Martial Peak

Chapter 489 – Biggest Loser

Tonight, Yang Kai suddenly attacked Yang Kang and Eldest Brother Yang Wei led people to contain Yang Zhao. Their actions led the two battlefields to be filled with smoke, shrouded with a tense atmosphere.

After receiving the news, Yang Shen saw an opportunity that he could use and immediately sent word to Yang Ying. The two of them organized quickly and brought a large number of their allies to attack Yang Kai’s house and seize his flag.

At this time, Yang Wei, Yang Zhao, Yang Kai, and Yang Kang had committed their full attention to the situation in front of them and deployed a great deal of their forces, seemingly leaving their rear open to attack.

In order to ensure victory, whether it was Yang Shen or Yang Ying, not only did they bring their sole remaining Blood Warriors, they also brought seventy percent of their allies as well.

They wanted to break through Yang Kai’s remaining defences as quickly as possible.

Not to mention the ambitious Yang Shen, anyone who found themselves in these circumstances would make such a decision.

It could even be said that this was the only proper course of action to take.

However, Yang Shen had seriously miscalculated the situation.

He had thought that Yang Kai and Yang Kang would fight for a long time and that he and Yang Ying could easily capture the flag hanging in Yang Kai’s mansion.

In his mind, he had already imagined the scene where he and Yang Ying won a brilliant victory and returned in triumph before Yang Kai and Yang Kang had decided a winner.

The two groups acted swiftly and soon gathered outside Yang Kai’s compound.

After a few exchanges, the cultivators in Yang Kai’s house were unable to hold their ground and were forced to retreat.

The only forces that remained to defend the house were Ten Thousand Flower Palace, Soaring Feather Pavilion, Xiang Family, Reflecting Moon Sect, Blood Battle Gang, and Ghost King Valley, how could these few people resist the combined forces of Yang Shen and Yang Ying?

Qiu Yi Meng and Huo Xing Chen were both gone, so at first everyone was like a headless fly, but Ten Thousand Flower Palace’s Big Senior Sister Han Xiao Qi remained calm and collected.

Under her steady command, the remaining forces gradually stabilized their positions.

Unfortunately, the absolute disparity in strength still made everyone feel powerless to resist.

Yang Shen and Yang Ying were both overjoyed and quickly entered the main hall to snatch the flag.

Upon their arrival, Qu Gao Yi didn’t hesitate to activate his Mad Tyrant Blood Skill and charge straight into the fray, displaying the determination to block ten thousand men with his body alone! After falling into a delicate stalemate here, Yang Shen and Yang Ying both became somewhat anxious.

At that moment, one of their allies ran over and reported a shocking piece of news.

Yang Kang had been defeated!

His defeat was also overwhelming, to that point that he was unable to retaliate! Yang Kai had then led his allies and retreated from Yang Kang’s compound.

Yang Shen and Yang Ying were both so shocked that they didn’t hesitate to lead their own Blood Warriors into the fight in an attempt to end things here before Yang Kai returned.

Qu Gao Yi’s strength was amazing, but in the end he was just one man; on top of that, either of Yang Shen and Yang Ying’s Blood Warriors could tie him down.

When the two Yang Family Young Lords and their respective Blood Warriors joined the battle, Qu Gao Yi was outnumbered and unable to fully defend the hall.

Just as the flag was about to fall into their hands though, a white-haired old man suddenly appeared. His expression was extremely strained and bitter, as if he was extremely reluctant to even be here, yet he still easily blocked the cultivator that was approaching the flag.

Yang Shen and Yang Ying’s eyes both went red; victory was within their sight, yet out of nowhere this damn old man had shown up and blocked them.

In this situation, how could they be willing to give up? Both of them immediately commanded the numerous masters on their side to attack!

They soon discovered though that the strength of this old man was extraordinary; together with Qu Gao Yi and the remaining Immortal Ascension masters from Yang Kai’s allies, the flag’s defence was impenetrable, not even a mosquito could break through.

For a long time, Yang Shen and Yang Ying desperately attacked.

