Martial Peak

Chapter 490 – Good News And Bad News

The sun was shining in the sky awash with colour.

Yang Kai’s mansion was full of excitement, just like the New Year, and the cultivators who were coming and going were all smiling and happy.

In last night’s battle, Yang Kai almost became the only winner, and these cultivators who followed naturally felt excited.

In the courtyard, thousands of Alchemy and Artifact Refining materials were arranged in a dazzling display.

These materials were all seized from both Yang Kang’s and Yang Shen’s houses.

Before the Inheritance War began, Yang Kai was collecting Alchemy and Artifact Refining materials, and others naturally did the same. After the start of the Inheritance War, those who used to rely on Yang Kang and Yang Shen also carried a lot of supplies.

Coupled with the materials they had collected over the past few months, it can be said that every Young Lord had gathered an amazing amount of wealth and supplies.

The two treasuries of Yang Kang and Yang Shen had now been cleared out by Yang Kai, the materials now belonging to him.

In each box, each material was labelled with the name of the material, the role, and the age of the material.

As soon as a skilled Artifact Refiner or Alchemist took a glance, they would know how to use these materials.

The leaders of all forces gathered, and all of them had a look of excitement on their faces.

“See for yourself if there are any material that can be taken for cultivation. If any suit you, you don’t need to be polite. You can take it yourself.” Yang Kai announced. His words agitated his followers, who had nothing to say. They immediately started searching through the materials.

The women were holding back from embarrassment and fidgeted about for a while. Huo Xing Chen and others could be seen putting a lot of materials into their arms before the women bit their teeth and went forward to find suitable materials for cultivation.

In a short time, everyone found one or two materials that were suitable for their own use, and they were happy to collect them. Even Qiu Yi Meng had found a pearl-like object that exuded a radiant glow and carefully put it away in her clothes.

“What are you looking for?” Qiu Yi Meng looked at Yang Kai.

“It’s all mine, so why should I look for something?” Yang Kai smiled and said, “Wait for people to sort out these materials then send them to the Pill Room and Artifact Refining rooms.”

“I know.” Qiu Yi Meng worked hard with no complaints, she turned to him and asked, “Who is your next target?”

“Let’s talk about that later.”

Last night, not only did they harvest these supplies, but also the loyalty of four more Blood Warriors.

Tu Feng, Tang Yu Xian, Luo Hai, Yan Ling Xing! All of them were at Immortal Ascension Boundary Eighth Stage and could be considered to be at the apex of this stage.

However, Tu Feng and Yan Ling Xing were both restrained by the Qi Binding Seal and sought help from Meng Wu Ya to undo the seal.

Tang Yu Xian and Ying Jiu had an altercation that cost them too much strength. Ying Jiu did not retreat, and both of them had used the Mad Tyrant Blood Skill, neither holding back.

Their relationship is loyal, but only loyal to the Yang Family philosophy: They were to guard the young Lord and spare no effort.

When Qu Gao Yi guarded the flag last night, he was hit hard. The unrestrained True Qi and Spiritual Energy that crashed into him placed a huge burden on his body.

So at this time, Yang Kai’s house seems to be strong and resilient, but in fact, the only Blood Warriors that could be of use are Xiao Shun and Luo Hai, who were the most recent addition to Yang Kai’s followers.

With just these two Blood Warriors and Old Demon, attacking any of the remaining three Young lords was not an option because there was no advantage.

Especially now that Yang Ying had Yang Shen’s men added as his followers. His group had grown to be the largest out of all the Yang Family contestants. If one were to judge their overall might, it would no doubt be amongst the top.

Besides, Eldest Brother Yang Wei was always calm and collected, and Yang Kai estimates that he held back when containing Yang Zhao.

Meanwhile, Yang Zhao was the most secretive of the brothers in War City and may be more difficult to deal with than Yang Ying.

Therefore, Yang Kai was not prepared to take any action in the near future. As a result, the cultivators in Yang Kai’s group of followers needed to cultivate and raise their own strength. Second, he himself needed to consolidate the foundation of the True Element Boundary Ninth Stage.

Everyone had to wait until the Blood Warriors restored their strength before the storm arrives.

The news of last night’s battle was also quickly spread throughout the Central Capital and War City.

The result of Yang Kai defeating his two brothers in one night had shocked everyone. Old Demon’s cruel means are more exaggerated and embellished to describe the extreme bloody means. Therefore, everyone would know that there was a demon among Yang Kai’s followers.

Yang Kai was secretly frightened.

Central Capital Eight Great Families, and the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land had always been incompatible with each other, and the two had a terrible battle only half a year ago, both sides suffered losses. Yang Ying Hao, the head of Yang Family, was jointly wounded by the Profound Yin Ghost King and the Annihilating Poison King. Yang Ying Hao used a secret method to drive out the injury, but it drained his 30 years of his lifespan.

During this sensitive period, Yang Kai actually dared to collude with a demon, which was simply too bold.

If this information was used by his enemies, it was likely to bring some unimaginable changes and turnarounds to the Inheritance War.

Surprisingly, when Old Demon had entered War City, the eight Above Immortal Ascension Boundary elders in Seal Temple didn’t even intervene. Yang Kai wondered if the eight Above Immortal Ascension Boundary elders had acquiesced in Old Demon’s actions.

