Martial Peak

Chapter 373 – Lu Liang’s Probing

Soon after Yang Kai’s group’s arrival, a number of people hurried over to greet them, one of them being the Lu Family’s Patriarch, Lu Liang.

Lu Liang wore long cyan robes and had a well-trimmed moustache that gave him a refined appearance; however, his narrow pair of eyes always seemed to be emitting a piercing light.

The first impression one would have of him was ‘shrewd’, and the second impression only reinforced that assessment.

As he walked out from inside the main hall, he wore a welcoming smile as he laughed loudly, before quickly coming before Qiu Yi Meng and bowing politely, “Young Lady Qiu, you honour my Lu Family with your visit!”

Although he was the head of a first-class family, the Lu Family was essentially a subordinate of the Qiu Family. So with Qiu Yi Meng’s status, it was only natural for Lu Liang to greet her so respectfully.

Moreover, it had always been Lu Liang who would visit to Qiu Family in the Central Capital, but now, for the first time, a member of the Qiu Family had actually come to visit. Lu Liang was naturally excited about such an event.

Qiu Yi Meng quickly wore a perfect smile as she nodded, “Uncle Lu is too polite. My companions and I happened to be passing by here and thought to stop over for a rest, I hope we’re not bothering you, are we?”

Lu Liang hastily waved his hand in reply, “Inconvenience, nonsense! The First Young Lady is more than welcome! Having Young Lady Qiu visit is my Lu Family’s privilege. The Lu Family will extend the warmest welcome to the young lady and her honoured guests.”

Qiu Yi Meng calling him Uncle had already made Lu Liang more than happy. All those years he had been running around the Central Capital was specifically to curry favour with the Qiu Family, and now it seemed his efforts had paid off.

With just a few words, the relationship between the two families had been pulled closer so the Lu Family Elders behind Lu Liang were naturally all smiling and bowing.

After exchanging these pleasantries, Lu Liang’s gaze shifted to the two Blood Warriors, his vision becoming slightly dignified as he swept his eyes past Yang Kai, asking, “Great Niece, this Young Lord is…”

Lu Liang’s wit was impeccably sharp so naturally he understood with one glance that Yang Kai’s identity was not low, otherwise, he would not be followed by two Immortal Ascension Boundary masters.

Qiu Yi Meng smiled but didn’t speak a word and instead pointing upwards with her delicate finger.

At that exact moment, a golden feathered eagle flew past, drawing the attention of all the Lu Family masters; upon seeing this Monster Beast, Lu Liang understood just who Yang Kai was.

Returning his gaze to the youth before him, he quickly cupped his fists and greeted, “So it is Young Master Yang!”

“En, Lu Family Master.” Yang Kai stared back indifferently and greeted him.

The other Lu Family Elders were stunned as they secretly began to survey Yang Kai.

The Yang Family recalling its scattered Young Masters and the Silver Blood Golden Feather Eagles spreading out throughout the Great Han Dynasty, while the Blood Warrior masters followed close behind. How could such a major event not be known by the Lu Family?

However, they hadn’t expected that they would actually meet a Yang Family Young Lord at this time!

After careful examination, the young man in front of him appeared shockingly calm, with a firm and indifferent expression. Although he couldn’t see any special place, he was no doubt the Young Lord of a great family, and knowing that family was the world famous Yang Family, it was obvious he wasn’t ordinary.

Lu Liang laughed again before gesturing towards the pavilion behind him, “Great Niece, Young Master Yang, please come inside!”

While escorting these newcomers, Lu Liang quickly signaled to the others behind him, “Prepare the best food and drink, my Lu Family has the privilege of entertaining two distinguished guests today, we cannot show any neglect.”


Qiu Yi Meng smiled lightly and pulled Luo Xiao Man along with her. Yang Kai also didn’t hesitate to follow.

Inside the Lu Family’s main hall, a variety of delicacies were spread out atop a grand banquet table. There were a variety of rare fruits and sumptuous dishes all accompanied by flagons of fine wines served by the pretty maids.