But to their surprise, Yang Kai still hadn’t returned yet.

Thinking about this odd situation, an astonishing possibility suddenly came to mind. Before they could even say anything though, one of their allied cultivators ran over to them in a panic and screamed, “Sixth Young Lord, it’s a disaster! Ninth Young Lord took his people to attack our base instead of returning here!”

Hearing this, Yang Shen suddenly felt like he had been thrown into a tub of ice cold water!

He had planned to take advantage of the weak defence at Yang Kai’s house, how was he to know that after defeating Yang Kang, Yang Kai would have the exact same idea?

“Sixth Brother…” Yang Ying shot a terrified glance towards Yang Shen.

“Retreat!” Yang Shen immediately roared, how could he dare hesitate? There was no chance of victory here and his backyard was already on fire, Yang Shen obviously had no intention of sticking around.

Yang Ying ground his teeth and glared hatefully towards the white haired old man, also giving the order to retreat to his troops.

Halfway back to his house, Yang Shen suddenly ran into a group of familiar cultivators and his face immediately went pale.

“Sixth Young Lord!” The cultivators also saw Yang Shen and Yang Ying and quickly approached, tears and snot still pouring out of their eyes and noses as they bitterly sobbed, “Ninth Young Lord was too shameless, he rushed into the mansion with his forces then robbed and slaughtered wantonly, we… we couldn’t resist and failed to protect the flag!”

Yang Shen couldn’t help falling to the ground, with a deep sorrow and despair covering his face.

He was definitely tonight’s biggest loser.

Against Yang Kang, Yang Kai had launched a frontal assault, and although Yang Kang wasn’t his opponent and was ultimately defeated, he still put up a fight. However, what about himself? Just because he thought he was clever and tried to take advantage of the situation, he instead had been plotted against and eliminated without even the chance to resist!

Never had he expected the battle between Yang Kai and Yang Kang to end so quickly, and never had he imagined that Yang Kai’s remaining defense would be so strong.

One wrong move and he had lost everything!

“Sixth Brother…” Yang Ying stuttered, unsure of how he should comfort him, only able to softly call out to him.

Yang Shen suddenly became extremely calm and in a solemn voice said, “Seventh Brother, take Six Brother to the main family and exchange me for some supplies. In addition, take these remaining cultivators with you!”

“Sixth Brother!” Yang Ying’s cried out as his jaw dropped, but he once again didn’t know what to say. The two of them were blood related brothers and during the Inheritance War they had naturally helped one another so now that he had lost his flag and been eliminated, all Yang Shen could do was strengthen Yang Ying’s position as best he could.

“What are you still standing around for!? Ninth Brother’s appetite is limitless! After he finishes with my house he will definitely head for yours. Go back now!” Yang Shen roared.

These words shook Yang Ying out of his stupor, only nodding once to Yang Shen before hurriedly bringing his forces back to his base.

“Sixth Young Lord, since you’ve been eliminated, this Luo Hai will take his leave.” The Blood Warrior beside Yang Shen suddenly said.

Yang Shen glanced over at him and said with a wry smile, “Are you going to Ninth Brother’s place?”

Luo Hai nodded, not making any attempt to deny.

“Have you been waiting for this day for a long time?” Yang Shen sneered, seemingly quite angry.

Luo Hai however remaining unmoved, not even answering.

“Why do all you Blood Warriors insist on supporting Ninth Brother? Does he really have such great ability that all of you are willing to serve him?” Yang Shen said enviously, his tone filled with deep weakness.

“Why we Blood Warriors wish to support Ninth Young Lord is something you, Sixth Young Lord should understand.” Luo Hai replied.

“Just because he chose Qu Gao Yi and Ying Jiu? Such a small thing was really enough to earn all of your gratitude?”

“Yes!” Luo Hai firmly declared.

Seeing this, Yang Shen let out a long sigh and, feeling slightly disheartened, waved his hand, “Go. You’ve worked hard. Thank you.”

