Martial Peak

Chapter 446 – We’re Only Here To Study The Alchemic Way

However, Alchemists who came from Medicine King’s Valley were all like this. They placed no one in their eyes and were extremely arrogant, none of them would show any respect to these four Young Lords, on the contrary, they would expect them to show deference to them instead.

“Senior Brother Qin!” Dong Qing Yan complained in the depressed voice, “This is why I said we should disguise ourselves before we entered the city. Why didn’t you listen to my advice? Now that we’ve been surrounded by these monkeys, what do we do?”

“There’s no problem.” Qin Ze waved his hands indifferently, “They wouldn’t dare to attack my Medicine King’s Valley’s disciples, I’ll just send them away.”

After saying so, Qin Ze swept his eyes over the crowd indifferently before coldly shouting, “Four Young Lords, surrounding this Qin and my fellow disciples, are you planning to start a quarrel with my Medicine King’s Valley?”

Although his attitude was insufferably arrogant, these words still deeply troubled the Yang Family Young Lords, all of them quickly waving their hands and refuting, “Senior Qin must be kidding, we wouldn’t dare.”

Qin Ze coldly snorted, “First it was the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land invading my Medicine King’s Valley, burning our homes and slaughtering our fellow brothers and sister, now you Yang Family children don’t even treat us seriously! Good good! Your Yang Family certainly has the courage the Central Capital’s first powerhouse should have!”

All four of the Young Lords couldn’t help shrinking their necks, unable to answer.

“Don’t say you four juniors, even if Yang Ying Hao saw this Qin he wouldn’t dare show such disrespect!” Qin Ze didn’t hold back in the slightest as he loudly scolded.

Even though Yang Kang and the others were unhappy about being demeaned so publically, they didn’t dare to show any dissatisfaction on their faces, instead just giving it their all to maintain their ingratiating smiles.

These four Yang Family Young Lord had not only blocked this group of Medicine King’s Valley Alchemists but also wanted to recruit them into their own camp as helpers, how could they dare offend them any further?

So they did their best to lower their stances and speak in a respectful tone, even if Qin Ze ridiculed them mercilessly they didn’t make any attempt to refute.

Not arguing but also not giving in, just smiling faintly as they blocked the square, it was a clear show of their unwillingness to simply give up.

After Yang Zhao let Qin Ze vent, he wore an even bigger smile and respectfully said, “Senior Qin, you must have travelled far to reach here. If you are not in a hurry, why not come to my house?”

As soon as they heard him say this, Yang Zhao, Yang Shen, and Yang Ying all also rushed to send out invitations in the most sincere and humble tone they could, all of them expressing their earnest desire for Qin Ze to visit their mansions to rest and drink tea.

Qin Ze coldly snorted and rejected, “No. He who does not work does not deserve to eat. Make way, we have to continue on our way.”

Yang Zhao and others are all remained where they were, as if they were nailed in place, their expressions gradually becoming embarrassed. The people from Medicine King’s Valley were harder to cope with than average Immortal Ascension Boundary masters. They couldn’t fight with them and trying to convince them was akin to banging one’s head against a wall.

What made Yang Zhao more concerned though was why this group of Alchemists would appear in War City. Medicine King’s Valley had never participated in the Inheritance War before, but now they had suddenly sent thirty people here; Yang Zhao would never believe there was no deeper meaning to this action.

The only strategy he could think of to recruit these Alchemists was to somehow arouse their interest, in that way, they would take the initiative to join him on their own.

But what could he say to make them interested?

Thinking quickly, Yang Zhao eyes flashed slightly as he continued his attempts, “Senior Qin, this Junior has a matter he wishes to consult with you about, I wonder if Senior would be willing to dispel this one’s doubts?”

Qin Ze was annoyed in his heart and didn’t try to hide the anger on his face, angrily roaring, “All of you have blocked our way and won’t let us proceed, what does it matter if I am willing or not?”

