”

“All of us understand this point and will follow Senior Li’s lead.” All of the others nodded lightly in agreement.

As they were speaking though, Li Yuan Chun’s face showed a trace of suspicion. The representative from Asura Sect had sensed the aura of their Asura Sword while those from the Falling Blossom Temple had detected the presence of their Thousand Blossoming Blood Begonia, but why couldn’t he sense any trace of his sect’s Supreme Solitary Seal?

According to the intelligence gathered by the Endless Sea Islands’ great Sects, all of their Hallowed Treasures should have been obtained by a single person and should thus all be in one place.

As all of these people discussed amongst themselves, they couldn’t help occasionally glancing over at a lone young girl standing not far away.

This young woman had a potent charm about her.

Long hair that seemed to dance in the wind, thin delicate eyebrows, a pair of bright slender eyes, a dainty pointed nose, a fragrant scent of flowers wafting from her body, plump red lips, snow white skin that was filled with a glowing radiance, a graceful figure that was perfectly proportioned.

However, what was especially interesting about this little girl was that at such a young age she had already reached the Immortal Ascension Boundary.

Many people were secretly surprised and even Li Yuan Chun couldn’t help sighing slightly at the strength of Inland cultivators, a little girl they had randomly met actually possessed such strength.

Although this girl had arrived here at the same time as them, she was not part of their group.

The young woman stood a distance apart from the crowd and while remaining silent, she was also quite vigilant of these people from the Endless Sea Islands, like a little crouching tiger, a scene which made many people present feel a little amused.

While this group of visitors waited outside the house, inside, Yang Kai gave Qiu Yi Meng a simple summary of his past experiences in the Endless Sea Islands.

In the past, he had traveled to the Endless Sea Islands for life experience, had been ‘recruited’ by Red Cloud Sect, and then taken to Hidden Island. On Hidden Island, Yang Kai had acquired the Five Coloured Soul Warming Lotus as well as the Hallowed Treasures of many of the Endless Sea Islands’ forces.

So far, of these Hallowed Treasures, he had only used the Asura Sword and Thousand Blossoming Blood Begonia.

Although Yang Kai had been very careful, the number of times he had used these two artifacts these past few years had not been small. If the forces from the Endless Sea Islands investigated persistently, it wasn’t surprising for them to have found some clues after such a long time.

It was probably because of this that the group of visitors outside had traveled ten thousand kilometers from the Endless Sea Islands to retrieve the Hallowed Treasures their Sects had lost three hundred years ago.

“So it’s like this.” Qiu Yi Meng listened and nodded; this was also the first time she had learned of this incident. “Returning others’ Hallowed Treasures is really the right thing to do, but you’re not in the wrong here. All you did was accidentally obtain these items. However, now that they’re here looking for their treasures, what are planning to do?”

“Talk with them first.” Yang Kai laughed. The Asura Sword and Thousand Blossoming Blood Begonia had provided him with a great deal of help these past three years, but as his cultivation advanced, and after obtaining two Mysterious Grade artifacts at Po Jing Lake, the role these two Heaven Grade artifacts could play became smaller and smaller.

In the first place, Yang Kai didn’t like depending on the power of artifacts to enhance his strength.

Therefore, if the conditions were right, he didn’t mind returning these things. In any case, keeping them was of no use to him and if these people were determined to take their Sects’ Hallowed Treasures back, refusing them strongly would only attract unnecessary hostility.

After delaying to explain things to Qiu Yi Meng, the shouts coming from outside Yang Kai’s mansion became a bit louder and more urgent.

Hearing these anxious calls, Yang Kai smiled and said, “Let’s go out and have a look.”

Qiu Yi Meng nodded lightly and hurriedly followed.

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