Martial Peak

Chapter 447 – Grab Them

There was no Blood Warrior beside Yang Kai but everyone, as long as their strength had reached the Immortal Ascension Boundary Eighth Stage, could still clearly feel a pair of eyes in the darkness, staring at their movements.

Ying Jiu!

This powerful Blood Warrior was like a ghost, and none of them knew where he was lurking, once someone dared try to move against Yang Kai, he would ruthlessly be killed.

The Blood Warriors guarding the other Young Lords immediately reported this information.

“Everyone has arrived.” Yang Kang’s displayed a disgruntled expression. He had been the closest to this group of Alchemists, and if he had only acted fast enough, could have been the only one to have an opportunity to recruit them. But now, such thoughts were useless, he knew that by now, everyone throughout War City knew about these Medicine King’s Valley people arriving.

Inside the group of Alchemists, a pair of bright beautiful eyes suddenly lit up as they caught sight of Yang Kai’s figure, the owner’s heart suddenly filling with joy and excitement.

When Yang Kai’s eyes met this gaze, the cold murderous intent in them immediately disappeared and was replaced by tender warmth, the corners of his mouth rising slightly, revealing a happy smile.

Noticing Yang Kai staring back at her, Xia Ning Chang suddenly became embarrassed. Obviously, she had wanted to see how her Junior Brother had been doing recently. Now that they had met and she confirmed that he was fine, she couldn’t help averting her eyes with her cheeks blushing furiously, her heartbeat racing.

Xia Ning Chang’s sudden bout of shyness gave her an all new kind of appeal. Although she was still wearing her veil and no one could see her true appearance, no one who saw her in that instant doubted that she was an extraordinary beauty!

The pure innocent aura she gave off only highlighted her attractiveness. Because of her veil, she was normally not too eye catching, but right now, this thin layer of mystery not only detracted from her allure, but enhanced it instead.

Everyone desperately wanted to know: what kind of peerless face was hidden under this veil?

This brief exchange between Yang Kai and this veiled girl was extremely obvious and was not overlooked by the other Yang Family Young Lords, all of their expressions becoming ugly as a result.

Unlike them, their Ninth Brother seemed to have some connection with this woman. This was what being closest to this group really meant.

“Junior Brother Yang!” Qin Ze, who had always been showing an aloof and arrogant demeanor suddenly called out to Yang Kai with a smile and became very intimate. Also, the way he addressed him elicited a great many confused and pensive expressions from the other Yang Family Young Lords.

“Senior Brother Qin!” Yang Kai smiled back and nodded before turning his eyes to the two beautiful women close by, “Aunt Xiang, Aunt Lan.”

The two beautiful women responded with a warm smile of their own.

“Treasurer Meng!”

Meng Wu Ya nodded gruffly.

Witnessing the scene of Yang Kai greeting this group of people, Yang Zhao’s eyes shrank sharply.

It wasn’t until now that he discovered how lofty the identities of these two beautiful women were. If he recalled correctly, these two should be the two maidservants who lived on Hidden Cloud Peak and attended to all of Grandmaster Xiao Fu Sheng’s daily needs!

For several dozen years they had stayed on Hidden Cloud Peak, never once going down the mountain, yet today they had come to War City!

Rumor had it that these two beautiful women were only ordinary people without any cultivation, but no one would dare be disrespectful to them because they had spent their best years in obscurity to care for Xiao Fu Sheng on Hidden Cloud Peak. Without their years of dedicated service, there very well may not have been today’s Grandmaster Xiao!

In the eyes of Xiao Fu Sheng, these two should be no different from family!

How could such people come to War City? What was Xiao Fu Sheng’s meaning in sending them? Why would Xiao Fu Sheng do this?

Quickly considering all this, Yang Zhao couldn’t help feeling shocked, turning his sight towards Yang Kai, eyes filled with jealousy.