The atmosphere in the hall was warm and the crowd cheerfully toasted one another.

Qiu Yi Meng and Luo Xiao Man were both women, naturally, they didn’t drink alcohol. Lu Liang apparently had anticipated this and had specifically prepared a fine fruit juice which was both fragrant and flavorful, yet would not make them drunk.

(PewPew: uh… women don’t drink? not the women I know!)

The two women also seemed to enjoy this drink.

On the other hand, Yang Kai’s identity was somewhat special so although he was a man, no one dared to force him to drink too much. When the many Elders of the Lu Family proposed toasts, they would not mind if Yang Kai only took a sip from his cup.

Tang Yu Xian’s treatment was the same as that of Qiu Yi Meng Luo Xiao Man.

Only one person, Tu Feng, downed his drink proudly.

As a Blood Warrior of the Yang Family, his status wasn’t low even in front of these Lu Family Elders.

In response, the Lu Family’s Elders all frequently raised their glasses to Tu Feng.

Tu Feng sat next to Yang Kai with no intention of moving, but if someone came up to toast him, he would generously accept, making the scene more and more lively.

These members of the Lu Family were all considered overlords in this area, but in front of a Yang Family Blood Warrior, their status was nothing worth mentioning, so naturally their attitudes and gestures were extremely deferential.

In the past, they had only heard rumours about the Yang Family Blood Warriors but had never seen one with their own eyes. Now two of them had actually arrived at their family home, so naturally they wouldn’t let the opportunity to socialize with them go easily.

Lu Liang’s reputation as an eloquent host wasn’t undeserved, his conversation and oratory skills were outstanding, and although he frequently spoke words of praise, none of it sounded false or forced, allowing anyone who heard such overtures to feel comfortable and flattered.

After three rounds of drinks, everyone was quite surprised to find that Yang Kai didn’t carry the usual overbearing arrogance normally associated with young lords of his age. He treated everyone equally, not shunning or despising them due to the difference in status, but on the contrary, this only made the Lu Family members more confused.

Had Qiu Yi Meng not specifically stated that Yang Kai was a Young Lord of the Yang Family, and if it weren’t for the existence of the two Blood Warriors, Lu Liang would find it hard to believe that he was really who he claimed to be.

“Uncle Lu, it has been a long journey here, Xiao Man and I will take our leave here. Please excuse us!” Qiu Yi Meng suddenly said, as if she wasn’t interested in remaining any longer, and promptly stood up and walked towards the exit.

“Good!” Lu Liang hurriedly said, and immediately signalled to two pretty servants by waving, “Escort the two young ladies to their rooms to rest!”


After Qiu Yi Meng and Luo Xiao Man had been led away, the banquet continued.

One of the Lu Family Elders suddenly let out a deep laugh and asked, “Patriarch, just drinking like this is somewhat tasteless. How about we add some entertainment?”

Lu Liang nodded slightly and agreed, “Indeed, it seems I’ve been negligent.”

As he spoke so, he clapped his hands loudly.

Immediately afterwards, a group of young women in exotic dress entered the hall and began singing and dancing.

Obviously, they had been waiting outside in anticipation of Qiu Yi Meng and Luo Xiao Man leaving early.

All of these women were born enchanting flowers, their bodies covered with thin layers of semi-transparent fabric, their delicate navels, white arms, and slender legs all exposed to the air.

Drums and gongs were heard all around, accompanying an array of flutes and strings.

These young women sang and danced gracefully, their voices complimented by the rhythmic background music. All of them wore enchanting smiles as their waists twisted enchantingly, as they beckoned and teased with their jadelike hands.

An alluring mixture of grace and charm was on full display, forming a picture that was difficult to turn one’s eyes away from.

These women also kept brushing past Yang Kai and others as they sat, each of them throwing coquettish looks mixed with a hint of shyness, inviting one’s imagination to wander.

Tang Yu Xian couldn’t help frowning.