Luo Hai politely cupped his fists before turning around and leaving.

Looking at Luo Hai’s receding figure, Yang Shen smiled wryly. He too had the opportunity to recruit Qu Gao Yi and Ying Jiu. Not just him, all the Yang Family Young Lords with enough merits had his opportunity, but none of them could grab hold of it. Only Ninth Brother had this ability.

If he had been the first to recruit Qu Gao Yi and Ying Jiu, would all the Blood Warriors now be choosing to support him? Certainly, but that was only under the premise that he was able to last until now.

At the time, Qu Gao Yi and Ying Jiu were both seriously injured, unable to display even thirty percent of their full strength. None of them dared to pick them as their guards.

Even until now, Yang Shen didn’t understand what Heaven defying means his Ninth Brother had used to heal Qu Gao Yi and Ying Jiu’s injuries and grow from the weakest position to one that dominated above all of them.

Yang Shen’s House!

A group of people excitedly sorted through the supplies in Yang Shen’s warehouse, grinning happily as they carried box after box out with them, fully enjoying this rich harvest.

Seventy percent of Yang Shen’s forces had gone out with him, so when Yang Kai arrived here, he encountered almost no resistance and captured the house almost immediately.

The whole process was swift and easy.

When the cultivators in the house fled, Yang Kai didn’t bother pursuing them, only ordering his people to ransack the house and take away the materials.

“Yan Ling Xing greets Little Lord!” A burly man with freckles on his face came up to Yang Kai and said politely.

Yang Kai glanced at this man before nodding slightly.

This person was the Blood Warrior who had been protecting Yang Shen during the artifact snatching battle at Po Jing Lake and like Tu Feng had been affected by the Qi Binding Seal, his True Qi being sealed and losing all combat strength.

At this moment, he was no different from an ordinary person except for his great physical strength.

When all the the cultivators in Yang Shen’s house ran away, only he stayed behind.

“This subordinate is willing to follow Little Lord into battle and hopes Little Lord will not refuse!” Yan Ling Xing quickly said.

“I also had such intentions.”

Hearing these words, Yan Ling Xing grinned happily and offered his thanks.

Qiu Yi Meng watched this scene and couldn’t help shaking her head and smiling.

She had read many records of the Yang Family Inheritance War, and knew that in the past, whenever a Yang Family Young Lord was defeated, the Blood Warriors around him would become recruitment targets for the other Young Lord’s. The sudden availability of these Blood Warriors would send the remaining Young Lords into a frantic battle to win them over.

But this time, all of the Blood Warriors who became ‘free’, without exception, immediately chose to follow Yang Kai.

Qiu Yi Meng couldn’t understand just what kind of charm this bastard possessed that allowed him to obtain the loyalty of the entire Blood Warrior Hall.

If this scene just now had been seen by Yang Wei, Yang Zhao, or any of Yang Kai’s other brothers, their eyes would probably have gone red with jealousy.

“Yang Kai, where do we go now?” Qiu Yi Meng was too lazy to think about it and simply asked.

“Home of course. Where else do you want to go?” Yang Kai looked at her and grinned.

Seeing the smug look on his face, Qiu Yi Meng couldn’t help spitting disdainfully, “I thought you would lead us to Yang Ying’s House.”

To this comment laced with sarcasm, Yang Kai just shook his head, “I have no such plan for the time being; Seventh Brother should have gathered all of his and Sixth Brother’s forces and returned to his compound by now. If we were to attack them, our losses wouldn’t be small. We’ll wait a few days and then talk about it. As for tonight… this harvest is big enough.”

“Why, how modest of you.” Qiu Yi Meng snorted.

This harvest was far more than ‘big enough’, it was simply a bumper crop!

Yang Kang was defeated, his flag and supplies all collected, and Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian had been recruited.

Yang Shen was defeated, his flag and supplies all collected, and Yan Ling Xing and Luo Hai had been recruited.

In just one night, the strength of Yang Kai’s forces had increased massively. Also, the amount of war material at his disposal had more than doubled.

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