Martial Peak

Chapter 556 – Who Must Leave

Yang Kai’s brow wrinkled as he asked, “What grade is this?”

In truth, he was still unclear about what grade of treasure the Myriad Drug Liquid, Milk, and Cream were because no one had set a grade for them so far. Now, listening to Meng Wu Ya’s question, he naturally couldn’t help asking curiously.

Meng Wu Ya didn’t answer him though and instead inquired, “Is this what the Eight Great Families want?”

“Sort of.” Yang Kai nodded his head lightly, a slight suspicion welling up in his heart. He noticed that whenever it came to some high-end things, Meng Wu Ya would refuse to elaborate and swiftly change the topic. Yang Kai didn’t know why he did this.

But since he wasn’t willing to explain, Yang Kai didn’t press the issue any further.

“I can’t use this thing, you keep it.” Meng Wu Ya said while handing the fingernail sized dollop of Myriad Drug Cream back. Glancing over at Old Demon thoughtfully, he suddenly smiled and said, “Old Devil, you’re in luck. With this thing, you should be able to really break through to the Above Immortal Ascension Boundary.”

“Is this thing really helpful for people trying to break through to the Above Immortal Ascension Boundary?” Yang Kai heard this and was extremely happy. When Ling Tai Xu used the Myriad Drug Cream to break though, Yang Kai had thought it was just a coincidence, but now that Meng Wu Ya had said this, he realized that the preciousness of the Myriad Drug Cream was actually far above his original estimation.

“This thing contains a trace of the Heavenly Dao, which provides a strong assistance when breaking through the Above Immortal Ascension Boundary bottleneck, and since this old devil already has the necessary foundation, if he can’t break through, he should simply commit suicide.”

Old Demon snickered and quickly received the small piece of Myriad Drug Cream like he was accepting a priceless treasure.

“The time required for this thing’s formation must not be short, right?” Meng Wu Ya asked Yang Kai.

“Somewhere between five or six thousand years.” Yang Kai answered truthfully.

“Sounds about right, precipitating over thousands of years… A good treasure, very good. Unfortunately it can’t help me undo this seal.” Meng Wu Ya sighed.

“Then use some of this.” Yang Kai took out some Myriad Drug Liquid and handed it over.

Meng Wu Ya examined this liquid carefully for a moment before nodding, “This is also not bad. Although it’s not as pure or potent as the stuff you took out before, it’s still a rare treasure. It’s probably best used restoring injuries and, wait… this thing seems like it can also help people cleanse their bodies.”

“Treasurer Meng has good eyes.” Yang Kai casually flattered.

Meng Wu Ya snorted in response, “How could this old master’s eyesight be bad? How much more of this do you have?”

Yang Kai scratched his head in thought for a moment before casually reporting a number.

When the three old men heard how much of this treasure he possessed, all of their eyes bulged as they stared at Yang Kai.

“Give some to this old master’s apprentice, this thing is useless to me, but it will provide a tremendous boost to Chang’er.” Meng Wu Ya immediately said without the slightest bit of politeness.

“I already gave her some.”

Treasurer Meng suddenly understood, “No wonder her rate of cultivation has increased rapidly these last two years, it was because of this thing. The Mysterious Grade pills taken by the cultivators in your mansion also have some of this thing added to them, right?”


Ling Tai Xu smiled wryly and shook his head, “The Yang Family really lifted a rock to pound their own foot this time.”

If they knew that Yang Kai had so much Myriad Drug Liquid on hand, how much would they regret their decision to coerce him into surrendering it?

If the Yang Family had treated Yang Kai well, not insisting he was a demon and insisting his cultivation be abolished, with the amount of resources Yang Kai possessed, he would definitely not mind giving them some advantages.

With so much Myriad Drug Liquid, Milk, and Cream in his possession, even if he liberally used it on his friends and relatives it would be far more than enough for a lifetime, so why would he not help improve his family’s strength?

However, the Yang Family’s various schemes to forcefully obtain this treasure had actually had the opposite effect and forced Yang Kai to rise up against them.

Leaving Meng Wu Ya’s room, Yang Kai next went to visit Qiu Yi Meng.

The Qiu Family’s First Young Lady hadn’t stabbed herself too deeply in the first place, so after Su Yan took care of her injury and a day of rest, she had basically made a full recovery.

Informing her of his decision, Qiu Yi Meng wore a bitter expression but didn’t offer any objections, now, in this situation, leaving was indeed Yang Kai’s best choice.

“Go and inform everyone to assemble in the main hall, I have something to say to all of them.” Yang Kai casually said.

Qiu Yi Meng was startled for a moment but instantly recovered. Understanding what he intended to do, she gently nodded and went out to gather everyone.

Although she had left Yang Kai’s house yesterday morning and brought people to attack it that same night, after the dust had settled, everyone understood her difficulties and no longer blamed her or Huo Xing Chen, instead having some sympathy for her circumstances.

Forced into opposing one’s former friends and allies, who among them could understand just how much pain they felt in their hearts?

Qiu Yi Meng was still the mansion’s second in command, no one could shake her position.

Inside the main hall, all the leaders of the various forces had gathered together, but everyone’s expression was a little down, even the most unruly Huo Xing Chen wore a serious look on his face at the moment.

Everyone waited quietly.