Although she wasn’t exactly happy with this display, she also understood Lu Liang’s intentions. She was also quietly observing Yang Kai’s reactions.

Tu Feng, on the other hand, watched unashamedly, the long scar across his face seemed to become more ferocious.

On the contrary, Yang Kai remained indifferent. Although his eyes seemed to be admiring the view before him as he glanced back and forth across these women, but there was no obscene light to be seen, only an aloof appreciation. Even when these young women danced right in front of him or rushed up to him and showed him favour, his reaction was still calm and temperate.

Seeing this, everyone else in the room couldn’t help feeling some surprise.

The youth, especially young men, having a liking for this kind of thing was basically a given. Amongst the Lu Family Elders who sat here, which one of them hadn’t once been young and frivolous? When they had been Yang Kai’s age, all of them indulged in fantasies about bedding the world’s various beauties and tasting their enchanting flavours.

Only when they had grown older did their mentalities change, instead focusing on pursuing other, loftier ambitions.

Lu Liang also intended to take this opportunity to explore Yang Kai’s preferences, to see which type of woman could attract his attention.

Little did he think that, in the face of this blatant temptation, this young man actually remained completely indifferent, not showing the slightest bit of care.

[This Yang Family Young Lord is unusual!]

Faced with such enticement yet being able to control his desires to such an extent, the firmness of this young man’s will was definitely amazing. As long as he could maintain such a strong mentality, his future accomplishments would certainly not be small.

In an instant, these thoughts flashed through Lu Liang’s head, making him secretly nod in satisfaction.

Tang Yu Xian also nodded appreciatively.

She had lived in the Central Capital year in and year out; naturally, she understood the disposition of these young lords. Most of them made no effort to disguise their intentions. Not to mention the capital’s young ladies, some of these young lords had even shown interest towards her, causing no small annoyance to her.

In contrast, Yang Kai’s current performance undoubtedly made Tang Yu Xian very happy.

Unbeknownst to these people, although these women were all beautiful, if one were to speak of beauties Yang Kai had seen, how could these young girls compare to the likes of Su Yan, Xia Ning Chang, Shan Qing Luo, or the Hu Sisters?

In addition, having been plagued by the side effects of the Joyous Unification Art for many years, Yang Kai had long ago learned to ignore the temptations of such flowers.

In this world, unless Shan Qing Luo personally came forward to tempt him, it was unlikely that anyone could successfully enchant Yang Kai against his will.

(Silavin: Please note the against his will part*)

These sultry little girls with their flirtatious glances and provocative dances were nothing more than a spring breeze to Yang Kai.

Not long after they had begun, Lu Liang casually waved to these young women who then respectfully withdrew.

As they were leaving the hall, many of them cast glances towards Yang Kai, seeming to understand that this young man’s status was unordinary. If they could somehow win his favour, they could leap from their current position and soar into the sky as phoenixes, no longer being lowly dancers in the Lu Family.

Lu Liang laughed upon seeing these attitudes, “These women were all children of poor or impoverished families in our domain. They were adopted and raised by my Lu Family; all of them are pure white jades, only when guests or great importance arrive will they come forward to dance. Would Young Master Yang be interested in receiving one or two? Having a few beautiful flowers to accompany you will certainly make the upcoming Inheritance War more pleasant.

However, Yang Kai simply smiled lightly and slowly shook his head.

In Lu Liang’s slender eyes, a light quickly flashed as he noticed Yang Kai was not putting on an act but really had no interest in these women.

If he was even casually interested, Yang Kai would only need to nod his head here and Lu Liang would definitely arrange it.

Another senior member of the Lu Family spoke up here in a timely manner, “Speaking of the Inheritance War, this old master can’t help remembering back to the battles twenty years ago, that Inheritance War was particularly fierce.”

“En,” another Elder echoed, “How many giants fell, how many families disappeared! It was a pity that my Lu Family was not strong enough to participate at the time, truly a pity.”

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