Yang Kang, Yang Shen, and Yang Ying also all noticed this subtle atmosphere. The people from Medicine King’s Valley were all so friendly with Yang Kai, they had obviously come here for him. If they were from any other force, they could take the initiative to offend them, even using some coercion to bring them to their compounds or directly chase them out of War City. However, against Medicine King’s Valley, they didn’t dare act rashly, all of them turning their eyes to Yang Zhao, waiting to see how he would act.

Yang Zhao understood how to act very well; even if these people were from Medicine King’s Valley, even if they couldn’t be offended, this time they must be, otherwise the situation would only become more and more troublesome.

Taking a deep breath, Yang Zhao once again spoke, “Senior Qin, Medicine King’s Valley has never participated in the Inheritance War before, why do you want to break this tradition now? Junior hopes Senior Qin can provide an explanation!”

Hearing this, a hint of impatient resurfaced on Qin Ze’s face as he coldly shot back, “Second Young Lord, this Qin has just said, this time, our reason for coming here is to study the Alchemic Way, not to participate in any nonsense Inheritance War, whether you Yang Family people want to beat or kill each other isn’t worth a fart to my Medicine King’s Valley.”

Yang Zhao smiled slightly at this response and said in a calm voice, “Since you have come here to study the Alchemic Way, then I would like to request Senior Qin come to my mansion to do so. This Young Lord will supply any and all the necessary materials, even that Seven Coloured Spirit Baby Flower I mentioned previously can be gifted to Senior Qin.”

Qin Ze’s brow wrinkled as an extremely dissatisfied expression appeared on his face, “Nonsense, why should we go to your house? What powerful Alchemy Grandmaster do you have that my Medicine King’s Valley’s disciples can learn from?”

“There is no such Grandmaster in my mansion, but is there one in my Ninth Brother’s house?” Yang Zhao’s tone was gradually getting louder and firmer. Obviously, he understood by now that there was no way he could convince this group of arrogant Alchemists with words. Since the gentle approach was useless, he could only use force!

As he was making one last attempt, Yang Zhao even squinted at the other Yang Family Young Lords, silently signaling all of them to prepare themselves.

“There is!” Unexpectedly, Qin Ze responded affirmatively.

Yang Zhao smiled wryly and shook his head, thinking that the excuses of this Medicine King’s Valley group were too ridiculous.

His Ninth Brother hadn’t recruited any Alchemists these past few days, and even if he had done so secretly, no Alchemist was qualified to teach this group from Medicine King’s Valley.

The look in Yang Zhao’s eyes slowly became cold as he shook his head and declared, “Since Senior Qin is determined to continue this course of action, Junior has nothing left to say. The reason why Medicine King’s Valley is admired is not only because it is the gathering place of this world’s elite Alchemists, but also because for thousands of years, Medicine King’s Valley has remained neutral. Since Senior Qin insists on breaking this ancient and honoured tradition, then this Junior has no choice but to act disrespectfully!”

Qin Ze was shocked and he cried out, “What do you plan to do?”

“Junior is helpless in this matter, so I must ask Senior’s forgiveness! But please rest assured Senior Qin, I and my younger brothers will certainly act with appropriate discretion. Neither you nor your fellow disciples will be harmed in any way.” Yang Zhao’s expression was indifferent. He had spoken everything aloud, providing a righteous reason for his next course of action so that when this matter spread out, the world would not solely blame him.

As he spoke these last words, Yang Zhao signaled to a group of masters behind him and took a step forward.

At the same time, Yang Kang, Yang Shen, and Yang Ying had also issued orders. The three of them didn’t have the same courage as Yang Zhao, and were reluctant to offend Medicine King’s Valley, but given no other choice and with someone leading the way, they could only temporarily join forces with Yang Zhao to put pressure on Qin Ze and his group while secretly praying that this group of Alchemists would yield to intimidation. The best result for everyone would be if all of them could take a step back and resolve the situation peacefully.

The atmosphere around the square abruptly became tense.