After a short while, Yang Kai stood up and began speaking, “The Inheritance War has continued for roughly ten months now. I, Yang Kai, am here today to offer my sincere thanks to all of you for your unwavering support through this difficult struggle. Although we nearly achieved victory numerous times, each time, circumstances would appear that caused us to unfortunately fall short. Now however, this battle is no longer the Inheritance War, so I am not planning to continue struggling pointlessly. I will leave here in a few days. For failing to live up to all of your expectations, I offer my apologies.”

No one said anything, all of them just staring at him quietly.

Everyone knew that Yang Kai making such a decision was because he had no other choice.

“As I said before, continuing to follow me will only make you an enemy of the Central Capital’s Eight Great Families and will compromise the safety of the Sect or family behind you! Before, I was not certain this would be the result and had just meant to remind everyone, but after last night, this worry has become a reality. The current situation is not something you can take responsibility for, so I hope that each of you can carefully consider the wellbeing of your own Sects and families while deciding whether you will stay or go. Whatever your decision, I will not stop you, and if you must leave, I will do my best to compensate you for the losses you suffered this time. The Pill Room and Artifact Refining room had accumulated a lot of savings during this period, enough to assign a large portion to everyone.”

After finishing, Yang Kai stood there quietly, waiting.

Everyone looked at him, yet no one spoke. No one seemed to have plans to leave.

Yang Kai suddenly grinned wryly, “I’ve already decided to leave here and no longer participate in the Inheritance War, what point is there for you to remain? Even if we all part here, everyone will still be friends when we meet again the future; this is definitely not a final parting.”

Saying so, Yang Kai’s expression suddenly became solemn as he continued, “To put it bluntly, if you choose to remain here, it will only endanger your Sect or family. Drawing a line with me now is the most sensible choice. I am not trying to scare you, I’m just speaking the truth. Some of you believe you have debts of gratitude to me, but after ten months of effort and suffering, know that you have already repaid more than I could ask for. You don’t owe me anything, so you should not feel the slightest guilt in leaving now.”

Dong Qing Han suddenly smiled and objected, “Why are you trying so hard to convince us? Didn’t you just say we have the right to choose our own course? When we decide it’s time to leave, we will naturally go. As for you talking about owing debts, I think it’s fair to say no one here owes anyone anything. Although each of our forces have suffered not insignificant losses, but… which of us hasn’t reaped greater gains? Those of us still standing here would not have our present cultivations if not for the constant supply of Mysterious Grade pills you provided. In fact, I estimate that without those pills each of us would need several years of hard work to obtain our current strength. On top of that, everyone who has survived till now have at least three high-grade artifacts which are unobtainable even for most first-class families.”

“You and I are relatives, you have no right to speak here.” Yang Kai shot him a glare.

Dong Qing Han couldn’t help rolling his eyes and shouting, “I’m not trying to defend you.”

“What Young Lord Dong said is exactly what I think.” Han Xiao Qi smirked as she stared at Yang Kai, “Do I have no right to speak?”

Yang Kai sighed, “I’m not trying to force you out, but now…”

“We understand.” Han Xiao Qi interrupted, realizing what Yang Kai’s difficulties were and wanting to say something more, but suddenly, a loud voice resounded outside the mansion.

“All people in Yang Kai’s house now hear this, helping a tyrant oppress the innocent, helping a villain do evil, such sins are unforgivable, but considering that many of you are young, impetuous, and inexperience, Young Lady Ye is willing to offer you a chance at redemption. As long as you cast off the demon Yang Kai and offer your services to Young Lady Ye, we will no longer pursue your crimes, if you continue to be obstinately oppose the Central Capital’s Eight Great Families, when the time comes, you will have only yourselves to blame for the consequences!”

The voice was like a great bell, echoing throughout all of War City, everyone in Yang Kai’s house clearly heard each and every word.

Once, twice, the message was shouted over and over again.

Yang Kai’s expression became strange for a moment before he sneered dismissively, “Ye Xin Rou is quite interesting, actually using this kind of trick.”

He was already preparing to leave, but he hadn’t expected to be able to see such an amusing show at the last minute.

“Trying to use intimidation?” Huo Xing Chen shook his head. Ye Xin Rou making people shout this message would probably really shake the hearts of some people here.

Consequences, what consequences?

According to what Yang Kai just said, naturally these people could connect the word ‘consequences’ together with the family or Sect behind them.

Some people in the crowd suddenly became hesitant, their expressions complex.

Not everyone here could swear to stand beside Yang Kai regardless of life or death. Moreover, even if they decide to leave now, Yang Kai was in no position to blame them.

“Little Lord.” Someone suddenly shouted.

Yang Kai looked over at the source of the voice and saw Tian Yuan City’s Liu Fei Sheng. Nodding his head lightly, he signaled the youth to continue, “Young Lord Liu, feel free to speak.”

“My Tian Yuan City… must leave!” Liu Fei Sheng turned red and said with great difficulty.

“A wise decision,” Yang Kai nodded firmly, without ridiculing or embarrassing him in the slightest and instead saying in a light tone, “For your efforts this time, I offer my thanks to Young Lord Liu and Tian Yuan City.” Turning to the side, he called out, “Bring the items.”

In response, several High Heaven Pavilion disciples, each of them holding a tray, entered the hall and quickly walked over to Liu Fei Sheng.

“These are ten bottles of Mysterious Grade Pills and five artifacts, a small token of my appreciation, please accept them, Young Lord Liu.”

“This…” Liu Fei Sheng couldn’t help but hesitate. From what he knew of Yang Kai’s personality, he had never imagined he would send him such a luxurious gift at this moment of parting.

He had been expecting the opposite party to thoroughly ridicule him and then kick him out of the house.

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