Looking back at the results of last night’s battle, everyone knew that the Yang Family was afraid to reprimand Yang Kai after all the miraculous deeds he accomplished.

The Yang Family disliked the slow progress of the Inheritance War, so they set up a thousand artifacts as a primer to lure them into battle, and finally planted Qi Binding Seal in eight Mysterious Grade artifacts, imprisoning six Blood Warriors.

Without the six Blood Warriors stirring up the Inheritance War, the progress of the Inheritance War would undoubtedly speed up a lot.

However with Ying Jiu suddenly dismissing the Qi Binding Seal, Yang Kai had one more Blood Warrior. This meant that Yang Kai has two top-notch strengths over the other Young Lords!

Without these two people, Yang Kai could not accomplish the feat that he pulled off last night.

In other words, the Po Jing Lake event, which was hosted by the Yang Family had indirectly helped Yang Kai win last nights battle.

The path of fate is like curved roads, twisting and turning. However, in all periods throughout history, there have always been geniuses that could foresee what is ahead and control it.

After this war, the power of Yang Kai’s group had completely eclipsed the other Young Lords! Everyone knew that in the Inheritance War, the one with the last laugh would undoubtedly be Yang Kai.

There is almost no suspense!

In Yang Kai’s Mansion, after everyone found the right material, they went into closed door cultivation and Yang Kai was preparing to go find his Little Senior Sister to ease his physical and mental exhaustion. While he was at it, he also planned to get some pills for cultivation. However, before he could see her, a message was suddenly passed from the outside.

“Ninth Young Lord, Lu Liang seeks an audience. He also hopes that the Young Lord will give him a chance to speak!”

“Lu Liang?” Yang Kai furrowed his brows and glanced at Qiu Yi Meng. “Your uncle is here.”

Qiu Yi Meng glanced at him and frowned. “I am afraid it’s because of what Lu Song did.”

”You should see to it. I am occupied.” Yang Kai said freely.

”No, people have come to see you. If you avoid seeing them, you will raise suspicion.”

”What’s wrong? He is only here because of Lu Song to apologize for his actions, and I have to go out. I don’t know what else to say, but you are cousins. There is nothing wrong with opening up and saying what’s on your mind. That’s it.” Yang Kai finished, not waiting for Qiu Yi Meng’s reply, and walked to the back hall.

Qiu Yi Meng sighed and thought that what Yang Kai said was reasonable. She told the cultivator next to him to send the materials in the yard to the Pill Room and Artifact Refining room, then stepped out with a look of helplessness. Lu Liang would come to see her. For what reason, Qiu Yi Meng can almost guess from what he said, but just because she guessed it, she felt helpless.

At the door, Qiu Yi Meng saw Lu Liang standing by the door. Behind him was Lu Song, whose face was swollen like a pig.

Last night, he was taught a lesson by Dong Qing Han. When he thought of the malicious means of the fatty, Lu Song shuddered a little, but his heart was filled with hatred. It was quite obvious to see the hatred surface on his face. Qiu Yi Meng saw this and secretly shook her head. The heart of this person was so rotten that he couldn’t help himself.

Lu Liang looked extremely embarrassed. The Inheritance War was the business of the Young Lords, and Lu Liang, the patriarch of Lu Family, shouldn’t have come to visit Yang Kai himself, but the fact that he was doing this with his son was too disappointing. Lu Liang was forced to make a trip.

When he got to the door, he was stopped by the two gatekeepers.

Coincidentally, the two gatekeepers were part of the Dong Family!

When they saw Lu Song, they had a look of ridicule, referring to him as a disgrace. Lu Liang could only helplessly chuckle.

He couldn’t slap these two men. Even though he had the strength to do so, if he really did, he wouldn’t be able to escape from the consequences. Yang Kai’s mansion was filled with masters.

”Uncle!” Qiu Yi Meng gave a smile and a cordial greeting, easing Lu Liang’s embarrassment.

”I wouldn’t dare take the greeting of Young Lady Qiu, this Elder is afraid!” Lu Liang put his posture very low, his mouth humble. While he greeted, he looked back at Lu Song, “Still not greeting Young Lady Qiu?”

Lu Song was a little unwilling, but still cupped his fists, “Cousin.”

Qiu Yi Meng just smiled and nodded, not caring about him, and just said, “Come in.”

Listening to her, Lu Liang eased his nerves. Qiu Yi Meng is will welcome him. Obviously, she cared about the relationship between the two of them and didn’t want to ask about the problem.

This means that they will have an opportunity to resolve this matter.

Into the main hall, Qiu Yi Meng had people serve them tea, she took a sip, and said, “Why did Uncle come to War City?”

Lu Liang sighed deeply. “Young lady, don’t hesitate to say that this Elder is thick-skinned this time. Compared to the Lu Family’s future, what is my old face? If it hadn’t been for this filth, would this Elder be like this?”

Lu Liang shouted, “On your knees!”

Lu Song’s look was stunned, and a sullen color appeared on his swollen cheeks as though the instructions were unclear, “Why?”

Lu Liang was enraged. “Because this old master told you to!”

Lu Song glanced back at Lu Liang. “I will not kneel! I have never kneeled to anyone since I was a child!”

“If you don’t kneel, I will break your legs!”

“I’m not scared to fight you!” Lu Song showed no sign of worry. He has been doted on so much that he had never been beaten by Lu Liang. Lu Liang’s attitude towards him was naturally loving.

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