The spectators which had gotten wind of the arrival of these Alchemists and gathered all gasped, shocked by the boldness of these Yang Family Young Lords.

Although Medicine King’s Valley had taken significant loses when it was attacked by the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land with even the Pill Saint’s Portrait being destroyed, it was still Medicine King’s Valley. This title of theirs’ held weight that had not decreased in the slightest.

No one in this world had ever dared to offend people from Medicine King’s Valley, but today, someone had set a new precedent!

“Treating me as though I do not exist?” Yang Kai, who had been watching with cold eyes until this moment, sneered as he once again gave off murderous intent, “Those who want to move against my allies will have to pass through me first!”

Yang Zhao shook his head slowly, “Ninth Brother, although I admit that your forces aren’t weak now, but if you think with only the few people you’ve brought you can keep this group of people to yourself under the joint efforts of your older brothers, isn’t that a bit naive? Be careful you don’t lose your rice trying to steal a chicken.”

Yang Kang, Yang Shen, and Yang Ying also immediately glared at Yang Kai, their expressions filled with malicious intent.

They had to give some face to Medicine King’s Valley, but when it came to Yang Kai they all couldn’t wait to beat him down.

“Second Brother can try if he likes!” Yang Kai said calmly.

Yang Zhao’s face became dignified as he swept his eyes over the people Yang Kai had brought with him.

From what he could see, there were only two forces present, one was the Huo Family’s people, two of which were Immortal Ascension Boundary Fifth Stage masters whose real strength wouldn’t be worse than average Immortal Ascension Boundary Seventh or Eighth Stage masters, while the other was the Dong Family who also had two Immortal Ascension Boundary Seventh Stage masters. Besides these high level experts, there were several other mid and low level Immortal Ascension Boundary cultivators along with a number of people at the True Element Boundary.

Also, Ying Jiu was hiding somewhere nearby.

Although this lineup wasn’t weak, it was obviously at an absolute disadvantage against the joint forces of the four of them, so why was his Ninth Brother still so calm?

After the first night’s events, Yang Zhao realized that Yang Kai was not easy to handle. His youngest brother was not only clever and sinister, he would often make bold and unthinkable actions which made him even harder to predict.

One thing was certain though, he wouldn’t have brought so few people here just to seek death, he had definitely made other preparations!

The question was, what was he plotting? According to the information Yang Zhao had collected, eleven forces had arrived in recent days to support his Ninth Brother. So if only two of them were here, where were the remaining nine?

Thinking of this, Yang Zhao expression cramped, quickly glancing over at Yang Kai only to discover his littlest brother grinning deviously back at him.

Not daring to hesitate any longer, Yang Zhao loudly declared, “Fifth Brother, Sixth Brother, Seventh Brother, let us join hands and teach Ninth Brother a lesson today about how to respect his elders!”

“Agreed, Second Brother!” The three nodded together.

Instantly, numerous Martial Skills and artifacts flew from all directions towards Yang Kai and his allies.

With the four brothers teaming up to deal with Yang Kai, the people from the Dong Family and Huo Family suddenly fell into a difficult situation.

All of the Immortal Ascension Boundary masters summoned their defensive artifacts out and pushed their True Qi to the limit yet they still failed to completely block this wave of attacks.

Huo Xing Chen, Dong Qing Han, and Yang Kai all also had a difficult time finding a safe place in this violent storm.

Seeing Yang Kai steadily losing ground, Yang Kang excitedly grinned, as if he could already picture the scene of Yang Kai being defeated today.

Yang Zhao, however, knew better: As long as Ying Jiu was still lurking in the shadows, it was basically impossible for Yang Kai to be eliminated here and now unless two or three of their Blood Warriors collaborated. Unfortunately, such cooperation was all but impossible because it would expose them to danger.

“Grab them!” Yang Zhao shouted, swiftly switching targets from Yang Kai’s group to the Alchemists from Medicine King’s Valley.

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