Yang Zhao knew that Qin Ze was upset and didn’t continue to stimulate him, quickly getting to the point, “When this Junior was out for life experience these past few years, one time I strayed into the mountains and in the middle of the night heard the sounds of a baby crying. Curious, I searched nearby and found a very strange Spirit Herb what had a glowing seven coloured flower in the shape of a baby’s face…”

Qin Ze’s expression was originally quite ugly, but when Yang Zhao began talking about this Spirit Flower a hint of excitement emerged on his face and his displeasure noticeably decreased.

“And then?” Qin Ze hurriedly asked, wondering what the final ending of this seven coloured flowers was.

Seeing that Yang Zhao succeeded in attracting the interest of Qin Ze with the topic of a rare spirit medicine, the other Yang Family Young Lords all couldn’t help feeling annoyed. They hated their Second Brother’s quick wit that had allowed him to handle these arrogant Medicine King’s Valley Alchemists that they couldn’t. All of them then wracked their brains to see if they had any similar experiences these past years.

“That Heaven and Earth Treasure had already opened its consciousness, so when Junior tried to reach out and pick it, it hurriedly escaped.”

“Idiot!” Qin Ze cursed.

Yang Zhao didn’t take offence to this comment, instead just smiling and continuing, “True, this Junior indeed acted rashly at that time and inadvertently caused it to flee.”

“What was the final result, did you managed to collect that Spirit Flower?”

Yang Zhao smiled widely and nodded, “Fortunately, Junior was fast enough, managed to catch up with it, and successfully harvested it. Later, after returning to my Sect, I researched thoroughly and discovered that what I had obtained was a Mysterious Grade Top-Rank Seven Coloured Spirit Baby Flower, and at the suggestion of one of the Sect’s Alchemist, contained it within a Spirit Array that provided it with World Energy and planted it in sandstone. From then till now it has survived but recently it has shown signs of withering and I haven’t been able to figure out why.”

“Idiots! Fools, every one of you!” Qin Ze violently roared as if his wife had been stolen by another man, angrily shouting, “Who told you that the Seven Coloured Spirit Baby Flower should be planted in sandstone!?”

“Juniors hopes Senior Qin can give this one some pointers.” Yang Zhao quickly asked for advice.

Qin Ze calmed his anger and gradually restored his arrogant and aloof expression before explaining, “The Seven Coloured Spirit Baby Flower when mature will emit a cry similar to that of a newborn baby. If a cultivator listens to this sound for many years they will obtain some benefits in the growth of their Divine Sense. This Spirit Flower is also the primary ingredient for a Mysterious Grade Soul nourishing pill.”

“What senior says is true, but this Spirit Flower’s grade is so high, in addition to Grandmaster Xiao, I’m afraid that no one else would dare use it to refine a pill, so Junior has been raising it all this time instead.” Yang Zhao quickly noted.

“Who says no one can refine it besides Grandmaster Xiao?” Qin Ze spat, showing a face to seemed disdain Yang Zhao’s ignorance, but he didn’t explain any further, just continuing, “However, this Spirit Flower is attracted to the cold, raising it in sandstone and providing it with energy for a while won’t matter, but after a long time, its medicinal efficacy will begin to fade and it will naturally show signs of withering. Your Yang Family is wealthy enough, you should have no problem acquiring some ice attribute crystals to transplant it to. The Alchemist who told you to plant it in sandstone was nothing but an ignorant fool, it’s insulting that he dares call himself an Alchemist!”

“I see, Junior thanks Senior Qin for dispelling his doubts!” Yang Zhao showed a look of epiphany.

Qin Ze nodded and stated proudly, “It’s not too late to act now, if you had waited another half a year that Spirit Flower would have lost all value.”

“Yes yes, when Junior returns to his mansion he will follow Senior Qin’s instructions immediately.” Saying so, he smiled warmly and once again made an attempt, “However, Junior is ignorant in the ways of Alchemy, if Senior finds it convenient…”

Qin Ze sneered and interrupted here, “Don’t bother, even if you were to proclaim that the Heaven’s themselves were falling, this Qin will not go with you.”

