Martial Peak

Chapter 374 – You Don’t Believe Me?

The Yang Family Inheritance War was about to unfold, and the various Yang Family Young Lords would surely be making a huge effort to win over supporters to help them win.

At this time, Qiu Yi Meng had intentionally brought Yang Kai to the Lu Family. Although he didn’t say anything, Lu Liang also knew that this was likely an opportunity.

Twenty years ago, the Lu Family was a small influence that could barely be called a local tyrant. Naturally, they didn’t qualify to participate in the Inheritance War.

But now, the Lu Family had grown into a first-class giant!

People seek greater heights just as water flows to the sea! How could the Lu Family pass up a chance to step onto a broader stage?

They had already attached themselves to the great tree known as the Qiu Family, if they could possibly forge a good relationship with the Yang Family, then the Lu Family’s future would be secured.

However, grabbing hold of the Yang Family’s thighs wasn’t that simple.

The Yang Family was a giant beast, and its Patriarch was its head!

Every time the Patriarch changed, it would always cause a lot of turbulence. Lu Liang was eager to participate in this Inheritance War but he had no way of knowing if Yang Kai had the qualifications and strength to win.

If the Lu Family threw their support behind Yang Kai only to see him lose the Inheritance War, this single failure would wipe out all of the Lu Family’s several years of hard work.

Lu Liang had to act prudently, this was something all the Lu Family Elders clearly understood.

The consequences of backing the wrong side were no joke! This was related to the future of their family.

The topic of the Inheritance War was gradually brought up by all the members of the Lu Family whether it was consciously or unconsciously, and all of them continued reflecting on the events from twenty years ago as they quietly observed Yang Kai’s reaction.

However, to their disappointment, Yang Kai didn’t seem interested in these things at all, and instead he just savored the various fruits and dishes before him while casually listening or showing an indifferent expression.

Due to his nonchalant attitude, the Lu Family Elders couldn’t understand what Yang Kai was thinking.

Slowly, the conversation drifted towards the current state of affairs.

Because the majority of the Yang Family’s Young Lords had yet to completely surface, no one knew what kind gains these Young Lords had made over the course of their outside experience.

But now that there was a genuine Yang Family Young Lord in front of him, Lu Liang was naturally interested in listening to Yang Kai’s strengths and connections.

Knowing that it was improper to bluntly ask about such details though, Lu Liang instead decided to ask several casual questions, but before he could get started, Yang Kai had already lazily stretched his back and yawned.

Seeing this, Lu Liang could only swallow back the questions he had.

“Is Young Lord tired?” Tang Yu Xian asked softly.

Yang Kai nodded lightly, “Somewhat.”

Lu Liang’s eyes flickered before a smile appeared on his face, “Since Young Master Yang is weary from his travels, we will end things here for today. Come! bring Young Master Yang to his chambers!”

Yang Kai didn’t refuse, slowly getting up and nodding to the crowd, “If so, then I’ll take my leave.”

“Young Master Yang is too polite!” Lu Liang chuckled.

After draining what was left in their glasses, Yang Kai and the two Blood Warriors departed as the Lu Family Elders looked on.

They had all thought that Yang Kai wanted to draw in the Lu Family so they had all made some mental preparations, each of them observing Yang Kai’s mannerisms carefully until just now. Lu Liang was even thinking that if Yang Kai didn’t bring up the subject himself, he wouldn’t say anything directly either. If he was to be rebuffed here, wouldn’t he lose too much face?

After all, he didn’t know anything about Yang Kai, naturally it was impossible to rush into becoming his allies.

It had never occurred to Lu Liang though that this Young Master Yang would not even mention anything about the Inheritance War and simply leave.

This was beyond everyone’s expectations.

“Patriarch!” A Lu Family Elder frowned awkwardly as he inquired, “It couldn’t be that he really came here just to rest?”

“It shouldn’t be.” Lu Liang mused for a moment before slowly shaking his head, “He must certainly have thoughts about recruiting us. Although he appeared very indifferent, I could still feel it.”

“Then why did he not show any intentions?” The man coldly snorted, “Is he not confident enough?”

Many people also agreed with this idea, nodding their heads lightly. If not for a lack of self-confidence, why would Yang Kai not even bring up the subject? At the very least, didn’t he plan to show off some of his strength in order to appeal to them?

“If that’s the case, my Lu Family shouldn’t put too much hope on him. Knowing that an alliance will fail, why bother wasting our resources?”

All of them had held great expectations for Yang Kai but now these hopes had greatly diminished.

Lu Liang on the other hand furrowed his brow, his eyes flashing a cunning light as a grin appeared on his face, “Rather than him not feeling confident, how is it that I feel he is examining our Lu Family instead?”

“Ah?” Everyone’s expressions suddenly cramped, “Him, evaluate our Lu Family? Does he have the qualification to do that?”

Even if he was a Young Lord of the Yang Family and could participate in the Inheritance War, he was not a master yet. What right did he have to pass judgement on the Lu Family?

Lu Liang simply chuckled though, “Have you forgotten? In the Inheritance War, it is not only we who are choosing a Young Lord of the Yang Family, but also they who are choosing us. Do you think that since we’re a first-class family, he should come grovelling to us to win us over?”

The Lu Family Elders paused for a moment before laughing wryly.

Someone quickly saying, “Patriarch doesn’t need to speak so harshly, we didn’t mean to say that much, right?”

“Good, good, although there is some truth to what Patriarch has said, doesn’t that little brat think too much of himself? Are his eyes fixed atop his head?”

Regardless of anything else, the Lu Family was also a first-class family and could provide Yang Kai with no small amount of help. Whether it was manpower, materials, or other aspects they couldn’t be considered weak. Wouldn’t it be Yang Kai’s good fortune to be able to recruit them into his camp?

Lu Liang glanced around before solemnly saying, “If my guess is right, this Young Master Yang… is not simple.”

After saying as such, everyone slowly pondered over the matter.

Even with the opportunity to win over a first-class family before him, he didn’t behave eagerly and seemed to be considering his situation first. If it wasn’t that he lacked confidence, then that meant that in his eyes, recruiting the Lu Family didn’t matter to him very much, or else he wouldn’t have to display such an indifferent attitude.

If he was really eager to lure in the Lu Family, his performance would have been different.

As such thoughts crossed his mind, Lu Liang increasingly felt that his guess was correct.

His expression became serious, and Lu Liang quietly said, “I don’t know how many days this Young Master Yang will stay in my Lu Family, but in any case, when you see him again, don’t bring up the Inheritance War and don’t display an overly anxious stance.”

Pausing for a moment, he then nodded and stood, “I’ll visit Young Lady Qiu to inquire about the situation first.”

As someone who she brought personally, surely Qiu Yi Meng would know something about this young master, right?

The rest of the Elders nodded. Lu Liang may not be the strongest amongst this group of people, but his prestige was absolutely the highest. In these years it was under his leadership, the Lu Family had flourished. His vision and methods were obvious to all.

Behind the Lu Family’s manor, in a spacious courtyard.

Yang Kai crossed his hands behind his back and stared off thoughtfully in one direction.

Whilst in the midst of this trance, Tang Yu Xian opened her mouth and asked, “Little Lord, why did you act like that? Those people might have misunderstood your intentions. Don’t you want to win over the Lu Family?”

Yang Kai turned to her and smiled indifferently, “If I said I don’t, would you believe me?”

Tang Yu Xian grinned mischievously and slowly shook her head.

If he really didn’t want to, he wouldn’t have agreed to with Qiu Yi Meng to come here. Qiu Yi Meng and Luo Xiao Man came here because they wanted to borrow two Cloud Treading Colts, but Yang Kai could have simply parted with them and headed straight towards the Central Capital.

Since he agreed to come here, this Little Lord of hers must have a reason.

“Actually, I don’t really care about winning them over.” Yang Kai smiled temperately and shook his head, “Believe what you like!”

Tang Yu Xian suddenly looked suspiciously towards Yang Kai, seemingly wanting to see through his heart, but Yang Kai remained indifferent, without showing the slightest trace of lying.

Tu Feng’s brow also slightly moved as he stared at Yang Kai strangely.

In his situation, the more favour he could win, the more help he would have in the future, and right now was a great opportunity to increase his influence. If Yang Kai could demonstrate enough means and strength to convince the Lu Family, they would surely move closer to him.

Did he really have no intentions to do so?

“I don’t have any friendship with the Lu Family. If they help me, it will only be because of their own interests. I don’t like such relationships!” Yang Kai said softly. “Even if I can win them over now, when the situation becomes dangerous or disadvantageous to them, they’ll inevitably choose to abandon me. I only want allies who will stand firmly beside me no matter how bad things become or how hopeless the situation may seem.”

The two Blood Warriors both gawked for a moment before looking at Yang Kai slyly, seemingly thinking that this Little Lord of theirs was a little naive.

Everyone in this world scurried about desperately for the sake of profit and benefits, if there wasn’t anything for them to gain, who would be willing to share troubles and tribulations with you?

“You don’t believe such people exist?” Yang Kai grinned meaningfully towards the two Blood Warriors.

Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian can’t help but lightly cough, not knowing how to respond.

“There will be, you’ll see.”

Tang Yu Xian froze, unable to understand where Yang Kai confidence came from, but seeing his resolute and unwavering attitude somewhat touched her, so she soon wore a warm smile, “Then I’ll look forward to it.”

Tu Feng also laughed, “Good, right now, if the Little Lord truly expresses the idea of wooing them, the Lu Family will only be polite but insincere, and definitely won’t take a firm position. Such a result is as good as not doing anything in the first place.”

“En.” Yang Kai nodded. “The Lu Family wants to know my background. I can see this too. Now, anything they say or do is just their probing for information. Before the situation is clear, it’s impossible for them to take a stand.”

The situation right now was naturally unclear. No one knew who all the Yang Family Young Lords were or what their strengths and statuses were like.

However, if you wanted to make a good friend, you must do so when he is small and weak. After he becomes strong, trying to befriend him will obviously not have the same effect.

Adding flowers to a bouquet is never as good as delivering charcoal in the winter.

“Well, although I’m not too interested in recruiting this Lu Family, the Lu Family definitely has something that makes me very interested, heh!” Yang Kai laughed mischievously.

“Em? What?” Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian asked curiously.

“I don’t know. Yet.” Yang Kai said flatly before turning around and walking into his room.

The two Blood Warriors couldn’t help being dazed.

There were obviously many things in this world that could arouse one’s interest, but Yang Kai didn’t know what that something was, so how could he know he was interested in it?

Seeing Yang Kai enter the house to rest directly, Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian both laughed wryly to one another, feeling more and more like they were unable to see through their Little Lord.

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