Yang Zhao’s smile cramped up, never having expected Qin Ze to refuse him so fervently. Normally, whenever these Alchemist types heard about a Mysterious Grade Top-Rank Alchemy material, they wouldn’t rest until they had at least laid eyes upon it.

But now, why were things so different?

Seeing Qin Ze refuse Yang Zhao, the other Yang Family Young Lords made no attempt to conceal their happiness, but immediately after furrowed their brows, this Qin Ze seemed like he would not be moved no matter what enticement they put forward so the situation had become quite tricky.

As the four of them pondered over what to do next, a new group of people arrived.

The eyes of the four brothers immediately shrank slightly because the person who came was none other than Yang Wei.

Since the beginning of the Inheritance War, Yang Wei had not made any movements, but obviously when this group of Medicine King’s Valley alchemist had suddenly appeared in War City today he had been alarmed.

With regards to their Eldest Brother, all of them held a little awe, secretly raising their guard as they watched Yang Wei step forward.

“Junior Yang Wei greets Senior.” When he came up to Qin Ze and the others, Yang Wei greeted indifferently.

“En.” Qin Ze nodded lightly, his attitude neither hot nor cold.

“Junior has a request and hopes Senior Qin can answer it.”

Qin Ze frowned, looking Yang Wei over before faintly saying, “As long as you don’t want me to perform Alchemy for you, anything else can be discussed.”

Yang Wei nodded, “I want Senior Qin to help me perform Alchemy!”

When this statement came out, everyone was secretly startled. All of them who had come here to block this group from Medicine King’s Valley did so for this exact purpose, but none of them had dared say so outright, instead choosing to observe the situation and use other means to convince these Alchemists to come with them; never had they expected that the last to come, Yang Wei, would be so forthright.

In an instant, everyone was a little nervous about what decision Qin Ze would make.

If Qin Ze were to agree, all four of them would probably cough up blood.

Surprisingly though, Qin Ze didn’t get angry but instead looked at Yang Wei with a smile, “The Yang Family’s Eldest Brother, good, I appreciate your manner, but this Qin did not come to War City this time to assist you.”

Yang Wei didn’t show any surprise on his face, only nodding firmly, cupping his fists respectfully and saying, “I have disturbed Senior.”

After that, Yang Wei turned around and left without the slightest hesitation, apparently uninterested in swimming in this muddy water.

On the other hand, Yang Zhao felt he had just heard some extraordinary meanings from the words of Qin Ze, hesitantly asking, “Senior Qin , who are you here in War City to assist?”

“We are here to help no one, we’re only here to study the Alchemic Way.” Qin Ze coldly snorted, not willing to say anything further.

Yang Zhao was startled, study the Alchemic Way?

Who could possibly have the qualifications to instruct Medicine King’s Valley’s Alchemists in the Alchemic Way? In particular, these words were spoken from Qin Ze’s mouth; one had to remember that Qin Ze was already one of this worlds only Mysterious Grade Alchemists.

This reason was a bit too far-fetched.

Considering all this, Yang Zhao’s expression slowly became solemn.

Of the Yang Family Young Lords who were still participating in the Inheritance War, five of them had already appeared but Qin Ze had shown no interested in them, so there were only two possibilities left.

Yang Quan was impossible.


Yang Zhao’s expression suddenly became horrified, this thought had only just appeared in his head when he heard a cold snort in the distance and a large number of people appeared.

Yang Kai took the lead and strode into the open space between the surrounding Yang Family Young Lords and the Medicine King’s Valley group, walking straight up to the white robed Alchemists. Huo Xing Chen followed behind with a chuckle, gently fanning himself with his folding fan as he cheerfully greeted the other Yang Family Young Lords present as if they were all long separated friends once again reuniting.

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